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190 – Devil with a Greed Tattoo

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

The text presented here is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version--I may even be working on it, so content may change.
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She had been clueless about what the Hebrew symbols meant, they were just something that had looked cool in an anime. Yet, after a nightmarish evening, it seemed that those five characters contained a power she could draw on. Now, with ‘Greed’ branded upon her, she is being transformed into something… Biblical.

This story is rated NSFW / Not Safe For Work due to gratuitous nudity, explicit sex, and dark themes.

!!Warning: This is far darker than my usual work and there are trigger warnings for several mentions of attempted rape as well as a scene that is orchestrated by the protagonist to look like a rape. Please exercise self-care.

“So, Ms. Tanaka,” her prospective therapist began as they entered his office. “What is it I can help you with?”

Umikyo toyed with the collar of her long coat as she took in the room and evaluated her first move. The space was below ground and pretty much a closet with a sofa, chair, and tiny desk crammed into it. The one window, cut out from the wall towards the ceiling, was the size of a cinder block. The shadows of people walking past danced on the ceiling and the sounds of the city were only muted by a few decibels.

The life-long otaku then regarded the threadbare man who stood before her. He felt like someone had made a cardboard cutout from Einstein and then left it out in the sun. She could sense almost no energy from him and it was hard to believe this guy was descended from magical folk. Then again, it was also hard to believe she had become something inhuman which consumed the sexual energy of men so she tried not to judge.

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