Misty F Fiction

Trope: unexpected awesomeness

191 – A Newfound Thirst

You find yourself invited out to a remission party for a friend, only to find out that her miraculous recovery might have not been what you were expecting. She is not just healthy again, but utterly transformed. You cannot stop staring at her bust which jiggles too much to be fake but, is also far too full to be real. When you finally have a chance to talk, what she tells you is... intriguing...

190 – Devil with a Greed Tattoo

She had been clueless about what the Hebrew symbols meant, they were just something that had looked cool in an anime. Yet, after a nightmarish evening, it seemed that those five characters contained a power she could draw on. Now, with 'Greed' branded upon her, she is being transformed into something... Biblical. Warning: This is far darker than my usual work and there are trigger warnings for several mentions of attempted rape

088 – Jelly from the Springtime of Youth

A vacation to the French Alps for their twentieth anniversary brings a couple closer than ever as their relationship gets a second wind, but is there something more behind this renewed youthful energy? Warning: Extreme transformations and altersex content ahead!

051 – Infused With Alteration

Eros brand shampoo is guaranteed to make your hair, and the rest of you, look great! Warning, incorrect use can lead to dramatic changes in appearance. Ensure you are using the correct product before purchase.

045 – Booty Jeans

Sometimes, you just wish that you could be someone else for a night. Sometimes, your roommate can make that happen. Sometimes, things go very differently...

022 – Swapping Love

Two high school sweethearts reconnect over the summer after her freshman year, however, one of them has finally found the fortitude to face their dysphoria. This leads to a far more intimate moment that either of them anticipated as the new girlfriends promise to support each other in this new chapter...
Warning:Altersex content ahead!