Misty F Fiction

093 – (Don’t Have to) Worship Me

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Huge Growth and Intimate Nudity

This all started when Yuuki unintentionally created something that dramatically increased one’s masculine features, the effect going so far as to transform her clit into a cock as she became considerably more muscular. While transformed, she had sex with Sage, and she wanted Caroline to do the same to her. Caroline was happy to oblige if it meant she could try out having a real dick.

After getting Caroline off, Yuuki’s body grew increasingly busty and muscular after being coated in cum. It seemed the effects of the transformation were transferable. As they continued to fuck, Caroline dosed both of them with more serum, and the pair’s growth accelerated. Both women started to manifest Tauren features even as their bodies passed into the realm of superhuman. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Yuuki and Caroline, Sage was growing equally as much just from her brief exposure to Yuuki’s cum the previous night.

Now Yuuki is faced with hundreds of questions, chief among them: how does she fix all this?

Jump to: Ch.6



It had been three hours now since she and Caroline had first dosed themselves and an hour since they had finally stopped fucking. Her dominant girlfriend had gone until she could no longer stay hard, which was, apparently, a very long time. Although she would never admit it out loud, Yuuki was ecstatic her serum had been this potent. Now all that was left was to figure out a way to prevent it from leaching into bodily fluids and spreading like some disease. A disease that made you big, strong, and a being of pure sexual power.

Before she had sat down to work, Yuuki had created another serum to undo some of the effects of the overdose. Most of her body had seen a marked reduction in size, but the potion had not affected her now inhuman libido in the slightest. In fact, Yuuki's need for sexual release only grew more insistent the longer her mind worked. She wondered if the inverse happened, that if experiencing carnal pleasure would cause her to get smarter, but the whole situation was a problem that needed solving later. Just fitting into her workshop was enough of a win for now.

Now only very muscular instead of hyper-muscular, her frame had shrunk down to a mere seven feet from the fifteen she had been when Caroline stopped pumping her full. The fur caused by the overdose had faded away, but she still had an impressive pair of bull-like horns, and her ears were still a little fuzzy around the edges. However, her tits had been so big that even after halving their size, they were still resting on her desk as she worked on revising the alchemical formula.

The worst thing, though, was her massive cock. It was the only element of the transformation which had been increased to some extent by her hasty reversal tincture. It was like all over her gained masculinity had migrated, the memory of all that power sliding down into her shaft and making it swell to an even more impossible size was enough to make her moan.

Just the brief focus on her half-erect, forearm-sized member made it twitch and flood her mind with pleasure as it smacked into the polished wood of her workbench. Her arousal rising, she started to slide back and forth on her high-top stool to make her stiffening shaft swing around, but the swaying motion was soon not enough to satisfy her. She could feel a steady drip of pre-cum starting to form a puddle around her feet.

As she traced her steps through her formula, her hands dipped below the table with increasing frequency. The closer she got to finding the answer to the serum’s flaw, her fingertips lingered longer and longer against her hot, soft skin as her potion-altered mind flooded her body with pleasure.

When she hit a particularly tough section of the equation, both hands slid down into her lap and began to knead her growing erection in earnest. She just needed to cum and then all of this would be cake. Panting now as she scooted back and forth, she felt her mind-expanding. A moan escaped her throat and big, strong arms wrapped around her.

“Now, now, pet. You can’t play with yourself until you finish your work.”

She half spun around to look at Caroline and then remembered to glance down. Her dominant had taken the dispelling potion after having seen its effect on Yuuki, figuring she would also stay fairly transformed. Instead, she had shrunk considerably, likely because more of her growth was directly tied to the serum.

Caroline was still considerably more buff than before tonight, but hardly the personification of muscle she had been. Her fur had also faded away, all except for chestnut hair which still lingered on her toned abs and crotch in stark contrast to her skin tone. Like Yuuki, she continued to sport a pair of wide horns and her massive cock. The bestial member looked even larger now that she was only five-eleven instead of nearly fifteen feet tall. The end of her length swung back and forth in front of her knees even while draped over her grapefruit-sized balls. The flared equine shape had inexplicably morphed into something fatter and rounder, the head now shaped more like an egg than anything else.

“I know, My Lady, it’s just...I’m so horny, and thinking makes it worse... but maybe makes it better, too? The effects of this serum are just all over the place now and--ah!” A small spurt of cum poured out of her cock to splatter on the floor as her knees pulled together. Finally, after several more eruptions of spunk, the intense orgasm passed.

“Hah... see?”

“I’m sorry, pet, I had no idea. I’m not having anything like that.”

“Is your libido not still a raging inferno?”

“Not like it was just a little while ago. I feel pretty much like I did before.”

“Fascinating. I wonder if it has to do…” She began to outline that it was likely that her libido had been unaffected by the reversal potion because her transformation had been fueled by Caroline’s semen. Perhaps in being the receiving partner, her body had been nominally reprogrammed for breeding--but she had hardly made it twenty words in before she started moaning again. Driven by how pleasurable thinking now was, her cock was hard once more and she lost herself in the sensations of it swinging with each twitch.

Her dominant grabbed hold of it after one particularly forceful throb and a couple of inches shaft separated her thumb and fingers. That did not stop her from squeezing tight. The sudden pain cut through the fog and Yuuki felt her mind begin to clear. At least for the moment, she could think in peace.

“Okay, thanks, My Lady,” she said slowly catching her breath. “Good to know that pain can break the loop.”

“So what’s our plan now?” Caroline said as she released her grip.

“Well, the effects of the serum went to almost nothing after a couple of hours for me, but that was a far less exposure heavy session as well.“

“So we might be stuck like this for a while?” She hefted her cock and fingered the broad ring in the middle of her length. “I can live with that.”

“I’m sure, but I can hardly….function like this. Like, I love being this sensitive and I could probably get used to being this well endowed...”


“But getting turned on by thinking is going to ruin me. Even if feeling intense pleasure causes my intellect to increase, I’ll never be able to present anything to a council!.”

“I can help with that--if you beg that is.” Caroline let go of her growing erection and ran a finger up Yuuki’s length towards her body.

Yuuki shuddered. “You’re too kind, My Lady.”

“In fact, I will only help you if you give me the rest of the serum,” Caroline said with a wicked grin as she moved around Yuuki, her cock bobbing before her as her thighs made her balls bounce.

“I really can’t do that,” Yuuki said, letting her head fall as the weight of disappointing Caroline washed over her. She crossed her arms under her tits, their massive curves overflowing the self-embrace.

“That is not what I want to hear, my pet,“ Caroline said as the cupped her chin and lifted her face. She squeezed ever so gently.

“Um, um, I am working on a new version, My Lady.”

Her dominant leaned against her from the side, gripping the base of Yuuki’s cock under her bust. “And that’ll take days, right?” she whispered.

“Likely, especially with this drawback.”

“Then I am going to do you a favor. I’ll keep you from going insane from your libido, and you are going to pump me full of your cum.” Caroline began to stroke Yuuki’s cock, and the stiff length throbbed as veins began to raise. “Because as much as I want to dominate you while you’re bigger than me... I also can’t stand the idea of being smaller than you either.”

Caroline dragged her nails along Yuuki's length once more as she walked and lifted the head of her cock like she would a bowl. Her tongue traced the edge, lapping up the pre and remains of Yuuki's previous orgasm. The brief sensation was overwhelming. At the same time, it confirmed her suspicions. As pleasure flooded her mind, her intellect spiked. Suddenly the problem with the serum was a trivial solution. She could solve it in an instant. Then her mind went foggy was Caroline began to suck on the tight skin of her curved tip. The sensation was more than she could handle.

Her girlfriend’s lips were getting plump once more as she eagerly swallowed down as much pre as she could slurp up. Caroline’s hands grew wider, her fingers sliding over Yuuki’s skin as her grip spread. The fact that her girlfriend was growing again registered as both a problem and also a blessing.

“More,” Caroline said simply after letting go with a pop.

“More, My Lady?”

“I want more of you inside of me,” she said caressing Yuuki’s large balls. “Make it happen.”

Caroline went back to her exploratory sucking; her eyes closed as her tongue flicked over Yuuki’s tip like it had her clit so many times before. It drove Yuuki just as wild, and she felt her body twitch to pump out a huge glob of pre-cum. Her dominant moaned as she swallowed, then increased her pace. Yuuki lifted her hands hesitantly, and her girlfriend’s eyes shot open. The command in them was evident, and she gripped the horns on either side of her head and began to pull. Her dominant’s jaw relaxed as Yuuki started to thrust into her mouth, her teeth just barely scraping skin. Her hands slid over Yuuki’s pelvis, slipping behind her huge balls to penetrate her center. With Caroline’s fingers inside and her mouth around her cock, Yuuki could feel herself getting close again already.

The first twitch of her second orgasm filled Caroline’s mouth, as more cum than she could swallow burst forth. It ran down her chin, coating the dark skin of her muscular torso like melted white chocolate. Almost at once the sticky fluid faded away as her body absorbed it.

Already, her veins were starting to rise once more, her body pumping back towards its former peak as her chest and stomach muscles visibly pulsed, becoming more and more cut with each second. There was a crack, and suddenly Yuuki’s thrusts went several inches further into Caroline's mouth than before. The next burst slammed into Caroline’s throat. Her shoulders and back surged in size in response.

Stronger now, Caroline pushed Yuuki off her stool, and the pair tumbled to the floor, landing mostly on Yuuki’s expansive bust. More cum spattered over them as Yuuki’s cock twitched again and again. Caroline dragged her fingers through the spunk coating her broad pectorals and licked her fingers clean. Yuuki struggled to get up, but before she could, Caroline was positioned above her.

“I’m going to milk you for all the growth I pumped into you, my little genius slut,” she said sinking her hands into the peaks of Yuuki’s tits and making her scream with pleasure. “And then you’re going to make more serum so I can be even bigger. Got that?”

“Yes, My Lady. I understand.”

“Good,” she said as she settled around Yuuki. With each inch swallowed, her demeanor softened in a series of gasps. She did not even bother to stifle the moan that rose from her deep within her chest as she bottomed out on the thick cock stuffing her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, but her grip on Yuuki’s tits never wavered.

“Yuuki pet,” she moaned as her hips rocked back and forth. “I need your cum in me. I want you to fill me, but I will take it if I have to.”

Yuuki could not remember Caroline ever being like this. “My Lady, I…”

“Shhh, no talking, you just have to obey,” she said as she turned her attention to her cock. Kissing it, she smacked it into Yuuki’s vast cleavage.

The feeling of hard, massive cock crashing into soft, boobs that were even bigger made both women gasp. Yuuki thrust up without being given permission. She paused, expecting a reprimand. When her girlfriend only cooed in response, Yuuki gripped the backs of Caroline’s knees and began to repeat the motion until she was steadily pumping Caroline’s twitching, plush pussy. Her girlfriend’s cock continued to smack into her chest, and the pre-cum was spattering all of the both of them. Bit by bit, the pair was swelling once more.

“Yes! Good girl, keep pounding me,” Caroline said as she shifted her grip to stroke Yuuki’s large nipples. “Pump me full of your seed like you were trying to breed me! Show me how much you love me, my genius slut.”

Yuuki obliged with a particularly strong thrust that penetrated deep and forced itself into Caroline's depths. Her cervix now spread open, Caroline’s dominating commands became screaming demands. Yes was the only distinctive word and she used it over and over as Yuuki's pace accelerated. Collapsing into Yuuki’s massive boobs, she held onto the mounds of squishy flesh like they were a lifesaver. The force of Yuuki’s thrusts was steadily pushing her cock down into that pillowy valley, and it was not long before her length was sliding back and forth under all that boob.

Even as she plunged in and out of her girlfriend, Yuuki’s mind was beginning to clear as her awareness adjusted to the new sensitivity of her body. Her perception seemed to sharpen as her intellect rose with each twenty-two-inch cycle. She could feel the minute changes happening in each of them as the effect of serum-laced cum continued to spread. Despite feeling a little guilty that she was responsible for doing this to Caroline, the sensation of her girlfriend growing against and around her was so very good.

“My Lady, can I--ah!--can I come?”

“Yes, love, you may.” As if on command, Caroline’s entire body clenched. The sudden tightness pulled Yuuki over the edge, and her body began to pump load after heavy load into her girlfriend. Her stomach inflated quickly, her uterus filling with semen tainted with serum.

Yuuki felt her dominant’s whole body getting warm as it began to throb against her, but her hips kept moving even as she continued to cum. “My Lady, I’m sorry, I can’t stop-”

“Don’t stop!” Caroline commanded as sat back, her stomach already starting to flatten even Yuuki kept twitching inside her.

“Pleasure me.” Her arms pulsed and thickened. A dusting of chestnut hair sprouted from her forearms as her veins began to stand out through her dark skin. “Worship me until I am satisfied.” Her hips cracked as they stretched and widened. “And I shall make everything wonderful for you.” Her quads and calves swelled as her muscles began to stand out.

“Just...ah! AH!... Just remember we’re supposed to be at Sage’s in an hour, My Queen!”

“I guess this is it then,” Caroline grunted as her cock twitched within Yuuki’s cleavage and let loose a torrent of its own.

They had only fucked for a few minutes, but in that time Caroline had surged to nine feet tall and regained most of her muscle from before. If anything, she was even thicker and more powerful looking than she had been on the serum. There had to be some other x-factor in what contributing to the effects’ potency.

Yuuki had changed as well. As they lay there in the aftermath, her cum-soaked bust surged even larger, pinning her arms to the floor and rubbing against her significantly increased cock. Just as she was about to close her eyes for a moment, her phone began to ring. Extracting an arm from under her tit, she reached for the jingling device on her desk and finally answered it.

“Yes? Oh! Hi, love, how are you--no, we haven’t left yet. Yes, we can stop at the--you want what? Wait, wait, slow down. I thought you went to the store already, why so much? You ate it all? Sage, just what have you been--Okay. We’ll be there in a moment. Do not eat anything else until then. Yes, that is a command. Love you. Yes. I promise. Bye.”

“What was all that about, pet?”

“Sage wants us to stop at the store and pick up a few things, and we should probably go as soon as possible.”

“Did something happen?” Caroline asked as she got to her feet.

“Something like that... can you pass me what’s left of the anti-serum?”

Caroline passed over the cup with the remains of the reversal tincture. Yuuki downed the last gulp and made a face at how sour it was. However, in the span of a couple of breaths, her bust shrank down to a size that only flirted with immobilizing, and after a couple more was back to her measurements from before this latest round of sex. They still obscured most of her torso, but she could at least reach around them again.

“Okay...let’s figure out some clothes…”


Sage put the phone on the counter and let out a colossal moan as her body was gripped by yet another orgasm, there had been so many by this point that she had lost count. This one, however, was just from thinking about being fed by Yuuki. When had she become food obsessed like this? It was hard to argue she was not all about eating as there was nothing left in the house foodwise that was not frozen and her hunger was starting to get painful.

Not that she could move anyway. Her hips, easily three times wider than her shoulders, had gotten wedged in the pantry a moment ago when she lost her balance as her ass suddenly grew after she downed that entire tub of yogurt in a few seconds. She was so wonderfully soft though, her very chubby tummy squishing under her fingers as she rubbed it in anticipation of more food. Her only regret for the day was that only a little bit of that weight had gone to her boobs.

Her afternoon had been a roller coaster of sensations. After stuffing herself full of cold cuts and having so many orgasms that her body was vibrating, she felt satisfied. She managed to get the rest of the housework done and then some. In all this, she burned off some of the weight she had rapidly put on. She still had been super wide in the hips, but there was not nearly as much jiggle to her movements. It was when she sat down to read and rest for the evening that things started going awry once more.

The taste of her salty cheese crackers and the twin sensations of her fat vulva and anus squishing as she shifted positions seemed to combine to ignite both her lust and hunger. Suddenly she was cramming her face with one hand while tweaking and rubbing her clit with the other. From there it had not taken long for her to stuff herself from both ends. Even now, a novelty dildo nearly as big around as a two-liter bottle and as long as her arm was wedged between her cheeks as her body slowly worked the last few inches in and out of her butt.

There was a sound of jingling, then the door lock sliding.

“Sage, I’m home.”

Yuuki sounded different; there was a hint of steel in her voice that had not been there a few hours ago. A grumble like far off thunder.


“In here, ma’am! I'm stuck in the pantry.”

Sage tried once more to free herself and was not looking up as Yuuki entered the room although the surprised gasp made her look up. For a moment, she thought she was hallucinating from hunger. There was no way the super busty muscle goddess standing before her in a tent-like shirt that still only covered about half of the curve of her tits was real. Her pronounced bulge in yoga pants stretched to their limit was as much a fantasy as the curved horns growing from either side of her head. Surely Yuuki had not become so big, so fantastic, in such a short time, right?

As the woman knelt and wrapped her in a hug, however, her identity was unquestionable. There was a bit more of a salty and coppery tang to her scent, but the woman smelled like Yuuki. Sage’s fingers dug into her partner’s thick back muscles and inexplicably started to sob.

“Love, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just so...so happy for some reason. I’ve been out of sorts since you left earlier, but now everything feels right.” She wiped the tears off her face and nuzzled the love of her life. “So I guess this means you took more serum?”

“More or less...but what about you? What happened?”

Just then an even more muscular and masculine woman entered, her thick arms laden with shopping bags. She was wearing a huge tank top and striped tights that did a poor job of not drawing attention to a cock that came down nearly to her knee. Her deep brown complexion seemed to glow with the sheen of sweat on her skin and everywhere Sage looked, she had muscles on top muscles and thick, pumping veins on top of that. The hints of brown-blond hair on her forearms and peeking out of her pants made Sage bite her very puffy bottom lip. Then her stomach gurgled, and her attention was stolen by the crinkle of cheap plastic.

“Is that the food I asked for?” she asked, her gaze fixed on the bevy of parcels and bags.

“That and more,” the woman responded as she set what must have been more than one hundred pounds of food on several countertops with dull thuds. “You must be Sage; I’m Caroline.”

She offered her hand, and Sage’s mind ground to a halt. She was way too gay and way too into big, strong women to deal with this. This goddess was who complete their threesome? The mere thought was enough to cause another orgasm. Her body pulled the dildo entirely into her asshole on reflex, which only set off a cascade of further shuddering orgasms as her pleasure continued to build on itself.

A tidal wave of glit gushed down her legs as her body prepared to submit to this very apparent alpha. She had never been submissive like this before, but the pure, unadulterated feeling of being overpowered just by presence was oddly intoxicating. She only had to worry about pleasing Yuuki and this woman. That and eating until she could no longer move so that her plush body was as close to perfection as she could make it.

“I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, ma’am,” she said kissing the offered fingertips and then the back of her hand.

The huge woman laughed. “She’s better trained than you are, pet.”

“You flatter me, My Lady. Sage and I have been together for years; she is far more experienced than I can ever hope to be.”

“Not to speak out of turn, but would either of you happen to be strong enough to pull me free?”

Caroline reached around her, pressing her musty, muscular chest into Sage’s face. The powerful woman sank thick fingers into her huge ass and then stepped back, yanking her free. Stumbling as she rushed forward, she fell into the island of her kitchen. The force of the impact made the dildo emerge, the massive rubber toy sliding halfway out of her ass. Even that far out, it still was not visible between her cheeks. She paid it no mind. Food was only inches from her face. Moving closer, her plush thighs wrapped around the corners of the detached counter. She reached for one of the many boxes of doughnuts, but Yuuki picked them all up.

Free of her food trance, she realized her half prone form was now at eye level with Yuuki’s bulging crotch. Looking up, all she could see was vast amounts of pale underboob.

“Please, ma’am, I’m so hungry.”

“Good girls get dessert after dinner,” she said, patting the bulge in her pants.

“I’ll do anything! Please, whatever it takes to be fed by you, Yuuki…”

Without warning someone’s hand slapped her ass setting off a wave of jiggling that brought her oversexed body to the edge of orgasm once more. The dildo shifted but did not fall out. The same thick fingers from before grabbed hold of her. Caroline’s thumbs slipped down into her crack, and they brushed the toy as she took in every single inch of her massive curves.

“I’m not sure, pet, she seems plenty fed to me.” Her hands drifted back to the toy. “She does seem to want to get fucked though.”

Yuuki opened the box of doughnuts and picked one of the chocolate covered ones. “What makes you say that?” she asked as she lifted it to her perfect lips.

“Oh, just this…” The muscular woman pulled the dildo out and conceivably held it up for Yuuki to see. The feeling of emptiness only intensified her hunger. Her stomach gurgled again.

“Holy...Sage, you put that inside you?”

“Yes, ma’am. When I got close to being out of food, I hoped cumming would tide me over. Instead, I just stuffed myself from both ends because this body you gave me feels so fucking good. I think it’s changed me in more ways than just my weight. I don’t even think I digest food anymore, because as much as I’ve eaten today, I haven’t had to...well, you know. It’s like my ass is just for pleasure.”

“Fascinating. Your transformation is so much more attuned to breeding. I wonder if…” As Yuuki talked, her bulge twitched and began to grow. While she rambled on about how the serum’s effect seemed to be transmissible through fluids, the front seams of her pants began to strain. She started to pant as she explained that the outcome seemed based as much on the recipient. There was a rustling noise as her already massive tits grew larger against her shirt. Just as she said the effect might be permanent, her cock burst through the distressed front of her pants to bob inches from Sage’s lips. The bestial member was nearly as thick as the novelty dildo had been.

“On second thought, ma’am, I’d love the main course first.”

“Sure, let’s put some of this away first.”

It took some doing to restock the kitchen, but eventually, the three of them were in the bedroom. Sage took up a fair bit of the bed as she knelt on it, but that worked out as Yuuki and Caroline moved it to the middle of the room. Away from the wall, the mattress was accessible from every side.

“What about the food?”

Yuuki laughed and stepped out for a moment. This left Sage alone with Caroline. “Do you love Yuuki?” she asked.

Caroline just tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t hav-”

“I like her,” Caroline said suddenly. “A lot. I really, really like her, but I don’t... love her. At least, not like she loves you.”

Sage blushed and looked away. “What makes you say that?”

“When we’re just together, like out doing things as a normal couple, she frequently talks about you with this wonder in her voice. I never feel like it is a detriment to our relationship, but you’ve always kind of been this loose thread wrapped around both of us.”

“Oh, um, she talks a lot about you, too. Well, mostly to ask advice on how to act around you. Since she can switch so smoothly, she sometimes has a hard time staying in her role.” Sage shifted on the bed so that she was laying on her side her bottom hip sinking deep into the bed. “Not that I mind, no one can be one hundred percent either all the time.”

“I like that about her as well actually. I’ll admit that I have not been in this role very long, so perhaps other subs have a similar feeling when they exercise their kind of control over a moment. She never really breaks what’s happening, but when she doesn’t like what I’m doing, there’s this flash of command I wish I could emulate.”

Sage was about to respond when her stomach gurgled again and, a dull pain gripped her tummy. “Ugh...while we had sketched in the general idea for tonight, I was hoping to talk more about how you wanted this to go specifically. However, I desperately need some form of sustenance, and I would love it if you’d indulge me.”

“Address me as My Queen when you need me to stop,” Caroline said as she peeled off her shirt, revealing the hint of hair from before to be a bit more widespread across her lower abdominals. “It’s what Yuuki and I do.”

“Okay,” Sage said as she rolled to her hands and knees. The feeling of her chubby tummy rubbing against her thighs made a shiver run up her spine. She began to crawl towards Caroline as the tall, dark, and handsome woman tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her tights. “And what should I call you while we’re in the scene?”

“Yuuki calls me her lady, but I feel like that won’t work for us...” she hummed as she rolled the tights past her crotch and her thick, bull-like cock flopped into the air. Around the middle, there was a pronounced ridge, and the dark color of her skin gave way to deep pink. Sage could not help but notice the pink half of her length seemed to have small bumps under the skin.

“Oh, I know,” Caroline said as she slid the tights past her hips and her balls rose out of the spandex like twin moons. “Since you’re submissive to both of us, why not call me goddess? That way you know just how far above you I am...but then what should I call you?”

“I don’t care, My Goddess. I want your thick cock in my mouth and your savory cum on my tongue.”

Caroline finished stripping down as she tugged the tights off her calves and threw them aside. Naked, her physique was even more mind-blowing. Sage felt herself drooling at just the sexual potential of her Goddess’ body. She could not wait to kiss every hard, bulging inch, but first…

“Just relax, My Goddess,” she said as she reached for Caroline’s half-risen erection. “I’ll make sure you feel wonderful.”

Skillfully she nibbled and sucked the soft skin of Caroline’s shaft. As it throbbed to life in her hands, she made a point to pay attention to the rising veins by running her tongue over them.

“Oh! You’re such a good cocksucker, Sage.”

“I am pleased My Goddess thinks so, but I haven’t even gotten started.”

Nearly erect now, the fat, egg-shaped head of Caroline’s cock rivaled the size of Sage’s fist. She shuddered with excitement as she easily slipped it between her plush lips and even down her throat. She swallowed her partner to the midpoint ridge, her tongue eagerly teasing the soft nubs on the cock’s underside and looked up. Their eyes met, and she nodded, hoping her plea came across.

“As if I needed prompting from a slutty would-be priestess like you. Your body is for worshiping me, and I will use it how I please.”

Despite the harsh words, Caroline’s first motions were gentle and exploratory as her hands came to rest Sage’s head. She pushed forward first, the ridge slipping inside. Inch after inch vanished into Sage’s mouth until her face was right against her partner’s fuzzy crotch. The scents of sex were overpowering as soft hair enveloped her face and the musty smell pulled at something within her.

This was Yuuki’s smell. This was what it smelled like after fucking Yuuki. It was a smell she could only experience like this as another, more dominant partner fucked her as well. It was as arousing as it was humbling. Her pussy clenched at the thought of experiencing this moment again and again as she and Caroline grew closer.

Her Goddess began to pull back, her fingers tangling in her long, bright red hair. “Now that I know you can take it, playtime is over. I’m going to fucking break you, you divine whore.”

Sage narrowed her eyes as their gazes met once more and Caroline nodded in understanding. The dirty talk was going a little too far, but that did not stop her from continuing to tell Sage, at length, what she was going to do to her as her pumping motion slowly picked up speed.

“I just wonder what my blessing will do to you,” she said after a minute. “If just a few hours with Yuuki enabled you to turn into this...I can only imagine what my seed will do to you.”

It would not take long to find out. Within a minute, her Goddess was fucking her face with abandon as she moaned and praised her supplicant for being such a good worshiper. Drool and pre-cum rolled down Sage’s chin, soaking her front and the bed below her. There was a twitch and Caroline thrust in completely. The smell of sex filled Sage's nostrils as her face was buried in Caroline's thick bush once more. Held tight by the huge woman, she could only swallow as cum began to flow.

With each glob that rolled down her throat, Sage felt a warmth spread over her. The heat was most intense in her chest. Her tits throbbed in time with her Goddess’ releases, each pulse more pleasurable than the last. She felt them begin to press into her locked arms, their curves spreading with each ounce of cum she swallowed. As if they were being filled directly.

In only a few seconds they had grown to hang even with her elbow. She could feel her areolae plumping up just as fast, the sensitive flesh swelling up and out. Caroline’s orgasm showed no signs of ending, however, and Sage’s tits continued to swell. A full minute later, Caroline’s flow relented, and she stepped back. “Oh...oh my…”

Her hunger quelled, Sage sat back and felt the weight of her new bust shift against her until her massive endowments came to rest in her lap. She caressed her new tits lovingly, moaning loudly as she felt them under her hands.“My Goddess is too kind with her blessing.”

Yuuki returned just then with a platter of baked goods. Her cock sprang to attention almost at once. “I suppose I should have expected that. I just hope we don’t outgrow the house…”

(To be continued...)

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