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043 – Hythena’s Evolution

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

Wrapped in the embrace of her master's energy, Hythena squirmed in restrained pleasure within her ornate silks even as she yawned into the azure, snake-like scales plating her fingers. At the foot of the dais, two Imp nobles argued for her favor, and she could not have cared less for the petty squabble between their houses. Of all the things she had to deal with as Lord Taulic’s lieutenant, these days of holding down the fort were some of the worst.

The harsh truth was that she detested many of her kin and their short-sighted self-absorption. However, what Hythena hated more was formal wear and the way it constrained her lush body. So, instead, she wore the bare minimum while holding court in her master's stead. The slits of her fine, form-fitting dress rose all the way to her waist where they vanished beneath a wide leather belt. The gown, which was surely meant for a giantess, draped to the floor on either side of her rotund hips.

Not that many were paying attention to her hip's vast expanses of slate-grey flesh. The daemoness knew all too well how all eyes were bound to fix upon her tits. Even among Taulic's harem, her measurements were only out matched by three or four others. Her titanic bust bulged from either side of the giant-sized halter top, coming to rest on the polished granite arms of the throne as well as her lap.

Despite all the hassle, her reward was worth it. She was seated on His throne. In His audience chamber. Serving as His regent. If she ordered something--anything--to happen to either Imp or even their entire houses, the words would have barely left her lips before they were acted upon. She held a lot of power in her claws. More power than a vast majority in the Imperium and beyond could ever hope to wield.

The rush she felt from that power exchange between herself and her master made her entire body throb and shift against her soft dress. During each of her several regencies, every moment had been tinged by a sexual tension and ferocity which felt familiar, even comfortable now. The sensation was so intense that even if the daemoness from Mospeilheim were to edge hundreds of times an hour it would not come close to the way she felt each day when she sat down in this throne.

On top of the thrill of being handed the universe, there was the teasing from his energy. Taulic's corrupting influence had seeped into the very essences of the cloth, steel, and stone of his throne. The tendril-like echoes of His being caressed her skin and invaded her body the entire time she held court. The ever-cold arms of the throne squeezed her naked hips though like He was gripping her from behind.

Had anyone else tried to sit, they would have no doubt been sculpted to suit His perverse tastes in a matter of seconds. Hythena, however, was exactly what Taulic wanted her to be, making her the only being who was immune to the way He altered reality to suit His desires. Even so, His energy writhed within her as if infuriated it could not find anything to twist or reshape.

She knew the secret of her immunity, or the roots of it at least. She remained herself for the most part because she was a mystery to Him, one He wanted to solve without breaking her. That hunger for understanding had kept her alive and sane where so many others had wound up otherwise.

Hythena wanted to believe it was more than that now, something which kept them better balanced as equals. The corrupted daemoness had been granted countless opportunities for revenge over what she had become after receiving Taulic's 'blessing' many years ago, and yet, she remained His greatest champion and devotee freely and eagerly of her own volition. It felt like all of this came down to her enthusiasm at being with Him, at being his partner.

Yes, galling as the word might be, love connected them now. Sure, she was addicted to His presence but, the attraction was far more than that. She fucking loved being needed–nay, wanted–by one of the most influential figures in all the dimensions and nothing else would ever come close to the power of that trust. The connection was twisted and dark, sure, but they were daemonic after all--nothing was ever a one-to-one match with the means of lesser folk.

Besides, where the feeling might have been love for her, it very well could have been fear on His part. It seemed like desire which was honest and free and not the result of his corrupting influence or some manner coercion was off-putting to the daemonic overlord. He probably never experienced that level of emotion from His corrupted thralls and no one else had ever been themselves around him for very long.

Perhaps memories of the Hythena she had been were merely an illusion of her corrupted mind. She had been assigned to Lord Taulic’s honor guard early, she had barely been old enough to enlist. That she had been given such a prestigious position made her ecstatic to put it lightly. It was a real chance for the lesser daemoness to prove her worth. So when the Daemon Lord Himself offered to make her more powerful, how could she have refused?

Power, after all, was something every daemon desired. It was the one core trait that united them.

So when she had been handed a flask of thick cream all those years ago, she did not ask what was in it. She merely drank until it was all gone. She could remember what happened next as if it had only been a few moments ago, the memory of her blessed yet cursed transformation was etched into her very being.

Her body had started vibrating as Taulic’s taint reshaped her. Power had surged through her as her lithe body thickened and lengthened. The younger Hythena first noticed her lips as they inflated into a pillowy, purple ring which made her jaw hang open slightly just to accommodate them. Puffy, glistening, and eminently sensitive, they were the first taste of power as a true daemoness. In the same manner, her clit had swollen to be larger than two fingers, the pastel purple nub just visible past the plumping mass of her transforming pussy.

Her clit was even more impressive now, after years of training, its girth on par with most average-sized cocks. Just thinking about that continued growth made her power-drunk body throb even harder and invite more of Taulic's energy inside.

That, however, had hardly been the full extent of her changes that day. Her tits, hips, and ass grew next, each expanding outwards as she became thicker and taller. At the time, she had been totally focused on her breasts as her once handful-sized endowments ballooned outwards. Swelling out of her clawed grasp, they had approached a volume far more vast than her head within seconds. At their rounded peaks, swollen, deep purple aureole had just swallowed her thickening nipples.

Just as it had seemed that her evolution was coming to a halt, there had been a shuddering, full-body sensation which had knocked the daemoness to her scaled knees. Her mind had tried to focus on that but her fingers grasped at the apex of her curves instead. Feelings of pleasure radiated out from them, becoming more and more intense until they became impossible to ignore. Under her azure-scaled fingers, she had felt her sensitive flesh take on a different, but familiar shape. The swelling mounds had developed a form much like her altered lips. As the second wave of vibration from Lord Taulic’s blessing faded, long, thick tongues began lapping at her fingertips.

The taste of her own mana was like the greatest ambrosia. Her extra mouths sucked on her magic through her scales, causing them to swell even larger. An essence-infusing pleasure had gripped her and the feeling had only grown more powerful when she started to play with her new endowments in earnest as her tail’s diamond-shaped tip had slipped between her much thicker thighs to explore her new corrupted depths.

That night, He had his way with her, expecting the newly-corrupted, wide-eyed daemoness to be effortlessly transformed further, making her into another member of His harem. Instead of becoming a gibbering mass of pleasure-seeking flesh, however, Hythena grew stronger and sharper. There was a moment, right after Taulic came inside her for the first time and His power was flowing through her, where she had been more powerful. She forced him back and then down before settling her dripping center on his face. Drunk on that reversal, she had made Him submit to her and lick her clean.

To this day, it was a moment she was still surprised He had let stand. Then again, He now bound her when He intended on filling her up. So, perhaps He felt more fear than she expected or, maybe her bondage was a challenge to her power over him?

Yes, perhaps that was it.

Suddenly eager to be alone for a moment, Hythena ruled in favor of one Imp at random and dismissed them both. As her mind drifted off to imagine what that would be like, her tail began to stroke her pussy beneath the draping front of her dress and she slipped her fingers between her bust and silk to finger her lipples... (1591)

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