Misty F Fiction

Rating: SFW

122 – Fallen Atop the Mountain: Patience

Accompanied by her captors, Uteri is taken into the depths of Jos-Kin temple. Is it for her meeting with the Abbot or does something more sinister await her in the tunnels through the mountaintop?

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120 – The Truth of the Fidget Toy

After acquiring a fidget toy to help with anxiety during finals and a stressful break-up with her abusive ex, Justine finds her situation improving in surprising ways. Ways that should be impossible. As she experiences déjà vu more and more frequently, it is hard to ignore the sense that, perhaps, she is altering reality somehow...

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118 – Riddle in the Dark

At the edges of three conflicting realities, a mage fights a war by themselves to keep the peace between magic, machine, and those caught in the middle. However, the war is turning against them and those who were once enemies might turn out to be allies...

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115 – Fallen Atop the Mountain Ch.1: Diligence

In a land where the Gods dream, an exiled grey elf climbs Mount Gneise in search of enlightenment from her patron, the Goddess of Magic Atheek. There are a lot of hurdles to surmount. Chief among them having been on the wrong side of a war that only just now fading into memory...

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216 – Full-Time Magical Girl

AMAB, Hitomi Tanaka got the chance of a lifetime when she became Magical Spice Sailor Mint. Thanks to the transformation's magic, she finally had access to a body that felt right. However, that made changing back feel like withdrawal. So about a month ago, she made a decision to never change back unless she absolutely had to. Suffice to say, that has had some interesting effects on her life...

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212 – A Binding Arrangement

For trying to revolt against Taulic, the Deamon-Lord Closest to Heaven, the daemoness known as Kylbyi was sealed into a book. Her life was twisted and warped, turned to stories for other's enjoyment. That is until the book tumbled into our world. There, she was freed when a human with great magical potential cut herself on the book's cover. What happens next remains to be seen, but this is where it all began...

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210 – Witchy Shit Ch.1

It was, of course, a stormy night when Lenore first seriously tried to do the “witch shit” in the old three-ring binder she had gotten as a twenty-third birthday present. It was not like she had planned or waited for such an evening to provide ambiance. In fact, the autumn Nor'Easter was something of a hindrance. The lightning kept messing up her chant and after the fourth time she jumped then lost her place, Lenore decided to try again later.

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089 – Breaking Through

With her thesis defense looming, a physics genius feels increasing pressure from her social anxiety. When her therapist suggests she use hypnosis to work on lessening the effects of her phobia, what happens is far beyond her expectations...

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087 – Love Me For Me (Redux)

The past year had been amazing for Naomi Bolt. She had won Rookie Hero of the Year, settled into her new life in Champion City, and it looked like the next year was going to be more of the same. Then she was tasked with scouting a new heroine, and everything changed--especially once her mark arrived in the city...

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054 – A Dragon Society

Usually, one's reality remains constant. Sometimes, however, the membrane between this world and another sitting parallel with it thins, and you very well might find yourself somewhere completely different...

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052 – A Lilin’s Awakening

Born from unions between Terran and Daemonic parents, Lilin are mana-based, hybrid lifeforms whose presence tends to have passive effects on those around them. Some second or third generation Lilin--particularly from the MidWest--might not even know of their parentage until exposed to a large enough group of new people...

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