Misty F Fiction

047 – Gooey Could Be Good

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Non-Sexual Nudity

It had been a long six months, but Kennei had weathered her affliction's effects and finished rehabilitation. True, she had been irrevocably transformed from Terran to Gelkin, but she was, on the whole, optimistic about change. After all, there could be upsides to becoming an amorphous blob of sentient magical energies.

Foremost among them was the shapeshifting--and she was a natural, apparently. By the end of her first therapy session, she could take on any feminine Terran appearance with the smallest amount of concentration. When she really focused, the sky was the limit. What's more, she could hold a form for more than eight hours without reverting to her ballgown-like Slime form. While being supported by the stabilization charms on her new bracelets, she could do that for days.

Despite that talent and ability, most mornings she turned back into the woman she had been before all this began--with a few tiny changes, of course. Why should she continue to be mundane when she could be taller, curvier, and stronger at a whim? She could be breathtaking without even trying. Flawless skin, as well as perfect makeup and hair, were effortless for her now. Acquiring clothes to fit her preferred, Junoesque appearance was no obstacle since she could manifest a perfectly fitted outfit with a thought.

At work, few people knew about the true nature of her radical physical transformation. Most figured her suddenly improved stature and figure was the result of a Chimeric infusion to recover from the accident. So long as she wore her charmed jewelry, that would continue to be the case. Her personal life, however, had taken a big hit.

Her fiance had been traveling for work when it happened and had no idea until he came to see her in the hospital. She could see the horror and pity in his face when she disclosed her status as newly-infected. They tried to make it work for a bit, and it looked like their relationship would endure until there was a close call which almost got him infected as well. After that, he told her that he needed space and moved out. They were still talking, but he seemed overtly fearful whenever they did. At least he had kept his mouth shut at the office.

Perhaps, then, it had been spite that led to her going out last night to get laid. She had heard of clubs where people protected from infection indulged an appetite only Gelkin could satisfy, and it had been so long since she had felt the touch of another without her containment membrane in place.

That she would bed two lovers, much less a Minotaur was unexpected, as was what would happen as their DNA coursed through her. Kennei had awoken to a translucent, bestial boner the size of her arm sprouting from her pelvis above her pussy. Her second lover, an elf-like Shadei, was snuggled up with it like a body pillow. She cooed when Kennei made it twitch and began to kiss it.

On the other side, her bovine lover rolled over. His cock, morning wood hard, slapped down on her hip and sank into her gelatinous flesh. The sensation made Kennei's whole body shudder, and it flooded her mind with pleasure. She had some time off from work, perhaps it was high time she explored this part of her existence...

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