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191 – A Newfound Thirst

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Blood and Sexually-Focused Transformation

Hey, I'm glad you came! It's been, what, ten years? Seems like things are going well for you.

Good, good--how'm I doing? Ha! I'm a fucking goddess if I'm honest.

Yeah, let's just say I beat cancer in a big way and life has never been better for me. I have two great girlfriends who love each other as much as they do me, I get to show off like this again, and every day might as well be Halloween from how goth my life is now. Yeah, these tails aren't a costume piece and this body isn't some kind of illusionary spell.

Yes, I really do have tits the size of my head. No, I don't have a hard time going through doorways because of these hips.

What happened? It's a long story but, suffice to say I'm a vampire lord now--maybe even more than that.

What's it like being undead? Heh. What's the best way to put this...

They tell you in school that vampires are predators. They liken us to sharks who are only seconds from taking a bite out of you. That is mostly hyperbole but, on a bad day, on a thirst day, that hyperbole barely comes close to the truth. When I'm thirsty, I'm appetite incarnate, I am a hunger which knows no bounds. Even love is no barrier, apparently, as my coven says that I nearly killed my beloved when she sired me.

That might have happened but, all I remember is burning. After she drained me dry like a salted fish, the few sparing drops of her lifeblood used to turn me were nothing. They might as well have been dew in an endless, shimmering desert as far as slaking my thirst was concerned. I apparently gripped her arm at the wrist and elbow and held it tight like a corncob as I gnawed through her skin.

Which, by the way, I fucking miss the taste of butter on corn. Like, blood tastes divine but, trust me when I say there is not a lot a variety--and, yes, she made me a vampire in a last-ditch effort to save me from the cancer.

Don't. Just... don't, okay? I've already heard it from my parents--and your mom by the way. I've come to terms with it. I was dead anyway so what did I have to lose? Either I died in her arms with her fangs in my neck and the pain stopped or I woke again as something inhuman and got to continue living with her. Anyway, to her credit my beloved endured my frenzy, and once she managed to get a blood bag between my fangs and her ulna, things calmed down. That moment is the first real memory of my new life. The squeak of fang piercing plastic, the bouquet of metallic tastes which rushed over my tongue and down my throat. It was like that first breath after drowning and I gulped it down.

“Welcome back, My Lady,” she had said to me, before smiling bashfully. Her thick lips, with their pair of silver rings, had pulled back to reveal her glimmering fangs, still stained with the remnants of my frail humanity. I could not resist kissing her then as we shared the last gasp of my mortality between us. It was really romantic in a way I can't really explain.

Yes, she really called me 'My Lady' in that moment. I was her domme after all.

Yeah, that's right. I dommed a vampire as a human. So what? You think just because they all have that wonderous charm at their fingertips that they are all tops? Pft. Trust me; nothing compares to the rush of such a scene. Imagine it. A being who could kill you without trying is submitting fully and wholly to your control--ah! Fuck! Just thinking about the power exchange is enough to get me going.

I mean, you dated a vampire in college, right? You know how it feels when they work their empathic magic and enthrall you. If I remember you were quite into your girlfriend rendering you a pet for hours at a time. Now, imagine that glamour, that grace, that powerful sense of arousal being focused on you as they do everything in their power to satisfy your appetite instead of theirs.

At any rate, as my turning progressed, my cancer-ridden body was restored and then, made better. My atrophied muscles recovered and kept getting more defined. Where my feminine curves had whithered, I found myself filling out in ways I never thought possible.

Huh?--Is that how I ended up this stacked? Sort of but, I'll get there!

Now, where was I? Oh--within an hour I became the version of myself I always dreamed of being. Even the warm grey of undeath looked healthier than my previous ashen complexion. In under a few hours, I had fully recovered. Still parched, we went out on the town that night. Everything smelled so much sweeter, so much more alluring. Moving with my new, powerful body was sensual in a way that not even metaphor can capture. It was as if my senses were filtering through a new layer of hedonism. All things had become more pleasurable–and I intended to enjoy myself.

I knew where my beloved’s influence had sway, so we hunted there. My fangs itched to partake of the veritable buffet who lined up at her command. They were all so lovely but, many of them were women I had interacted with before, and I was not in the least bit interested in dealing with beef along with my first meal. However, one member of her flock was new. She was a young Korean girl, probably just out college, who was trying way too hard to look suitably gothic. Her black eyeshadow was applied too thick; her eyeliner was a mess as well. Her plump bust was crammed into a lacy bustier at least one size too small. On top of that, she was wearing a very obvious wig to give herself teal hair. At least the leather skirt she was wearing was doing serious work to highlight the curve of her cute, chubby thighs and her small but tight bubble butt.

Something about her reminded me of who I used to be. The awkward theatre girl who had stumbled into the world of being a domme and grabbed hold of the role with two hands before lashing it to the bed, mounting it, and riding it until it– Oh! There I was, getting carried away again. You will have to forgive me, friend; I am not sure where was I going with that metaphor there. You know, I get so singleminded when my appetite begins to stir.

Anyway, I asked the girl if she wanted to spend the night with me and she said yes, so I took her girl to the room in which my beloved and I had done public scenes before the cancer left me bed-ridden.

As was proper etiquette, I asked her name. Her reply was Jen-Wei. She asked me what I was going to do. I told her–in great detail. To her credit, while she blushed furiously, she looked right at me when she agreed. I stripped her down and tied her up with silk belts before asking one last time if she was sure this was something she wanted to do.

It all started with a bite. The sensation of my fangs piercing living flesh was even more satisfying than my beloved's, and then, Jen-Wei let out a long, low moan of appreciation which made my hair stand on end. My new senses flooded my mind with signals of her arousal. I climbed up to straddle her and drank deeply.

Her blood was sweet and intense in its flavor, and I didn't think I'd be able to stop at just taking a little. When she began to encourage me, a cessation was impossible. She moaned like she was having the best sex of her life. Her hands slipped out of her gentle bindings and under my shirt to caress my stomach. The lace crotch of her panties rubbed my thigh. After weeks in a hospital bed, the sensuality of a stranger was infectious and refreshing.

And that is most of why I have these big tits you seem to be enjoying as well as these delightful, delectable tails.

Yes, it turned out Jen-Wei was a succubus–one of those Lilin predisposed to being submissive. She was a newly manifested one--which is why she was in a fetish club trying too hard to get a hookup. As a result, she'd had no idea what my consuming her blood would do to me–not that I knew either but, such is life.

Does that make me a succubus also? You should know me better than that. Submission is not in my nature. So while I became Lilin, I was transformed into an incubus. My predisposition for dominance is soo powerful now; you have no idea. It might have been a surprise but, being turned into an incubus was honestly an improvement on vanilla vampire me in every way imaginable. That it happened within hours of my turning seemed to have only heightened my reaction. Not that I am complaining, this flawless hourglass figure is sex made flesh in a way I never dreamed of–and the feeling of penetrating someone with my tails is nearly as good as, well, my cock.

You heard me. I have a cock now.

Okay, sure, only sometimes and yes, I am cockless currently but, there was not much of that night where I wasn't sporting a gigantic half-boner–and it was glorious. Besides, it grows back when I feed on Jen-Wei for some reason and sticks around until her blood leaves my system. It's actually kind of rare for me to not have stiffy these days. From the way she throws herself at me now, you would think she gets off on me growing a dick more than I do…

So, yes, I became an incubus AND a vampire and much of that night is a haze of pleasure and domination. At one point I had both Jen-Wei and my beloved restrained in a single paired pillory as I alternated between spanking whichever one was begging for my cock less enthusiastically. Then, when they couldn't take any more teasing, I plowed them both, one with the fat cock my clit had become, the other with my very phallic tails. We fucked for–oh, hey, there they are now. It was lovely catching up, and we should do it again sometime, but, I have a show to put on. I will make sure to give the two of them a swat just for you, okay? And maybe, if you're well behaved, I can ensure you have a night you won't forget...

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