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196 – The Other Side

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex and Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation

Sammy groaned in frustration at her friend as she bent over to better situate her massive boobies in her new, 34H plunge push-up. “Like, seriously, C'mon! It won’t be that crazy of a party! It’ll be so much fun! Just like freshman year!“

Gina glanced up, not even making eye contact with her smoking hot best friend, and blushed at the vast expanse of cleavage on display. Without a word, the cute, somewhat introverted sociology junior buried her face back into the yellowed pages of her latest acquisition from the used bookstore.

“Well?” Sammy asked, drawing out the double-L sound while she wrestled the molded purple-satin bra up her arms.

“I’m good,” Gina replied in the dark tone she had recently acquired. “You can take my car, though.”

"Nope!” Sammy snapped.  “Not this time. You need to get out of this funk so, either I’m going with you or we’re havin’ a girl’s night in. Though you know which I’d rather do~”

Gina just shrugged, making a point to keep the paperback between her and Sammy. It had been like this every night since the break-up a couple months back. Having her engagement broken had corrupted Gina’s once upbeat and driven personality into one that was far nastier and much darker. In fact, Sammy was positive that Gina was cutting again. She was hardly ever not in a hoodie anymore, even while relaxing in their dorm room in her long, mesh gym shorts.

Although Sammy was really sad about that, the blonde CompSci major was also trying not to seem pushy or judgmental–after all, Gina had never judged her for any of the stuff she did–but, enough was enough! Gina needed to get out of her head, at least for a night.

"What if I told you You-know-who will be there with those to-die-for abs,” Sammy added, continuing her campaign of charm while rummaging through her drawer for a shirt. Something that was proving a challenge with her boobies in the way.

A moment of tense silence passed as Sammy pulled on a slinky crop top. The sound of pages turning every few seconds punctuated the increasingly awkward moment. Trying to wait, the blonde snapped a few selfies for ‘gram. When she was unhappy with them, she changed from the white hip-hugging pants that barely contained her jiggly booty to an over-taxed skirt that was scant inches from being indecent, what with her not wearing underwear.

Then, after ten minutes, she groaned another plea and Gina stammered out words that were both an apology and a statement of appreciation. Seizing on that, Sammy changed track.

“Like, I get it,“ she cooed as she dropped to the bed next to her bestie. "You’re still broken up about, well, him–and that’s okay,” she added, putting a supportive hand on Gina’s shoulder.

“I just, like, want you to have fun with me,” she continued, “Like we used to! C'mon! Let’s get out there and party! You can have, like, an awesome one night stand, y'know, and get the endorphins pumping ahead of your better tomorrow.”

But her friend just laughed the suggestion off awkwardly and said she had homework. “Seriously, I’m not staying in to avoid people, Sam-sam. I have a major project due next week. I promise we’ll go together next time, 'kay?”

With a sigh, the blonde party-girl nodded and heavy herself up off the bed to leave. She unconsciously glanced at her reflection in the mirror near the entrance to their room and stopped to make sure, just one last time, that she was looking her best.

With a frown, she decided that her top was covering waaaaay too much of her perfectly tanned cleavage. So she tore the collar a bit, letting more boob escape. She also adjusted her new push-up to squeeze her perfect tits even closer, and as she did, something heavy and glimmering slipped out from between her tits.

Bending in half to pick it up, she wriggled her butt playfully, in case Gina was watching, and while she heard an amused snort she had nothing to follow up with. Sammy’s attention was already fixed on the golden coin captured between her fingers. She recognized the warm object she now held. Somehow, something about it was very familiar, but she didn’t think too much more about the reason. Accepting weirder things as they were was nothing new for the adventurous young hottie.

Instead, she thought about how the coin’s wishing powers could help her hurting friend find her mojo again. It would be so easy this way! With just a few flips, Sammy could help Gina get in the mood to have some real fun again.

"Hey, I if you could, like, magically feel better… Would you?”

“I’d stop short of killing to do anything to not feel like shit anymore. Why?”

“Oh… no reason.” Leaning casually against the doorframe and pretending to check her phone, Sammy readied the heavy coin.

“Hmm... Oh! Gina will either become, like, a beautiful model, or sexy like a pornstar.” She whispered, trying to be quiet but giggling a little at the last word. She flipped the coin.

It landed on heads in her outstretched palm.

Glancing over her shoulder, she watched with wonder as the clutter on Gina’s desk changed from unfolded clothes to organized piles of fresh fabric and a very generous bust with a half-complete costume pinned to it. The posters on Gina’s walls shifted to be about fashion week and high-quality prints of her cosplays. That was when the magic began to affect her friend.

The changes were subtle at first. Gina’s hair became glossier, her style more refined. It was obvious she spent hours a week working on the look of her shining curls. A faint tan spread from her hairline and, as it passed, it darkened, and Gina manifested artfully exaggerated makeup. Her eyes were heavily shadowed now and lined with a soft pink. Her mascara made her already full eyelashes even more like a butterfly’s wings. A faint blush brought some warmth to her cool complexion, and a few more earrings appeared in her ears on both sides.

The book she was reading was transformed into a tablet that she was holding up as she puckered her bright red lips. They seemed to swell as she pushed them together, their shape becoming fifties pin-up plump.

Meanwhile, the gym shorts faded away to be replaced by designer terrycloth boyshorts which were much shorter, revealing flawless, evenly tanned thighs. The hoodie morphed into a fitted v-neck tank just as Gina’s stomach toned into washboard abs and filled out the spandex top like she was some kind of superheroine. The little bit of fat from her tummy seemed to migrate up as her relatively flat chest burgeoned into a big pair of boobies which spilled out of the shirt in a way that felt deliberate.

Sammie felt a pang of sadness seeing fresh scars on Gina’s arms, but then gasped when they faded until they looked long since healed. The crisscrossing lines reminded Sammy of lizard scales.

“Maybe I will go,” Gina said, glancing over at Sammy. By now, her entire body was tanned aside from the thin lines of the bikini she had worn for her last shoot. “It is a work party after all…”

“Like, really?! You’re thinking about partying?” Sammy tried to keep the excitement out of her voice even as Gina continued to change. Her stick-like legs filled out and lengthened at the same time, her limbs stretching out to gain her another whole foot of height as her exposed thighs and calves thickened into the powerful, shapely legs of someone who both spent a fair bit of time running and had also worn high-heels for most of her life.

In a rush that actually gave her a slight headache, Sammy’s perception of Gina shifted and warped to match the person her friend was now. They were much, much closer now.

Memories blossomed l like a field of wildflowers about how they had lost their virginities to each other one summer in high school. They were always circling an actual commitment, and all their friends thought they were together, but the truth was, they were merely long-term excessively passionate fuck-buddies. Both of them slept around, their libidos sometimes going through multiple partners a night, however, they always ended up back in bed together sooner or later. No one else got either of them like the other did.

A point, in fact, that was echoed by the section in her closet of clothes that Gina had designed just for her! Even the top she was wearing was replaced by a custom crafted piece, one that fit her curves like a perfect, sensual, second skin.

“I’m always thinking about partying with you,” Gina said, pushing Sammy into the wall. Pressed together, the pair of very hot but very different women kissed and kissed until they finally broke a minute later, gasping for breath and eagerly tasting the other in the air between them. “I love your lips…” Sammy whispered.

Gina laughed and stepped back. “About that… Would you believe some fetish site reached out and offered me a huge job if I agreed to get fillers? They even sent the contract.”

“Just dermal or–?”

“Uh… There were, um, other options let’s say.”

Oh, really?” Now that sounded like just the good time they needed…

“I won’t say I’m not tempted,” Gina continued. As she did, her eyes kept darting to Sammy. “but it’s such, like, a big decision, y’know? I wish someone could make it for me… Anyway, let me get dressed and then we’ll hit the party.”

“Hmm…” Sammy said, pulling the coin out of her pocket. “I could make that decision for her with this… Oh! I know. After this, Gina will either get, like, super sexy blowjob lips, and be really into oral, or, she will get a plump and, like, super sensitive pussy that is always ready for fun!” She flipped the coin and giggled when it landed on heads again.

This time, Gina was out of sight as the changes to her began to happen, but the wish’s effect was evident in an instant. The CompSci major blinked and then, suddenly, she was standing in a very nice condo. She was surprised for half a moment, before giggling to herself. How could she have forgotten she and Gina had bought this place outright? They had done it as a couple after their first joint shoot had gone viral.

Well, she was a bimbo, even if she had an MFA in graphic design.

Sammi jiggled her new, greatly enlarged boobies, relishing the firm feeling of their mass overflowing her palms–especially now that the scars were healed. The massive 1500cc implants had been a present for her and Gina’s five year anniversary, and she had never been happier with her fetish-focused supermodel wife. She was, however, getting bored waiting for her to be done primping and preening. “Hey, like, what’s the hold up back there, Red?”

“Sorry, Mimi, I… I tore another pair of those panties you got me!” Gina shouted from the other room.

“Just go commando then,” Sammi replied with a giggle that made her warm from head to toe. "That is my, like, totally fav look, y'know?"

Gina leaned into view from the bathroom. A huge, ball-shaped lollipop was distending one cheek, while the stick pressed down on her fat bottom lip to the point that the inflated flesh mirrored the cleavage of her super-human bust. The thicc Amazon was beyond stunning in the custom crafted carbon-fiber bra for her completely natural triple-digit bust.

“We can’t all be miss overflowing confidence like you, babe,” she said before vanishing across the hall into the bedroom, giving Sammi just a glimpse of her wife’s so-called fertility goddess figure. “Just… give me a sec then I’ll be out!”

“Gina, dear, you do realize you take hundreds of photos a month in less clothing, right?”

“Yeah, but, that’s work. That’s not going out to an event with you.”

Sammi laughed and encouraged Gina to hurry up, before turning her short attention span elsewhere. Proofs of Gina at her latest shoot were spread out over her standing desk, the edge of which came up to her substantial chest. Of the collection, Sammi’s favorite was still the one of her plush, towering partner knocking over a replica of the Empire State Building with hips which were best measured in feet and not inches.

Picking up the photo, it was hard to believe her tall and thicc goddess of a fetish model wife had been such a short, tiny twig in high school. There was no known reason for it either. Well, she did eat on a near-constant basis because of her oral fixation–or, perhaps it was the other way around, and she had an oral fixation because she loved eating?

Whichever the case was, the way she gained mass and height in equal measure day after day was nigh inex-expl-impossible to explain. No matter how many doctors looked, they could find no reason that Gina had kept growing like she had.  It was, like, magic or something, though Gina always joked that going down on Sammi every day for going on five years had turned her into her partner’s dream woman. It was hard to argue with that, and she loved Gina going down on her, so she encouraged it.

Daydreaming about the feel of Gina's pillow-like lips around her cunt soon had Sammi fingering herself on the couch. In fact, the longer she was kept waiting, the more Sammi just wanted to skip the party and get right to the evening’s main event. Not even bothering to stop toying with herself, she made her way to the bedroom.

Slipping into their room, she spied her wife bent over as she rummaged through the drawers for something to wear. In that position, her divinely plump pussy was pretty much at Sammi’s eye level. It was hard to resist a teasing caress with her tongue.

The touch made Gina tense up with a shiver and a moan. Sammi's fingers worked her pussy harder as she dove into her wife's snatch as her nectar began to flow. After a minute or two, Gina pushed back into Sammi, who, in turn, felt Gina’s cheeks start to push down on her. The heavy brassiere hit the floor between her feet with a rounding thud. Then, her Amazonian wife slowly climbed her way up the dresser. Steadily forced to bend away from the oncoming mass, Sammi lost her balance and tumbled back into bed.

Gina’s right leg rose over her as the left one pressed against her head. Then, everything went blissfully dark as Gina pinned her to the bed. Her gargantuan partner began rocking her hips right away, giving Sammi the briefest gasps of air. At the same time, Gina’s thick, powerful fingers slipped down the front of her skirt. Her middle finger slipped inside, it’s flexing bones almost bigger than the average guy’s prick. Gina adding her ring finger got Sammi humping her hand.

From there, things escalated until an hour had passed like this and Gina had her entire fist inside of Sammi. Soaking wet from Gina’s juices, Sammi had come more times than she could count, but she was still raring to go.

“Why not use the new toy?” Gina said as she leaned back into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed as she cradled her spectacular mams in her arms. A third or more their mass overflowed her embrace, spilling down around her extremities and engulfing them in a heaving wave of flesh which was like heated velvet.

Sammi began kissing those glorious mounds as she reached for the newest acquisition in their collection of novelty dildos. The horse-like cock was longer than her arm, and the rigid solid-black vinyl felt like a beer bottle in her hand. It was already fitted into her harness, and Gina helped her pull it on as Sammi’s boobie worship grew more fierce. When the last clasp was in place, however, Sammi switched on. She drizzled lube all over the massive toy and began to work its length with her big, fake tits. Gina meanwhile was sucking on one nipple and then the other while watching Sammi give herself a tit-wank.

Just at the edge of orgasm, Sammi let the phallus fall to slap wetly into her wife’s doughy tummy. The blonde was almost vibrating with barely restrained need as she teased Gina’s pussy with the huge flared head.

“Oh, fuck… I can’t wait for that to be in me.”

The seemingly well-endowed blonde hefted the false cock and smacked it into Gina’s pudgy mons again and again. Each stronger slap garnered a louder and louder gasp until Gina was begging to get fucked.

Please, Mimi! I’m so horny that I’ll lose my mind if you don’t stuff that thing in me right now!”

Something about that appeal tugged at Sammi’s libido, and she lost herself in the most forceful fucking she had ever experienced. She kept going, through orgasm after orgasm, until Gina had passed out. Soaked and glistening with sweat, Sammi still wanted more. The coin burned against her skin where she had slipped it into the strap-on. She pulled it out with an idea half-formed in her mind. She threw it up before she had even thought of the words.

“Ah! Um, like, for heads, Gina becomes an ever-eager turbo fucking slut. Tails, she, uh, becomes a master of sex, with, like, the endless sex drive to match!”

The coin hit the floor with a clatter. The tails face was showing.

This time, Sammi felt the world jerk around her as the wish took effect. Their humble room began a magnificent loft and, all of a sudden, they were not alone in bed. A monstrous cock was being shoved deep into her ass as she pounded Gina. Men Sammi didn’t know stood all around her and her fertility goddess of a wife, jerking their, all equally superior cocks as Gina cooed and moaned at them. Struck by how weird this all seemed, Sammi glanced around, only to realize that cameras were mounted in all four corners of the room. Red lights were on. Track lighting came into being overhead, bathing the circle jerk in a soft light that only made Gina look even more divine.

There was a ringing that was growing within Sammi’s head. New memories steadily overwrote the ones she knew, though they were a jumbled mess. Gina was the only constant. The only woman who could keep up with her--Mimi’s even more massive libido. Then, as more memories took shape, something astonishing happened. Mimi could feel the harness knitting to her. With each thrust into her wife, she felt more and more sensations until the idea that she had never been anything but horse-dicked stud with massive fake boobies was, like, gone from her thoughts.

“Oh, like, this feels so good,” she moaned her voice going up an octave as it became more bubbly. “I love my giant clitty! I love doing you with it, Gigi!”

Gigi merely moaned and nodded while biting her cartoonishly big lips. Lips big enough to match Mimi’s massive shaft. Large hands roughly cupped her colossal funbags, then moved inward, their strong, meaty grip enveloping with her specially grown nipples. They were, like, as long and thick as cow udders. They felt so good that, sometimes, she forgot who she was for a while and she became a perfect bimbo servant for her goddess.

Around them, all the sexy hunks began to blow their loads. With each spattering of warm, delicious cum hitting her body, it felt like Gigi grew bigger and more fuckable. Mimi felt her fuck stick getting harder, and bigger, too, as she started pushing into Gigi’s womb with each deep thrust. From the sounds Gigi started making, she loved that.

Totes focused on pumping her wife's cunt, Mimi lost track of what was happening around her. When she realized Gigi’s tiddies were rising around her like a flood of flesh, she began to giggle with glee. They were becoming, like, walls of sweater meat or something. They felt so good wrapping around her. The heavier and more encompassing they became, the more it felt like Gigi was the one doing the fucking. Which felt right. Gigi was a veritable sex goddess after all. She knew almost everything there was to know about sexy stuff--and even some stuff Mimi found weird.

On her back, Mimi was pinned as usual by her wife’s body-sized fuck pillows. Gigi was leaning on them like a table as she rose and fell more than halfway up and down Mimi’s column-like dick. The others, their many devoted lovers, milled around seeking ways to help their goddesses complete the daily, hours-long ritu-event thingy. Many of their lovers were men, although some of them were like Mimi, women with huge, tasty dicks--one of them even had two! Mimi loved when she was on altar duty because she was such a slut for Mimi's juicy ass that she would shove both of those cocks into Mimi's butt and just flex them until Mimi came from the throbbing pressure. Eventually, once the two sex titans were sated, they retired to their lake-sized bath, where the cycle of fucking would begin once more and all would rejoice.

It was, like, the bestest ever being the life of the party...

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