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161 – Cycle’s Climax

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Altersex, Consensual Participation, Demihuman Transformation, Exaggerated Growth, Exaggerated Sexually-Focused Transformation, Explicit Sex, Extreme Demihuman Transformation, Implied Nudity, Inter-Species Sex, Masturbation and Sexually-Focused Transformation

Lenore went to put her travel dates into her calendar and swore. Of course, she had volunteered to travel on the few days a month where the quarter feline in her heritage violently surfaced. Where most women got cramps and bled on their periods, the barely-an-ailuran effectively went into heat and became an addict for sex, dick in particular, for about forty-eight hours. A few times, the duration had been much longer.

If it had just been her sex drive which changed, she probably would have been less aggravated about the whole thing. However, her cycle was also accompanied by waves of transformation which resulted in a substantial alteration of her figure. A build which was normally a stocky, but trim, five-two, became a lanky, and subtly powerful, six-four. After about eight hours, she also grew this soft peach fuzz that thickened into a tabby cat-like coat by the first half of days one.

She hoped this round would run its course as soon as possible, but, on the morning of, it was starting to seem like this would be one of those intense periods. From the way her mesh shorts were pulled tight, she was already up two pant sizes from the alterations to her stature. The elastic-infused top she wore to bed was stretched near to its limits over her bumped up shoulders, chest, and, of course, bust.

Maybe it was something else in her family tree, but she ballooned half as big again with each period. Sometimes more. They shrank back down, but there was always some residual growth. This meant she had been getting bigger and bigger since before high school. On her more Junoesque ailuran form, they almost looked proportionate. As her scionic self, they were an absurd 30G. Her aunt, who was only a handful of years older and suffered similarly, already had boobs down to her waist. Lenore had seen even larger women on the internet, but there was no telling if the images were real or photoshop.

As Lenore caught a glimpse of her reflection, the first rays of her rising sex drive washed over her. Her sex-buzzed brain purred at how hot she had already become. "Damn," she said, biting her thumbnail as she looked herself up and down. Her other hand slid down to her waistband. "I'm already this far along..."

It had probably only been a matter of time before Lenore posted pictures of her hyper-busty ailuran-form online. She got such a thrill from knowing thousands of people were getting off to her. It helped her cope as her body cried out for satisfaction that she could only dull with toys. What she had not expected was how much the attention would affect her at other points in the month. Something about the attention her alternate self received fueled a darker part of her which craved that growth. Aggravating as her transformations were, they had become a guilty pleasure as well.

Lenore raised her arm and pressed it to the glass. She leaned against her forearm, sweat was already beading on her brow. Her breath was steaming up the glass as her other hand circled between her legs. Her eyes were already changed over, and she could not look away from the subtle but ongoing growth happening here and there over her body. She gasped as her fingertips slid down either side of her clit and then there was no stopping herself.

An hour later, a Lenore who was another couple inches taller and a dozen pounds heavier checked in for her flight. She made a beeline for the bar, for all the good it did. Despite having drunk herself half-unconscious for the flight, she could still feel her body continuing to warm into the furnace it would be for the next two days. She read fics for the first flight, squirming in her seat as the thickening swell of her thighs ratcheted up the pressure on her center.

By the time they had disembarked for her layover in Garlind, her cat's ears had manifested. On top of that, her size sixteen pants and extra-large top were both verging on too small. She slipped into the bathroom and changed to the 2X stuff she had packed. Needing to take the edge off, she pulled out her pill-shaped, remote-controlled vibrator and stuffed it inside herself. She bit her fist as she got off in the stall and did not bother to remove the toy once she was done. Being filled gave her something to focus on, no to mention that the motor's buzzing sensation had merged with her post-orgasm and booze high to relax her to a nearly catatonic state.

The sound of the little motor was drowned out by the jet noise so she pushed it to the limit once she had taken her aisle seat. Hopefully, this state of orgasmic bliss would hold her over during the next few hours. Judging for where she was in her transformation, she would have just enough time to get to the hotel before her fur had grown in completely.

Which was when her seatmate arrived. The woman’s cheeks, neck, and chest were covered in crimson scales. The flush of her face was a stark contrast to her short cut dark-colored hair. Her eyes were dominated by shimmering blue irises. She was also panting and seemed a little nervous about it.

“Sorry, had… had to run,” she said as she stretched to put her bag in the overhead. Her loose top rose as she did, revealing a Lycra tank top that was clinging to a core that looked like it had been carved out of marble. The smell she was putting off made Lenore squirm in her seat even more than before. Then something shifted within the woman's slacks and Lenore’s currently one-track mind knew exactly what she was looking at. She had heard that saurans and their scionic offspring were supposed to be intersex but had thought that was just people being sauraphobic.

As Lenore tried to deal with being so horny that it hurt while a cock she would die for was inches from her face, someone jostled the dragon-like woman from behind. Like she was crashing into bed, Lenore's face planted into the woman’s throbbing crotch. Both women moaned as one from the impact. Jumping back, the other woman slammed the bin closed. Lenore rose to let her squeeze past. They barely managed, the sauran lady's ass getting her wedged between Lenore and the seat in front of them for a moment—which did not help matters for either of them.

“So, Lenore asked, leaning over once her seatmate was settled. “This happens to you every month, too?”

“Y-y-yeah... wait, too?”

“Yeah, I don’t normally look like this,” she said, flicking an ear.

“Hopefully we are both at our destination before our cycles climax...” The lizard-like woman said softly as spines began to form on her shoulders and jaw bone. “I’d hate to go full dragon in a space like this.”

The plane, however, continued to sit on the runway. The dragon woman’s bulge grew harder to ignore, it even seemed like there were two shapes in her loose pants now. She was getting bigger overall, too, her body growing wider and thicker with each minute.

“Miss!” Lenore flagged the attendant down. “My friend here is very ill, its that time of the month for her and her body kind of hates her. Would you mind if I escorted her to the lavatory?”

“Sure, sure. We are grounded for at least another thirty minutes because of a storm.”

It truly had been her intent to simply escort the saruan stranger, but when they got to the bathroom door, her transforming acquaintance pulled her inside and pressed her to the door. Fingers hesitated at the edge of Lenore's elastic waistband. A thigh was raised between hers. The dragon's lips were inches from her own and the taste of smoke on her breath only stoked Lenore's furnace.

“Since you, uh, know about this. Can I... Can we... Y'know?" the dragon whispered into her ear.

“Fuck me? Honey, you haven’t even introduced yourself.” She was impressed that she still had the mental fortitude to say that. The sauran woman coughed, and coincidentally grew half an inch taller, then introduced herself as Hijira before she dropped her pants without any further ado.

It turned out that the tendrils all grew from one thick stalk, there were also not just two tentacles, but three. Each of them probably as big around as a Lenoe's grip and they were getting longer by the second. Lenore whispered yes please and then everything fell away under the assault of sensation. Even the plane taking off could not stop them from continuing to fuck.

It was not until the attendants insisted they would get the air marshal to unlock the door that the two of them forced themselves to find some composure. Hijira, now much more buff than before, intimidated the flight staff even while apologizing. The pair of much more feral looking women returned to their seats, buzzing with arousal, but somewhat satisfied. It was a first for Lenore. She had never felt so alert while transformed.

"Can we continue?" she asked Hijira.

They spent the flight covertly fingering each other while they tried to carry conversations to cover their moans and gasps. Finally, four orgasms later, the plane touched down. They swapped contact info, which is when they both realized they were attending the same conference. A hasty check discovered both of them were staying at the same hotel.

“If I can be this satisfied, at my climax, my week just got considerably better.”

The pair said it at the same time and then laughed.

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