Misty F Fiction

005 – My Pet Elf

Somewhere, The Horned Crown Imperium

The text presented here is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version--I may even be working on it, so content may change.
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In the midst of trying to prevent an invasion of her new home, a daemoness is forced to kill her would-be girlfriend. Trying to save her life, she bound them together, but what happened was unexpected…

This story rated NSFW / Not Safe for Work for sexually explicit threesome between a man and two women initiated under dubious consent, extreme sexually-focused transformations, and and also explicit sex between two women Trigger warnings for implied rape and enslavement.

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While this story is free to read, it is a work of adult fiction and I need you to provide some level of identification to read it. So, please, either sign in below or [register for an account]. Thanks for your understanding!- Misty F

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