Misty F Fiction

Genre: Magical Realism

120 – The Truth of the Fidget Toy

After acquiring a fidget toy to help with anxiety during finals and a stressful break-up with her abusive ex, Justine finds her situation improving in surprising ways. Ways that should be impossible. As she experiences déjà vu more and more frequently, it is hard to ignore the sense that, perhaps, she is altering reality somehow...

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104 – Understanding Dick

You used to have a fetish about wearing strap-ons under your pants at school and work, at least until it ended a relationship. A moment of irritation and misplaced jealousy, however, brings the desire back, to unexpected results, but is there more to being on top in bed than being the one wearing the strap-on?
This story contains: transphobia (and overcoming it), genderfuckery, harsh language/slurs, rough sex, and altersex content.

210 – Witchy Shit Ch.1

It was, of course, a stormy night when Lenore first seriously tried to do the “witch shit” in the old three-ring binder she had gotten as a twenty-third birthday present. It was not like she had planned or waited for such an evening to provide ambiance. In fact, the autumn Nor'Easter was something of a hindrance. The lightning kept messing up her chant and after the fourth time she jumped then lost her place, Lenore decided to try again later.

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198 – More Than One Way to Be a Stud

A bookish, introverted man wants to shake that persona and be more popular. Trust his cousin, a witch, to give him exactly what he is looking for--and more.

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196 – The Other Side

The Coin is an urban legend. It is said to grant wishes with a toss or flip, its faces choosing between one of two stated desires. You might have heard this story before, but this time, The Coin lands on the other faces...
WarningExtreme Transformations ahead!

177 – 2XY

Two friends use magic in an attempt to be the best in a competition at the strip club, however, doubling something like genes is hardly the same as doubling a number--sometimes, two times two does not result in four.

190 – Devil with a Greed Tattoo

She had been clueless about what the Hebrew symbols meant, they were just something that had looked cool in an anime. Yet, after a nightmarish evening, it seemed that those five characters contained a power she could draw on. Now, with 'Greed' branded upon her, she is being transformed into something... Biblical. Warning: This is far darker than my usual work and there are trigger warnings for several mentions of attempted rape

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185 – Ruby and Hazel

An altersex lady whose physiology was such that she had an unending erection during her period and was having an unexpected one just as she was having her girlfriend over for the first time. That has evolved into, what I would like to believe are, a few really sweet and heartfelt moments between two women who are falling for each other.
Please Note: This story is about a woman who is very obviously more than one sex.

182 – Only Good Boys…

After agreeing to let his diminutive girlfriend dominate him, a star athlete was surprised to notice that she was growing--and all the guys around her, including him, were shrinking! That was six months ago... Please note: This story occurs after an extreme transformation where a woman becomes very obviously more than one sex.

179 – Woman of her Dreams

It had been nearly six months and he still had no idea about the secret she was concealing. It was time to tell him, to show him, just what kind of woman he was dating...

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099 – Wishing for Fertility

A couple dealing with fertility issues visit a wishing well and make an impulsive decision which has dramatic results, but, all's well that ends well, right?

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089 – Breaking Through

With her thesis defense looming, a physics genius feels increasing pressure from her social anxiety. When her therapist suggests she use hypnosis to work on lessening the effects of her phobia, what happens is far beyond her expectations...

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088 – Jelly from the Springtime of Youth

A vacation to the French Alps for their twentieth anniversary brings a couple closer than ever as their relationship gets a second wind, but is there something more behind this renewed youthful energy? Warning: Extreme transformations and altersex content ahead!

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