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021 – What You Bring to the Table

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity, Massive Growth, Massive Sizes, Mental Corruption and Physical Corruption

Julian could not believe what he was planning to do. The part of town he was destined for was not exactly the most reputable, or safe for humans, but he was desperate in a way he did not quite fully understand.

For weeks it had been growing, the nagging uncertainty that he was inadequate in every way, that he was rapidly losing his place in the Realm, and that the only way to fix it was to change himself. Perhaps it was hearing the news that another realm had fallen to the Empire of Horns. Perhaps it was being passed over for another promotion despite working long hours. Perhaps it was the brush with death the other day, as a drake landed on and destroyed his bike moments after locking it up.

It definitely had something to do with being broken up with, his ex made it abundantly clear that she felt he was worthless, going nowhere, and a not even a reasonable fuck as she threw him out into the street. Whatever the case, he assured himself was doing this for him and no one else. He promised himself that he was doing it to find the strength to move on and be a new man.

So when he walked into The Passion Pit, he tried not to balk at the sight of two naked demonesses, their lush forms each a shade of deep blue. Broken horns grew from their heads amid short, black, tousled hair and their forearms and calves were covered in dark scales. They sitting on the face and cock of a fat man right there in the lobby and talking casually about what they were doing later that night between moans. Gold collars glimmered around their necks.

“He likes it in public,” said a voice next to his ear before the sound of flapping moved around in front of him. “So they just do him when he comes in the door. Most demons, especially incubari, love an audience. It just gives them more to eat.”

A figure about three feet tall, with a pointed face, bright pink skin, golden eyes, and spiky black hair floated before him. A single, short horn to the left side of his face was tipped with a golden cap. The diminutive daemon wore a sharp suit with the top few buttons of his shirt undone revealing thick chest hair and a slightly brighter complexion. A gold collar glittered against his throat as well. The strange creature was held aloft by bat-like wings that sprouted from his shoulders. A pair of pointed tails, each pierced multiple times, were coiled around his wrists.

“They're incubari? I thought those were, um, you know, masculine?"

"Sure," the imp said with a shrug. "That is, if you believe only men should be on top in a relationship."

"S-Sure. That makes sense...” Though Julian had contacted the club and made an appointment, now that he was faced with the reality of the choice he was about to make, his nerve suddenly broke. “You know what? I think I’ll just go.”

Go? You only just got here.”

“I did and now I’m leaving.”

“I insist you stay.” The bolts on the door snapped shut as the little floating daemon clapped his hands together.

“Okay, never mind. Well, who’re you then?”

“Oh, right!” He offered his hand. “I am terribly sorry. Rude of me to not introduce myself. I am Reginald the Imp, fifth of my name and servant of the esteemed Overlord Mhaxual, second sibling to Taulic, Lord of the Horned Crown and Closest to the Throne of Heaven.”

“Does that mean you’re a royal?” Julian asked as he took the offered hand and gave his name in return. He was never certain how demonic hierarchy worked, but the little Imp radiated a sense of power.

“Well, no, not exactly. You notice I have barely any horns to speak of, yes?”


“That means my powers are actually quite limited. What you are likely feeling now is merely an extension of my master’s will that I obtain through our bond. Our connection is heightened since I look after affairs here, so I must feel very powerful to you who has likely only ever passed by a lesser demon. However, that is enough about me, what can I do for you? You don’t feel like someone who regularly associates with our kin, so there must be something you're.... searching for perhaps?”

“Not like I can leave anyway but, I made an appointment earlier today.”

“Ah, the bloke who felt like life was kicking him while down, yes? The chap who wanted the power to change his situation. Well, I can get you in with-” Just then he put his hand to his ear, his eyes drifted up and left as if looking at a someone speaking from that direction. “Are you sure? No, I am not questioning you, Master, I just-. Yes. I understand.”

Reginald's attention returned to Julian and a toothy smile cracked across his face. “It seems you have curried my Master’s favor. What that means for your desire, well, we shall see.”

The imp lead him past the incubari and through two big doors into the club. The small hallway was dark aside from magenta lights every few feet and it soon opened up to a cavernous room. The walkway was elevated over the space, leaving the entire floor space open aside from some support pillars. The space was also lit by a magenta light rising out of the floor, though it had a counter point of faint blue from most flat, level surfaces. Together, the lights cast those assembled within in a cloak of shifting shadow and stark highlights. Music, or at least sounds that were rhythmic, pounded Julian’s ears. A figure with four arms was up on a stage to the left and they seemed to be in control of the sound.

This is what the vast majority come to see us for," Reginald said as he hovered uncomfortably close.

Below, beings of all persuasions were a standing, writhing mass as bodies rubbed against bodies. Around the outside of the room were basket-like booths where daemons were pleasuring--and being pleasured by--races from Realms all across the Imperium. The glint of collars here and there was hard to miss, but most of those below were not Bonded. They were each participating willingly, eagerly even.

"The rave is a mass of desire and need and want that's just shy of an open orgy. Although," the imp said, putting a finger to his mouth, "there are nights where that line gets crossed...”

“I'd always wondered how so many of your kind fed without draining a Realm dry. Is this it?”

“An astute conclusion," the imp said with a chuckle. "Yes, clubs like this exist in nearly every city of the Imperium. For a daemon with a bent towards sexual energies, it is a buffet like you cannot imagine. Just the act of being around all this passively sustains me, I almost never have to interact to feed."

"In fact," the little daemon continued, "I'm so used to the steady diet that now, any night I have to work bar down there, I get so full and bloated that I can’t even fly.”  The imp cackled at that and Julian could not help but chuckle as well. Despite everything he had heard about daemons, Reginald seemed as much a person as anyone else. Perhaps the common wisdom that The Horned Ones were merely predators who had adopted civilization to farm their stock was a bit misplaced...

“Are there, you know, places a little less... open?

“Ah, private rooms? Yes. A few want the thrill of being alone with a being that could easily kill them but won't, purely because of rules we agreed to observe. Rules which we wrote, by the way," Reginald added, flashing him another pointed, crooked grin. "Rules we could easily bend or break if the need--or desire--arose. More than one mortal has found themselves on death’s door after pushing too far with their daemonic partner.”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“For the most part, we are in control of our hungers, but it is a tenuous control. It would not take much to push a hungry daemon or daemoness over the edge into a feeding frenzy.”

Julian gulped as the imp led him up a flight of stairs and along a mezzanine that passed arched windows filled with frosted glass. Shadows moved inside and the sounds of sex were very audible. A huge pair of tits, easily the largest he had ever seen as they completely filled his field of view, were suddenly smooshed against the window near his head with a thud. A pair of hands followed as did the side of a face with the tink of bone on glass.

“YES! Fuck me, you mortal scum!" The daemoness growled. Her lips were obscenely plump, and Julian was surprised she could even speak with how swollen they were. "Yes, that's a good boy. Show me how great a toy your new impossible dick can be. Prove to me that--Ah! Fuck! Yes!--that you deserve it!”

He did not mean to stop and stare, but it was hard not to with so much flesh sliding up and down against the glass. He felt his cock twitch and there was a flash of green light from the other side of the glass as the demoness pushed back against her partner and looked right at Julian through the frost.

“Aren’t you a naughty boy, watching like that. Do you want me? Hmm?” The shadow cupped tits that fell way past her waist and lifted them. The sound of enthusiastic sucking joined her moans and the slapping of skin to skin. Julian wondered what it would be like to be that overwhelmingly big. To feel your nipple as you sucked on it. To feel that sexually powerful. To feel fulfilled in a way that working his whole life had never brought him.

“Do you want me, mortal? Do you want to feel the heat of my skin against yours? Or, perhaps, do you want my body more literally? You want to be me, don’t you?

He was unable to find the words and she continued.

“I can taste your lust like cinnamon on my tongue, little man. I can feel your desires on my skin like the sting of fresh mint créme. I know what you truly want and so will Mhaxaul. Be careful what you bring to the table when dealing with us, we trade in things you aren’t even aware you’re offering.”

He was about to reply when Reginald pulled him away. “It is very bad form to intrude on a private session, human. I know you were... unaware so I will let it slide this time.”

“But… she was talking to-”

“Of course she engaged with you! Did I not tell you that nearly any daemon or daemoness, sexually aligned or not, would look for more food in the middle of a feeding? The rule to not disrupt is as much for your protection as it is to ensure the club runs smoothly. Now, come. The Master has waited long enough.”

They went up another flight of stairs. These curved in a spiral as if traversing a tower’s height, but eventually they arrived at two heavy wooden doors. The sounds of many voices crying out seeped under the door.

“My Master is through these doors,” Reginald said with a bow. “Step through when you are ready, but do not tarry long, lest The Master tire of you.” And then, he was gone.

Julian pushed open one of the doors but was not prepared for what awaited him. The circular room was filled with a cadre of men and women slick with sweat, with hair stuck to faces and chests heaving. Most were daemonkin, but there were a few elves, humans, orcs and other races he did not know in the circle as well.

If not for the mass of sexually sated bodies, the space looked like an office or library. The walls were lined with shelves that were crammed with books and a massive desk sat off to one side with a high-backed chair behind it. There were reading couches every few feet, though they currently supported collapsed bodies. He wanted to read some of the titles, but his eyes were drawn to a brightness in the middle of the room.

Reclined on a divan and naked except for glittering teal scales on his forearms and calves, was a being not at all what Julian anticipated. Lithe, smiling, and relaxed, the Demon Lord exuded a control and confidence so absolute it radiated out from him as shimmering golden aura. The room itself seemed to dim around the demon, reality itself cowed by the Overlord’s overwhelmingly bright presence.

He had expected a hulking monster, not something so human looking, much less tan and athletic. There was still something off about the demon’s human-like guise, something otherworldly. It was not really male or female in appearance and that made Julian uncomfortable. Most of Mhaxual was hidden behind a purple-skinned daemoness whose body curved into an extreme hourglass, the Overlord’s fingers still absently toying with the opening of her bulbous tail, so Julian only had face and shoulders to match with the human-looking demon’s flowing, iridescent hair that swallowed up the sofa and the floor in the immediate vicinity.

He was not able to ponder the demon’s sex for long, as his eyes were drawn up to their crown of horns which glowed like daybreak seen through gauze. The twins bones grew up from the middle of the demon’s forehead, twisted away from each other and out, before rising a bit further to a point that curved back just above the mass of hair.

“Do excuse the mess, won’t you?” The daemon’s voice was urbane, their tone polished. Red rings stared out of blackness under soft brows. A face that was neither pointed nor round smiled with full, red painted lips. “I just finished a sermon and my parishioners are all taken with the spirit.”

[Old Version Of The Story Beyond This Point]

Mhauxhal chuckled at their own joke and then extricated themselves out from under slumbering daemoness, revealing a body that oozed physical fitness. Every inch of the Overlord’s body was tight against gently bulging muscle or bone in way that was supernatural.

Julian’s gaze unconsciously drifted down, curious if there was an answer to the question of the daemon’s gender between their legs. Instead, there was only smooth skin and a chevron of iridescent public hair. More than a little freaked out, he quickly moved on to look at other parts of the demon’s physiology.

A pair of tendril-like appendages grew from Mhaxual’s shoulder blades, the ends forming a diamond shape like a cupped hand and they seemed to be remarkably flexible from their movements. The cascade of hair stopped around the demon’s teal-scaled calf and a long, whip-like tail that ended in a mass of rolled skin covered in scales was coiled around one ankle. It reminded Julian of a rattlesnake, the mass seeming to hiss with each step as the scales rubbed against each other.

“Well, boy, what can this Lord of the Pit do for you?”

“I want to be able to stand on my own feet and be in control of my life.” A flash of the deamoness’ shadow on the glass from before crossed his mind, but he shook it away. “At the same time, I want to be more powerful than I can ever hope to be on my own.”

“So you have come expecting… What? To be magically transformed? My brother Taulic is the one prone to making thralls and creating new daemons. Though I suppose he is rather hard to get a hold of." The Daemon Lord gripped their chin. "What could you offer me in exchange for fulfilling your desire?”

“I have only my body left to offer.” The words came before he could stop them, but once released his confession was unstoppable. “I don't even have pride. I have never felt satisfied with my life. Nothing I have ever done feels like it was worthwhile.”

“And you think that, what? Will becoming my thrall help you find that fulfillment, human?”

“I would become a daemon, or anything else, gladly, if it meant no longer feeling worthless.”

“You would willingly abandon who you are for the mere chance that the new you would make you feel any better?” Mhaxual laughed, their aura brightening as they did.

While Julian fumbled to find the words, the sound of a woman screaming in orgasm drifted up the stairs. Once more, the insanely busty outline of the daemoness behind the glass filled his mind. Her green glowing eyes pulled at him. All of a sudden, he felt his body changing, his form growing and shifting to match hers. His chest swelled outwards, growing into tits so vast his hands could barely lift them. A heat filled his body, a burning desire to feed. The overwhelming need felt... good. It felt... right. It was a presence in his identity that commanded attention. It provided him a clear purpose.

“The truth is, I have never felt 'man enough' even once in my life.” It stung to say that. To admit it out loud was akin to ripping off a bandage but, it felt like he was shedding all the weight that had been resting on his shoulders. “I know it’s silly, but I’ve always wished my dick was bigger, wished my balls were bigger, wished I was a huge, hulking mass of raw sexual power who no one doubted or questioned. I’ve wished that when I walked into a room, people noticed, that when I spoke up, people listened.”

“That is... quite the confession, young man, and a lot to ask for. Do you truly know the costs of the transformations you seek?”

Julian considered his words. “I want to be stronger. I need to be wanted. If that means becoming a daemon and fighting for your cause, then so be it.”

There was a flash of movement and his clothes were shredded by Mhaxaul’s aura. The demon’s tail hovered over his throbbing cock, still erect from the memory of the hyper-sexual daemoness. At this distance, he could tell the Demon Lord's tail tip was hollow to some extent. The mass came to a point and then flared back out slightly to form an opening that looked like a clenched fist.

"Well, then, human. I hope you do not come to regret your offer..."

As the Demon Lord's tail hovered over his twitching dick, a glowing, milky fluid began to emerge and to drip onto him. The slimy, liquid light slid down his cock, the veins in his shaft began to stand out. His member did not throb so much as it vibrated. Another drop landed on him and another, slowly he began to swell larger until he was noticeably longer and thicker.

“Ah, there were go. Now, you are a suitable size.”

“Suitable? For what?”

Mhaxual did not reply verbally and, instead, shoved their tail's opening down over Julian’s already overtaxed cock. They worked their tail and his dick with their hands, causing the rattle-like section of scaled rolls to spread down and envelop his entire length. It turned out to be a massively overgrown foreskin that was filled with more of the demon’s fluids. Now saturated in the Daemon Lord's fluids, Julian’s dick swelled in leaps and bounds. It felt like every other second he was coming as his body tensed over and over until his knees were quaking from the effort to remain standing. [Edits]

The daemon lord wrapped his arms with the tendrils and lifted him bodily off the ground, before carrying him to an open couch. With something solid under him, Julian began to softly buck against the foreskin. Slowly the mass unrolled as it was stretched to accommodate a dick that was already nearly a foot long and easily as big around as Julian’s waifish wrist. The shape of Mhaxual’s phallus became evident as ridge after ridge began to push against skin and scale.

With that, the Overlord withdrew his tail. No longer supported, Julian’s overstimulated dick dropped to his balls. He was considerably longer, but the length made it look like he was not all that much thicker.

“Is this enough for you, young man? Is this the increase you need to feel confident.”

Julian looked down and then shook his head. “No, this is not enough.”

“Then we shall proceed to phase two.” Before he could ask what that meant, Mhaxaul pulled back his foreskin and gripped his exposed head with both of his tendrils. Like his tail, they released a glowing fluid that made his glans tingle as they caressed it.

“You will want to hold onto something for this part.”

“I what?”

The first tendril narrowed its end to a point and began to push into Julian’s dick. The pain was excruciating at first, but as more of Mhaxaul’s essence poured into him, the less it hurt. After a grueling thirty seconds the entire hand-like portion of the tendril was within his cock and the demon positioned the other one next to it.

Julain gasped expecting yet more pain, but the other entered with relative ease. While this was happening, he missed how much his own foreskin had grown, so he was surprised when the Overlord tied off both cock and tendrils with a thick ribbon.

The purple-skinned demoness from before began to stir and the demon lord beckoned her over.

“I want you to rub those fat tits of your all over his cock. I want to do keep doing that until I tell you to stop.”

She simply nodded and laid down under them. She moaned as Mhaxual penetrated her with his tail, but still began to work her tits up and down the underside of Julian’s tortured shaft. Meanwhile, Mhaxual’s tendrils slithered deeper inside. As the fluid began to take effect from the inside, multiple pulsing veins, each as big as his finger, snaked under his skin. They pumped hard, filling his shaft with more and more blood, forcing it to darken and swell further.

The continued feeling of succubus tits on his bloated member was mind numbing and the combined assault soon had him clenching and bucking as yet another release was pulled from his body. Only instead of spraying everywhere, his cum ballooned his foreskin until it was the size of a grapefruit. Impossibly, as he continued to twitch, the ballooned section spread down his cock until his entire length was pumped full of a mixture of his and Mhaxual’s fluids. Bit by bit, veins traced over his balls as they too began to inflate under the influence of the glowing cum.

At this point, Julian’s overall girth was on par with his thigh, and the tied off end of his foreskin was past his knee. His glans fell somewhere shortly above that, leaving several inches of skin loose and sloshing with cum. Within his shaft, the demon lord’s tendrils were nearly unfurled. They were visible as the moved back and forth within.

“As you satisfied now, human? You have a cock and balls worth of envy from any demon.”

“I want more, I’m still human. Please, give me power.”

Mhaxual pulled his tendrils free. “I am impressed you remain cognizent, mortal. Perhaps you are worthy of becoming one of us. For now, experience your new cock. Leeshya, mount him.”

The demoness stopped rubbing her tits on his cock and rolled over onto her hands and knees. She backed up against his cock, then grabbed the ribbon before sinking him into her. As the cum filled bubble of foreskin squeezed in, she pulled the ribbon, undoing the knot. Her tight pussy clqamped down, forcing the fluids to gush forth into her.

Her insides widened inexplicably, accepting a cock that Julian could not even grip with both hands. He pushed deep inside her as she slowly but enthusiastically took on more and more of him. There was a pop and she screamed as his glans pushed through her cervix. No longer hesitant, she slammed her wide ass against his pelvis.

“Cum you greedy mortal, cum and fill me with with your seed blessed by Mhaxual.”

Julian lost track of all time as he was pumped with a hunger he craved to have. He could feel her body distorting with each thrust, her stomach being pushed out as she moved back and forth nearly six inches to pop him in and out of her inner chamber. While this was going on, his balls swelled larger with each cycle until they finally touched the ground. They emitted a light not unlike the demon lord’s.

“So much seed! Let me have it, please!”

He did just that a moment later. His vast balls somehow rose up as he thrust forward and remained until throb after throb of release shook his whole body. Her stomach expanded, bloating with semen as Julian’s impossible anatomy did its job. She was so full her tummy glowed.

She pulled herself off him with a wet slurping noise and then turned towards him. Her tongue slipped down into his gaping hole as she used her whole body to lift his cock. Pressed against each other, he could feel her stomach as it began to shrink. Almost at once her already impressive endowments grew further, enveloping his fuck pole in tit flesh.

Her very evident clit rubbed against his ass hole, slowly growing with each cycle of her tits. Soon, a fully fledged cock was sinking into him, her hips hitting his butt. It felt like each time she did so there was more cushion. A jiggling sensation grew on his chest as his nipples thickened and his aureole spread.

Mhaxaul returned, standing over him with a grin on his face. “Oh good, Leeshya is already helping you find the form you want, but I will need to give you the power you seek.”

“Yes, please, give it to me!”

Out of nowhere, the demon lord’s tail was pushing into his mouth. Scales slid against teeth as inch after inch was plunged into the budding succubus. Remnants of their earlier session poured out as more and more foreskin was pulled back. Gagging, he was aware of feeling the ribs of Mhaxual’s cock halfway down his throat.

But those sensations were lost as the transformation began in earnest. There was a grinding feeling as horns started to emerge from his temples. They only grew out a couple inches, but the feelings they brought, the awareness of lust, was still overwhelming as the hunger he sought ignited.

Being stuffed from both ends, his body was quickly filling out. His Boobs grew until they covered his chest and were hitting him in the face each time Leeshya slammed into him. His stomach, once flat for lack of nourishment was starting to distend from the amount of demon cum he was swallowing until that too was jiggling with each thrust. He put his hands to his face and found they were scaled now, the ruddy orange a complement to his bright orange skin.

Leeshya’s tongue was deep inside his dick-pussy now, her flexing muscle eagerly probing his sensitive flesh. It felt like she, too, was growing. The brush of tendrils only confirmed that hunch as more and more of his impossible dick was filled with squirming muscle. With each thrust it felt more like she had girth and length until she could no longer completely pull out before slowly plunging back in.

Everything about this moment felt wonderful. He was being worshiped like this, his body pleasing two partners at once as his own libido continued to rise. Leeshya stepped back, her body no longer caressing his own. He moaned in protest until she pulled his cock down and shoved her own inside his. Her hips crashing against his foreskin was even better than having her fuck his ass.

Eventually, Mhaxual’s tail pulled out of his throat and the demon lord left Julian in he care of Leeshya. She led him back to her room where they continued to explore the changes to his body. Anything that was plumpable was plump, his tits rested on the curve of a tummy that rested on thick thighs that squeezed a fat pussy behind a dick as wide as his waist and that dragged on the ground. His ass was a shelf that jiggled with each step. It was much later, when the haze of being transformed cleared, that she asked him who he wanted to be now.

“You should pick a new name, help you start thinking of yourself as she.”

“How’s Xulia?” the new succubus asked.

“Serviceable as any other. Would you…would you mind if I owned you, at least for now until you find your feet I mean.”

“What, exactly, does that entail?”

“So long as you do what I ask and don’t kill customers, you’ll be a free demoness in no time.”

“That’s not what I asked, what does you owning me mean?”

“Oh! Well, we will share energies first off. Anything you absorb will be split with me and vice versa. I’ll be in your head, you’ll be in mine. I’ll be able to make you do things, feel things and you will eventually know my every taste and desire. You will be who I fuck first and I will drop nearly anything I am doing if you tell me you want it.”

The thought of being wanted that much tugged at her, it was what she had hoped for. “Sure, I’ll do it.”

A silver collar with an amethyst gem went on around her neck. “I may not be a royal, but I can have my own thrall. I hope you are as interesting as you appear to be.”

“I will certainly try.”

Leeshya kissed Xulia with a smile and then went back to fucking her dick-pussy until they both passed out once more.

(Continued in #72 - A Pile of Love)

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