Misty F Fiction

Trope: magic makes things better

216 – Full-Time Magical Girl

AMAB, Hitomi Tanaka got the chance of a lifetime when she became Magical Spice Sailor Mint. Thanks to the transformation's magic, she finally had access to a body that felt right. However, that made changing back feel like withdrawal. So about a month ago, she made a decision to never change back unless she absolutely had to. Suffice to say, that has had some interesting effects on her life...

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047 – Gooey Could Be Good

When Slimes first appeared in the aftermath of The Shadei Uprising in 1983, infection by their cells and being turned into an amorphous Gelkin was a death sentence. Now though, twenty years later, medical advances which protect sentience as the transformation progresses and prevent transmission of the virus to others allow Gelkin to continue leading normal lives--for the most part anyway. There are always surprises when one becomes something else...

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