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074 – (Don’t Have to) Keep Me Growing

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex

Previously... While crafting a serum to help with recovery after a workout, an alchemist named Yuuki unintentionally created something that dramatically increased one’s masculine features, the effect going so far as to transform her clit into a cock as she became considerably more muscular. While transformed, she had sex for hours with Sage, her submissive. The sensation was beyond words and she wanted her dominant to do the same to her. Caroline was happy to oblige if it meant she could try out having a real dick...

In her greed, Caroline drank down a full vial and the larger dose caused her to not only grow a cock but also balls. This further fueled the transformation as her body began to create testosterone at an accelerated rate, pushing her into the realm of hyper musculature as she continued to grow. What will happen as her serum-laden blood becomes hormone-flooded is anyone's guess...

As that was happening, Sage was having her own transformative experience…

Jump to Ch.4


Sage had been both starving and horny since before she woke up Yuuki this morning. Even spending an hour eating out her dominating lover was not enough to sate her lust. Once Yuuki had showered and left, the redhead started on her typical chores. Instead of cleaning, however, she instead ended up humping the couch cushions. The vacuuming half-done, she began to eat. In short order, she downed not just one bowl of cereal, but two as well as four eggs and two slices of toast--all while absently fingering herself.

A vibrator being stuffed into her dripping pussy finally dulled the need for a little while and she got the rest of the vacuuming done before experiencing an orgasm so intense she was sent plunging into the bed she shared with Yuuki. With her body on auto-pilot and her mind fixated on Yuuki's altered form, Sage fucked the toy with abandon to another orgasm which left her gasping for air. She had never been horny like this before, perhaps it was another side effect?

Satisfied for the moment at least, her body held tight to the toy as she put on new sheets. She bent to tuck in the top sheet and the toy shifted, slipping deeper inside her. Overcome once more, Sage collapsed on the bed. Writhing face down on the mattress in the throes of orgasm, she stuffed a pillow between her legs and let her hips do their thing. At that point, the vibrator was only fuel on the fire. She needed Yuuki's cock again and again! Inserting a second toy into her throbbing pussy was surprisingly easy. So easy in fact, she added a third without a second thought. The symphony of vibration accompanied her to an orgasm so intense she passed out. When she awoke, she was starving.

Returning to the kitchen, Sage opened the fridge and grabbed the multiple pounds of lunch meat and cheese she had bought yesterday for her and Yuuki to eat over the week. A pound or more bag of ham, turkey, and chicken each hit the counter along with similar amounts of American and provolone cheeses. She did not bother with dressings or even bread as she began to cram her face full of cold cuts. As she gulped down the protein, her mind went back to when Yuuki’s body began to change.

As she remembered watching her lover sprout a cock, she realized that she wished it had kept growing and that her dominant had continued to become more muscular, more masculine, even as her bust crept down her frame. It was not that she wanted Yuuki to be a guy, quite the opposite really, but there was something unquestionably erotic about how sexually charged her partner’s body had become last night.

The memory of that moment kept changing, adding inch after inch to nearly every body part. As that recollection grew, so did her appetite. It was then, as she was eating faster than ever, that she realized each bite was slightly larger than the last. She felt her jaw shifting as her daydream’s cock continued to inflate. Encouraged by this seeming correlation, she kept eating even as she finished off the bags of turkey and American cheese.

Her naked ass was the next noticeable thing as the slight curves began to twitch as muscles that had not existed before flexed for the first time. Feeling the throb in her butt, Sage had the brilliant idea of doing squats while continuing to gorge on meat and cheese. The first time she dipped, the toys slid out onto the floor. She felt a little embarrassed over forgetting they were there. Then she felt her ass growing and could not hold back her sense of glee at the absurdity.

Egged on, she resumed the motion, taking huge bites each time she stood up. Each time she dipped, her ass grew more bubble-like as the rest of her body pulsed with increasing mass in general. The thickening muscles swelled until the pale woman could feel the bottom of her ass spreading down her thigh, so she changed it up and started to do lunges. The new motion had other similarly startling effects on her body as her hips and thighs began to grow and grow. Adding in some sideways lifts, it was not long before her elbows were rubbing the top of her greatly widened hips.

Between her cheeks, her anus was also changing. The ring of muscle was inflating, pushing out against her flesh as it became more plush and more powerful. She could feel herself becoming more aware of that part of her body as nerves and tendons alike knit themselves around her entrance.

Curious, she washed off one of the toys and then pushed it against her anus. It slid in with almost no trouble. She could flex around it like she was rolling her fingers, could grip like it was in her hand. Going back to shoveling cold cuts with both hands, she worked the dildo back and forth with just her ass muscles. The dual pleasure of eating and anal wrapped her in a haze of sensation that left her moaning even as she continued to stuff her face.

It was not until she finished the last of the cold cuts that she became aware of just how much the past hour had changed her. Her lower half had reached a width that was probably twice her shoulders. Her thighs might very well have been as big around as her waist. Then there was the feeling of her ass in her grasp! It was like taking hold of heaven.

Sage moved back to the fridge, relishing the feeling of her vast, loose muscles flexing. She bent over as she peered in and it felt like her ass grew another size. “There’s so much more to eat, I wonder what else about me could change...”


Meanwhile, Yuuki was doing her best to get Caroline hard again. In the last ten minutes, her lover had become a dark-skinned goddess of muscle and masculinity. Since she had come with explosive force, hair had begun to grow in over her skin, highlighting the edges of her muscles and giving them a masculine feel.

The truest expression of that transformation, however, was her cock as it rose out of her thickened bush. Even soft, her newly grown shaft was nearly as big around as a soda can and longer than two hand-spans. It might have even been more than a foot long! Her testes, too, were paragons of masculine power as they audibly gurgled in Yuuki’s hands. The oversized organs stretched her lover’s swarthy sack tight, throwing the thick veins coiling around them into even greater relief.

It was not just the vessels around her balls that were noticeable either. From head to toe, a veritable pulsing super-highway of blood vessels snaked over her extravagant muscles. Yuuki could swear that Caroline was still growing in time with those visible heartbeats, her body slowly pushing into the realms beyond superhuman and verging on impossibility--and she was not the only one growing.

Yuuki’s bust had started swelling after her cum bath. As she rubbed her now melon-sized tits against Caroline’s cock, she could feel their curves spreading to slowly envelop more warm, vein-laced flesh with each passing second. As she jerked her partner off with her boobs, she was doing her best to fit the head in her mouth. The still growing glans was probably as big as a clenched fist, but that did not deter her from licking and sucking on every inch she could.

Caroline groaned and a slight twitch resulted in a short burst of pre-cum which filled Yuuki’s mouth. As much as she wanted to swallow the heavy, creamy, serum-infused liquid, she let it roll past her lips and down into her cleavage instead. The heat in her body grew even more intense as her tits went from slowly expanding to gaining whole inches with each passing second. It was not long before most of Caroline’s now more than foot long shaft was engulfed in jiggling flesh.

Her dominant took this opportunity to pinch Yuuki’s nipples and pull. Though painful, she could feel her skin stretching as Caroline’s grasp went from two fingers at the base of her nips, to her whole hand around a length akin to a cock. The dark woman grinned and all of sudden was tweaking them as she started to buck.

As more pre flowed into Yuuki's mouth and then down her face and neck, she could feel something changing inside her, something was growing in response to the stimulation. Her whole body began to throb in time with Caroline’s increasingly powerful thrusts. More and more of the head fit in her mouth until she was almost swallowing it with each forward motion.

Caroline’s groans grew even deeper and more manly. Her hands, much bigger than before, moved to cup Yuuki’s head. She thrust forward strongly and her cock, thick like a twenty-ounce bottle, slid a remarkable distance down Yuuki’s throat. Then, Caroline shuddered as another male orgasm gripped her body and she began to pump seed into Yuuki.

“Yes, that’s it, swallow me down, you genius slut, you. Drink up and get bigger, I want you huge.”

Yuuki must have given her a shocked expression because Caroline laughed once more. “I’m bigger than should be possible, more powerful than I ever dreamed... but I’ve always wanted to dominate someone who makes me feel small. I want to feel that rush of making someone I have to look up submit to me. With your serum, love, that’s more than possible.”

Torn between being content at this size and wanting very much to see just how far this went, Yuuki reflexively tried to pull back. However, her stronger partner held her in place as a seemingly endless orgasm quickly distended her stomach. She started to see stars as she gagged for air around Caroline even as her body told her this was the best thing ever. Just as her lungs started to burn, her partner withdrew and left a trail of noticeably iridescent spunk down her front...

Even as Yuuki gasped for air, her body began to tingle with pleasurable sensations. Her full stomach flattened between one ragged breath and the next, her body processing the serum-infused jizz at an inhuman rate. She could already feel her tits entering the realm of udders as the soft flesh spread over her torso and her areolae puffed up. Her nipples shortened, but grew thicker as the pink peaks of her boobs grew larger than her hands.

The rest of her body was heating up as well, her muscles beginning to pulse and her crotch throbbing like she had a vibe in. There was no time to leisurely enjoy these sensations, however, as Caroline promptly gripped her ankles in each hand, rolled her over, and spread her open.

“I’m gonna pump you so full,” she began, her cock drooling pre-cum, and then paused. Her gazed moved to the counter and Yuuki had a feeling she was looking for the case of vials. Caroline pushed against her center with a squelch, as if to hold her in place, and reached out of view. Her big fist came back clenched around the case. “Now, be a good girl and drink up.”

Yuuki knew this was her last chance to say no before all hell broke loose, but found herself unwilling to stop the moment. In fact, she was shuddering with anticipation as Caroline withdrew a second full vial and uncorked it. Her hands worked her fat nips as if trying to jerk them off.

Caroline pushed against her, her dick throbbing like a wild drum beat. There was a moment of hesitation then, as if Caroline realized just how insane this was. She looked at Yuuki with genuinely caring eyes.

“Do you really want this, love?”

Yuuki opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, expecting her lover to pour the liquid down her throat. Instead, the cold glass pressed against her labia as a hand lifted her hips. She was acutely aware of the feeling as the thick, syrupy serum poured into her canal and pooled against her cervix. Caroline put the empty vial aside, pulled the stopper out of the half empty one, and downed it without breaking eye contact.

“I don’t...know what that’s going to…”

Her thick cock twitched so hard it rose off of Yuuki’s crotch and then slammed back down as gravity pulled on its weight. That was all it took to break Yuuki’s reservations. She wanted to know how far her serum could go and this was as good a way to find out as any.

“Fuck yes. Get in me before you’re too big!”

It seemed like that might already be the case as Caroline tried to push between Yuuki’s much puffier lips. Her balls brushed Yuuki’s ass. They were already starting to expand. The pressure as her thick, meaty shaft tried to slip inside was almost more intense than the throat fucking a moment ago. Yuuki wrapped her legs around her lover’s waist, angling herself against the impressive pole. Laying on just her shoulders, she found herself buried in swelling tit flesh as more and more of her view was taken up by her burgeoning mams.

Apparently, watching her lover drown in cleavage was enough to break Caroline’s remaining reservations, because she let out an animalistic growl as her hips began to buck of their own accord. She gripped Yuuki’s calves tight and strained to push inside. Her fist-sized head forced its way in with a pop that resulted in her sinking in much deeper. She hit the back of Yuuki’s vagina and swirled around the serum.

The stimulation was enough to make those muscles spasm and Yuuki’s inner chamber pulled in both cock and fluid. The penetration was like being electrocuted. Even without Caroline moving, the pressure alone was enough to alternate hellishly between overwhelming pleasure and mind wracking pain. Mixed with her body starting to absorb the fluid, the rising spiral of sensation was threatening to break her.

“I...I feel like I’m breaking-ng. My entire existence is focusing down to just your cock inside me and it’s...it’s…”

Inside, her body was starting to acclimate to the unnatural intrusion. Muscle groups designed for pushing were changing to massage her partner’s impossible cock. As they began to instinctively work Caroline, the feeling of pleasure was beyond words. In that moment, there was nothing Yuuki wanted more than to feel more of that. “Oh, fuck! Your cock’s so fucking great!”

As if waiting for that, Caroline began to pull back. For Yuuki, it felt like something was being dragged out of her. As her lover’s dick filled less and less of her womb, her want only increased. She clamped down, preventing Caroline from pulling out. Which is when the serum really kicked in.

While Yuuki held tight, the amount of cock within began to increase like Caroline was thrusting back into her. Inch after inch grew into being, pushing on the walls of her uterus and vagina. The pressure grew painful as her lover’s shaft inflated to a size that made a horse’s seem reasonable. In fact, as the glans pressed against her from the inside, it felt like the shape was changing. As an ever-increasing amount of dick fought for space, the head began to flatten and flare to match the increasing girth. Down the shaft, something was happening. Just outside her cervix, the cock was growing a ridge.

Yuuki realized what was happening and started to laugh. Minotaur essence! She had used Minotaur essence to shore up the muscle restoration ability of the serum and, apparently, that was causing some massive changes to those exposed to enough of it. She wrestled with boobs larger than her head to look at Caroline and gasped when she realized her Caribbean muscle goddess had sprouted horns. The hints of hair had become more noticeable, giving her skin a chestnut cast. Her ears had stretched and flattened into a cow’s. She was broader, too, her upper body growing ever more bulky as her traps rose up around her neck and her lats ballooned outwards.

Her insanely strong partner rolled Yuuki over and really started to pound her. Supported on her pillows of tit, her body bounced back and forth as their hips slammed together. Arms like tree trunks pressed into the floor on either side of her head. The muscles were growing so fast she could actually hear them swelling.

Inside, the mixture of serum and Caroline’s pre was starting to work their magic on Yuuki’s body. She could feel herself growing into Caroline. Her body was swelling larger by the moment like it was trying to accommodate the impossible intrusion. She watched as dark hair sprouted from her pale flesh. Watched as her own muscles began to strain her skin. Her shoulder was rubbing the cabinet now, pushing the island to the side as she continued to grow larger.

Though all of this, there was an awareness that her crotch felt progressively heavier, a development she did not understand until something hard slapped into her stomach and then did so again and again. Each time there was more force and more size as her cock from before returned with a vengeance.

With one particularly powerful thrust from Caroline, it swung up to get stuck in her still expanding cleavage. She bucked in time with her partner, shoving her dick deeper and deeper into what felt like an ocean of quivering flesh. There was a slithering sensation and suddenly a scrotum was bouncing off her shaft. Caroline reached around to cup her growing balls, rolling them around in her grasp as they rapidly swelled to more than handfuls.

They continued on like this for nearly twenty minutes. Finally, with an animalistic grunt, Caroline came for the third time in thirty minutes. The rush of jizz was so strong it pushed back against the ring of her dick. Yuuki could feel the sticky fluid rushing out of her even as her body hungrily absorbed it. She pushed back desperately, hoping to plug herself up. Caroline seemed to have the same idea because they pushed at the same time.

There was a pop which vibrated her whole body as the ring passed through her cervix. With nowhere to go, her stomach began to inflate once more. Her belly enveloped her cock, pushing it down. The feeling of her sensitive head between her soft tiddies was enough to push her over the edge as well. Cum erupted out her cleavage like a fountain, coating the kitchen in faintly blue spunk.

Winded, the pair actually felt spent.

“What was that you said earlier? About us both fucking Sage?”

“She expects it,” Yuuki said, as she relished the tingling feeling of her body absorbing the serum. It was even more intense than before, leading her to believe that each iteration was paradoxically growing more concentrated. Was it because their bodies began to produce the unique compound?

“Does she expect us?” Caroline said freeing herself from Yuuki with noticeable ease. There was awe in her voice that made Yuuki turn around. It was then she realized just how much bigger she had gotten. Surprised, she jumped and banged her head on the ceiling. Dropping to her butt made the whole house shake.

Caroline’s cock hit her in the chest. The bestial member was close to two feet long now and probably half a foot across. Her dark skin tone gave way to a mottled pink around the very prominent ridge part-way up her length. That the entire thing had been inside her gave Yuuki an appreciation of how large she had become.

“Well, I’m pretty large now…”

“Oh, I’m feeling really dominant looking at you. Why don’t you show me just how good that bigger mouth of yours can suck cock? Then we’ll go give Sage all the love she wants.”


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