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218 – Like an Exposed Reactor Core

If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Complete Demihuman Transformation, Extreme Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Gratuitous Nudity, Huge Sizes, Mental Corruption, Non-Consensual Participation, Physical Corruption and Reality Corruption

A Note A character in this story uses Spivak singular they pronouns. Ey, Eir, and Em are not typos. I have also included tooltips on words specific to this setting.

Two Days Since Walpurgisnacht...

"Hey, it's been more than an hour!" Kiva banged on the bathroom door with the soft side of her fist. "You going to be in there much longer?"

She waited for a beat, tugging at the hem of the loose terrycloth shorts she wore to bed. There was no response outside of a loud groan. She opened the door a crack to lean into the room and ask again. When she did, it felt like a hot, wet towel had been thrown over her face and shoulders. So much so that she reached up to remove it.

The air was so thick with steam that Kiva could not even see the frosted glass doors of the shower or their frame no more than fifteen feet away. How had running water this hot the whole time not used up all the heat already?

Worried that something else had gone wrong, Kiva called out to Chiara and swore when she got another vague response. Oh, right. Chiara was not the one taking a shower right now, but someone else. In fact, it might never be her taking a shower again. Unless a miracle happened, Chiara might as well be…

Kiva clutched the door’s edge until her knuckles went white as if that would hold back the burning weight that had settled in her chest since the accident. After more than two years of squabbling and break-ups, she and Chiara had finally found happiness together. A shared path between magi and prismi which needed only a handfasting on Beltane, and some paperwork at the courthouse to be set. So the sudden change in circumstance happening on the night before their union made a terrible situation into one Kiva was unsure she could weather.

No, that was giving up too soon. Chiaribella had promised to figure out a way to fix this, Kiva just had to believe in them—er, em. Her magi girlfriend was now what many would consider a lilin, the offspring resulting from the union between scion and daemona, but that would be an underestimation. Although correct in the broad sense, the magical mishap that had fused master and familiar was one they–ey–could never hope to replicate. It had altered eir make up in ways ey could barely articulate. Even as a spectra-sensitive, Kiva knew for certain was that Chiaribella was nothing like any lilin she knew.

"Chiaribella? You okay?"

A collection of long, shuddering breaths which happened all at the same time was the only response. It was also the only warning Kiva had before a cacophony of moans erupted from the shower. Like the breaths, the exultations came as a harmony of voices, more like a half dozen women at once instead of just the one in the shower.

Kiva's entire body throbbed as the force of those synchronized cries washed over her. Her sex drive had been at the back of her mind, but the sensations made it hard to think about anything else. Nowhere close to being aroused before this, Kiva was now panting like she had been edging for an hour. Her skin tingled as if she had experienced a hundred kisses at once. Her lips, meanwhile, tasted like Chiara's maple balm all of a sudden. She could feel her former girlfriend's arms around her shoulders. Could feel Ribelle sitting at her feet, the daemona’s weight leaning back against her legs.

Kiva's heart skipped a beat. Phantom sensations like these were all early signs of being enthralled by a cubian's Trance. How was that possible? Chiara's warding amulet was never not around her neck and it should have been diminishing the Trance’s effect, blunting the uncontrollable desire Ribelle’s kind had once used to dominate scions of all kinds. With the Trance reduced to the less predatory Charm, the sensations should have been soothing, sensual, and warm. That was not the case right now.

Then again, it had been less than two minutes since she climbed the stairs, and the talisman was already burning through her spectra-born shield to singe her tank top. She was willing to bet the metal and ceramic sigil would already be way hotter than it would be after being exposed to Ribelle for an entire day.

Noted. Close proximity to a cubian lilin-witch in the throes of sexual release is on par with standing at ground zero for a mag-bomb detonation. Got it. She had to do something, but what could she do? At this point, Chiaribella was a reactor mid-meltdown. Ey was putting off enough sex-infused mana that it was bound to start affecting others nearby.

"Chiaribella!" Kiva yelled, hoping to startle her roommate. "Hey!"

"Oh! Sorry... uh, we'll be done in a... a minute... " The breathless, two-voiced apology was followed by another harmonic, multi-layered moan that made Kiva's knees weak and her face hot. It felt like Chiara and Ribelle were on either side of her now, their lips on her neck, her collarbone, and more as each gasp soaked into her body. The loving pressure moved down her entire body, wrapping her in an overwhelming sense of desire.

Caught up in the pleasure, Kiva did not—could not—resist as her whole body tensed from every inch of her being stimulated at once. Then, without warning, the sensations were gone, and she crumbled like a ragdoll. Her grip on the door was the only thing keeping her on her feet at this point.

There was a thump then. A wet slap which made Kiva jump. A burst of fuschia light scattered the steam. A hand with seven slender fingers and pale purple skin pressed into the glass of the shower. It did not look scionic. Adding to that, a seam spread out across the palm from thumb to heel, and the same light began to bleed out of it to run down the door with the water. There was another quick group of multi-layered moans from within the shower and the newly formed gash opened to reveal an eye with a luminescent fuschia iris in a sea of black.

Before Kiva could even process that development, the eye seemed to roll back in its socket. A burst of fuschia presaged a metaphorical phalanx of moans rising from the shower. Louder and more robust than any of the previous energy waves, the hedonistic chorus crashed over Kiva and shoved her back into the hallway. Her roommate's exoscionicExoscionics are, effectively, any manifested lifeform. exclamations cut through every layer of her shield and into her psyche in a dozen places. Bursts of pleasure spread from the psychic wounds like an anesthetic.

Phantom lips were against hers now as a hand brushed through her hair down to her ear. The embrace felt so familiar. So very much like the hundreds of times she and Chiara had kissed. Yet there was a forcefulness which was foreign. Was it a challenge for Kiva or just the pressure of a cubian-witch’s mana? If it was a challenge, she was willing to accept. As if in reply, something about the kiss changed. Without warning, the Trance’s effects intensified.

With her mental defenses already scattered from the last wave, Kiva could not keep Chiaribella out of her mind. The cubian presence in her head ignited her desire and turned it into a blaze. Forced to her knees, Kiva bucked into one hand as the other teased through her top.

At the very edge of her sexual forest fire, she was aware that her fiancee was searching for something to push em over the edge as well. As a result, each time that Kiva and Chiara had ever fucked was channeled, one moment at a time, through Kiva's overtaxed nerves. It happened over and over, the inquisitive and horny lilin-witch replaying night after pleasure-filled night in exacting detail until Kiva was on her back tempest-tossed on a boiling sea of orgasms.

All of that was still not enough for Chiaribella, whose quest for eir climax was becoming desperate. Eir emotional vortex grew more powerful, the pull on Kiva becoming like a riptide beneath the surface of her roiling mind. Overwhelmed by the Trance and unable to think about much else besides helping her lover and fiancée, Kiva’s body rose off the floor like a puppet.

Less sturdy than a newborn fawn, she pushed the door aside and stumbled into the room. Holding herself up on the sink, she dropped her soaking wet, loose-fitting pajama shorts. With her other hand on the opposite wall, halfway to the shower, she shucked her oversized tank top. Despite the oppressive heat all around her, the metal bar of the door was cool. She slid it open.

Chiaribella was there, reclining in the shower on an impractical porcelain divan. Eir fit body had been transformed into fecundity and sexuality incarnate. Kiva was struck with the revelation that her fiancée had become the manifestation of Venus’ fertility.

Eir hips and breasts were exaggerated to extremes. Her soft tummy and vulva promised comfort and pleasure alike. Eir bush was wild and thick, eir golden-blonde hair contrasting with eir bright brown complexion. In fact, the warmth of eir skin tone had intensified so much that it was as if ey had absorbed some energy directly from the Sun. Eir long golden-blonde hair was up in a complicated crown of curls that made em look radiant and regal. It was not the hairstyle of someone taking a shower.

“Come to me, Kiva,” the cubian-witch cooed in eir multi-toned voice.

Hearing her name pushed Kiva to the very edge once more. Her body was quaking like she had been fucking for hours, and yet she felt more alive than ever. Somehow, as their gazes met, Chiaribella’s glowing eyes and lush, confident smile conveyed the experiences from centuries’ of sexual conquest directly into Kiva's awareness. Sex with scores and legions of partners flooded Kiva’s mind. The moment before, she had only known a few partners, but between one breath and the next, her history was altered by Chirabellea’s whim.

She had always been Archpriestess for a goddess of hedonism, but the title was just a fancy way of saying she was a slut above all others. Blessed with immortality and endless sex drive, she was a wellspring of infinite lust. Her body was a temple, and each partner’s desire was an offering. Whenever she fucked, whether it was one partner or a dozen, their sexual fantasies, their desire, and their satisfaction were channeled through Kiva and into her goddess.

In return, Kiva felt every single sensation with exponential intensity. It was not unusual for her to orgasm five or more times in the time it took her patron to climax. Hells, her mind was fueled by orgasm now. Like most in this day and age drank coffee to face the day, she had to get off at least twice before getting out of bed. As a trade-off, she could remain aware through pleasure that would be mind-numbing to others. Something she needed as her goddess’ consort.

“Come, my beloved, and worship us.” Yes, she was fortunate to stand before her goddess--no, The Goddess--she had but to kneel and receive her reward.

Kiva’s knees met the tiled floor of the shower. This chance to be with Chiara The Goddess again made her heart ache. So much so that she did not resist as her awareness was squashed by her awe of her fiancee The Goddess. Chiara The Goddess was everything she wanted. Kiva wanted for nothing else. Everything would be perfect with The Goddess’ touch on her body and mind.

All that remained... All that separated them… Was the amulet. She needed to remove it, or else The Goddess could not bless her again. There was opposition to the suggestion in her mind, but why would there be? The Goddess cared for her, had her best interests at heart. If the amulet was unnecessary it should have been trivial to discard it.

Her hand rose to her chest. Her fingers clasped around the burning hot metal and–

No! That was not happening!

Grabbing hold of the moment where the Trance and reality matched up, Kiva used the last of her overtaxed spectra to empower the amulet and break free. She bit her lip as the enchanted emblem stung her palm. At the same time, a rush of energy enveloped her as her shield repaired and hardened.

Despite the fading memory of getting up and approaching the shower, she was on her knees and elbows in the hallway. Everything hurt from the pleasure-born spasms which had wracked her body. Sweat was pouring off her. From what she could see of her damp, dark hair, she probably looked half-drowned. However, it did not feel like she had survived more than a hundred orgasms either. Still, she had come this close to being lost forever, her awareness shredded by overflowing exoscionic lust and power.

The burns on her palm and fingers would need attention, eventually, but the haze in her mind had cleared. She could think again. Mind-shattering as the experience of being between Chiaribella's thighs might have been, it was not worth being rendered a vegetable for it.

Even as she said it to herself, she barely believed it.

Stoked by all of the sexually-charged energy, Kiva’s desire to be with her partner was all she could think about at that point, but the risk of irreparable harm ensured that she and Chiara would probably never be together again. Kiva's hopeless need had no doubt ended up being the anchor point the Cubian Trance needed. Still, fantasy-satisfying sexual glamour or not, getting carried away by Chiaribella's lust was absolutely out of the question.

"Are you quite done?" Kiva snapped, irritation filling the gulf of emotion created by overcharging the amulet’s protective spell.

"Y-y-yeah," Chiaribella gasped back. "We just need to wash our..." but whatever it was the cubian-witch needed to wash was lost in another penetrating chorus of moans which made Kiva roll to her side and slip her hand into her shorts as the Trance cut into her again like her shield wasn’t even there. The fog of insatiable lust began to press in from all sides once more. She heard the ceramic crack as her lust and Chiaribella’s linked up.

Chiara still wanted to be with her, Kiva could feel it through the unstable connection. Ribelle was utterly devastated that this had happened. Lost as they were in the hedonism of being ground zero for a hurricane of sexual energy, in their shared mindscape there was a streak of sorrow so wide it was a canyon. They both blamed themselves for this situation. Both wanted to fix it, to put things right again. Although that was not going to matter if things continued like they were.

"You have to stop the Trance!” Kiva groaned from the floor as she started to buck into her fingers. “The Trance, my love! If you keep this up, you're going to melt me!"

A trio of guttural groans shook the whole floor but the pressure of the cubian Trance lessened back into the soft warmth of the Charm. "Are... are you okay?" Chiara and Ribelle's combined voices asked. "We didn't hurt you... right?"

"I'm fine, just hurry it up," Kiva said through gritted teeth as she clenched her fists and ruined her orgasm. The edge was off, but Kiva knew her night would be restless. Even with the Trance no longer at her throat, her level of exposure had already suffused her body with an unending need to have sex that would probably last the whole weekend. Every system in her body was pounding under the strain of a libido which would have killed someone else. Kiva was only holding it together because she had spent so much time around Ribelle. Emotional defenses notwithstanding, she was hornier than a whole pride of ailurans in heat and it was going to wreck her.

Each thought which was not offering herself to her roommate was harder than the last. Desperate, Kiva drew on every ounce of fury she could muster to stave off a decision which would break her one way or another. "You might not ever need to sleep again, but I've got to be at the lab in the morning. Not to mention I can't go to bed until I take another shower thanks to you."

"Sorry," the pair of voices layered over each other replied. "It just... We lost ourselves. It was the first time we had... indulged. One more moment, ‘kay?"

"Fine. Whatever. I'm gonna brush my teeth, then go get fresh pajamas. Please, please, please be out by then."

The fusion of magi and daemona groaned in a way that sounded like agreement. Tugging her shield around her, Kiva took a tentative step into the bathroom.

The room itself had changed under Chiaribella's influence. What had once been a ten by ten space was now three times that and home to a full-sized bath house-style tub. It had felt like a sauna in here because it was one.

What had been a single standing sink was now a two-sink vanity. The countertop was made of polished black granite that somehow had veins of gold running through it. The mirror was heated to fight off condensation.

Kiva could still hear gasps, moans, and the like coming from the shower, but they had gotten quieter. Their intensity muffled as if Chiaribella was biting her fist while she finished up. Kiva began to hum as she brushed her teeth and she managed to ignore the stifled sounds. That is, until Chiaribella screamed from reaching eir long-sought climax.

Wrapped up in eir orgasm, Chiaribella’s moans and cries escalated beyond anything so far–and Kiva was only a few feet away at this point! Her only saving grace was the sensual kiss of the Charm did not harden into the Trance again. The sounds of Chiaribella's pleasure echoed from every side, surrounding Kiva with the melody of a cubian at the height of eir climax.

Despite having just finished, Kiva was on her tiptoes as she pressed her crotch against the vanity. Bending over so that she was laying on her arm and the counter, Kiva tried to convince herself that the magic-infused cries were not why she was fingering herself again. However, she was soon gasping in time with her daemona-infused fiancee. She had nowhere near the same threshold for pleasure as Chiaribella, so it only took a minute for Kiva to cum for the second time in five minutes.

Even so, it felt like she had been on her back for an hour with Chiaribella between her legs. Why had she been so stupid? She should have never stepped in here while Chiaribella was still in the shower. Now, the temptation was getting to be more than she could handle.

The amulet was glowing white-hot and she could hear the ceramic cracking further. Then Chiaribella got out of the shower and Kiva felt the amulet snap. She folded her shield around the fragments, holding them in place so that there was still something between her and her altered partner. She knew it was probably futile. If Chiaribella’s Trance began again, there was no way she would not be burned out by it.

Eir back was turned, but eir altered form was a radical change from how ey had looked at dinner. They had gone from 'unnatural, but still scionic beauty' all the way to 'dark fantasy evil sexy'. Like The Goddess version of eir, Chiaribella’s athletic body had grown in all directions. Eir shoulders, waist, and hips were each at least twice as wide.

Once not much more than five feet tall, her roommate's gigantic ass was now at eye-level for Kiva. It was so big that it looked like the daemona-witch was standing on a box in front of a prop. Hells, eir leg alone outsized Kiva at this point, eir thigh more than half as broad Kiva's shoulders.

Her view was mostly obscured by cheeks which curved out far enough to cast a shadow down to the back of her roommate's knees. She realized that streaks of a brighter but fainter purple embraced every exaggerated curve. That a cubian would have stretch marks shocked Kiva at first. Perfection was their whole thing and to manifest them with deliberate purpose seemed counter-intuitive. That is until she realized they were part of the hyper hedonistic aesthetic Chiaribella had adopted. They were tangible badges of her absurd growth and Kiva could not tear her eyes away from them.

Her hand rose on its own to reach out, but Chiaribella stepped away. The distance gave Kiva her first good look at the rest of her roommate's lust-crafted form. Eir short black hair floated like ey were underwater, the underside glowing with the same pink-purple light as the rest of eir accents. Around that, a half-dozen horns that looked like twin-helixes rose eir brows and temples to flow backwards along eir head. Four other arms emerged from her back. Not like extra shoulder beneath her first, but like crossed fingers as if her rib bones had stretched out behind her.

Ey grabbed a towel that would not be anywhere close to sufficient and turned around. Four narrow eyes–black and fuschia like the others–peered out from eir forehead from above the unchanged pair where Kiva expected eyes to be. Boobs that had once been handfuls were now torso consuming. Their weighty teardrop shape hung past eir waist and pressed down on a chubby stomach which obscured a portion of eir tree-like thighs. Like with eir legs, slashes of lavender highlighted the extreme rate of eir development.

Gentle or not, her fiancee’s empowered Charm was threatening to consume her just barely protected mind. Then Kiva noticed Chiaribella had not one, but two dildos stuffed into eir left nipple. Even with everything else, it was such an absurdity that Kiva could not help but laugh. All around her, the Charm’s pressure shattered like frozen glass.

"That's not how nipples work, you know," she said, regarding the witch-lilin with a raised eyebrow.

"Scionic nipples, sure," ey replied with both Chiara and Ribelle's voices again speaking in unison. "But we're more than that now. So much more..." Ey sounded almost proud of eir new state of being. The fusion of witch and familiar closed her six eyes and smiled like ey were getting off as ey slipped a finger into eir unoccupied nipple. Other eyes opened all over her body like little slits of darkness around a glowing ring.

"Like, this new body of our is an absolute wonder,” Chiaribella continued. “We share the libido and transformative powers of a concubian, the combined intellect of two academics, the connection to this plane as a witch... We have almost unlimited mana at our disposal."

"Sure, that sounds great, but are you ever going to figure out how to split up again? As it is, your memory is a jumbled mess. You can’t control your power. And—"

Chiaribella did not seem to hear her, ey had already slipped two more fingers in with the other. "Curious, the opening just keeps growing–ah!–How many vibes could we fit in here? What would happen if we did?"

The woman-turned-exoscionic entity looked down at Kiva with an expression of detached curiosity. "Umm, how would one purchase, like, four dozen pill-shaped vibrators which are about two inches long?"

Ey could not be serious...

(To be continued)

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