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177 – 2XY

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

"--So, yeah, I figured we could, like, use these and merge into one doubly masculine hyper hunk. Then I--I mean, we--can show up Anders at The Games tonight."

What, Daws?” Rich snapped, looking up from his steaming football game, his face a mask of confusion. “What you’re suggesting isn't... it's just not possible!

“If that's the case, why not just humor me?" Daws said with a shrug which made his biceps and forearms rub together as his shoulders rubbed his ears. "All I’m saying is we, like, each put one of these earrings on and--”

“--and what? Does your Magic Mike-dancing ass think that those trinkets will really do what you expect? They’re just costume jewelry, Daws!" Rich added, shifting on the sofa to resituate a ball sack which Dawson knew was large enough to overflow both of his cupped hands.

“I don’t know, okay!?” The big man said, slamming the box down on the coffee table. “I just wanted to, like, win the competition tonight and if these actually are what that shopkeeper says they are...”

“Even if they were, which they aren't, it’s not going to happen!”

“Oh come on, Rich," Dawson said, moving to sit in the other armchair in their living room. The leather and wood protested as nearly three-hundred pounds settled in, the bodybuilder wedging his bubbly muscle butt between the plush arms. "We could be amazing together! With your physique added to mine, we would be so big! Bigger than big! I mean, you know how, like, the guys at work are[EDITS!!]–and we have a bachelorette party coming in tonight, too! If combined us can woo those ladies, we can win the weekly take for sure!”

“So you thought you would just offer to fuse with me because…?”

“You know damn well why I asked. I only choked on the damn thing every night for six months!”

Rich blushed and shifted on the couch, but was not able to hide his growing, fourteen-inch erection. “Okay, so you came to marry my dick to that… impossibly built physique of yours.” Rich said through clenched teeth as his green eyes flicked between Dawson’s face, chest, and arms. The slender, willowy man licked his thin lips as months of fantasy of being that big and built bubbled up.

“It’s not like you won’t feel it, too, Rich! In fact, you’ll know every inch of me in a way you could never have before…”

“Okay, okay, I get it. Those things wear off, right?”

“Yeah, the effect ends after twenty-four hours.”

Rich did not reply, but he reached for the box all the same. Dawson grinned as he pulled one earring with a spherical charm out of its tray and then pushed the other one over to Rich.

Pushing the needle of the small ring through his piercing, Dawson looked at his on-off boyfriend and waited. Rich clipped the ball in place, and everything began to hum. The world tilted as Dawson felt himself lurch towards Rich. Their arms brushed and then slipped around each other.

The humming became a whine that grew ever louder as the two rings pulled the men towards each other. Rich’s lanky build sank into Dawson’s bulk like the muscular man was the surface of a lake. With each inch that became shared, Dawson’s arm and shoulder grew more substantial, more defined. His flexed bicep’s swelled in size, increasing from that of an amateur athlete’s to pro bodybuilder’s in quick stages as the fusion accelerated. It looked like he had a grapefruit strapped to his arm!

It was not long before that absurd size balanced out as more than half of Rich’s ample mass became part of him. A wave of massive growth spread outwards from the contact point. Dawson’s pectorals thickened and rose, his abs tightened and developed. His upper body was so big now his t-shirt looked painted on. However, the growth he sought was absent. In fact, as their hips merged and Dawson’s body grew wide enough to snap the waistband of his shorts, the huge man could swear his cock was shrinking!

Pulling off his briefs and grabbing his average-sized shaft with thicker fingers, Dawson felt his member slipping through his grasp. As his size halved, something shifted against his pectorals, and something else within did the same. His dawning suspicion was rapidly becoming ineffable truth as his thighs thickened against the backs of his hands and his butt started to lift him up off the couch. The tightening pressure of firm muscles swelling and competing for space felt positively wonderful as their fusion advanced. He was getting taller and even broader with every second that passed. His shoulders and hips alike spread out as the earrings aggressively redistributed Rich’s mass.

It was then, as his fingers began to stroke a ridge forming around his micro-penis, that the movement of his altering chest became impossible to ignore. Curves that were neither muscle nor fat began to spread against his massive biceps. He was somehow developing very, very full breast implants!

They surged outwards, his mounds starting to develop an additional amount of natural heft even as the implants inflated further towards what he knew intuitively to be 1200cc. At the same time, the curves of his ass were beginning to push against the backs of his quads, muscle and silicone alike giving his otherwise flat ass the much-needed definition his side job at the strip club required.

A shock of pleasure rushed up his spine as the head of his finger-thick inch-long cock suddenly became many times more sensitive, his fingers slipped down between his balls and found dampness. Then, depth and warmth. With increasing familiarity, his fingers worked what was quickly becoming a vagina as his scrotum became plushy labia.

“Rich, uh… I’m not sure what’s happening, but–ahh!–love it!”

In their shared awareness, the part that was Rich groaned, then moaned as their voice brightened. Dawson could see Rich changing, his beefy body changing and morphing into that of an equally well-built woman--who then got even more ripped. Rich-no, Regina was moaning like crazy now as her altered consciousness twisted memories to match her new body. Tattoos and veins alike bloomed over her already Amazonian physique and obsessively tanned skin as a lifetime of heavy steroid use to out-perform men became her reality.

The first woman to play professional football, and the world record holder for clit size, cried out as their fusion continued. “Oh, Dawn, this is almost more… more… more than I can–yes, that’s it! Closer! I never want to be apart from you!"

Dawson gasped at the name as a twitch of recognition crossed his mind and then felt something snap within. A flood of memories washed over him, and his mental image of himself began to shift. Dawn had grown into a dancer’s build like he had. Unlike him though, she had been able to chase that dream with the support of her friends and family.

Granted, Dawn had still ended up becoming an adult entertainer, however, Dawn had not taken the position as a last resort–she had sought it out. She savored in her role as a sexually desirable commodity, the rush as men and women watched her dance on the pole was even better than sex!

Dawson, still fighting to maintain his perceptions, did not know why a young woman with so much potential had ended up here. He could only sense that something had happened in his alternate past, something so awful it was just darkness, to destroy her dancing career and alter her. Whatever it was, she had become fixated on being ever more feminine as a result. Dawn had become known on the internet for pursuing crazy, risky surgeries to augment her figure–but she was finally famous again now. People wanted to come see her.

In a rush of lust, memories of Dawson’s adolescence were wiped away and his love of big, built hunks replaced with an intense idolization of big, powerful women. It seemed Dawn had an extremely strong Amazon fetish stemming from her middle school dance partner. Much like Dawson had grown up with... with... with someone whose name escaped him, Dawn had grown up with Regina. Regina had been Dawn’s leader in partners events, her already advanced physique making her larger than most boys their age.

That connection became increasingly intimate, especially once Regina began really growing in ways most people found terrifying. Dawn had loved it, she spent a least an hour each evening rubbing down her friend’s ever thicker body. By the time they finally had sex on prom night, Regina was nearly two feet taller than her normally-sized girlfriend and her thighs were nearly bigger than Dawn’s slender waist.

She had found out later after Regina had been expelled from pro football for performance-enhancing drugs, that her best friend’s father had been less than scrupulous in his training of his daughter. An ex-boxer cut down in his prime by an injury, he had ridden his little girl’s dominating figure back into the limelight by convincing her to take steroids and growth hormones. Not that losing pro football really phased Regina, she was already a fetish icon by then and she simply pivoted to the world of bodybuilding.

When they had reconnected after having split during college, the connection was beyond intense. Which is why they had bought the rings, to symbolize them being as one. Now though, as their bodies melded together, them being as one was even more desirable than ever. Soon enough now, only seconds reminded until they would be one completely. Dawn cooed as the fusion accelerated and time began to move once more.

The more Dawn stroked those pulsing, needy walls, the harder it got to think about anything else as Regina’s squeals of joy filled her mind. Masturbating furiously, the line between Dawn and Reina began to blur.

New memories sprouted from that new mind space. The story of Dawn’s life quickly became how a childhood accident had permanently merged her with Regina. At this point, they had been Dawina for nearly two-thirds of their lives. Dawnia’s joint body, sculpted by two intense puberties which had lasted well into their twenties to be wired for sex and growth, had responded dramatically to HGH when she began doping in High School to be big enough to play football.

The matched rings continued to alter the pair of conjoined women as their body morphed to match the mental picture of Dawina. Now a body type that would have been an impossible fusion of muscle and curve were it not for a dozen plastic surgeries to force her body to keep a definite feminine shape as her physique became more and more masculine, Dawina reveled in every sensation of her expansion as it quickly became just part of her life.

What had become a modification addiction continued once she was forced to retire from professional football and then body-building as her love of growth hormones made it impossible for her to compete. It was not as if she was without fans, however, and she did not want to disappoint them!

Turning her attention to making herself the perfect muscle bimbo, Dawina had undertaken numerous additional surgeries to sculpt her appearance to meet her fantasies. Now with tits that far outsized her head and a booty about the same size, she was nearly four hundred pounds between her implants and her muscles which were routinely injected with a custom synthol/steroid/HGH mixture to make her look even more deliciously hypersexual as she grew larger and larger–almost fast enough to see it!

Sitting down before her expensive camera, she started a show, slowly working herself into a sexual frenzy by merely pumping iron. Then her trio of boyfriends came home, and things got really interesting.

Twenty-four hours had passed, and Dawina remained. She woke with her surgically enlarged asshole stuffed by two inhuman cocks she had crafted from her most willing devotees. The third was close by and she eagerly swallowed it in one motion and purred as she felt it twitch to life and begin to swell in her throat. The gems on the earrings cracked, and the world’s number one body-modification fetish model did not even notice as the last symbols of being two people faded away to nothing…

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