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104 – Understanding Dick

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation and Extreme Sizes

The expletive-filled wish to understand why your brother and his cadre were such dicks was rhetorical. You knew why. They were, each of them, straight as a rail and just barely old enough to drink. That they wanted nothing more than to fuck hot girls, girls who were college seniors, was a conclusion that didn't require rocket science.

Not like your tastes were any different in that regard. Katherine was an eleven-out-of-ten bombshell, after all, not to mention that you've had your fingers and tongue in all but one of your friends who were each drop dead gorgeous in their own ways. Still, was it asking too much to expect they would hit on one of the other dozen bikini-clad hotties you have over and not your girlfriend?

Like, for fuck's sake, they're outnumbered two to one out there, and most of your friends would gladly double team them, but no, they had to crowd Katherine as she sunbathed--then they stole her top like some fucking middle school weasels when she kept ignoring them!

Still, as much as you hated them right now, you could also empathize. You had your own sense of what it felt like to be cocksure the way they were, although it had been a little while since the last time you were the one wearing the strap-on. For a moment, you envy your brother and his straightforward relationship to his penis.

While you try to avoid taking much of that thought further, you still find yourself indulging your long-forgotten fetish for the first time in more than a year. What would it be like, you wonder aloud, to go to dinner with Katherine while packing? Would she tease you under the table? What would it be like to come home and have her undo your pants and switch the flaccid imitation for something a bit firmer as she pretends to take your stiffening cock in her mouth? What if she tied you down and used you as her living toy?

What if--and it was a big if--what if you were the one on top instead of her for once--and not just with a toy either, but a real dick, the dick you used to fantasize about having.

You grin and shake your head, no, you had exploited that fantasy one too many times and been rightfully burned as a result. Besides, Katherine is waiting for you to bring her things up. That was what you came down here for, to get her clothes, not to fantasize about having much more dick than your brother or his friends.

However, you begin to feel... weird. Pressure almost like your cramps starts building in your pelvis, but it also feels like you have the best vibe in the world mashed into your clit--and the speed setting keeps going up!

Fuck! The pleasure is almost more than you can handle and you stagger back into the downstair's bathroom's mini-vanity.

You can feel your clit changing--engorging, enlarging, and more. It's pressing against your labia now, spreading them open as the fruit of your wish keeps on growing with no signs of stopping. You move to touch your swelling endowment until the vibrating sensation morphs into something even more powerful.

Your whole body is throbbing in time with what feels like bass drum kicks of stimulation right into the pleasure center of your brain. Unable to do more than pant, you find yourself entranced by the sight of your swelling button pressing into your bathing suit bottoms. In fact, you can't help but notice the resistance seems to be encouraging your transformation. The throb keeps getting stronger and you keep getting longer.

You know you should be--Worried? Freaked out?--but no, everything about this feels so... right. You used to love wearing strap-ons--there was a time when you would even wear them to work and class. That is, until your then-boyfriend-of-a-couple-weeks found out and got royally pissed at you for having a transgender fetish. You only found out after he broke up with you that he was transmasculine.

That was when you started going to therapy and started to come to terms with your own identity. You had, for the most part, boxed that part of you up and put it on a shelf. But maybe this moment is recompense for all of that, some kind of karmic punishment for getting off on exploiting someone else's identity for thrills.

A slick, slipping feeling pulls you back to the present. You're tenting your bikini briefs properly now, the projection of your dick pulling the front away from your skin and giving you a glimpse of what was happening. Your clit looks to be as thick than your thumb and a thick vein pulses on the top side.

Then you realize the reason for the slippery sensation. There is a darkening spot on your bikini at the tent's peak. Is that... Oh, fuck, you're leaking precum. You wonder how that's even possible for a second before the growth of your burgeoning girldick forces it to slide down the silky inside of your bottoms. It feels wider than of your two fingers when it folds down onto your labia. All of sudden, the other vibration is back, filling your pussy with a phantom dildo as your shaft keeps getting longer and thicker. Guilty as you might feel about enjoying this, your body's demands can't be ignored any longer. You bite your lip, press your fingertips into the pulsing bulge, and start to draw circles against the base.

No sooner have you started that you clench your other hand into a nails-biting-your-palm fist and stifle a bellowing moan as you have an orgasm like none before.

Satisfied, you relax and turn your attention to--Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Your orgasm has not softened your erection, if anything, it has made your penis grow faster. It's gaining length fast enough now that your dick feels like a snake slithering along the inside of your thighs. On top of that, between its increasing weight and stiffness, your engorging fuckstick is now dragging the backside of your swimsuit down between your ass and the vanity. It has to be bigger than your brother's already, but the throbbing has not subsided in the least. There is definitely more growth in your future. You can feel the hips ties on your briefs starting to slip. It's only a matter of time before your new appendage bursts free, but you can't stop fingering the root of your needy new penis either.

Someone bangs on the door. It's Kathrine, your smoking hot girlfriend who loves to top you and looks so fucking good in a strap-on. Since you didn't bring up her clothes, she wants to change down here--and probably fuck to blow off some steam. You ask her to wait a minute, but it;'s not like you can do anything about your condition. She tells you to not be a prude and opens the door anyway.

You two lock eyes just as your bikini briefs come undone and your dick swings to full attention in the air between you.

The tip is just about even your boobs, you could probably get your lips around it if you tried. The overall pink color still evokes the look of your clit's hood, but you have also never seen a more, well, manly dick before--even in gay porn. Your hood has become a foreskin pulled tight by your girth. Pulsing veins coil around the impressive length. The huge head, easily as big as your fist, is drooling precum thick enough that it rolls down the underside of your dick to drip off your pussy.

Your face is getting hot, you can feel tears welling up, you just want to sink into the tile and vanish. It wasn't so much growing this dick, absurd as it is, but this moment of utter embarrassment that was going to be your punishment. Now the girl you might as well be married to will think you are a freak, just like your ex did. She was only seconds away from running upstairs to tell your other friends. Then, disgusted, they would leave you to get tormented by your brother and his dickbag friends.

Except Katherine is biting her lip and giving your flirty eyes as she slips through the doorway and closes it behind her. She mouths her disbelief as she raises a hand and there is a surge of pleasure as your already huge dick suddenly looks even longer and thicker than it felt between your legs. Katherine says nothing as she walks closer and you're stammering to fill the silence. She puts her finger to your lips and smiles before kneeling on the rug before you. Your normally dominant partner looks up at you with a needy expression you have never seen before.

She kisses your thigh and asks if she can touch your dick, calling it all kinds of flattering things. You can feel it grow just a little bigger at the praise and wonder if that will keep happening.

She wants to lick it.

She wants to taste your cum.

When you hesitate, she starts calling herself a needy slut and all manner of other degrading things that make your heart race. You had no idea she enjoyed being this way, and indulge her before the scarlet moaning and begging chases you out of the room with a blush to the roots of your hair.

Before you know it, though, you're getting into the power dynamic.

You're gripping her hair tight and grunting as you slide more and more of your length into her moaning mouth and down her twitching throat.

You're calling her slut.

You're telling her she is only good as a sheath for your cock.

You're bragging about how you are going to break her.

You feel a little bad saying these things, of course, but you have never seen her look so, well, happy and it only fuels your primal need. You grip tightens, you push hard, and then, your pelvis is pressing against her nose.

You begin to reverse for the first time and get about half-way before the urge to thrust is too much to ignore. You shift your grip to the back of her head, she puts her hands on your thighs. She nods as best she can.

You slam into her and she pushes back after a moment before tapping your thigh. You thrust again, harder, and you feel her squeal around your almighty fuckstick. Precum gushes out of her nose and from around your shaft. She pushes back like before, but is already signaling she is ready before you've moved back a few inches. You shove as hard as you can into her and almost lose your grip. More cum bubbles out of her. Her green eyes are unfocused and her lips twitch around you, but she helps you back up again.

On and on it goes and the two of you become more proficient at this. Her entire front, as well as the rug, has ended up drenched. At some point, you both shifted so her back was to the vanity. Gripping the granite instead of her lessens the connection somewhat, but with her pinned, you can thrust into her willing body to your dick's content. And now that her hands are free, she is fingering both herself and you.

The additional stimulation is finally enough to push you over. You sink your club of a dick deep in her throat and let out a guttural growl. The first burst of cum welling up through your dick and into Katherine's throat feels sublime. The second and third even more so.

Then, all of a sudden, you're spent. It feels like you ran a marathon--two even!

You're super sensitive now, too, the sensation from her tongue's movement is so intense you actually feel uncomfortable as you withdraw. Finally, the end of your dick falls from her cum-covered lips. Your half-flaccid girldick slaps against your thigh. You think it would probably reach your knee when erect--supposing you could even bend it down. Even though you cannot fuck anymore right now, more and more cum keeps dripping out in pulses that echo through your body.

You feel your knees shake, so you lean against the tiled wall. Through the afterglow, a thought occurs to you that might never be able to wear anything but a skirt ever again, at least, not without being super on display. Then again, are you really upset about that?

Meanwhile, Katherine closes her eyes and rubs either side of her jaw. The sight of her half-naked, covered into your spunk, and glowing like she had gotten the best present for Christmas causes you to throb. It happens again, the jerking movement peeling your slimy dick from your thigh as you feel a heat welling in your pelvis. Your cock is stiffening? Already? How is that possible?

Katherine seems not to mind the development as she grabs your half-exposed head and uses it to get to her feet. Without a word, she leads you out of the bathroom and through your parent's summer home, dripping cum the whole way. That the sound of your jizz hitting the floor is happening with a frequency on par with having just stepped out of the shower sends shots of pleasure through your brain with each soft ‘plip’.

You can feel yourself stiffening even more, but that doesn’t bother Katherine. Her grasp is only a bit bigger than the tip of your dick, but her fingers hold you tighter than her blowjob. You can sense her switching to dominant mode, recovering from her initial lust as she straightens with each step.

She sits you down on your bed and stands before you, not as a slut covered in spunk, but a goddess who has been worshipped. She straddles your cock like a bicycle. Her pussy is hot against your skin and you can feel her pulse pounding. Even so, Katherine seems less impressed with your dick this time.

After a moment of silence, she leans in, putting her knee to your length to keep it down.

“Well? Aren't you going to clean up your mess, my big, sexy stud?" she purrs, guiding your face to her glazed nipple.

That she still dominates you when you're like this drives you wild. You plead with her and she promises that she’ll stuff your pussy if you clean every inch of her. Her words are familiar, but you can sense an additional motive. She is almost shouting her desire to hug your dick to her stomach while she shows you how to really fuck.

You know she is going to use every new inch of you to suit her whims.

You know she is going to show you off as a trophy.

You know she is going to insist on cleaning your cock for you in order to tease you.

You know her dildos will keep getting bigger until she rivals you.

You also know that, once you prove yourself, she will let you have another moment of being in charge--only to put you in your place again afterward, as is proper.

You’re looking forward to all of it and you comply with your tongue on her flesh.

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