Misty F Fiction

052 – A Lilin’s Awakening

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated SFW

It was not until Melanie moved off to college that she realized how great being around people made her feel. It was more than just enjoying having others around, she had actually felt herself vibrating with energy when crossing campus for classes. However, it was not until she and her roommate Jen had crashed into each other in the doorway, that she really appreciated that feeling. There had been a jolt as they collided and as she lay there on her back, the ambient buzz was getting stronger.

Jen, meanwhile, was so close. Her elbows were on either side of Melanie’s head, her lips little more than a foot away.

A pulse ran down Melanie's body which caused a shudder. She could feel her pant legs riding up as the denim became more and more like a second skin. The realization that she was growing was eclipsed by Jen saying something about how pretty her blue eyes were. Last Melanie checked, her eyes had been brown. Most confusing, however, was the sudden burning desire to kiss her roommate. She had never kissed a girl, or a boy either for that matter, but she wanted nothing more than to change that as soon as possible.,.

Mel raised herself up on her elbows, Jen inched closer, and their breathing grew faster. The burst of energy when they touched was almost as good for Melanie as the soft, pillowy feel of another’s lips on her own. The tentative kiss between the young women dragged on, becoming more fierce as each began to explore the other’s body…


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