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190 – Devil with a Greed Tattoo

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"So, Ms. Tanaka," her prospective replacement therapist began as they entered his office. "What is it I can help you with?"

Umikyo toyed with the collar of her long coat as she took in the room and evaluated her first move. The office space was below ground and pretty much a closet with a sofa, chair, and tiny desk crammed into it. The one window, cut out from the wall towards the ceiling, was the size of a cinder block. The shadows of people walking past danced on the ceiling and the sounds of the city were only muted by a few decibels. The life-long otaku then regarded the threadbare man who stood before her. He felt like someone had made a cardboard cutout from Einstein and then left it out in the sun. She could sense almost no energy from him and it was hard to believe this guy was descended from magical folk. Then again, it was also hard to believe she had become something inhuman which consumed the sexual energy of men so she tried not to judge.

Hoping to gauge her host, she ran her lengthened but human-looking tongue over plumped lips which were forever glistening and purple. It was an action that made it seem like she was trying to find her words but, really, it was the best way to feel him out. The woman-turned-succubus wanted to know just what kind of man she was dealing with.

Dr. Wesenstein's resigned, slate grey gaze flicked to the movement on reflex, and, just for an instant, she could sense his arousal flare as he imagined what it would feel like if she were to bite his neck and press her pillowy, amethyst lips to his skin. Then, a wave of self-dismissal so broad it made her recoil smothered that spark. It seemed he had his own darkness to deal with but, at least he would be able to keep himself under control.

"Well, I'm having an issue with--" just as she was going to be obtuse and say 'cravings', memories of the last few month's hedonism exploded in her mind and rushed down her extremities. The developing succubus' entire body throbbed as her increasingly powerful desires tugged at her veneer of humanity. 'Cravings' was an inadequate word, really. You craved a snack you missed having. What she felt was far bigger. It was not just an urge to fuck, although it certainly manifested as such, it was the driving need to fill an ever-growing hole inside her. The stronger her powers got, the more in touch with her devilish alter ego she became, the greedier she became as well--which made sense considering why this had all happened.

"Ms. Tanaka?"

"Sorry," she said, shaking her head, "I've been unwell recently. My mind's been... elsewhere. Which is why I'm here. I'm sure Fer--I mean, Dr. Sanjei told you about what happened?"

"She did," he said, his ashen face taking on some color as he blushed. "It was, uh, quite illuminating but, please," he said, gesturing at the couch, "why don't you tell me the story from the beginning?"

Umikyo undid her coat to sit, which resulted in an even more intense flash of desire as she realized that Ferrah had totally undersold her appearance. Even when she appeared human, the woman from Hokkaido was a now certain masculine-focused ideal of beauty made flesh. More precisely, she looked like a character of some Galge or H-Doujinshi. Reika Kitami paled in comparison to her impossible figure--and this was her constrained. When Umikyo let loose... she was otherworldly.

"Well. it all started six months ago..."

When Umikyu had first gotten the tattoo, it had just been a fascinating set of symbols which looked cool. She was vaguely aware they were Hebrew letters but, had no idea what they meant. She merely knew them as a designation of one mech among several who had Romanized Kabbalah-based names in an anime she had loved as a kid. Getting them on her pelvis, just above her vulva, had been an intentionally naughty play on the whole “piloting a mech” thing. It had driven her convention flings wild when she playfully begged them to insert their 'entry plug.' That bearing such a string of Hebrew characters would lead to anything more than that was hardly a consideration.

Then the young, Japanese salary-woman had gotten into a fight with a handsy drunk guy who was twice her size and something... inexplicable happened.

Umikyo's memory of that moment was still mostly a blur, for good reason, and she was only just now able to talk about it with her therapist and girlfriend two months after the fact. Trying to recall what happened with any clarity made her feel sick to her stomach but, what she could remember around that sickening hole in her memory was that it started after she left a bar with Katia and other work friends. Having forgotten to close her tab, she had doubled back for her card.

It was then that someone had grabbed her ass before attempting to reach beneath her skirt. When she whirled around and hit them in the arm, it did nothing except piss her assailant off. He had smacked her and then dragged her out back by her arm. His fist had wrapped around her bicep like he was holding the handle of a cup. Once outside, he picked her up by the throat and slammed her into the brick. After that, there was nothing until she awoke in her apartment long after the sun had risen.

Despite having been drunk enough to be belligerent towards someone who could pick her up with one hand, her body had felt loose, like she had just gotten a deep-tissue massage from an angel. On top of that physical paradox, a feeling of utter satisfaction had suffused her being that morning as she snuggled into her warm sanctuary of blankets and pillows. It was a sense of total relaxation that had become familiar in the intervening months but seemed very much at odds with how she expected to feel after what had happened.

Not wanting to face reality just yet, Umikyo had been more than content to continue lounging in physical bliss until she drifted off once more.

It had been an hour later when she had opened her eyes again, and this time she realized something was different besides her mood. The soft lump she had been hugging through the comforter moved with her as she rolled onto her back. Warm flesh settled around her ribs and pale-blue tinged with pink peeked out from beneath the blanket. Not sure what she was seeing, she tugged the blanket down her body. It was a choice she regretted right away as a sensation of pleasure, one more intense than she had never experienced, enveloped her entire being.

When she had finally come down off the ceiling, the life-long otaku could not get over how her breasts had grown well into H-Doujin dimensions. Hell, it had looked like she was a hentai heroine from the way they settled into huge, perfectly-full dumpling-shaped mounds on her chest. Further, midnight-blue nipples rose from puffy areolae in ways that should have only been possible in two dimensions.

The rubbing of their shifting mass as her chest rose and fell had felt like the caresses of kisses. She remembered thinking how, if a whisper of tactile sensation like that was so stimulating, what response, then, would the touch of her fingers affect? The near-religious experience of dragging the blanket over them had sent her over the moon but, surely that was an outlier. Curious, she had reached up with trembling hands and tried to cup her new boobs gingerly, but the first gentle touch had still been intense. Even months later, the memory of that first touch was enough to elicit a moan.

Then, as she had started rocking her hips, she had felt something jiggling between her legs. Hands hesitant to stop groping had reached down and found stiff, throbbing flesh rising from her pelvis, and beyond that, a handful of warm, taut testes. Not only had she become blue and busty–but also hung! hung like a horse to be specific. The pale pink flesh of her column-like cock gave way to the same dusky midnight color as her nipples the close to its base.

The transformed woman had run her hands down her length until she hit the puffy ring near the bottom third. Her fingers passing over that bit of anatomy made her throb and start to dribble. Just pressing it beneath her fingers was enough to encourage her to stiffen further. Then she began to stroke and it was like the world shifted around her. Her tumescent fuck stick wobbled with each stroke as thickening veins made themselves apparent. Her length was getting slicker by the second as more and more spunk drooled from the flared and flattened head.

Umikyu had dug her heels into the mattress at that point, trying to thrust into her grasp in a bid to get off.  Each jerking motion set her tits to quaking and banging into each other between her cradled arms. Every impact had seemed to rush down her spine and into her mighty cock. Until, finally, the first of many more masculine orgasms erupted from her dick. The gouts of jizz were thick and heavy as they landed on her chest, face, and the bed behind her. She came half a dozen times a day now but, at the time, she had never seen semen like it. The tacky globs had reminded her of mashed potatoes for some reason.

Sinking into an excessively relaxing afterglow, she was just about to drift off again when a Snap from a friend had hit her phone. The picture seemed to be of the guy who had accosted her, but he was far less masculine. The vaguely familiar guy had to be at least a foot shorter and much of his bulk was gone. was naked and asleep in a dumpster. There had been a flash of recollection then, a glimpse of his hands up her shirt and down her skirt as his weight pushed her into the wall. It had been obvious that her current state and his own were connected, but why?

On a hunch, she looked up what the symbols she had tattooed on herself actually meant. It turned out the characters spelled out the Hebrew word for Greed. something had happened in that moment of panic the night before, something occult. Somehow, she had drawn on the power in that word to weaken her attacker so that she could escape and that had resulted in her being transformed into something equally biblical. Shining purple horns now sprouted from her temples and rose to points more than a hand's span above her crown. Her waist-length hair, once straight and black was now wild and teal. Her ears had become pointy and elongated. Her lips looked imminently kissable. Her eyes were now gold on black. She was also, like, a foot taller--maybe more, it was hard to tell now since she had gotten even bigger in the interim.

It had taken all day for her change back, or at least to look human again. Her increased curves, stature, and teal hair had remained as had the pilfered and warped package of the scumbag who had attacked her. She had been unsure about how to feel about that at first. On one hand, the reality that she had stolen his junk and made it her own felt strange and yet, on the other, also kind of empowering. Reduced as he was, he was never going to overpower another woman ever again, and that was a win, right? However, no matter how good it felt to thrust that massive cock felt into her hands, that she was jerking off what was effectively the dick that had tried to rape her was really... skeevy.

The second time the tattoo activated was a couple of days later. The experience had been so positive that she had found peace with her new form. It had been "a favor" for a crush who had made a joke about wishing she could give her cock away. After much flirting and a couple of beers, the night had resulted in them banging in the bathroom. Umikyu had not even expected anything to happen but, she felt a heat on her skin after her partner's first orgasm. That only seemed to release the floodwaters as her friend had started fucking her with abandon, cumming again and again without stopping. That first burst had caused her to sprout a second, very tiny penis. Each burst of spunk made that minuscule appendage swell in size until it rivaled her first dick. Her friend, wanting drain every last drop of male-ness she could excise, kept fucking Umikyu until, finally, she no longer had a cock or balls.

Experiencing the rising and falling feeling of draining her friend's masculinity stoked Umikyu's growing sense of greed for more. At a certain point, she wanted to drain her crush of every last drop just as much as she wanted to give all of that away. That shared desire had flared between them and a connection which had been awkward at best was reforged into one that was intimate beyond words. Craving each other, that marathon session was hardly the end of the night. At Umikyu's apartment, they fucked over and over again as the devilish woman's twin cocks pumped both her girlfriend’s ass and her new pussy full to bursting.

This time, the third time, it was different. It had been a cold-blooded purpose which had driven her, and it was frightening how satisfying that decision had felt. She was vibrating with self-satisfaction and pleasure at how she had seduced Amiko’s abusive husband with almost no effort. Just like the two of them had planned. While her sister had no idea how getting him to cheat was going to resolve things, Umikyu insisted that once she was done with him, he would never be a problem again.

"I hope you're ready for this, bitch," he growled, spanking her as his balls tightened. "I'm about to pump your slutty Japanse cunt so full of my spunk that you're gonna have twins! No need to thank me, you can repay me later by sucking me clean..."

It had been like this the whole time. She had been with guys who liked dirty talk before, but this was something else. He had not bothered to even toy with her before bending her over on the sofa and starting to go to town. She was just a pussy to him--which made it easier for her to justify what she was doing. He was merely a dick to be obtained. What husband material Amiko had ever seen in the bestial jock eluded the woman-turned-devil. His mouth was foul, his attitude equally rotten. Between them, she might be no longer be human but, he was far more monstrous.

"You like that, huh, bitch?" he taunted, pressing his thumb against her asshole as he shoved himself up against her cervix. "How's it feel to get fucked by a real man?"

Umikyu bit back the gasp of pain and her acidic response, instead choosing to continue her charade of being a well-trained whore. "Oh, yes, this feel so good! You just the best!"

"I know I am," he said as if it were gospel. He pulled back just a little and sank his fingers into her hips. "Okay, here it comes! Fuck!"

Just as he roared with orgasm he jerked her back and shoved at the same time. Umikyu might have been a creature fueled by sexual desire, but the pop of his cock entering her womb was too much even for her. To her relief, her body wasted no time in absorbing his offered essence and flooding her mind with the ambrosia of raw sexual energy. It was so potent that she was well on the way to growing a cock that would make the others look small before he had even finished cumming. It was such dramatic growth that she let her others grow back out and found herself marveling as a third cock rose from her pelvis and formed into a towering, throbbing erection. As her body’s swelling peaked from his last orgasm, she could feel her horns growing into place as her devilish aspect took over once more. Even then, she could tell he had not even noticed as he continued to pound his only slightly diminished cock into her.

Her sister’s desire might have only been to take the professional athlete down a peg, but that was too good for an asshole like him. Umikyu had been eager to teach him a much more object lesson about regarding her sister as his pet for some time now. Between that emotional catharsis, the moderate physical satisfaction of his still inhumanly massive dick, and her hunger for more, it was going to be hard to stop. That he continued to plow her while spouting derogatory, jingoist, misogynist nonsense only intensified her rage. She wondered how much more of himself he would give away until he realized he was no longer the man he thought himself. But why wait for him to go too far? He was putting out so much energy that she could suck up his essence without even trying. Which begged the question, just how much of him could be claimed as hers? Could she really... could she consume him completely and ensure he never hurt Amiko again? Would she really murder someone in the interest of protecting her sister?

As if that was even a question...

Umikyo opened her eyes and looked at Dr. Wesenstein. His eyes were down, and she realized her cocks had manifested as she relived the experience. She shifted in her seat and cleared her throat to get his attention before she continued. "I taunted him, begged him to fuck me even harder. After all, it would be the best and last fuck of his life."

The frail-looking old man regarded her with something between pity and fear. He did not ask if her sister's husband had survived. "I would say 'you poor woman', but I feel like you would regard that as me being condescending. Besides, from the sounds, and look, of things, you and your 'other self 'are far too integrated now for you to be treated as a victim in all this. You have become exactly the alpha predator a creature like you needs to be in order to survive--and have done so with glee it would seem."

"So what'm I supposed to do then?" Umikyo snapped back. "How can I control my urges now? I mean look at this!" she added, shifting once more so that her cocks rose against her dress. "That just happened from talking about sex--what will happen when I actually want to be intimate?"

"Well, first off, you need to decide how you want to continue feeding--because you'll need to. I have heard that when a creature like you does not eat, the pain is worse than withdraw from heroin or any opioid. You will stop at nothing to feed at that point and I wager your humanity will fray completely in the process.

"If you think you could hold back," he continued, "like with your friend, there are actually a few services who hire shadow-touched individuals like yourself. If you want to keep avenging like with your sister, I happen to know someone who might be able to help with that as well. They are a faerie, of course, so expect the unexpected."

"A faerie?"

"You sound so surprised for a woman-turned-succubi. Did you not think others existed at the fringes of human society?"

"I suppose I did--I mean, this is me, I experienced all of this. Something else is, well, something else."

"Too true, too true. At any rate, do you want me to put you in touch with them?"

Her cocks throbbed at the idea of taking out other irredeemable assholes. "Yeah, give them my number..."

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