Misty F Fiction

005 – My Pet Elf

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Dubious Consent, Enslavement, Exhibitionism, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Implied Rape, Intimate Nudity, Massive Growth, Mental Corruption, Physical Corruption and Sexual Violence

Kinera, Platinum Duchess of the Horned Crown, Conqueror of Avondale, and Sovereign of the Sixth Realm was walking alone on her way to pick up a present. She was unaccompanied because the gift was for her bodyguard. Not that she really needed a protector, the accomplished mage could likely handle anything less than a full company, but the connection between her and Feala was a... complex affair.

The demoness strode through the teeming throng of the Bazaar like a blur of energy and twilight. Even though she stood shorter than many around her, the crowds parted for her without question at the sound of her scaled feet against the stones of the street.

The Demon Mage of The Mirrored Keep finally stopped at a stall which was nestled at the end of a narrow alleyway. Jewels of all hues, wrapped in spun metal, hung from the wood frame. Its counter, covered in trays of rings and pendants, stood even with the electric blue flesh of her wide hips.

She tucked a loose lock of her pale, purple hair behind a pointy, ring studded ear and appeared to peruse the offerings. Rings chimed as they clattered against her scales while her tail absently flicked back and forth near her ankles. Like her arms and legs, scales red as the setting sun blossomed from her skin. From her elbows, her knees, and the middle of her tail to the end of her extremities, she was covered in natural armor. Harder than any steel, her scales were mysteriously soft to the touch. It reminded her of how snakes felt.

However, she was starting to molt and her fingertips were the first to shed. The exposed flesh on her glowed like blue coals and the demoness was taking care not to touch anything with them. Her raw energy coming into contact with anything was likely fatal to it.

After a few moments of browsing, she looked up. “You there, craftsman, your finest wares.”

The craftsman in question was a vast, pig-faced man, who filled the opening to his stall as he turned to face her. He winked and produced a box from one of his many pouches. Then his expression turned irritated. “Keep yer calm, demon wench. I ‘ave work to finish first.”

“No, we shall conduct business now,” Kinera commanded to hide her grin. She straightened every fiber of her five-foot frame and crossed her arms. Her scales rustled against each other. Her tail twitched impatiently. “Don't keep me waiting if you value your life.”

He spat and slammed the box on the counter. “This,” he began with a flourish, “is a gem I obtained at great cost from a traveler many Realms removed from ours and I can take no less than nine Crowns for it.”

Passerbys on the main street had slowed to watch the exchange. While heated haggling was commonplace, it was not often that a demoness patronized this area—especially one of noble birth, as her unbroken array of horns suggested. This was all part of the plan.

Kinera smiled inwardly. She loved the way people's expressions changed as their eyes traced the shimmering curves of her main horns. They split into two branches from behind her ears. One branch curved around her forehead, the other rose straight up for a few inches. Smaller horns dotted her forehead in pairs, their curves supporting the larger lengths of bone which came to a point on either side of the middle of her forehead. Every inch of them was inlaid with platinum that seemed to flicker and ripple like water.

The demoness’ almond-shaped eyes were half closed as she feigned boredom. They were framed by gently pulsing lines of a dark purple that swept back from her brow and cheeks and then down her neck. Her solid black sclera were pools of darkness with rings of brilliant, glowing fuchsia floating within.

Lush lips, so black it felt as if they were stealing the light around them, were twisted into an expression of amusement as she made a counter offer of one Crown, because surely some bauble, regardless of origin, was not worth nine.

“You wound me, my lady!” The pig-faced shopkeep exclaimed, pretending to grasp at a dagger in his shoulder. “I have mouths to fill and backs to clothe. Surely you, clad in such finery, can spare a humble man eight crowns?”

Her clothes were indeed of a different quality from those around her. Intricate spiral patterns spread over her loose top of pale silk, which shimmered as its off-the-shoulder collar fluttered in the hot desert breeze. Over the shirt, she wore a tightly laced bodice, its iridescent fabric a color that matched her eyes.

A wide belt of twisted black velvet hugged her waist, further accentuating the curves of her body. In the front, the belt’s bottom edge plunged into a loincloth between her thick, muscled thighs. The wide strip of fabric was covered with the intricate silver embroidery of several powerful wards.

“I could be convinced the trinket is worth three Crowns,” she said with a dismissive wave that let her take in the growing crowd. They had drawn quite the audience and it was time to send them on their way. They had served their purpose, it would be impossible for agents of her siblings to remain and observe her without revealing themselves. She winked at the shopkeep.

“Three? Girl, you try my patience. Seven.”

“Girl?!” The air around Kinera flickered with faint purple flame as her horns began to glow. The lines on her face flared brighter and others etched themselves into the bare flesh of her arms and legs. “Do you know who I am, you fat swine?”

Around them, the crowd melted at once. No one wanted to be near what was looking like a deal going south, especially one that could have significant collateral damage. The corridor empty, Kinera began to laugh, the air of hostility dispelled in an instant.

“Oh, it’s done! I’m so excited!” She said, clapping her hands. “Lovely doing business with you as always, Jiek.”

She enveloped the portly pig-man’s hand with her tail tip to shake on the deal and turned to open her purse. She fetched out nine Crowns from her hip bag and passed them over, taking care not to touch his hand with her brilliant blue fingertips. She certainly did not want her unchecked power to harm her favorite artisan.

The shopkeep knocked one of the coins against his tusk, more from habit than actual distrust, before nodding and dropping the lot into his own bag. With a bow, he handed the purple-haired demoness the necklace.

Kinera had requested he craft it almost two weeks ago and she was eager to see the outcome. A rough leather strap was looped through a contrastingly ornate ring of braided platinum. The silver wire wrap glinted in the hot bazaar sun. Contained within the network of fine wire was an egg-sized sapphire polyhedron. Its blue was so deep that looking at it almost felt like falling into an ocean.

She held it up, letting the world go fuzzy so that she could see the enchantment surrounding the gem. Her breath began to quicken as she realized it was perfectly up to specification. This evening was going to be memorable indeed.

“I know this you live for these spells, your grace,” Jiek said as he watched others in the bazaar begin to walk past once more. “But I warn you, tha’s a pretty hefty charm you designed. It could go ‘orribly awry if you’re no’ careful.”

She wrapped the gem into a scrap of purple velvet, taking care to not touch it directly before she put it in her purse. “Oh please, Jiek, your craftsmanship is always impeccable,” she said, flashing him fanged smile. “I trust you alone among the thousands of craftsman across dimensions.”

“My lady, there you are!”

The pair turned towards the call and a wave of relief crashed over Kinera’s mind as the emotions of the other person hit her. Standing in the entrance to the alley was what looked like an elf of Avondale. Only, she was considerably curvier than other members of the scattered race. Like many of her kin, her skin was softly luminous and her solid-colored eyes glowed with a golden light. A delicate platinum collar around her neck and matching cuffs on her wrists marked her as property. The Horn Crown Crest on a platinum coin nestled between her ample cleavage said she was Kenira’s.

As was typical, Feala was clad in an outfit that matched her mistress. Only, her head-sized tits were barely contained by her strained top and the belt about her waist was only simple hemp. While her mistress had naught but scales on her legs, her elf wore gray hose that fit like second skin and soft brown boots. Her head was shaved aside from an ornate braid of ice-white hair which hung from the top of her head to just below her long, pointed, and metal shrouded ears. Like her mistress, glowing lines of power pulsed above and below her eyes to then flow down her neck.

To Kinera’s family, the elf was a spoil of war and a means to keep the populace in check, but they had no idea what their relationship really was. When Kinera had first arrived in Avandale, ostensibly to offer peace, Feala had been named her escort. Of a similar age, they had bonded like friends over magic. If Kinera could have ever loved in the way mortals thought of it, that was the time for it.

It was certainly a feeling of fondness which guided her to take control of the realm when it became apparent that negotiations had broken down and her brother was readying for an invasion. She figured that if she could take as few lives as possible and claim dominion that would keep her brother from launching a full assault. That plan had gone about half as well as she expected, but she was regarded the lesser of two evils by those in the Realm.

It was that attachment that kept Kinera from going all out of the elf as she fought to defend her home from what was unquestionably an invader. Kinera remembered clasping the collar and cuffs on the elf’s spent form, hoping that the magic of the binding ritual would keep her alive.

When she woke, Feala had raged at her bondage, at how the ritual had changed her, and what she felt was an unforgivable betrayal. However, after many months of being together at all times and living with a blossoming psychic connection, their initial feelings had broken through and had grown into something more.

The demoness sent apologetic feelings through the bond, visualizing them as a brief kiss. “I apologize, love, I should not have wandered off without you.”

The elf blushed, as hearing her name evoked the caress of her mistress’ tongue on her lengthy ear. “Come, my lady, you apparently have an audience waiting at the keep. The missive said it was pressing.”

Kinera bid Jiek adieu and stalked towards her captive bodyguard with an appraising eye, her mind on the night to come. Even now, she still wasn’t used to the elf’s new form and probably never would be. The binding rite had changed her newest vassal more than any she had seen.

As a portion of Kinera’s power flowed into the elf through the collar, the once slim and delicate looking Archmage of Avendale had been transformed. The ritual, reading Kinera’s attachment, sculpted the elf into the demoness’ fantasy. Tall, busty, and physically strong.

As it was, the elf was about a foot taller than her mistress, putting her pendulous, magic-filled boobs at eye level. The demoness could not resist nuzzling them with the outside curve of her horns as she walked past. Even that brief contact would be enough to make Feala weak in the knees. Though their bond, she could feel the elf’s arousal spike.

The rush of sensation was intoxicating and, in her good mood, the demoness was feeling playful. As they returned to the keep the press of people returned, which afforded them a closeness that the less crowded streets did not.

Squished into Feala, Kinera’s tail snaked beneath her elf’s draping belt and teased her through her hose. To her credit, Feala did not fall behind even as her moans turned to gasps and her arousal became a burning need that pulled at her mistress through the bond. The demoness could almost feel them wrapped around each other in their soft bed.

It turned out, however, that their shared lust would have to wait.

Kinera’s requested audience was with her eldest brother, Taulic, the being many believed closest to ascending The Throne of Realms. She hated him from his golden, goat-like horns to his furry, cloven feet. A life time of deference had groomed him to believe that anything bearing the Horn Crown Crest belonged to him and he treated her staff like his own whenever he visited. She had lost many a well trained servant to his uncontrollable hedonistic tendencies and corrupting essence.

This time, he lounged in her throne, in her hall no less! His vast masculine bulk overflowed the comparatively smaller, ornate chair. He had already imposed his will on her handmaidens to whom she entrusted day to day business. One, another elf from Avendale, was worshiping his massive equine dong, its semi-rigid length draped over her head as she eagerly licked his balls. Another, a lesser demoness with a single, broken horn, was ensnared in the multitude of glowing orange tendrils that formed his tail. She, too, seemed to be fully committed to her situation, moaning enthusiastically as the prehensile, and very phallic limbs, mercilessly fucked her mouth, pussy, and ass.

No shame showed on his face as he sighed and let loose a torrent of his seed down the elf’s back. His semen sunk into her skin at once. A blood red stain spreading out from her spine. The crimson tide washed over her pale skin as Taulic’s influence changed her. From the door to her hall, Kinera could only watch as her servant’s relatively demure frame quickly swelled to fulfill her brother’s lust-fueled ideal.

The corrupted elf’s tits ballooned out until the plush flesh filled her lap. While that happened, her aureole swelled to become tits in their own right as the puffy, bump-covered mounds engulfed her nipples in ever widening slits that themselves were swelling to resemble lips. After a moment, the lip-like openings began to drool and a long pointed tongue snaked out from her left tit. In short order, the rest of her body caught up to her massive mams until she was at least seven feet tall and her frame was an impossible hourglass of quivering, and doubtless subservient, flesh.

“Dearest sister,” He began, stepping around his latest conquest as she began to enthusiastically experiment with the apparent pair of mouths which now dominated the front of her tits. His voice was like cascading silk, belying the malice in his gold-ringed eyes. He deposited his other conquest into the corrupted elf’s right tit-mouth, stuffing the lesser demoness whole into a mass of flesh larger than she as her own transformation began to claim her fractured sanity.

“I come calling as I was in the area and wished to impose on you for the night. Your servants saw to my comfort while I waited and I have rewarded them for their service.”

Kinera began to protest the egregious violation of her sovereignty, but the sensations from the bond were overwhelming at this distance after what had just transpired. Fear and arousal, both equally desperate pounded in the back of her mind as Feala’s emotions overran their connection.

The demoness suppressed the rage she felt boiling, there was no point in open combat, but it still galled her to lose two reliable staff. Even more so, did it have to be tonight? Tonight, when her powers would be strongest and when the enchantment she set in motion two weeks ago would culminate. Perhaps Taulic knew? Was he here to disrupt her plan for a future with Feala?

“And who is this?” He asked, bowing to Feala and offering fingers dripping with semen and glit.

Her resolve to not fight snapped and Kinera put her arm between them, protecting the elf and surprising herself. “This one is mine.”

Adoration surged through her, giving her confidence to stand defiantly before her considerably larger and more powerful sibling.

He blinked slowly, as if not able to comprehend the obstruction. “Bold move to stand between me and one so lush and inviting, sister dear. Is you pet elf trash worth dying over? Not that your death would have any meaning, I would spoil her all the same and I would hate to have to kill another of my siblings.”

“You will never understand, brother mine, slave as you are to that libido of yours.”

“HA! This libido of mine can raise an army in moments. My essence has created hosts that have destroyed Realms in a night. What can you do, dear sister, with your spell hacking? Your love of mortal magic? I could squash your mind right now, twist you to my will, and not even give it a second thought as I plowed you until you broke.”

Energy sparked along her scales as her horns began to glow. A word of activation hovered on her lips. “You underestimate mortals and their spellcraft, brother dear. Did you know this room is designed as a mirror to power? It serves as a reminder to they who sit on that throne that they alone are not a Realm. Would you like to see how abilities you disrespect roasted the council of forty magi who ruled before? I am sure your vast power would make for quite the inferno.”

There was a peculiar warmth in their connection as Feala squeezed her shoulder. One that dissipated when her brother threw his head back and laughed. “Hah! This! This is the fire I’ve been missing, my dear sister. Which begs the question, why have you remained here? Why haven’t you named a regent and returned home?”

Kinera began to explain, launching in the story she had rehearsed for just such an occasion, when there was a loud, wet thud. Taulic shushed her as he turned back to look at what his influence had done, absently sucking the sitcky fluid of his conquests off his digits.

The lesser demoness was covered in slime as she got to her feet. She had been utterly transformed, her now green skinned body unrecognizable to Kinera. Foremost, her broken horn had become a thin, sweeping stag-like diadem of glimmering gold. Black flame tattoos ran down arms and up her legs. Respectable breasts, just smaller than her head, hung from her chest like tear drops. Newly grown wings unfurled above a spherical ass attached to hips wider than her shoulders. A tail of multiple tendrils caressed her new body.

The biggest change however, was between her legs. A pair of equine cocks, each thicker than her arm, emerged side by side from one sheathe. A series of bars were embedded on the underside of each shaft from the midpoint to the base, accentuating thick raphes pulsing with blood. The bulbs on either side of the bars started small and grew larger moving up, the top most peaking at least two inches from her shaft. Below the impossible dongs, balls that were already too big to fit in her cupped hands were pulsing ever larger.

Kinera did a double take in spite of herself as she realized the massive members were still growing, their girth increasing with each ragged breath of her corrupted servant. For the first time in a very long time, she desired cock. Then, darkness closed around her as the memories of why she now only preferred the fairer sex tore at her mind.

While she had never been the focus of her siblings’ or their minions’ depraved celebrations, it was not hard to put herself in their victim’s place.

Taulic clapped his hands, pulling her back to the present. He made a joke about needing his own place after all and laughed once more. He strut towards the newest members of his harem with arms wide. He caressed their very different expanses of flesh before winking over his shoulder. In a flash, all three vanished. A note fluttered to the stone floor. On it was scrawled the letters IOU.

For a moment she was still, stunned by what might as well have been a military invasion. A hand on her shoulder broke her reverie.

“Is there anything I can do for you, my lady?”

“UGH! I hate him!” Kinera put her fist through the wall. Two of her favorites, stolen in the blink of an eye. Further, her arousal from earlier was now tainted by his display, she felt unclean even as she wanted nothing else but to have her way with her elf. She collapsed into her pet’s arms, utterly exhausted.

Beyond that, she felt the familiar uncertainty clawing at her once more. Was she any better? Really? Even if her goal was to grant Feala her freedom by making her a demon, she had planned for weeks to do so without telling the elf. They were changes she wanted to make, changes only for herself. She was considering destroying the gem and finding another way when the warmth from before suffused her once more.

“Thank you, my lady.” Feala said as she tightened her embrace. “I know how hard that was for you.”

Kinera could feel her captive’s resentment and doubts fading, for the time being at least. It occurred to the demoness that now her elf realized what might have happened had she not been the one to field an army. While the current situation was less than ideal for the former Archmage, Feala was still aware and mostly independent. She would not have been afforded the same freedoms under Taulic or any of the others.

A trust visualized as a fierce hug gripped the demoness through the bond. This was what set her apart from her siblings. Sure, she was an Overlord, but she respected those around her, thought of them as more than tools to be used and then tossed aside. The demoness leaned back into her elf’s impossibly perky tits and looked up at her. “I have…a favor to ask of you.”

“Anything, my lady.” Feana was positively radiant as she smiled.

Kinera slipped out of the warm embrace and rested her wrists on her elf’s shoulders. “I wish to give you a gift, a power. To do so I will have to change you, sculpt you, make you a vessel of magic worthy to stand at my side forever.”

Feala was silent for a moment, the bond oddly still. “Are…are you proposing to me?”

The unexpected question stuck the demoness like a blow. She had anticipated defiance, or playful dodging, but the open faced acceptance was stunning. She bit at her glowing thumb and looked away. “I suppose, in a way, yes, I am.”

“Will you, Feala, be my partner until the end of days? Will you, Archmage of Avendale, fight at my back until we both fall?”

Her elf’s response was to sweep Kinera off her feet as the bond exploded with overwhelming joy. The demoness was dimly aware she was being carried, her legs were in one hand, her shoulders in the other. She reached up and pulled her pet into a kiss that dragged on as they crashed through the door to their quarters.

The duo collapsed onto the four-post bed, Kinera on top. Driven by the need pounding in the bond, the demoness undid her belt and tossed the garment aside. She straddled her elf’s face, pressing her aching pussy into wanting lips. This wasn’t the first time they had fucked while at high sync, but something about the bond was different. The heightened sensation made every ounce of attention feel like a session in and of itself.

Kinera pulled off her shirt and began to play with herself as she rode her elf’s face with abandon. With each second that passed the connection grew stronger until the demoness could hear Feala inside her head, pleading. She realized she had not yet given her vassal permission to disrobe, much less enjoy herself. Even with the changes, she had made to the binding, the core purpose of enforcing subservience remained.

She dropped left to the bed, her legs tucked under hip. “Feala dear, why don’t you slip out of those clothes and enjoy yourself? It is your wedding night after all.”

“You are too kind, my lady.” The words reached her ears and mind in the same instant, the bond carrying a smirk.

The elf rolled to her feet and removed her boots. Another set of delicate looking platinum cuffs glittered around her ankles. Walking around to the end of the bed, she watched her mistress through her eyelashes as she ever so slowly removed her top. Kinera had no doubt that she too, could now feel the rising arousal of her bond-mate. The elf teased along the collar, revealing ever more breast flesh, making it seem like she would slide the garment down to her hips.

Finally, Kinera crawled to her and jerked the shirt off over her head. Without the support of the top, the elf’s bodice strained to contain her. She tugged at the ribbon, ever so slowly letting the slack out until her thick but toned body did its own thing and forced the garment apart to fall at her feet. She turned her back to her mistress, tucking her thumbs into her hose. Inexorably, she pulled the fabric past her expansive hips, revealing her magically pert ass.

Kinera was usually in control of herself in the bedroom, but something about the situation convinced her to make the first move. Revisiting their public fun earlier, the demoness snaked her tail between her elf’s legs to caress a swollen mound begging for attention. As she stroked already wet folds, she felt a pressure on her own sex. Cupping her flared tail tip, she slid into her lover’s quivering center.

The feedback was immediate. The moment Feala was penetrated, Kinera felt it as well. She pushed into her elf until there was some amount of resistance. As she drew out slowly, the demoness resisted the urge to plow her elf’s wanting pussy. She could easily push her to the floor and tail fuck her into mind numbing orgasm, as she had many times at the beginning of their bond. Biting her lip, she withdrew her tail and turned over on the bed to end up on her hands and knees.

“Feala dear, come here and resume your duties.”

The elf knelt next to the bed, her hands and lips lovingly caressing her mistress’ ass, hips, and tail. “How shall I serve you, my lady?”

Torn between satisfying her need and her curiosity, she decided the chance to feel doubly stimulated was too good to pass up. Falling to the bed, she gripped her plump ass, presenting both her holes. “If you satisfy my pussy, you will get your present sooner. But, if you toy with my ass, you may play with yourself until you come.”

Before she had even finished speaking, Feala was pressing her tongue into her mistress’ anus. At the same time, the feeling of Feala’s deft fingers caressing her own clit began to take hold through the bond. In the months since they had been bound, how had they not had sex like this before? Was it because, before now, the connection had been hesitant, uncertain?

Feala’s tonging grew more forceful as she experienced the sensations between her own cheeks. The elf’s rubbing and pinching grew more insistent as multiple fingers slipped between her folds.

Intending to push her pet over the edge, Kinera released her ass to slip her hands under her tits and begin to massage them. At once, Feala was moaning into her ass. Heady with the new feeling of control their reinforced bond apparently afforded, the demoness sunk her glowing fingertips into her pliable flesh. The raw magic leaking out of her unscaled fingertips was hot against her skin and the demoness could feel the energy pouring through the bond into her elf.

The rush of energy caused her pet to scream her name as the elf’s attentions to her clit reached a peak that launched both into an orgasm shared between minds The backlash of energy washed over the demoness, her own body swelling slightly in response to the chaotic energies. Once more sinking into the depth of the shared sensations, wrapped in the pounding need that the bond had become, she was tempted to continue, but it was not she who would be growing this night.

Kinera sat back on her heels, forcing her gasping elf’s face deeper between her ass. Outside, the full moons were coming into alignment. The time was now. The lines of power on her face were already snaking down her chest and back, entwining her arms and legs. Sigils carved into her body by her own master flickered to life on her shoulders and hips. She quickly undid the ties of her bodice, leaving her clothed only in magic itself.

“Enough for now, Feala,” but her elf continued in a lustful haze, her surprisingly thick tongue writhing deep inside her mistress as stiff fingers began to work her folds once more. The demoness could feel her power building alongside another orgasm. Not wanting the energies released before she could bring them to bear, she pulled away and the warmth of the bond faded slightly.

Her elf flinched, expecting retribution, but there would be no more.

“Though I still own you, you surprisingly own me,” the demoness said as she caressed her elf’s cheek. “In our bond, we have become equals and soon, the Realms will know that fact as well.”

The demoness beckoned the wrapped gemstone to float before her. She cut the leather cord and tossed it aside before sending the bauble to hang in the air near her pet. “This is my gift, a chance to be something more. Take it, but once you do, there is no going back. Your mind will still be your own, but your body will be mine.”

Feala hesitated for a breath before she wrapped her hand around the gem just as the light of the moons filled the room. In the shadows of her body, her iridescent skin seemed to contain the universe. She pressed the ring to her collar and there was a soft click. Then, there was a burst of brilliant purple light as the enchantment began to unfold.

The platinum collar writhed as it grew thicker and the metal ring expanded until it could easily slip past the elf’s long ears. It slowly rotated as it rose off her neck, though the sapphire remained centered between her golden eyes. For a moment, the symbol of bondage floated like a halo, the gemstone even with Feala’s forehead.

Kinera reached out, gingerly grasping the collar. A hiss filled the air as steam began to rise from her scaled hands. She gripped tighter and the metal crumpled in her grasp, sending sparks flying. The demoness bent the collar on either side of the gem until there was a soft snap.

Apprehension flowed through the bond as the metal of the far side brushed against the elf’s scalp. But her own skin did not sear. As the demoness continued to pull, the metal stretched like taffy until it came apart against the nape Feala’s neck. No longer connected, the metal began to pool in the demoness’ hands until there were two glowing balls of platinum.

The sapphire continued to float in the air, as if waiting.

At the realization she was holding the physical manifestation of their connection in her hands, the bond flared anew for both of them. Freed from constraint, the months of magic stored in the collar poured into the gulf between the two mages. The energy seared at the demoness’ mind, burning through layer after layer of psychic defenses until the bond was so large it felt all encompassing.

Wrapped in mantle of their shared mindspace, Kinera felt like every inch of her essence was stitched to Feala. Unbidden, a lifetime of memories flooded into the demoness’ mind even as her own life poured into her chosen. She had expected physical transformations, counted on them even, but this was unprecedented and they had hardly started! For a moment, she wondered if the spell would indeed get away from her.

Trust me, love. Trust that I am not my brother. Kinera wasn’t sure if she said it, or had just cast the thought into the bond, but Feala nodded all the same as she ran her hands down her mistress’ hips and nuzzled her mound.

The demoness walked behind her vassal and, with a flick of each wrist, pushed the balls of liquid metal against either side of her elf’s head. The material pulsed in her grasp as the demoness sculpted what was once a symbol of bondage into one of power.

The semi-liquid metal flowed against her scales as she shaped horns that swept out, forward, and then up. Cutting into the pointed tips, she carved a branch on each that curved down to form a diamond shaped opening. She paced around, shaping and adjusting until she was satisfied and stood before the floating gem.

She kissed the glowing stone as she pushed it into the socket she had created. The silver wrapping slithered out, knitting into the platinum. The ornate ring fell to the floor and she stooped to pick it up. Feala offered her hand and the ring fit perfectly.

A shuddering gripped the demoness from within as arcs of glowing fuchsia light snaked outward from the gem, as if her chosen was being wrapped in luminescent ribbon. Kinera’s skin prickled as phantom energies caressed her skin. Grabbing hold of the bond, she began to channel their connection to craft a perfect lover but was blocked by the chime of platinum.

The bracelets and anklets of binding were designed to limit her bond-mate’s powers, keep her unable to rebel. It also seemed they prevented her from being altered. Removing them would shatter the bond, but as it was, she would be unable to make her changes. After the last two hours, losing that connection would be like dying. Turning her will to the challenge, she poured energies into the metal until the magic cracked.

As the spell woven into the cuffs spread before her, the demoness was still stunned by its complexity. She had dabbled in weakening the enchantment previously, affording Feala more and more freedom, but this was a different matter altogether. Her gaze scanned the interconnected lines of energy, trying to trace where the blocking elements resided. It was impossible to follow though, the circuit of magic seeming to loop back in on it…self. That was it!

Pulling at the loop which poured the wearer’s magic into maintaining their own confinement she split it off to let some energy escape. The demoness was about to stitch the spell together when she realized a great opportunity was before her. Making some quick modifications, she changed the damping elements to amplifying ones and made the feedback loop attach directly to Feala’s essence. She had promised making her pet an avatar of magic and this would do just the trick.

Intensely satisfied, she turned her attention to the physical rings. Pouring moonlight bolstered energy into them, the platinum bands grew to envelop her partner’s forearms, hands, calves, and feet. Visualizing her own scales, she braced for the coming wave of sensation and clenched her fists to set the change in motion. Even so, she was not prepared.

The sensation of thousands of scales blossoming was on par with a lifetime of fierce kisses and bitten lips. Her core clenched as rolling shared orgasms filled the bond and she dropped to one knee gasping for breath. Glancing out the window, the moons were moving on, their light waning. After wasting all the time on the spell of binding, her empowered state would only last for a few more moments at best.

Kinera lifted her pet, no, lover, to float before her. Still shrouded in the light, her form mirrored the hedron-shaped gem which was making this possible. The demoness sunk her hands into the semi-solid material, the roiling energies making her scales smoke. Her exposed finger tips flared to incandescence as she connected with her bond-mate’s essence.

The demoness closed her eyes, visualizing. An image of her corrupted handmaiden, her body enveloped by grinning tit-flesh, flashed through Kinera’s mind and she recoiled. While she wanted her companion to be sensual, she also wanted her to be capable of being commanding.

If she was honest, she just wanted more of Feala to exist. In that regard, it seemed like the best place to start was height, but how tall was too tall? She pictured her companion ducking through doors, just barely able to fit. She felt a thrill as her concept was met with excitement through the bond. Pushing to the edge of reasonable when considering the keep, she stopped at eight and a half feet.

She opened her eyes to watch the first changes. The cocoon of light first lengthened, nearly spanning from floor to ceiling, before it began to widen. While her own stature was unchanged, the demoness relished the all-consuming, swelling feeling of her lover’s growth.

Behind closed eyes once more, her mental image of the elf had scaled up to her new, more demonic body. She skipped over adding to tits that would be jiggling arm fulls and instead focused on every ounce of muscle. Weaving raw moon fueled energy into the very fibers made them many times stronger without adding bulk. This left her bond-mate with thighs, hips, and a stomach which would have her stronger that twenty, but still with the slight jiggle the demoness enjoyed so much. As she had the thought, she could feel a blush spreading through their connection.

The demoness turned her attention to her companion’s torso specifically, she slipped glowing hands into her sides. Spirals of energy added extra inches to her waist, strengthening a core that would have to support boobs which would leave most women debilitated, but seemed chaste in comparison to what she had been witness to.

Kinera pulled her hands back and away as she moved down, creating a slope of hip that peaked outside her partner’s shoulders and curved to meet her thighs nearly a foot behind her. The growth cascaded downwards, widening hips, thighs, calves, and even her feet.

In an effort to balance out her partner’s front heavy build, Kinera pulled not one, but a pair of spade-tipped tails from the top of Feala’s squeezable shelf of booty. The tapered limbs would likely drape to the floor and the last foot was prehensile for a number of very important reasons that the demoness looked forward to exploring in the near future.

She was burning with need from the shared stimulation at this point. Sweat poured off her as the sensations of her companion’s transformation kept her constantly tipping over the edge. Mentally exhausted, she poured what remained of her prowess into sex being forever amazing.

It started with the clit of her new demoness. At this point, it was the size of Kinera’s thumb. She was not looking for cock from her lover, the pair of tails she had sculpted were already perfect, but she did like the idea of Feala getting erect. A couple small tweaks ensured that, when aroused, her button would be very easy to push. Similar alterations were made to her labia, ensuring that once on, there was a feedback loop which kept her there.

Within, Kinera pushed out her partner’s vagina and womb to expand until she felt resistance through the bond. She pulled the vast size back, creating many, many sensitive folds that would allow her partner able to take an insertion of any size. Upon reflection, she made it so that the intrusion would be even insanely more pleasurable than the ripples of nerves would already be. The demoness felt Feala laugh at the thought, even as she filled the bond with images of her body being pushed to the limit.

Brushing the tempting thoughts aside, the demoness’ attention turned to the other hole. While she hated her brother’s penchant for equine alterations, the pillowy assholes of his harem were, admittedly, sublime. While she pondered making the change, she saw it happen. Without even thinking it, a donut of soft flesh blossomed between Feala’s nigh endless cheeks. A feeling that evoked mischievous grinning floated through the bond.

Finally, Kinera floated in her mindscape before Feala’s face. She had no plans for the former elf’s countenance. She was already an otherworldly beauty. The warmth, which she assumed was her partner’s affection, washed over her. Once more changes happened without her input, her partner grasping the bond with her mind.

Most were subtle, slight things that the demoness had never even thought to change, but definitely made an impact. At the same time, there were a couple radical ones. Her partner’s braid thickened and grew until it hung to her calves. The mental construct winked and opened fuller, permanently silver lips to reveal a tongue that hung past her chin and seemed to widen once free of her mouth. Not wanting to be outdone, Kinera willed pea-sized metal balls into being every half inch along the organ’s entire length.

Pulling back, the demoness appraised her work. Something about the changes just did not feel complete. She could feel her power waning, but fought to remain to be sure it was perfect. The solid gold hue of her partners’ eyes caught her attention and the demoness knew what final touch was needed. She reached out with her mind to make the change, but her tenuous connection set off a cascade of changes which ended in Feala’s skin tone shifting to a sun bleached obsidian and her eyes becoming an icy blue. The dark complexion contrasted wonderfully with her silver scales and the glinting of her race’s inner light.

In a rush, Kinera’s mindscape collapsed back to normal. Back in the real world, she was startled to see her scales had been shredded up to her forearms. In a whirlwind of fuchsia light, the spell completed. Utterly drained, the demoness fixated on that fact she only came up to Feala’s hips before everything faded to black.

She awoke midday in the embrace of her reborn lover, their tails entwined under the blanket. Soft, warm breast flesh pressed against her from shoulder to hip. Laying shoulder to shoulder, her heel just brushed below her partner’s knee, a discovery which made the demoness shudder with delight. Today was the beginning of a new life, one filled with new discoveries and hopefully lots of sex.

Moving slowly so as to not wake her sleeping companion, she found herself faced with a valley of slowly rising and falling flesh. Absently, her hands followed the hints of muscle down her lover’s body. Her fingertips, stiff and raw from being the conduit to rewrite an entire existence, found welcome relief in the folds of her other half’s sex.

Feala’s eyes fluttered open, the glow casting the couple in a soft blue light. The former elf noble smiled, even as she bit her lip when Kinera pressed her fingers into her hardening clit.

“Good morning, my lady, was last night not enough?” she sat up, reclining on her right arm. Her tits shifted, the first enveloping her arm, the other spreading around its sister.

Kinera pushed her over with a laugh and climbed up to be on top. Even though she was smaller, and she had changed the spell, the binding allowed her to restrain her considerably stronger submissive. “Hardly, we didn’t even get to test drive this new body of yours.”

“Then why don’t we resolve that?” and she pulled Kinera into an embrace where she attacked with abandon. Nibbles on ears turned to hungering kisses, the swelling bond intensifying the stimulation. After how long their core essences had been joined, the connection was seamless and all encompassing. As one wanted something, the other responded to that want.

Vibrating with energy, Kinera once more straddled her partner’s face. The repetition of position underscored just how much her lover had grown and changed. Before, the demoness had been cradled between her pet’s face and chest, boobs barely rubbing against her ass. Now, her body rested completely on just the other's face, her ass suspended in air.

As she grappled with the new status quo, Feala took charge. The tip of her ball-studded tongue spread her mistress open as the muscle spread wider. The first ball slipping within sent shocks up and down the elder demoness’ body. Even as four inches moved inside, another two miraculously worked her mistress’ clit, crushing the bundle of nerves between throbbing velvet and smooth steel.

Kinera collapsed forward and grabbed tight of her protégé with her knees. Her fingers entwined in braid and sheet as she began to buck. Hands that fit perfectly around her hips and ass grabbed back, pulling her closer as long fingers massaged the sensitive inside of her plump cheeks

It was a shock to feel her entire pubic mound enveloped by lips like a marshmallow vice. Her other half squeezed and sucked in ways she could barely vocalize to ask for, much less describe, but still begged for all the same. She began to moan Feala’s name over and over just as similar moans vibrated her pussy from all sides. Once more, their bond became a feedback loop, itself a source of stimulation as their mental states became more and more frenzied.

Desperate to feel more, Kinera forced herself to raise up to turn and repay the favor. Even lying on her back, spread to either side, Feala’s boobs presented an impressive expanse of cleavage. Slipping between the curved walls of supple tit-flesh, the demoness was pleased to find she was just tall enough to reach her partner’s swollen sex.

The changes she made to her lover’s clit had it rising above the curve of her mound and labia, which themselves had swelled as though pumped full of fluid. Knowing the sexually changed energies swirling within, Kinera could not wait to grind against the whole thing. For now though, she attacked the yielding flesh. Fangs slid along the outside of the plush, nerve filled skin. Her tongue pressed from inside.

She pushed the image of Feala lips deep in her asshole through the overstimulated bond and companion compiled nearly at once. It took nearly five seconds for the charcoal demoness to withdraw her tongue, the pop of each metal orb being removed made the couple shudder as one. The demoness waited for the feeling of tongue pushing into her waiting hole, but her other half had different ideas.

Teasing licks brushed around, the metal orbs warm against soft skin. The middle of her tongue brushed by, then returned. In a move that startled Kinera, her love pushed the widest part in first, folding her tongue over. The studded, pulsing intrusion continued to slither into and out of her ass, its passage marked by the feeling of steel stretching sensitive flesh.

When the plush lips of her partner finally pressed between her cheeks, the broad tip of her tongue slid back between Kinera’ folds. In a mind blowing feat of coordination, each segment expanded and shrank to massage every inch inside the demoness.

The couple continued to one up their other half as they ate each other out for what felt like an age, riding out orgasm after orgasm as the reborn demoness adjusted to her new body. Eventually though, exhaustion caught up with them as the prior night’s events pulled at their interweaving magic.

Dropping back to the bed, nestled in the skin of her lover, Kinera wished life could go on like this forever. And, so long as she had her way, it would.

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