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206 – Growing At G-Fest

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Non-Sexual Nudity and Significant Growth

Natnan shifted forward onto his toes as he looked around again for the woman he was supposed to be meeting–had it been Suzy or Susy? She had said it both ways before leaving him her number when they split up to hit different panels. While he was sure he would recognize her Lorna Danesque long, green hair, but with the crowd from the convention milling around in the hotel bar, seeing more than a few feet away was impossible. He was never going to find her this way. If only–before he had even finished the thought, his body was already reacting to his unstated desire to be taller so he could see.

The nice button-down he had changed into pulled tight as his chest, shoulders, and biceps all began to swell. He was sure a seam would pop any second. Further down, his toes crunched against his Doc Martins as his calves and quads strained the legs of his favorite slacks. He could feel the hems of his pant legs rising bit by bit with each breath.

In a panic that someone would notice, or that he would shred his clothes, Natnan’s mental image of his baseline appearance snapped into place and, after taking a long, deep breath, he returned to normal.

“That really is a neat trick,” said a sultry voice from right behind him. “I especially loved the way it made your butt look in those pants.”

He turned to find Suzy(Susy?) grinning at him, her and eyes lips highlighted by sparkling red lipstick. She, too, had changed from the casual clothes she had been wearing earlier that day when they met at the Kaijucast panel, eschewing her over-large Gidra tee and d4-patterned skirt for a crimson crushed velvet cocktail dress that would not have looked out of place on Jessica Rabbit. In one hand she was cradling a bowl-sized glass of what seemed to be sangria from all the fruit slices floating in the cranberry-colored drink. The other, her arm with the sleeve of King Gidora, held a clutch purse.

Had she been so curvy earlier? Despite himself, he felt his cock slither down his thigh as his gaze returned to her mouth. What would it feel like to kiss those subtly puffy lips? Was that were things were going tonight? His knuckles popped as his fingers thickened and lengthened, becoming ideal for massaging.

“Kaiju get your tongue there, Tye?” she asked before taking a sip on her sangria with those hauntingly lush lips. She grinned playfully as she let go of the straw and left behind two splotches of glittering red.

“Huh? Oh, that was a YJ reference! Sorry, I, uh–”

“All good, bro,” she said, the femme fatale facade falling away as she laughed so hard she snorted. “I know I caught you off guard–which is honestly super uncool. It was just too good a moment to pass up–so you really do have superpowers and I wasn’t seeing things during the panel?”

“I wouldn’t consider them “superpowers” per se. I’m genetically a shapeshifter. This is just, well, who I am.”

“Who you are is a size girl’s wet dream,” she said before blushing and looking away. “That was–”

Nantan laughed. “Y’know, I never thought to do fetish-type stuff. It seemed too brazen. Supposing I had someone personally who enjoyed that, I could–”

Susy turned back to him, her eyes seeming to sparkle. “Could what? Could grow for her? Could make her greatest fantasies come true?”

Her hand brushed his, and a tremor of growth traveled up Natnan’s arm, instantly turning the sleeve skin-tight. Susy’s eyes went wide, and she gasped with the sexiest coo Nantan had ever heard. She tentatively moved her hand to his forearm her focus fixed on the difference in size between her grasp and his new muscles. She moaned as the tissue pulsed just a little larger, then proceeded to hide her face.

“Oh, stop,” Nantan said, letting his arm shrink down. Though, when he did, all that mass went somewhere equally conspicuous as his cock surged to epic flaccid proportions–he was going to be a monster if they ever arrived in bed tonight. He needed to get control of himself before there was a repeat of what happened with Amilynn.

“So, um,” Susy ventured, “What’s the plan, AC?”

“I got us reservations at the steak place a couple of blocks over, and I have the Gamera trilogy on Blu-ray upstair–”

“Sounds awesome! This is already the best date I’ve been on in years.” She hugged his arm, her face pressing into his bicep. “I only have one question.”

“What’s that?” he asked, daring to hope she was going to ask what he anticipated.

“When is it playtime for your Kaiju?” The moment her hand squeezed his dick through his pants, he felt himself growing–and this time he could not stop himself. Accompanied by a chorus of tearing cloth and groaning tissue, Natnan shot past seven feet as his body doubled in weight at the same time. Adrenaline and Testosterone flooded his system as the rush from a moment of explosive growth enveloped him.

Fearing for the safety of others, he scooped up Susy with both hands and rushed for the door even as he felt himself approaching an eight-foot stature. Now, he could hold his macrophallic date in one hand, and that only seemed to encourage her as she rubbed her face against his thumb. He squeezed out of the twin sliding doors just as the last vestiges of his clothes gave up the ghost.  At once, his cock sprang to attention. This was just perfect. He was ten-plus feet tall and naked in the middle of Chicago. Everyone was taking pictures of him.

“Fuck, what’m I going to do? Everything is–”

“Amazing!" Susy yelled. "It’s fucking amazing and I fucking love you!"

"Oh... uh..."

"Anyway stud, we should probably split. There’s a warehouse my father owns across town. My room is there in the offices. Why not head that way and I’ll order Chinese?”

“Sure, one sec.” He extended a finger to break the glass window of his room and set her down there. “Grab my stuff for me? It should just be a duffel.”

A moment later, that was done and they were on their way.

To Be Continued!

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