Misty F Fiction

Trope: more than she appears to be

212 – A Binding Arrangement

Somewhere, The Horned Crown Imperium

For trying to revolt against Taulic, the Deamon-Lord Closest to Heaven, the daemoness known as Kylbyi was sealed into a book. Her life was twisted and warped, turned to stories for other's enjoyment. That is until the book tumbled into our world. There, she was freed when a human with great magical potential cut herself on the book's cover. What happens next remains to be seen, but this is where it all began...
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052 – A Lilin’s Awakening

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

Born from unions between Terran and Daemonic parents, Lilin are mana-based, hybrid lifeforms whose presence tends to have passive effects on those around them. Some second or third generation Lilin--particularly from the MidWest--might not even know of their parentage until exposed to a large enough group of new people...
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002 – The Best Gag

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

A nerdy young man at his first AniCon finds a talisman in a grab bag. The woman dressed as a faerie at the booth says it grants "masculine power" based on a keyword. She thinks it is a promotional gag, but he finds himself growing and has no idea what the trigger word is!
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