Misty F Fiction

Trope: monster girls have more fun

218 – Like an Exposed Reactor Core

While preparing for Beltane, a mishap on Walpurgisnacht results in a witch and her concubus familiar merging into a new singular body that is neither magi, daemona, or lilin but something...else. Something which borders on pure mana merged with pure lust and given form. Surely, a normal person would find this upsetting, were it to happen to them, however, the transformed witch seems to be enjoying the situation–perhaps even too much...

161 – Cycle’s Climax

Lenore's time of the month was... complicated. A woman with a bit of magical cat in her heritage, her cycles had extra symptoms. Transformative ones. She normally would take off the days where she would peak, but in the shuffle of switching to a new team, she ends up traveling to a conference that week. Can she control the heat of her feline nature on the flights or will her ailuranthropy turn into her horny, cat-girl before she makes it to the hotel room?

191 – A Newfound Thirst

You find yourself invited out to a remission party for a friend, only to find out that her miraculous recovery might have not been what you were expecting. She is not just healthy again, but utterly transformed. You cannot stop staring at her bust which jiggles too much to be fake but, is also far too full to be real. When you finally have a chance to talk, what she tells you is... intriguing...

091 – Adjust to Fit

Since the events of the Halloween party, Kristi has been getting more and more comfortable, both with her identity as a shapeshifter and with the idea of going out with Linda...

082 – A Midsummer Night’s Hook-Up

Buoyed by worship in the time of the Roman Empire, the faerie queen Aine became a goddess of mysteries and fertility. In modern times, she is thought of more and a concept than a being. Many believe her to be The Boob Faerie, the incarnation of one aspect of a young woman's potential.
Warning:Massive sizes ahead!

074 – (Don’t Have to) Keep Me Growing

The experiment continues. Sage experiences her own side effects as Yuuki and Caroline continue to observe the effects of a full vial's worth of serum. Things get a little... wild between them. Warning: Extreme transformations, massive sizes, and altersex content ahead!

052 – A Lilin’s Awakening

Born from unions between Terran and Daemonic parents, Lilin are mana-based, hybrid lifeforms whose presence tends to have passive effects on those around them. Some second or third generation Lilin--particularly from the MidWest--might not even know of their parentage until exposed to a large enough group of new people...

047 – Gooey Could Be Good

When Slimes first appeared in the aftermath of The Shadei Uprising in 1983, infection by their cells and being turned into an amorphous Gelkin was a death sentence. Now though, twenty years later, medical advances which protect sentience as the transformation progresses and prevent transmission of the virus to others allow Gelkin to continue leading normal lives--for the most part anyway. There are always surprises when one becomes something else...

007 – My First Party

After his first day as a hero goes horribly wrong, a young man is saved by two women who offer him a second chance, but at what cost?
Warning: Altersex content ahead and also brief brutal violence.

005 – My Pet Elf

In the midst of trying to prevent an invasion of her new home, a daemoness was forced to kill her would-be girlfriend. Trying to save her life, she bound them together, but what happened was unexpected. It has taken some time, but now she wants to make things right with her bonded companion... Warnings for implied rape and enslavement.

003 – Milk Makes a Body Grow

During her last scout mission against some Minotaur rebels, a goblin rogue became the owner of a gold statue depicting a hugely curvaceous woman under dubious circumstances. She had intended on fencing it at the first opportunity but, there are things happening to her that convince her to do otherwise...