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192 – I Wish For A Swelling Sensation

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation and Intimate Nudity

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Jeanie sized up the woman who had summoned her.  From context, especially the smell of manure wafting through the open windows, her presence had been requested on a farm. The brunette standing there in boots, overalls, and a tight-fitting t-shirt was a farmhand with every considerable inch of her being. Her tall build was on the far side of athletic, and her muscle definition rippled beneath her sun-baked skin as she shifted her weight while glancing back and forth at her phone.

"So, " she said after a moment, her voice steeped in the Midwest, "You are a genie, then?" Despite the puzzled inflection. It was a statement of disbelief more than a question of confirmation.

Something about that was irritating. Of *course* she was a genie! She had appeared in a puff of smoke, had she not? Despite the urge to be bitingly sarcastic, however, Jeanie found herself replying with far more deferential words. "Indeed, that I am, Mistress. Now, what might I do for--?"

"--to be as strong an' tireless as a horse," she said in a rush.

The request came so quickly that Jeanie, still half in a fog from the name -orgetting sex she had been pulled away from, did not quite understand what had been said. "You want *what* now?"

"I wish to be as strong an' as tireless as a horse," the young woman repeated, her voice carrying a hint of annoyance as she emphasized each word. "An' not just any horse either but a huge draft horse! Matter-o'-fact," she added. "I want to have even more stamina an' strength than the next best draft horse by, like, a mi--no, ten miles!"

The fledgling and yet, life-long genie nodded and let The Dashboard come into focus around her. Time slowed as she evaluated the hundreds of ways to satisfy her client's wish. A quick search brought up the record books, and there were some huge horses as benchmarks. How would the Eldjinni handle this? How would the other version of her grant this wish? Mulling it over for a moment, she finally decided and time returned to normal.

"So," the farm woman asked. "Can you make that happen or...?"

"Sure, sure--but, you might want to come outside for this."

Her client nodded and, unsure if she was corporeal or not, Jeanie walked behind the woman until they were standing on a well-worn gravel driveway. The woman turned to face her. Jeanie made motions like she was rolling up her sleeves. The cosmic energies within began to hum as power flowed out from her core and into her arms. Sweat began to bead on her skin from the heat of ramping up. Those few seconds felt more like a minute, but then, her body was vibrating with the energies--like they had with Savannah. Jeanie granted the wish with a simple phrase and a pointed finger. "So shall it be!"

Reality bent around her finger, forming a channel for the power. As that otherworldly energy rushed from her arm and into the woman, there was a moment of connection. All of a sudden, he knew her client Madison all the way down to her atoms. Madison's hopes and dreams unfolded in her mind, immersing Jeanie in the point of view of a young girl who had dreamed of being a pro soccer player like Mia Hamm but, had instead shouldered an ever more pivotal role in the family farm after her brother was grievously injured. Jeanie found herself drowning in the frustration of being bigger and more powerful than other women, and yet, never enough to be everything her parents seemingly required. No matter what she did, there was always an insistence they needed more from her. Even after she worked out how to apply for grants and found the budget for hired help, it was still less than what her brother could have done in her place.

With that resentment bubbling in the back of her mind, Jeanie could feel Madison's body beginning to change, to reshape to match her desires of nigh-boundless strength and stamina. It started with her neck and shoulders. Her traps rose like bread against the straps of her overalls, the wide strips of denim making dents in the muscles which grew deeper as their curves expanded. Even as that happened, the rest of her body was steadily thickening. Her deltoids inflated, followed by her bi- and triceps. With creaks and pops that made Jeanie's teeth itch, Madison's collarbone and ribs stretched wider to give her a barrel chest that would have made a lumberjack proud.

Her client's desire for power swelled as she reveled in the sensations of her growth. Her burgeoning wants pulled at Jeanie's emotions and, in her compassion, the jinni allowed more of her power to flow into the transforming woman. Now, Madison was becoming inches taller by the second and broader just as fast. The slides of shoulder straps slipped as her lengthening torso pushed outward against her clothes. Her overalls rose up her legs, the denim growing tighter with each breath. The jinni could almost see the muscles knitting into being under her client's skin--and she certainly felt the changes happening. Not just with her thighs either. The phantom sense of Madison's thickening core straining seams made Jeanie touch her own stomach, expecting her core to have grown even more developed. The farm woman's flaring lats forced the top of the overalls down, and the straps clanged out of the buckles as they reached the limit. There were sounds of tearing as her calves and thighs pushed the stitching beyond what it could handle.

Pale skin, which was a stark contrast to her farmer's tan, bubbled out of those holes. The woman began tearing at her clothes, accelerating their destruction as a frenzied feeling gripped her. In a symphony of ripping and tearing, Madison's overalls turned to shreds. She tugged then off, pulling the buttons apart with a pair of tinny chimes. Now in just her shirt and a matching pair of boyshorts, the Spandex garments looked painted on as she twisted and flexed.

"Okay, good start but, is this all?" She asked, her tone derisive even as her eyes and smile betrayed shock. "This hardly feels like a change at all. In fact, I wish I was getting twice as much from my first wish."

A full-body throb enveloped both women as the new wish empowered the first. Power began to rush out of Jeanie even faster now like someone had opened up her valves the rest of the way. The genie could feel Madison growing even faster now, her client's body surging larger and stronger with each beat of their racing heart. The shared sensation of growth had Jeanie panting, her stoked arousal flaring like a bonfire. Erotically charged, her love of powerful, Amazonian women bled into the wish and, in bursts, Madison changed even more radically. Her client's hips widened in an instant, flaring out to more than one-and-a-half times the width of the woman's shoulders. Then, the farmhand's thighs and calves followed suit in thickening and swelling with muscle mass. At the same time, her shoulders heaved and roiled as they expanded. Equally considerable thickness spread down her arms and core. Her chest and waist widened from her swelling lats and obliques, though her hips remained massive in comparison. Even while this was going on, she gained another foot of height, then another, and another. All of a suddenMadison's absolutely shredded abs were at eye level for Jeanie--the transforming woman had to be closing in on being eight feet all!

"Oh, yes..." Madison cooed as she struck poses to showcase how much she had grown. Her steps on the grass make the ground tremble slightly. "Now, this is more like it--but keep it coming, genie! I'm not satisfied just yet..."

As if in response, Madison's butt began to balloon outwards with such force that her shorts snapped like a rubber band. The growing woman opened her mouth to speak but her words were lost in a moan which made Jeanie's body quiver. The farmhand's buttcheeks' continued to swell to even more ponderous and vast measurements, causing Madison to moan with increasing intensity. Until, finally, they curved far beyond anything the woman could hope to grasp and then, something even more remarkable happened. It started as a twitch that became a pair of mounds. A pair of mounds which pushed and pushed until something bone-like broke through the skin.

"Wha--?" Both of them gasped. It looked like she had sprouted hooves, and as they marveled at Madison's emerging limbs, it became impossible to think otherwise. When her new hind legs settled on the gravel, chestnut-colored fur began to spread over her developing flanks as her rump's growth went in an entirely new direction. Jeanie marveled as the woman's spine grew new vertebrae, forming the backbone of her horse-like lower body. Ribs stretched down, giving her rump a new shape as the contours of her flanks took shape.

"I guess this--ah! It feels... so--ngh!--Sogood!" Madison gasped as her still mostly human hips began to rock as her hands dragged down over her muscular core. "This must be what... my twice as much wish got me, huh?"

"It's not over yet," Jeanie replied.

"I don't kn--oh!--w if I can... can... hah! hah!nd-d-dle much more!"

Not that there was anything either of them could do about it, the connection between them had taken root deep within the other woman's existence now. Jeanie could feel her presence being burned into Madison's life. With them bound together like this, the wish, the growth, and the shared sensations continued on and on. It was mere seconds before Madison's hind legs were properly attached to the rest of her. Once they were, they developed into impressive muscular displays which were a match for her forelimbs. As they did, Madison's human legs started morphing to match. Jeanie squeezed her eyes shut as the wish twisted and contorted the woman's feet into hooves--but the genie still felt the echo. The feeling of physical reshaping traveled up their legs together.

The sensations of joints being pulled apart while bones reformed bones around them overwhelmed Jeanie as if they were happening to her. Madison's muscles were shifted, their impressive bulk being molded into dynamos for pulling, for running, and for being a tireless working machine. Jeanie was in awe of how much power was now concentrated in Madison's legs, but even that scale breaking amount compared to the strength Jeanie had possessed not scant hours ago.

Something about recalling that memory pushed it into Madison. Both women gasped as the newly transformed Centauress shot up another foot and grew even broader as dozens of pounds of additional muscle suddenly became a reality in all four legs. Her equine shoulders were above Jeanie's eye level now! Her spreading fur was approaching her pelvis, engulfing the last of her farmer's tan in a richer reddish-brown splashed with white. Coarse white hair had begun to grow in below the knee, giving her legs a kind of bellbottom silhouette. Surely, then, the wish was close to completion.

"I feel so... good," Madison cooed as she toyed with her clit, her voice notably deeper and darker. "I almost don't want this to--oh!"

Between her fingers, her clit ballooned outwards and began to droop. Much like her legs had, the rounded nub began to reshape into something more equine. Almost like a fountain turned on for the first time, Madison's deep pink flesh surged forward as the peak flared at the same time. Soon enough, she was gripping an enviably massive cock which seemed to emerge from what had once been her human vagina, as its puffy sheathe was most definitely constructed from labia.

"C-c-cock!--ngh!--feels so--oh!" Madison panted, and Jeanie was unsure if the exclamation was one of disappointment or of utter satisfaction, though she soon found out as Madison began to chant yes while pre-cum dribbled from the tip of her still growing horse-dick. Jeanie could not bring herself to look away from the display of wanton lust. Then there was a wet sound from between Madison's hind legs, then a soft thump. "Was that--ah!--I think I... I--oh fuck! This feels to--OHH!!"

Jeanie brushed a hand over Madison's fur as she approached, and found her client's new shining coat to be silky smooth. She also barely had to stoop to look beneath the horse-woman to look for the source of the noise. Once she did, she sharply inhaled. Hanging from the back half of Madison's stomach was a positively massive sheathe and the biggest balls the jinni had ever seen--and she had granted some hyper-sized wishes before. Well, the alternate version of her had. Divergent histories aside, Madison's already football-sized stones were still growing in their pitch-black sack. Veins snaked all over the surface of the encased bulges, some of them as thick as Jeanie's pinky finger. As she watched them grow, there was a twitch in that huge growth and Madison's other cock sprouted forth. Its mottled pink and black length hit the grass before starting to rise. The mighty appendage was swelling up like a pool toy being inflated, and each successive wave of growth pushed it to grow even more until the shaft was smacking into Madison's equine chest between her forelegs.

Overcome by all the sensation, the hyper-sexual centaur pawed at the dirt while jerking her transformed clit, her shaggy fur swaying with each insistent stomp while her whinny-like gasps and moans soared higher and higher until--"*I'm Coming*!!"--there was a geyser of spunk from both appendages. Her client's release continued in heavy pulses for nearly a minute but, eventually, Madison was spent.

"Okay... that's... I'm just gonna..." The newly created Centauress dropped to her fore-knees, sandwiching her still quite massive erection between her chest and the patch of dirt she had exposed with her pawing, before settling down completely with a thud that made the ground shake.

Walking around Madison's half-prone body, Jeanie could not believe how massive the woman had grown to be. Madison's shoulders were probably broader than Jeanie was tall and even laying down, the Centauress' flanks came up to her waist. The Dashboard helpfully informed her that the horse portion of her client was now about eighty-eight inches high and was just under thirteen feet from chest to rump. Which meant her cock, which had peeked out from between her forelegs, was at least eleven feet long all on its own. Then, there were her testicles. At a glance, her colossal sack looked as big as one of those tiny Smart cars--a fact that The Dashboard confirmed. Above them was a pair of puffy entrances which looked big enough handle endowments that rivaled Madison's. What would it feel like to be that big--bigger even? How much strength would that colossal body have?

"Uh, Mistr--Madison?"Jeanie asked, stepping closer.

"Yeah, genie-lady?"

"Are you, uh, okay?"

"I great, never--ah!" Another burst of sweet-smelling, creamy semen gushed from her improbably gigantic cock. "Never better. Thanks for granting my wish so... enthusiastically."

"It was my pleasure, Madison," Jeanie said, marking the request closed on The Dashboard. She clapped her hands together, set on heading home when--

"Hey, wait."


"Uh, genies can shapeshift... right?"

"That is certainly something I can do. Why do you ask?"

"I was just thinking," Madison began while getting to her feet. The motion of her getting up was a bit awkward, but mesmerizing all the same considering that she blocked out The Sun once she had. "Why don't you um..."

"Why don't I what?"

"Why don't you think about coming back sometime? You could try out your handiwork."

Jeanie gaped at the woman for a moment before she laughed. Maybe she would get to find out first hand how big a stud Madison could handle now. "Sure, my number is..."

A moment later, she returned in a flash and a puff of smoke to the apartment she shared with Savannah, only to find the Eldijinni waiting for her instead.

"Well, cutie," she purred. "That was some show."

(To be continued...)

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