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091 – Adjust to Fit

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Implied Sex, Sexual Teasing and Sexually-Focused Transformation

It had been a month since the party. Kristi was getting progressively more comfortable about life as a known shapeshifter. Being out was becoming a source of pride and confidence, as was her changing relationship with Linda. Ever since that night, she had caught herself daydreaming at least twice a day about her blond roommate growing a cock and Linda appeared to know that. It felt like whenever they were alone, the other shapeshifter had a bulge in her pants. Maybe it was her own growing sexuality as she continued to experiment, but Linda’s behavior seemed flirty. The attention was making her confidence swell even more. The reservations she had about them being intimate were eroding away under rising tides of attraction and on a day they both had a day off, she dressed in her favorite skirt and a cute sweater to voice the question that had been growing in her chest.

“You, um, want to go do something together?” she asked, pulling at a lock of her blue-green hair.

Linda looked up from her tablet, her eyebrow quirked over her bright blue eyes. “No--wait,” she said, a grin starting to spread. “Are you asking me on a date?”

Kristi shuffled her feet and nodded.

Linda shifted in her seat, a thick cock peeking out of her boyshorts. “Oh, I thought you didn’t want to date me?”

Suddenly irritated, Kristi stalked over to her roommate and grabbed her dick. “If you don’t want me, put this away.”

Linda’s gasp of shock became a satisfied moan. “Oh yes, I really like this assertive Kristi.”

Kristi moved to pin her roommate to her armchair, straddling her and then pressing her into the seat with a kiss. “Good," Kristi said after she broke the connection. "You made this happen, so take responsibility.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Linda said with a purr.


The nearby mall was a neutral location for a first date, so they went there. Their day started with the pair of them sitting close over a teriyaki chicken.

“So what brought this on?” Linda asked between bites. She had put on tight pants and a long-sleeved v-neck. She had grown her bust out a bit and the view was quite distracting.

“Oh don’t play coy now,” Kristi jabbed her fork at her (girl)friend. “You’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks making sure I noticed your cock.”

“I really didn’t…perhaps it was subconscious.”

“So you weren’t flirting with me all this time?” She pointed at Linda's very on display cleavage. "You aren't flirting now?"

“Not on purpose, no,” her hand brushed Kristi’s knee and slid up her thigh, raising her skirt in the process. “Trust me, you would have known I was flirting. Still, why waste this opportunity?”

Linda's fingers brushed Kristi's button and she gripped her friend's hand. Lifting it above the table, Kristi kissed Linda's knuckles. “Hey now."


"I suppose it is silly to be a little upset you weren’t actually flirting with me.”

“Not really. I really do like you, so that might have led to my body acting on its own. I’ll be better about it now.”

Better could have meant any number of things, so Kristi let it lie and resumed eating.

After lunch, they went shopping--Linda insisted. She brought Kristi to a boutique where they were greeted by a woman in an adorable, yet sexy dress.

“It’s been so long since you stopped by!”

“Sorry, Maxi, life’s been crazy.”

“Do you and your friend need a fitting room?”

“Yes, she also needs measurements.”

“I do?”

“Yes, I can’t have my plus one for my sister’s wedding wearing something ill-fitting.”

Kristi felt her face getting warm at the idea of going to a wedding with Linda. Her mind drifted to how their own wedding could look like then snapped back when she felt her sweater getting tight as her arousal shifted her form.

“Right this way,” Maxi said, gesturing towards the back of the store. They passed through a set of curtains to a room with mirrors all around and Maxi pulled out a tape measure.

“Excuse me,” she said before wrapping the tape around Kristi’s waist. It was not actually a hug, but the feeling of a stranger’s arms around her caused a shudder. Just as Maxi pulled the tape tight, Kristi’s stomach tightened up and left a gap between her and the tape.

To her credit, Maxi just laughed. “You shapeshifters are such fun,” she said as she pulled the tape tight again. “I love how your bodies change like this.”

So it went, Kristi’s body slowly shifting in response to Maxi’s attention. Her bust got a little bigger, she got a little taller and fitter, but she kept things under control. When Maxi wrapped the tape around her ass though, the floodgates opened. The long end of the tape kept sliding as Kristi packed on inch after inch of butt and hip until the tape slipped from the woman’s fingers.

“Ah! I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay, just take a breath and calm down. Being more than sixty inches will make it a challenge to find something for you.”

Kristi took a deep breath and felt her butt shrink by half, although her hips did not narrow all that much. Curious about why that had happened, she made a mental note to revisit that width later with Linda in a more intimate situation...

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