Misty F Fiction

Genre: All Sci-Fi

226 – Revised Age

Jean Hughfort, a woman with a long lifetime of many accomplishments, takes a risk on a new “reverse-aging” cream that claims to provide the user with increased vitality and vigor. Spoilers: it works.

224 – Bonding Before the Emperor

Once, long ago, Irene and Anna were maidens of battle, sworn to fight Chaos in all its forms. Then they were betrayed by a Sister and were corrupted by Slannesh's influence. This is one of the stories that happened next.
After a surprise attack proves successful, Anna and Irene celebrate. Their celebration is such perfection that it attracts the attention of a daemon. Anna and Irene are granted great power and bless some of the survivors with Slaanesh's gifts as filtered through Anna.

217 – Open Sourced

When you change the rules of the game, be prepared to deal with the consequences... Warning: This story contains references to slavery and human cruelty, personality alteration, hypnosis themes, and brief extreme fantasy violence

116 – xxxHiGH Powered Growth

An older woman with a taste for younger men. A personal trainer with a body to die for. A recalled protein powder. Things are bound to get out of hand...

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113 – Self-Discovery is a Helluva Drug

Tonight was the night the rest of their lives began. After months of changes and training, the tall but shy guy in IT has become a confident, sexy woman who has stolen Meredith's heart. She had expected to get a lap dog, but, honestly, this is better...

090 – Giantess at the World’s End

Years from now, in a future blasted by heat, all but the most elite of humanity live as nomadic hunting bands. One such band stalks the wastelands of the American Northeast, the home of creatures infused with saurian DNA through unknown means...

Her Story

A woman's body modification fantasies lead her to another world where size fetishes are part of everyday life. There, she clones herself to pursue her conflicting bodily desires...

197 – On Top of Everything

A year has passed since a woman's boss attempted to turn her into his perfect fuck toy--only to find himself at her mercy when the intelligence diminishing aspect of the drug worked in reverse and made her a super-genius. Although she is successful, happy, and surrounded by loving friends, there are still times where she finds herself wondering what tomorrow will bring...

195 – Legion

On an Earth much like ours, a research firm is very close to perfecting a technology which will allow humanity to live on other planetoids. However, when a person is exposed to that technology...

194 – Outmommed 1

In the years after the "New Women" outbreak, a young man's blind date with a Neo-Football super-star leads to a whirlwind romance with the towering Amazonian woman. She invites him up to her cabin at the lake for a weekend trip to meet her folks, and he is in for a big surprise...
Please Note: This story is about a woman who is very obviously more than one sex.

180 – Coincidences of Lust

Legends speak of a goddess from Vanaheim whose appetites could not even be satisfied by lives of one hundred men. Called a succubus by those who survived coupling with her, summoning her is considered a trial by combat. But everyone is bound to find someone who can match them, right?

144 – Z-Gene

Out of the blue, a man in his twenties has started to transform whenever he is aroused and he soon discovers his condition is due to the "Z-Gene" mutation. During an already trying time in his life, he didn't need an identity crisis as well...

097 – Anticipation and Agitation

Doused by chemicals due to an accident, three friends gained emotionally-based shapeshifting powers. The two of them who used to date are now going to be roommates and that is leading to all kinds of growing problems...
Warning: Altersex content ahead!

095 – At the Threshold

Beth knew that David was doing something special for her birthday but had no idea what beyond that it was their first dinner date. Little did she know, this was the first night of the rest of her life. Warning: Massive sizes ahead.

087 – Love Me For Me (Redux)

The past year had been amazing for Naomi Bolt. She had won Rookie Hero of the Year, settled into her new life in Champion City, and it looked like the next year was going to be more of the same. Then she was tasked with scouting a new heroine, and everything changed--especially once her mark arrived in the city...

081 – A Birthday On Camera

It was Zoey's birthday and her girlfriend wanted to do something for her. So she got in touch with a mutual friend who has some... reality altering abilities. Warning:Extreme transformations ahead