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007 – My First Party

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Huge Growth and Intimate Nudity

Remesh was looking forward to his first party. Since he had cleared the ten trials of being an adventurer he was now clear to take on quests outside the city with other members of the Guild. The fledgling swordsman could not wait to test himself against all the challenges of the world beyond the walls alongside allies who would become friends.

Only, it seemed like that would have to wait. The Guildhall near him that handled external bounty jobs was surrounded by a mob. Signs proclaiming ‘Stop Harvesting Wildlife’, ‘Gellco exploits Slimes’, and ‘The Guilded are Murderers’ rose and fell in the press of people.

He wove through the crowd, keeping his hood up as he moved towards the magical gates whose threshold could only be crossed by Guilded. Feet away from safety, someone pressed a pile of pamphlets into his arms, told him to hand them out. He nodded woodenly and turned to walk perpendicular to the tall marble walls.

He flipped through the pamphlet with idle curiosity. It outlined how the Guild was harvesting the monsters outside the wall and converting them into Gel. Until now, he had never thought about the Gels that the city used in everything from medicine to energy. They just existed and he figured the material was some kind of semi-solid magic created by the Guildmages. Now though, he wondered what the Guild was doing in its depths with those bounties they paid handsomely for.

The last pamphlet handed out, Remesh once again tried to filter through the crowd to the gates. This time, a heavy hand landed on his shoulder.

“Hey, boy. Is that the Guild crest on your belt?”

“I… I… ”

The crowd turned on him, pulling him away from the gates. The chanting murmurs became angrier. The situation was looking very bad all of a sudden. His bag was pulled off him, his sword was taken, a punch to his gut knocked him to his knees. A heavy blow hit him in the back and he dropped to the pavement like a rock. Chants of ‘Kill the Guilded’ rang out as a heavy boot came down on his sword arm. Another caught him in the ribs over and over. Was this how he was going to die? Beaten by the people of his city?

The junior Guilded felt ribs crack when shouts rang out from the direction of the Guild Hall. He was dimly aware of two women with spears breaking open the crowd. Face down on the ground, the shadow-clad warriors with glowing eyes towered over him like goddesses. He felt big, powerful arms lift him as he blacked out.

It was dark when his awareness returned. He found himself in bed, in a room he did not recognize. When he tried to sit up, nothing happened. It felt like his body had been lit on fire. The tightness around his chest said bandages were trying to keep his ribs in place and the swordsman could feel neither his right arm nor anything below his waist. He could not even wiggle his toes. His left arm reached up to scratch his face and bumped into a neck brace.

Overhead lights snapped on and a door opened to his left. The heavy footfalls of ironclad boots indicated two people had entered the room. Swarthy feminine faces with worried expressions floated into view on either side.

The first thing he noticed about the woman on the right was the soft blue glow emanating from her irises. She had short, dark hair that hung over one eye, further accentuating the pulsating light as it danced over skin that was a shade darker than the bronze of Guild pennies.

The woman on the left had eyes that shimmered with a subtle green light. Her pastel hair was drawn back into two little bags tied off with cords that danced in the light. Her complexion was lighter and brought to mind warmed caramel.

Tearing his gaze away from their faces, the injured swordsman realized just how tall the two women who had come to his rescue were. It was probably an effect of being stuck on his back, but they loomed over him in their white Guild cloaks in much the same way as they had when he was dying in the street. Even so, he could really only see their faces and shoulders from how his neck was held.

“You’re tough shit, surviving a beating like that.” The woman with blue eyes had a beautiful, lilting accent, though her inflection dripped aggression from how she snapped her consonants. “It’s too bad you’ll probably never be a real adventurer now.”

“Don’t make him panic, Ta'lyt.” The other woman’s voice was just as melodic, though her tone was overall smoother. “It’ll only aggravate his injuries!”

Ta'lyt looked down and him and frowned. “No offense here kid, but,” her gaze shifted to her companion’s face. “Look at him Za’lin! I don’t think a little stress is going to exacerbate this. Even the best clerics in the city could only get him barely functioning. The damage was too great. He’ll probably walk again, but traversing dungeons is likely never happening.”

The woman on the right walked away, ranting about the protest and the Guild not taking steps to keep adventurers safe. The woman on the left, the one called Za’lin, sat down on the bed with him. The mattress noticeably sunk beneath her. Even though he was sure she was sitting on the edge of the bed, the curve of her ass brushed against his arm through her soft cloak. “Don’t mind my partner, she’s easily excitable.”

“What will happen to me? I have nothing besides the Guild.”

“That’s actually why we’re here, newbie. What if I told you I actually could fix you where all the clerics could not?”

“I would ask you what the catch is.”

“It’s quite straight forward,” she said as she smoothed the blanket on his chest. “I can change people with my abilities. Remake them. You just have to say the word and you will be reborn so you can adventure once more.”

Remesh weighed the unknown against his current situation. “Reborn how?”

Za’lin did not reply. The woman named Ta'lyt walked back to his bedside. “You’ll become a new person. You’ll probably look mostly the same, but this has been known to have…side effects. Unpredictable ones. Still, you’d be able to adventure again.”

“We’re even looking for a third right now,” Za’lin added. “You could come with us!”

“You promise?”

They both nodded.

What did he have to lose? “Sure, make it happen.”

A length of rubber was tied around his upper left arm. Za’lin rummaged in her cloak for a moment and then held up a needle and a vial of deep red, translucent fluid. She shook the bottle and, from how the fluid swirled, it was obviously a Gel-based solution. The Guilded woman drew from the vial until the chamber was three-quarters full. The metal point was inserted into his skin and he felt a slowly building pressure as the injection began to seep into his body.

There was a squirming sensation beneath his skin as more and more Gel was injected into his bloodstream. As the viscous fluid pumped through his veins, he began to feel a spreading chill. The cold deepened as it reached his chest, as if he was standing in a blizzard. He began to gasp for breath as something filled his throat. Gasping for breath, everything began to twist. It felt like he was being crushed while also being pulled apart. Clawing at the bed with his good arm, Remesh fought to stay alive as competing pressures wracked his body.

At all once, it was over. He could feel again. His toes wiggled, his right hand clenched, the pressure on his chest was gone. He raised his hands to his face, but did not recognize the blue-skinned digits that came into view. He definitely remembered having five fingers, not four. His breath quickened as he sat up and saw how short his legs had become under the blanket. He was probably no taller than four-seven, four-eight at best.

Pressing hands to his face, he found smooth skin instead of the stubble of a day’s beard. His jawline was narrower, his cheeks fuller. Moving back, he found the shape of his ears had changed, becoming short triangles that angled out from his head slightly. He licked his lips and found them fuller and more sensitive than he recalled. Snapping his mouth closed in surprise, new fangs caught his tongue from both sides.

Za'lin waved a caramel-skinned hand in his face. “You in there, newbie?”

“I’m so different.” Even his voice was smaller, but huskier.

“I would seem my partner’s concoction has turned you into a halfling of some sort, maybe a goblin,” Ta'lyt said matter-of-factly. “However, as promised, you are whole again, yes?”

“I guess so and honestly, I feel great. Just surprised is all.”

He threw back the blanket to swing his legs out of bed and froze. He was naked. He was naked and he had tits. Relatively large, perky tits with dark blue nipples and aureole. He cupped them and gasped at the feel of flesh giving under his fingers. Shifting in bed, he felt his world tilt as he realized tits were not the only changes.

Between his legs was a surprisingly plush vulva, with midnight minora that almost overflowed the pale, moon blue skin of the surrounding majora.

There was a buzzing as everything began to spin. He heard Za’lin and Ta'lyt calling, but their words were garbled. Everything became a blur. The buzzing was painfully loud now, he could not catch his breath. Hands grabbed his shoulders, lips pressed against his own. Glittering green eyes held his gaze and, slowly, the world stopped spinning.

Za’lin sat back, her strong hands moving down to his arms. Her cloaked frame seemed even larger than before. “Sorry, newbie. It just seemed like you needed something to grab hold of.”

He pulled away and jumped out of bed. “Well, yeah. I’m a shortstack now. How am I ever going to adventure like this?” he asked as he put his hands on his chest as he turned to face the pair of women.

“I’m gonna come up to most monster’s knees…” His growing rant ended abruptly as he realized that was the situation he was in at that very moment. Faced with the full stature of his rescuers, or perhaps captors, his face was probably even with their navels, which put them at well over seven feet tall.

“For now, yes,” Za'lin said as she squatted down to his level. “But this is just the beginning. We promised you’d join our party and we can’t have you unable to defend yourself.”

“We can pump you full of Experience,” Ta'lyt added from above with a sweeping gesture along her body he did not understand. “If you want, that is.”

“What? Do you both think this is some kind of game?”

Ta'lyt frowned. “Not at all, but how do you think we got this big?”

She undid her cape, letting it fall from her shoulders. Her revealed body was beyond Remesh’s wildest imaginations. She wore a vest of hardened leather armor over dark, skin-tight cloth that ended mid-calf and arm. The stretchy fabric hugged hourglass curves which would have looked correct on a serving wench, but carried far more menace than any barmaid could have hoped for. Because, at the same time, she was thickly muscled, with shoulders, arms, and legs that put most of the city guardsmen to shame. Za'lin removed her cloak as well, revealing she was equally well developed. They really were goddesses.

“All of this,” Ta'lyt began as she caressed a flexed bicep. “All of it is thanks to Za'lin’s alchemy. We were once scrawny, but look at us now.” She flexed her arms in front of her, making the muscles under her coppery skin dance.

“I figured out a way to distill the experience gained from fighting monsters.” Za'lin explained, holding up the mostly empty vial from before. “This remarkable fluid can make anyone a legendary adventurer. The best thing? We’re the only people who can make it.”

“If it’s so powerful, how come it made me like this then?”

“I’m not sure really,” Za'lin rested her chin in her palm. “Perhaps I used too much. Perhaps it was too concentrated. It might just be because you’re just starting out and it didn’t really have anything to build on.”

“Okay, then, what do I need to do to fix this? Can you give me more Experience? Will that make me grow back to a reasonable size?”

“It should, but this isn’t going to be as easy as you think.” Za'lin put her hand on his shoulder. “We’ll have to train your body with ours.”

“Like sparing? I thought I just needed to take more of the Gel?”

Ta'lyt laughed. “Oh, you’re going to be taking a lot of Gel all right. She means we’re going to have our way with you until your body is so saturated with Experience that it has no choice but to develop.”

“What?” He just could not grasp what they were saying.

“Here, let me make it perfectly clear.” Ta'lyt unsnapped her armor and set the long vest on the bed. In just the tight fitting garments, her curvy warrior build was even more apparent, as was a bulge against her stomach. She pulled the collar of her top over her head and threw it to the side. A huge, uncut dick a few shades shy of complete darkness swung down to hang between her legs. Her tits, released from constraint, seemed to swell even larger as they jiggled on her chest. Glowing blue runes covered her dusky skin. The light from her eyes flared brighter as she watched him drink in her half-naked body.

Remesh could not grapple with what he was seeing and feeling, his thoughts scattering before the impossibly display of anatomy. The junior Guilded had never even thought about a dong or boobs of this size and yet, faced with them, it was hard to do anything but feel awe. She reached out, fingers brushing skin that was like shimmering black velvet.

Ta'lyt bit her lip to suppress an appreciative grunt, as she slowly rolled her tights down, revealing a massive pair of balls. The vein-laced skin was tight as it strained to contain two masses that had to each be bigger than handfuls. Her sack pumped every few seconds, a soft red light seemed to pulsate from within.

“Like what you see there, newbie?” Za'lin’s voice pulled focus to her face.

Remesh nodded silently.

“I’ve made it so Ta'lyt produces Experience in those balls of hers. Liters of it per day. When she’s full like that, it leaks out into her body, causing her to consistently grow.”

“Are you the same?”

“Yup. I perfected the change on myself before I used it on anyone else. Though I think I’m packing more than she is. A trade off for that awesome rack I guess.” She laughed at that, but Remesh started to feel a little nervous.

“By the way, newbie. What’s your name?”

“Oh, um, Remesh Kumagan. Though I suppose that’s not a great name for this body.”

“Nah, it’s fine, but we’ll call you Remi ‘cause it’s cuter. That okay, Remi?”

Remi nodded. The nickname was pretty cute, and hearing Za'lin say it made her heartbeat skip. Her? When had he started to think of himself as her. Wrapped up in pondering that change, Remi missed that Za'lin had stripped her own clothes off until hit with the other woman’s shirt.

Her naked skin was more like warm caramel than twilight. It pulled at Remi, urging her to just sink into the larger woman’s embrace. Like Ta'lyt, runes that matched her eye color shimmered over the contours of her body, but that was about their only similarities.

Za'lin had boobs that could be called demure. On the other hand, her hips were wider than her shoulders, which was a thickness that continued to her thighs and very muscular calves. Her own cock was only a couple shades darker than her complexion and it’s cloaked tip fell around her knees, even draped over balls twice as big as her companion’s. The red glow was even more obvious as the equally strained sac pulsed with a regular rhythm.

“How do you keep those things hidden?” Remi did not realize she said the thought out loud, but both well-hung women laughed.

“I can manage to keep mine under control against my torso.” Ta'lyt said between giggles. “Za'lin, however, stuffs it all inside her.”

“Inside? You’re still a woman behind all that?”

Za'lin laughed warmly. “We both are. If you can effectively be a sex Goddess, why not be prepared for anything?”

That seemed like sound logic. “And you can handle all that inside you?”

“Yup, and in theory you should be able to as well, considering how much the Experience has changed you already.”

Remi’s mind boggled. Before tonight she had hardly thought about sex and now, now it seemed like she was about to get an extreme crash course. The hesitation she felt at the beginning of the conversation was starting to fade as she realized just how much she could grow with these two, both physically and otherwise. She could be powerful, respected, a legend. That they both seemed to care about her wellbeing helped greatly to build a feeling of trust.

“So, how are we doing this?” Remi asked looking at the floor. “I don’t know if I want to jump right into both of you stuffing those in me, but I would like to get there.”

Ta'lyt hefted her cock next to Remi’s face. “Well, we can start with licking here and see how things go.”

The newly transformed woman licked the offered limb tentatively, slowly moving towards the tip. The heat coming through was surprising and it got more intense as she moved towards the peak. As Ta'lyt’s cock began to throb and thicken, Remi found herself occasionally moaning as she made longer and longer strokes with her tongue. Reaching the tip, Remi found that Ta'lyt’s foreskin was already pulling back as her dick continued to swell. The dark skin was giving way to a deep red head that Remi could barely cup in two hands. Ta'lyt was already leaking, her pre-cum a not unlike the fluid in the vial.

“Don’t force yourself, Remi.” Her tone was comforting, like she was actively trying to sound less threatening. “Take your time.”

But Remi wanted Experience now, as much as she could absorb. She peeled back the foreskin further and pressed her lips to the spongy flesh to lap at the steady flow. She moved slowly at first, each pass taking several seconds, but as the flow increased, so did her tempo.

When it did not seem like Ta'lyt was growing any larger, her attention turned to the ridge underneath as she tried to fit more of the cock in her mouth. The raised edge of the glans proved challenging, but Remi kept pushing, her mouth inexorably growing to accommodate. Slipping her lips over the cleft caused a soft pop as a mass the size of her fist entered her mouth.

She looked up at Ta'lyt, who was kneading her bounteous boobs and otherwise lost in the moment. Spurred both a desire to grow and to also please her party mate, Remi gripped either side of the shaft. Her hands did not touch, meaning Ta'lyt had to be bigger around than her arm.

Alternating with tight squeezed strokes, Remi began to slide her mouth back and forth against her partner’s cock. The Experience laden pre-cum was a steady stream now, pooling in her cheeks until she swallowed. Each gulp of the fluid made Remi feel stronger, more confident.

Her motions sped up as the notion of cock filling her mouth became progressively less unusual. While speeding up, she took on more and more of the phallus. The feeling of foreskin, jammed tight between the roof of her mouth and tongue, sliding against the dick’s rigid interior was fascinating and it encouraged her to take even longer strokes.

Meanwhile, she felt Ta'lyt’s fingers become entwined in her hair. At first, the connection was gentle, but as both women began to pant, and the fellatio intensified, the grip tightened. Once she had swallowed nearly two-thirds of her partner’s cock, Remi found herself held in place as Ta'lyt bucked against her. With each more insistent thrust, another inch of cock sunk down her throat until her lips were meeting balls on a regular basis. It had only been thirty minutes, but she was already swallowing a cock more than a foot long and easily six inches around as if it were nothing.

“That’s amazing.” Za'lin said as she walked around. “I didn’t think the effects would be that pronounced.”

Both Remi and Ta'lyt just moaned in response as their coupling continued to intensify, each of them working together to slide the larger woman’s entire length back and forth. It seemed like this would go on forever until Ta'lyt finally crushed Remi against her in a body tensing orgasm. In burst after burst, Experience poured into Remi. So much so that her stomach began to develop a small mound.

Finally, the pair separated, both dropping to their knees. Ta'lyt was still moaning, her cock twitching with aftershocks. Remi was trying to catch her breath after spending the last minute with her throat stuffed.

Za'lin, her own cock standing at an impossible looking full mast, sat down next to them. “Well, ready for round two?”

Remi did not even hesitate. Getting to her feet, she swung a leg over Za'lin’s pole so that she was facing the caramel-skinned goddess and slowly lowered herself down. The first contact between pussy and dick was much sooner than she expected, but she pressed on. Amazingly, Za'lin’s cock was completely wrapped up, even as hard as she was. This gave Remi a feeling of hope that she could make things work.

She felt the foreskin sliding between her swollen labia, the soft skin slipping against her sex instead of the cock it contained. Unlike with Ta'lyt, where the pre-cum continously flowed, Za'lin’s skin was trapping it, causing the already thick head to swell larger. This turned out to be a blessing as, bit by bit, in agonizing slowness, the shortstack took on a dick that was the length of her torso. Even if she was endlessly elastic, she was unsure where all the cock would go. Still, the edge of the head was against her lips now, aided by the shifting bulk of Za'lin’s fluids.

Desperate to feel the same connection with Za'lin as with Ta’lyt, Remi withdrew slightly before pressing down swiftly. This time, her partner’s cock slid home. She was forced to sit back as her body seemed to meld around the fuck stick she had impaled herself on.

Like with Ta'lyt, she inexorably grew accustomed to the intrusion. She pushed further and further towards Za'lin’s balls. The mound in her stomach grew larger as cock with nowhere to go began to stretch her out. She was not even half way before her cervix puckered around Za'lin’s broad head. The intrusion caused her body to squeeze tight in mind-numbing orgasm. This coaxed her partner’s already stressed balls to cum, pouring out a volume of Experience which turned the small mound to a hill as her womb flooded with gel-cum.

Ta'lyt, back on her feet, approached Remi from behind. Her intent was evident, but the big woman hesitated.

“Do it!” cried Remi through gritted teeth as she began to slide down Za'lin’s massive member once more. She was almost flush with Za'lin now, their pelvises only inches apart. It allowed her to be prone on the other woman’s body, her ass up in the air. “Stuff both my holes, pump me full of Experience!”

Knowing just how big Ta'lyt was almost made the process of entry more exciting. Remi anticipated just how stretched she would become. What she did not count on was just how good two cocks rubbing against each other through the walls of her pussy and ass would feel. As Ta'lyt’s swollen head passed into her anus at an agonizingly slow rate, the twin sensations had her gasping. Somehow she was accommodating yards of thick dick, but her mind could not grapple with the enormity inside her.

Sinking into their respective hilts, both of the extraordinarily hung women began to alternate thrusts, somehow shoving ever more of themselves deeper into Remi’s welcoming body. It was not long before the constant, ever present pressure had Remi in a state of constant rolling orgasm.

Ta'lyt was the first to thrust and hold, as her balls squeezed out yet more Experience. Remi’s stomach distended further with each burst of Gel-cum, swelling her to pregnacy sized levels in short order. The jiggling of her fat, fluid-filled stomach against her insides pushed Za'lin over the edge shortly after. Her impossible balls dumped further gallons into the elastic woman’s seemingly endless womb, until Remi was mostly a tight, swollen belly. She glowed red through her skin as the Gel began to act, but she still was not satisfied.

“Hey, you both up for one more?”

The two women nodded, still hard even after the last hour of frantic humping.

Remi patted each of her breasts. “Try sticking those amazing fuck sticks in here. I don’t think it’ll work, but might as well see if it does.”

The two women lined up their cocks, slick with gel-cum, against Remi’s nipples. Pressing into the midnight blue flesh, they were met with the briefest resistance before they did indeed slide into her tits. To her credit, Remi remained conscious for approximately ten minutes before the liberal application of pleasure to a major nerve center sent her into an orgasmic coma.

When the blue-skinned woman woke sometime later, she could not see anything past the two hills of gently glowing breast flesh sitting on her chest. In almost a case of deja vu, she could not sit up. Only this time, it was the weight of her party mates on her arms that kept her on her back and not the inability to move. Judging from where her feet brushed their sleeping forms, she was a little taller, at least north of five feet, but still considerably smaller than her companions. She expected the weight of balls on her legs, but the only sensation when she shifted was the squish of her plump pussy.

All things considered, it was not a bad first party and it certainly looked like the three of them were going to be friends for a very long time.


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