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003 – Milk Makes a Body Grow

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Huge Growth, Intimate Nudity, References to Sex and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

In the four days since her party got back from their last job, Zynn’s life had changed in ways she could have never expected. Their mission had been about information gathering ahead of a raid on the nearby rebel camp, however, there were always opportunities to make a quick buck while snooping. Zynn had a good eye for value, so when the little goblin found something of interest it tended to end up in her pouch. Which was why she did not have a second thought about taking the statuette made of gold that she had found. Even though she recognized it as an effigy of a Tauren goddess, it never occurred to her that the foot-long object would come with far larger consequences. She thought it funny the figure’s curves were exaggerated to the point of absurdity but had found herself liking the rotund shape all the same. She had figured then that the greater mass meant there was more gold for her fence.

On the first morning back, the little goblin had been sore all over, and her armor had chafed through her jerkin. There had been a chance to hawk the idol, but she had hesitated and then decided she wanted to keep it. Laying in her bunk that night, Zynn had found herself thinking about how pretty her golden cow was in her hands. Her new treasure had shimmered with a light all its own as she turned it over in her hands. She had felt a heat coming from it that made it seem alive. She had whispered The Goddess' name as she kept sliding the gold across her palms. That night, she had dreams involving a lot of sex with a lot of partners.

On the second day, she awakened super aroused and missing her Orcish lover. Further, nothing had fit right at all. She had been unable to fit a shirt over her bust, nor pants past her hips and butt. Even if she could have gotten dressed, her need had been so bad that she laid in her bunk for hours that morning, getting off again and again but never tiring and never feeling satisfied. She had never felt comfortable offering herself up to others before now, and Thark was not going to be back until the next day. She had eventually resorted to straddling the statuette and using its rounded protrusions to find relief. The orgasm from fucking the idol had been beyond intense. Even now, she was having a hard time recalling the full extent of her climax. What she was sure of was that her whole body had vibrated like she was a gong when she groaned The Goddess' name and went limp. The experience had left her on her back panting. That night, she had slept with the figure between her thighs, her dreams filled with more sex and pleasure than her mind could even fathom.

The third day's dawn brought even more libido and growth with it. Almost overnight, every stitch of clothing she owned had become much too small. Somehow, in the last two days, she had packed on enough pounds that her once trim body now resembled the figure to some degree. The rogue was sure her changing figure and the increasing interaction with the idol were related but had found herself too distracted by all of the new sensations coming from her body to think about it. The new abundance of soft, pliable flesh had felt great in her hands; her sense of touch intense and entrancing. Just squishing a tit under her fingers while petting her belly had been enough to bring her close to climax.

Despite how wonderful petting herself had become, however, that stimulation was still nowhere near intense enough to satisfy her need. Still lacking the partner she craved, Zynn had mounted the golden calf again and fucked it like a lover. She knew The Goddess was there for her. She knew that if she kept whispering Her name with every movement, eventually She would grant Zynn the orgasm she hungered for. As she felt her Goddess' contours rub against her, Zynn found herself feeling jealous. Thick as she had gotten, the statuette's proportions were still more exaggerated than hers were--and something about that annoyed her. She had never wanted to be that big and fecund, but now? She wanted to have the body of The Goddess. Had she not been such a state of desperate need, she might have noticed the effigy had grown with her, the rotund figure now almost two feet long.

After getting off to herself with the idol at least half a dozen times, she had taken the edge off enough to get out of bed. Wrapped in just a cloak, Zynn had left her bunk to hunt down Thark. She had found him in his bed, exhausted from his patrol.  It only took a moment to help him find the stamina needed, but two minutes later she had already milked his thick green dick between her vast, pillowy cleavage. Zynn was disappointed but, as her Orcish partner sucked on her nipples, she felt something flow from her into him. For some reason, he was getting hard again. Not just that, he felt… Bigger.

Her body had been humming as she climbed on top of her Orcish partner. Every fiber of her being had been vibrating as she began to ride Thark. She had kept going, increasing her pace until the clap of her fat ass and thighs against him had become an insistent metronome. He had lasted longer that time but had been groaning her name around her swollen teats was all too soon. As he had filled her with his seed, however, it became apparent that he was not getting soft. If anything, he had continued to grow instead.

He had already been a tight fit after the first round of growth, but now, it felt like his cock expanding within her was going to split her in two. Out of reflex, Zynn had evoked Her name in that moment and had felt a rush of power soon after. The sensation had seemed to alter her body so that she could handle him. He had come again by then, lasting twice as long as the previous time, pumping more of his seed into her. Even after that, neither had been satisfied. They had kept on going until her tummy was filled to bursting, and Thark had passed out.

However, they had been going for so long that others had started to come back to the dorm for the night. Her reticence at group sex forgotten, she took on all comers, her body burning with a need that seemed insatiable. Troll and Orc alike had offered their seed to her and her Goddess, and her body had somehow kept making space for yet another thick load. It had felt like, somehow, she was turning all that cum into the stamina necessary to outlast a dozen partners and orgasms.

So when she awakened this morning, she wasn’t at all surprised that her whole body was even thicker than before. The heap of Orcs and Trolls still lay around her. Not one of them was smaller than seven inches long.

“On top of that,” she continued from her seat at the breakfast table, an Ogre’s mantle wrapped around her like a blanket. “I’m leaking milk now, and it tastes so delicious and sweet.”

She leaned over, elbow on table and chicken leg in hand. “I’m telling you, I won’t be surprised if I suddenly get taller. Maybe it‘d balance all of this out,” she added, hefting a breast that had swollen to a size larger than her head. Her veins stood out proudly from the pressure of her fluids.

“Whatever, Zynn,” said an Orc a couple of seats down. “Maybe don’t get cursed next time?”

“You wanna say that to my face?”

The Orc’s chair slid back as he stood and drew his axe, only to fall backwards grasping at a dagger which had sprouted from his shoulder. The flutter of fabric hung in the air and Zynn stood over him, her hyper-hourglass physique on display for everyone to see.

She dropped to her knees on either side of his face, her thighs squeezing his cheeks. Her plump pussy was already glistening in anticipation of the face fucking she was about to dish out. “You gonna apologize, or am I gonna make a man out of you?”

The Orc stammered, his eyes fixed on the curvy goblin’s steadily swelling clit. His friends pulled him by the legs and got him up. The hall cleared in a hurry after that. Frustrated, Zynn returned to her bunk.

Her new bulk made playing with herself hard, so she settled for sucking on her swollen nipples. Her fingers traced the veins throbbing against her skin as she alternated between one and the other. She was slowly slipping into a pleasurable haze when she noticed her bunk seemed even smaller.

Focus lost, she turned her attention to how small the world seemed to have gotten. Getting to her feet, her shoulder was even with the ceiling of her nook when, before, it was just above eye level. She had to have gotten half a foot taller!

The milk! Thark and the other Orcs had grown because of the all the suckling they had done! She, too, was changing because of the fluid, it seemed. Her body was swelling to ever greater thickness as the cream seeped into her flesh. Zynn was so round now that she looked just like her Goddess. She was as fecund as The Goddess' effigy, maybe even more so. Had she been cursed for what she had done with the idol or was this a blessing for all the unwitting worship she had given? Either way, was she doomed to grow forever as divine power coursed through her veins?

She had never been so excited.

The voluptuous goblin had a bowl in her hand before she knew it and was doing her best to squeeze her tits over it. Milk got everywhere, but most of it ended up in the bowl. She waited for it to grow but, it remained the same size. Did it just work on living things? On a hunch, Zynn grabbed the statuette and realized for the first time how big it had gotten. The once rough surface had been polished smooth by all of her rutting and petting. Lines she did not recall traced over the surface now, forming marks on The Goddess's body.

Using the statue's reflective surface, Zynn checked to see if she now bore the same markings. "Oh, this is too awesome," she said when she saw the heart-like sigil between her navel and pussy. The marks on The Goddess' hips were on her hips as well.

"I thank you for this blessing. My Goddess," Zynn said in a solemn tone before placing the gold into the milk. She was unsure what to expect, but, sure enough, the level of the milk went down and the idol began to expand. In moments, right before her eyes, it outgrew the bowl then continued to expand until it was nearly as tall as she was. The Goddess' curves had waned a great deal from the change, but it made Her effigy just the right shape.

She had to fuck it! Her reputation for being the best rogue for tight spaces inside and out depended on it!

It took forever to get the gold figure vertical; its circumference was almost more than her arms could grab and, on top of that, its surface was still very slick. However, the feeling of the warm metal between her expansive cleavage had her panting even before she climbed up her nook to be level with it. Her pussy was positively drooling at the thought of something so vast being inside her. Oddly, her nipples were also dripping, but she was too caught up in her excitement to explore that physical development further.

The extraordinarily busty goblin gripped the milk-slick statue with plump calves and thighs as she lowered herself towards the rounded tip. At first, the pressure was blinding, but she steadily, impossibly, stretched to accommodate the massive toy.

With a start, she realized the milk still seeping out of the material was affecting her as well. The lust-driven goblin gripped tighter, pulling herself further towards the broadest point. With each inch, she felt like she would inevitably break, but never did. The feeling of her body stretching reminded her of a balloon filling with air.

The pressure was beyond comprehension as the sudden flare of The Goddess' shoulders drew close. Her coordination was waning as spasm after spasm of orgasm wracked her body. Milk flowed freely now, coating her front with the miraculous fluid. Finally, she fit both arms into her snatch and gravity took over. Try as she might to squeeze and halt her descent, the metal's surface was too slick to find purchase. Praying to Her once more, Zynn felt that same rush of power. Somehow, her body seemed to rearrange to accommodate the intrusion, and in what felt like no time at all, her feet were on the floor, and the entire three-foot likeness was inside her as she leaned against her nook.

Wait, leaned? Zynn glanced about, even though she had slid to the floor, her eye level had not changed all that much. Apparently the torrents of milk she was releasing had made her grow to handle the massive achievement. Only, it no longer seemed like that much of an accomplishment now, since the size difference had been removed since she was no longer three feet tall anymore. If she had to guess, she was probably as tall as a Troll now.

Although all that added height had not even come close evening out her proportions. If anything, Zynn’s body was even more outrageous now than before. Impossibly round, vein-covered tits hung past her hips and extended at least a foot in front of her. Huge, puffy areolae, at least the size of her tits just a couple of days ago, were capped by nipples as thick as her wrists. From the gentle tickle on her skin, they were still leaking profusely. She could neither reach mid-thigh around her flared hips nor could she reach the apex of her ass. Which, the goblin noted, now also rounded out to the sides, making her cheeks nearly perfect orbs. As she was still standing, the not so little rogue imagined her legs were both thick with jiggling fat and rippling with bulging muscles. She took a tentative step and though her whole body wobbled, she did not lose her footing.

In the time it had taken to take stock of her new body, the pleasing feeling of being full had faded and a considerably smaller idol fell between her feet with a soft clang. It appeared her body had wrung all the milk out of it to fuel her changes.

"Well, looks like this adventurer has a new quest,” she said to herself. “After I return this wonderful little cow, My Goddess, I’m off to find the biggest dong in all the land and fuck it, preferably twice so one of those times can be in Your name. Failing that, I’ll make one suitable for us. No, why stop at one? I know You want more than that--and I going to make it happen…”

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