Misty F Fiction

Trope: more than she appears to be

212 – A Binding Arrangement

For trying to revolt against Taulic, the Deamon-Lord Closest to Heaven, the daemoness known as Kylbyi was sealed into a book. Her life was twisted and warped, turned to stories for other's enjoyment. That is until the book tumbled into our world. There, she was freed when a human with great magical potential cut herself on the book's cover. What happens next remains to be seen, but this is where it all began...

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089 – Breaking Through

With her thesis defense looming, a physics genius feels increasing pressure from her social anxiety. When her therapist suggests she use hypnosis to work on lessening the effects of her phobia, what happens is far beyond her expectations...

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052 – A Lilin’s Awakening

Born from unions between Terran and Daemonic parents, Lilin are mana-based, hybrid lifeforms whose presence tends to have passive effects on those around them. Some second or third generation Lilin--particularly from the MidWest--might not even know of their parentage until exposed to a large enough group of new people...

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002 – The Best Gag

A nerdy young man at his first AniCon finds a talisman in a grab bag. The woman dressed as a faerie at the booth says it grants "masculine power" based on a keyword. She thinks it is a promotional gag, but he finds himself growing and has no idea what the trigger word is!

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