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182 – Only Good Boys…

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Intimate Nudity

"I'm home, pet!" echoed down the hall as Marcy--well, she was Misses now, arrived home from a four-day trip to Dallas. The heavy thud of her closing their apartment front door was followed by the equally sharp sounds of her boots slipping off and hitting the wood floor. Geoff hoped she had not scratched the finish with the stilettos she had taken to wearing. It had taken him hours to resurface the floor. Well, at least she had taken them off. 

Her naked footfalls were muted thuds as she walked down the hall and Geoff could feel himself getting hard in anticipation of what was to come. He throbbed in time with her steps as her scent began to filter through the air once more. As if to tease, she paused to open the washroom and the sound of her putting suitcases down echoed into the hall. Geoff wondered how many new outfits she had bought. Not that it was entirely her fault. Misses tended to ruin clothes a lot nowadays.

"The apartment looks great!" she said in the same half-yell. "Did my darling pet get his projects done?" 

"Yes, Misses. I painted, refinished the floors, scoured the kitchen, and even bought us a new mattress."

"You're the best, sweetie," came her voice from just on the other side of the doorway. "I feel like I don't tell you that enough."

The warmth her approval caused was so intense that it made him moan. She laughed at that and Geoff flashed her a big smile as he looked up from his work on her new website. When he opened his eyes, however, he shuddered as his domme was barely managing to squeeze her superhuman form through the seven-by-four-foot kitchen doorway. Even once she was in the kitchen, which he knew measured twelve feet both floor to ceiling and wall to wall, his fiancée's yet-again-larger Amazonian stature dominated the space.

"You make this place our home, pet," she continued, as she carefully opened the fridge and withdrew a gallon jug of water. After a handful of loud gulps, she exhaled and smacked her lips. "I really appreciate that."

She turned to look at him and he was helpless to resist drinking her in with the same zeal.

Her sleeveless dress of slate-colored Kashmir complemented her fair, yet blushing complexion. Her superhuman body was stretching out that the wool so much that the garment was undersized to a fetishized extent. With much of the material taken up by her barely month-old, still stiff and larger-than-his-head implants, on top of her huge cock, what should have been a flowing ankle-length dress was instead pulled pencil-skirt tight just above her knees as it fit tightly to her meaty thighs and massive glutes. Her stockings, too, were pulled so tight by her musculature that their garter clips squeaked with each movement and the rose-vine patterns looked like they had been tattooed onto his fiancée's phenomenally developed legs. 

The strained state of the custom sewn super-big-and-tall garment highlighted just how massive she had become in a very short span of time--bucking the steady growth and doubling her size almost overnight. Granted, when Misses bought the dress a few months ago it had already struggled to contain the bulge of her impressive-even-when-flaccid girth, but everything about her had kept growing and growingThe only rival to her physical growth was her increasing appetite which expanded exponentially with her muscle mass. Geoff knew from experience that it took nearly a half-ton of raw protein to maintain her and Misses was not interested in just maintenance. The muscular goddess had made it very clear that she wanted to be even bigger. Geoff had no idea what that even looked like. 

"I'm glad to hear--"

Without ceremony, Misses hiked her dress up around her inhumanly wide hips, flashing all two-and-a-half feet of her massive, thick-like-a-twenty-ounce-bottle dick as she absently worked to slip off the bra-like device she wore around her waist to support testicles that had long surpassed coconuts in size and heft. Her porcelain complexion faded into a deep, rich pink at the extremities of her masculine anatomy in a way that evoked her long-since transformed clitoris.

Geoff still had no idea how they had gotten to this point from agreeing to let her "try out" being dominant. He had gone along with it because the idea of a woman two feet shorter than him and a third of his weight being in charge of him had been so ridiculous that he humored her. They had been dating for a month by then. That first night, Marcy had merely ordered him through a long workout routine like a drill sergeant before spending a fair bit of time worshiping his pumped-up muscles. Afterward, she was an unparalleled freak in bed, even taking him in her ass and letting him blow his load into her. She had still been 'just Marcy' then. She had only been a cute East-Asian gym bunny who had the sex drive to match and loved huge guys.

The next time she asked, Geoff agreed without a second thought--and it had all spiraled from there. That night had been the beginning of something remarkable which quickly got out of hand. He had been there every step of the way, agreeing to each thing she asked him until he was her house husband. Yes, things were very different from how he expected them to end up, but that was not all that bad. In fact, the sex was still amazing--if a bit different--and the dom/sub thing being full-time was hardly an issue since their personalities actually gelled hardcore. Really, it was just the gulf in their current physiques which bothered him now. He just could not bring himself to accept that a woman was so much more... man than him.

"Ah, yeah! It always feels good to let the boys down." The thwump of elastic relaxing pulled him out of his head, and Misses let out a satisfied sigh at removing the ballssiere. She tossed it to him.  The damp, musty bra landed on his face, and Geoff's mind boggled at her sheer size as a 48L tag caught his attention. She had been the comparatively pedestrian 42G not but a week ago! Just how many guys had she drained on her business trip to Dallas? Despite himself, despite the jealousy and the sheer insanity of his desire, he could feel his pulse pounding as the depths of his body responded to his libido's call.

That might have been the biggest adjustment to being the submissive of a hypersexual Amazonian superwoman. Unending training stretched out before him just to keep his body in shape and that was doing all kinds of things to him. When she first started getting really big, she had spent a lot of time reading on ways to train his anus to make the experience better for both of them. Granted, normal people could not tolerate a foot of cock in their butt, much less three, so they had been extrapolating for a while--especially once it seemed like the space inside him for her was not part of his natural physiology. On top of that, he was becoming, well, had become programmed to turn on from just the littlest things. Her smell, in particular, was usually enough to render him a throbbing, quivering mess. The strong sense of her musk permeating the silky cloth in his hand was already causing his body to sink into that state of true, physical submission which had become familiar--even comfortable.

He looked up from her ballssiere to her playing with balls swollen by the essence of at least twenty men, and considerably more now for sure. Her scrotum, the same bright shade of pink as the end of her dick, squished and juggled around her shaft in a manner similar to her plush labia.

Her body was so visually overwhelming now as it combined the masculine and feminine ideals and pushed them to extremes, that Geoff found himself conflicted about his unwavering, yet complicated attraction to her. That he was nominally part of that size, his masculinity taken like so many others' had been since the incident, was both unsettling and arousing at the same time. He had to admit that, each time she came home bigger, his arousal response only grew stronger. Unlike the rest Miss had taken from, however, the woman who quite literally had his nuts in her grip actually loved him. Which was why she had eventually given some of his stolen mass back--once she was easily carrying around seven times that much. Granted, after being drained the first time, his shape had morphed from that broad, manly wedge into a much more feminine hourglass. Regaining muscle later had only exacerbated that, the transfer swelling his curves, legs, and oddly his pecs as well to absurd sizes.

Still, he was also the only guy in at the gym who still weighed more than two hundred pounds or had more than four inches of cock, much less his once-daunting ten. So what if he also had an anus that was miraculously big enough to handle his domme's super-sized cock-shaped obelisk? It was not like anyone else knew his sphincter had become as sensitive and puffy as his lips. Nor was anyone aware just how utterly orgasmic if felt being fucked by her.

Well, the scores of other men might, if her virility draining powers had affected them the same way. He had thought to ask but also was afraid of the answer. As much as he could rationalize being okay with other guys dumping loads into her, that was her choice, but there was something about the idea of her penetrating someone else which made him feel... jealous. It was such a ridiculous feeling to realize, really. Here he was, a guy who had never thought about being on the receiving end of butt sex, legitimately upset at the idea that his Amazonian fiancée would use someone else to satisfy that monster appendage's needs.

Misses' veins were just starting to rise from the stimulation before she let her nuts roll from her cupped hands to slap down against her rippling thighs.

"Miss, might I speak freely?" he asked, drawing on all of his willpower to put her olfactory-stimulating underwear aside.

"Sure," she said, leaning against the counter and while still absently stroking her balls. "What's on your mind, Gigi?"

"Um..." he could feel his mind fuzzing as he watched her fingers dragging over her bright pink sack. "I've been thinking about, well, my insides."

She stopped playing with her body then, crossing her arms to show she was taking the conversation seriously. "What about them?"

"Have you noticed if any of your, um, volunteers are like me?"

Marcy's expression went from confused, to hurt, to outraged, and back to hurt in the span of a few seconds. "How could you even ask me that? We agreed from the start that I wouldn't fuck anyone else but you with my cock--"

"Until we figured out what was happening. You seem to have a pretty good handle on whatever it is you're doing now. I know how horny you are, I can feel it, remember? And you're huge now! You gained, what, six inches of height in the last week? Yet you never once sent me a message to say you were getting some. So how can I trust that you aren't sinking your schlong into other man-ass?"

She recoiled from his outburst, a blush spreading over her cheeks. "Gigi, I-- You're right. I can see how this must look, and I apologize for not messaging you. I really should have even if they weren't even worth taking my panties off for."

"I'm... not sure I follow..."

"Ever since my challenge went public," she began and then stopped. For the first time in months, she was Marcy again and she looked so very embarrassed. Her eyes would not meet his as she continued to talk. "Ever since my internet celebrity happened, every single fuckboy who believes himself a stud thinks he will be the guy who can make me cum so I split my size with him. Then, then they don't even bother to warm me up before they blow their load in my snatch. I can't even call what happened in Dallas with those wannabe studs sex... not sex like what we have at any rate."

"Hell," she continued, her cock really starting to rise as her pulse quickened. "It never even crossed my mind to turn around and fuck them right back. I already humiliated them and took all but the barest hint of their masculinity. Making them choke on my dick as well just seems... cruel."

"Oh, but you'll stuff my mouth full of meat you pilfered from other guys the moment you get home?" He said flashing her a grin as he felt an inscrutable relief wash over him.

"Well, you're special, Geoff. There's no denying that you're part of whatever this is, so I figure you might as well share in the bounty. For what it's worth, I did message you about the one today."

His gigantic fiancée ruffled his hair as she walked behind him to the pair of fridges and purred while regarding the icebox dedicated solely to her protein needs. He glanced at his phone to find not only had she checked in but also sent him exhaustive progress pics as she put on another fifty pounds. "Thanks for picking up those shakes I ordered, by the way. I hope they are as effective as they claim to be."

The clack-clack of a plastic seal being broken was followed up by eager gulping, and then moaning in a moment that lasted nearly thirty seconds. He flipped through picture after picture as Marcy enthusiastically downed an entire gallon of the experimental milk, protein, and growth hormone cocktail she had designed to supplement her growth. Geoff got to the last photo and she went quiet, then there was a gasp and a wet smack before the glass bottle settled on the counter. "Oh, yeah! Mmm... You should really try this, love..."

A moment later, his fiancée leaned in close, her musk once more filling his nose and then enveloping his being as she hugged him from behind and made a satisfied sigh. From how powerful her aroma was, her... challenger had been more than just a minute man. Which meant he could look forward to cleaning her out later. His tongue would be set to probing the depths of her altered vagina and tasting her victory. The shame he used to feel at being reduced to that level was a thing of the past. In fact, he was starting to squirm just thinking about it, his body eagerly anticipating the sensations and tastes.

"I really enjoyed seeing those, can that be a normal thing?"

With a throaty laugh, Marcy leaned down and her firm, fake tits settled on his shoulders. She tilted around to kiss him, her lips still wet with the formula she had commissioned. The taste was an overpowering amount savory and grew more intense from there as the giant woman he loved kept kissing him. After edging eight times, and high on her post-sex smell, his libido was a roar in his ears. Beyond full attention now, he was almost two inches bigger than normal and the pounding in his loins was crashing over his mind like the tide. A fact that she did not miss as she used one finger to rub his erection through the tiny mesh shorts she insisted be all he wore while at home.

"Have you been a good boy, my cute little pet?"

He gasped, taking a breath to let himself slip back into the submissive role that had become second nature. "Yes, Miss. I got the groceries, and the wash, and--"

"That's not what I'm asking..." She spun him around in his chair, his nose only inches from the rounded cliff that her half-flaccid shaft formed from being draped over her balls. Balls that were coincidentally resting on his knees, their weight pushing down on either side of his aching cock. He could actually feel those giant stones churning as her superhuman virility did its thing. As her slightly-drooling cock pushed against his boob-like pectorals, he very suddenly wanted her to fuck him with an intensity he had never felt before. "I want to know you've been a good boy."

Geoff's gaze rose slowly from her crotch as her finger gently lifted his chin. Her broad form dominated his field of view in much the way her presence did his life. Beneath the tortured sweater dress, the extent to which her physique had developed was plainly evident. Helpless to do otherwise as her musk infused his being, he drank in her thick core, especially the impossible ten pack of abdominal muscles which had developed once she began closing in on being eight feet tall. The soft dress flared wider as her obliques and lats spread out past even his periphery. Then, of course, her newly-inflated boobs were so large he could see nothing past them.

Miss leaned down, flooding his vision with her impossibly round tits before her subtly altered face was even with his. Once merely pretty, her countenance was breathtaking now, especially her dark eyes and full lips. "Well?"

"I was a good boy, Miss. I edged eight times-"

"Oh? Only eight?" She stepped back to look down on him, her weight leaving his body. That sexy wry grin of hers quirked to one side as she pondered how to react. It was always remarkable to watch her persona developing in these moments as she figured out how to be powerful but not cruel to him. "I'd have thought to need to edge more was an obvious corollary to giving you another few inches of dick. I guess your lack of enthusiasm means you don't need sex and you're fine with me going out to slake my thirst then?"

"And drink like... forty shitty beers?" he quipped, surprising himself. Into it now, he pressed on. "Misses should stay here. As she said, only I can provide the ambrosia to quench her needs."

Her lips twitched as the last and she could not hide the smile which gave way to laughter. "Oh, Geoff, what'm I going to do with you?"

"Stay with me, Misses?"

"Marcy for right now, love, and yes--obviously."

"Marcy, uh--wow it feels weird calling you that now. Anyway, I might not have edged more than eight times, but I have been hard most of today while working on your site as your images surrounded me."

His giant fiancée put a finger to her lip as if considering and then flashed him a grin that made him feel weightless. "Well, okay then, I'll let it slide just this once. I hope you don't regret it later. You know what happens if you go soft before I'm satisfied..."

Geoff blanched at the memory of her with two dicks after she had completely stolen his. Even now he could feel the sensations as she fucked his smaller, utterly feminized body like he was an onahole with two chambers. She had only been eleven inches long at that point, and she was probably thrice that now, what would even happen to his body if she shoved two dicks that were her current size into him?

"At any rate, is our dinner ready, pet?"

"It is finishing up, Misses," he said, picking up on her changed tone. "I made a quadruple helping of your mom's baked ziti."

"How long?"

He glanced at the clock. "Seven minutes."

"Perfect!" Miss dropped to her knee with a thunderous boom, her bulging quads causing her stockings to pop. His shorts were gone in a flash, the fabric easily torn asunder by her strength. Her middle finger slipped into his pulsing center, causing his whole body to throb. "If you can last five minutes, you can have ziti and we can watch a movie this evening. Otherwise, you're just having my cum for dinner, and we're going out."

"We, miss?"

"Yes, we. I want to fuck you; to pound that soft, supple ass while someone tries in vain to pleasure me like you do, pet."

"Ah! Thank you, Misses."

"Actually," she said as her other hand closed around his shaft and she began to stroke. "If you can be a good boy and last six minutes, well, you know what good boys get..."

Receiving head from Misses was nothing like it had been with Marcy. Marcy had been inexperienced, if enthusiastic, as she slobbered all over him. Misses, however, watched him as she teased and toyed. She got almost as much enjoyment from him reacting as from the physical stimulation. And watch him she did as her powerful tongue caressed his length.

"Mmm..." she moaned as she let go of him with a pop and switched to stroking once more. "It's only been a minute and you're already leaking, pet. Are you sure you can last five whole minutes?"

She had matched the last three words with stronger strokes which almost made him lose it right there. Instead, a thick gout of pre ran down over her thumb which made her laugh. Turning her attention below, she spread his ass open to one side with a thumb and ran her tongue over his entrance.

He whimpered and, all of a sudden she was burying her tongue inside him in alternating time with her strokes. He could feel her grin each time his sphincter contracted and squeezed her flexible muscle and soon he was groaning as he tried to fight off orgasms on two fronts. The pressure was getting too much. He surely was going to burst at any moment! Then the oven timer went off and he found himself poised on the edge.

Miss left him like that, pausing only to stuff his butt with one of the larger vibrating eggs before she went to pull the ziti out. He moved to finish and she hissed at him. "Now, now... No touching, pet! Just... let the ruin claim you, okay?"

The twitch of his muscles around the vibe kept him from coming down but it was not enough stimulation to get him there either. Being one second from dual orgasms was a state of being that combined being utterly stimulated with, wanting--needing--that last little bit with every fiber of his being. He could hear her moving about, ignoring him as she set the table for both of them. She reeked of sex now, her awakened pheromones flooding his awareness. Trapped in that loop of stimulation, the world was beginning to warp as his hips moved of their own accord.

Finally, she stood over him again. He felt her push against him, the broad head of her turgid hyper-masculine cock straining his ass. He could feel the egg vibrating against her peeking head. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. It felt amazing, but that touch was still not enough to finish him.

"Do you want to cum yet, pet?" She asked, tightening her grip. "Is it all you want?"

"Yes! Yes! Misses, please!"

"Please... what?"

"Please let me... let me cum!"

"Are you sure?" she shifted her rapidly stiffening member, rubbing her already abundant pre all over his cheeks. "Is that what you really want?"

"Yes, Misses. More than anything!"

"More than being a big, strong guy?" Like before she matched her emphasis with stroking him. Her grip tight enough to keep him from bursting.

"Whatever you want! I'll be your little bitch, Misses! Just--! Please, let me cum!"

"Have it your way, pet." In a miraculous feat that had become commonplace, she penetrated his butt and began to sink inch after soda-bottle-sized inch into him. The first contact alone had been enough to give him an anal orgasm, which left Geoff writhing under her as she steadily continued to fill him and shove the egg deeper. His cock came next, spraying all over her hand and dress. Yet she continued to pump, driving him to even greater heights as his altered body pushed through the barrier of over-stimulation. Misses did not fuck him for long before pumping a stomach stretching load into him.

"I really do love you, Geoff," she said, kissing him as he blacked out.

When Geoff regained awareness it was thirty minutes after the ziti was supposed to be done. Yet Misses was taking it out of the oven just then. Then she fished out sliced bread as well. He looked himself over and aside from the usual soreness and leftover pudge that came from being penetrated by a dick that was a physical impossibility, he looked the same. What had all that 'is cumming more important than being a man' been about?

"Oh, Geoff, you're up! Thank goodness! I was worried I had gone too hard and that you were going to sleep for a couple hours." A moment later she had brought over two bowls of ziti and they were sitting at the high top table like old times. For a blissful handful of minutes, as they ate and talked, it was like nothing had changed. It was perfect. Even so, he was petting her slick, half-hard cock under the table and the egg was still vibrating as it slowly drained down his impossible extra-physical chamber.

"So, pet, what movie did you have in mind?"

"Oh, uh, actually... can we go out?"

Misses grinned at him. "Ohoho... Gigi wants to go out and fuck. Well, I think we can make that happen..."

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