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WIP – Twinkling Wishes

The Far Shore

Pardon my dust. The text presented here is an in-progress draft--it might even just be notes. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

For Context

*RJ, aka Raven Jihara-Cortez aka The Queen of Juice, grew up in the Nineties, during the web one-point-oh days where internet commerce was less of a regulated thing. Driven to be as big and strong as her male martial arts rivals, she started working out hard in High School. She ordered a protein supplement that turned out to had trace amounts of something else. Over the course of a year, Raven grew bigger, bulkier, and more masculine across the board. The additive appeared to be anabolic steroids but, in reality it was actually Faerie Dust mixed into the powder which was making her desire for strength an ever greater reality. This prolonged exposure during puberty completely altered Raven’s physiology, causing her to develop a physique that defied explanation.

Before she left High School, she was already close to seven feet tall, heavier than most linebackers, and strong enough to lift a bus. After High School, her growth accelerated. Raven started going by RJ and presenting as Non-Binary. Her massive size eventually led to a career in pro wrestling as a heel where they also became something of a mentor to women looking to get into dramatized combat. Even so, her appetite for strength seemed to have no end. At each plateau, she stepped back from the bench like most would lean back from the dinner table, only to return moments later to finish off the plate. When she retired after a four year career, she tipped the scales at over four hundred and needed to stoop her seven-foot-plus height through most doorways.

For RJ, this story begins when they win a pair of braided leather armbands from a mock combat tournament at a Renn Faire, which they were attending to interview a blacksmith about his workout routine. The bands barely fit over their biceps and the first time they flexed with them on, they came apart--only to find themselves in the embrace of a buxom woman with honey-blonde hair and piercing green eyes. This was their introduction to the "Honeyed Maiden," a faerie princess who had been sealed away by “an evil witch” who could only be rescued by her one true love--or so she said.

When she realized that RJ, while very masculine because of their build, was not exactly a man, she was very upset. Embarrassed and aggravated, she challenged RJ to a feat of strength to prove they had been the one who freed her. RJ snap accepted. This resulted in wrestling with a monstrous six-legged, bear-like creature which turned out to be the faerie in disguise. When RJ pinned her, she reverted to her humanoid appearance which led to some deeply passionate sapphic sex.

It has been about a week since then...*

 Hunni's glimmering gaze flicked between storefronts while the heels of her new boots click-clacked on the polished stone as she leisurely strode through the mall. Humans had created so very many things while she slept, and the faerie could only fathom a handful of their purposes but, the mall was an *exquisite* example of mortals doing something right. Not only could she browse the wares of hundreds of weavers and tailors but she could also be *present* like never before. The drama of *The Courts at Sunset and Moonfall* had *nothing* on the posturing of adolescent twenty-first-century mortals and the faerie noble could not help but indulge her mischievous nature while out.

 As had been the case in that misty age long past, she found herself taking great delight in the reactions of others when she sashayed past. Even though her sweater and jeans were well within decency and she was hardly the inspiration of hedonistic tendencies that her Aunt was, her body was still the fantasy of the boys who were becoming men. What surprised her, however, was the number of young women around her awakening to their sapphic sexuality in the wake of her passage. Male and Female alike, The Honeyed Maiden could feel their eyes lower and linger to drink in her chosen form, a form which was the stuff of legend. Bards throughout the Summer Country used to sing of her beauty and grace after she came to King Arthur's court with her sister as envoys of Titania. That, however, was centuries ago, and she found the mall *far more* agreeable than Camelot. There was an abundance of goods that she could have never believed possible. Well, sort of.

 "I don' get it," she said into the earbud microphone to RJ, "how come *so few* of these stores sells something larger than a size ten that doesn’ look like a tent?"

 "You're not telling me anything I don't know," came the reply of her would-be Leige through the headphones, surrounding her with their powerful growl. "Woman or Man, *no one* makes clothes for someone *my* size."

 "I suppose that's true, it's just that… It’s a world-view adjustment that’s hard to put into words."

 "It's okay to feel overwhelmed," RJ whispered in reply, "you're still trying to grapple with nearly two thousand years of change. Don't beat yourself up over feeling out of place."

 Hunni let out the breath she had been holding, relaxing her shoulders as she did, though she did not open her eyes. In her mind, she revisited scene after scene of passion as noblewomen around the kingdom brought her into their beds in the hopes that some part of her apparent fertility would transfer to them. Which it did, of course. They all got the breasts and hips they desired, although not because of anything inherent in her being. Hunni's secret was that she had pilfered some of her Aunt's dust when they came to The World of Mortals and The Goddess of Hedonism's essence had the power to make desires a reality.

 "My... my appearance used to be the aspiration of young women in all corners of Briton. Every lady of noble birth wanted to be as buxom as I, if no' more." She took another breath and opened her eyes to look at her reflection in the nearby window. Her thick, hourglass build was superimposed over a mini-dress that was barely long enough to contain her bosoms, much less a decent amount of her sensually stout body. "Now though, as much as everyone cannot hide their lust for my voluptuous appearance, they make no effort to facilitate me finding comfort or solace. Put another way, I feel *desired* but, only as a *curiosity*. I feel *wanted* but, *unwelcome* to stay. I guess... I guess after all these centuries that hasn' really changed, has it?"

 "I wasn't there, Hunni," RJ replied, their voice forlorn, "so I can't tell you how others felt but, I *can say* that I'm glad we met."

 The sentiment from her prospective partner made the faerie warm from nose to toes. Then, she saw a very tall woman with red hair reflected in the window and that heat soared even higher.

 She whirled around, surprised, for while they could not have looked more different, the sense of connection with Tecia was in her very bones. Where she was of the Moonrise Court, Hunni's sister owed her allegiance to the Sunrise. Her warm brown complexion always seemed to evoke that heat of the Sun peeking over the horizon as the dawn arrived. As such, being in the presence of her willowy sibling once more was like experiencing a warm summer wind. Though it felt alien as well. The fae woman standing in the middle of the walkway was much older that the girl she had last seen. At that time, her smaller, younger sibling had begged her to not go through with the trade she had made. Now, Hunni could tell the little kid who had ridden her skirts was a true Faerie Princess. Just from how she stood it was obvious she was a warrior.

 Even so, Tecia's full, blood-red lips were quivering as tears welled up in her golden eyes. “It really is *you*! Sister!”

 “I’m going to have to call you back,” Hunni said as the long, lanky faerie quick stepped over. Once she had, she stooped and lifted Hunni up into a hug like she weighed nothing at all.

 “Oh, sister!" Tecia cried in her bright, musical brogue. "I am overjoyed to know that you weren’t taken apart and made into a vest!”

 “Tea, could you--*ngh*!--put me down?”

 “Oh, sorry," she squaked, and lowered Hunni to the floor. "I forget how strong I am now. *How* the centuries have changed me, sister dear--”

 “--I noticed--”

“However, those are stories best told over Meade around the bonfire,” the ruby-haired faerie said with a nod and a smile as bright as her voice. “What matters now is that I bring you home, safe and sound.”

“Tea, I…” Hunni bit her thumb. The chance of getting to go home after centuries of semi-conscious oblivion was *beyond* tempting. That she was even considering otherwise caused an ache in her chest that made her gasp and the world spin. Then RJ’s face flashed through her mind--well, RJ’s biceps, really. And their shoulders. And their abs. By the moonlight, that mortal's body was her siren song. 

"What is it, Ni?"

 “I can’ go back just yet," she replied, reaching up to grip her sister's arm. "I have something important I need to do. Something I can' leave behind in The Mortal World.”

 “But! But! I looked everywhere after you were… were..." For a moment, Tecia was that little girl again as she struggled with her emotions then she took a breath and that warrior's resolve returned.

 "I never gave up hope that I would find you," she said with stone in her voice. "When everyone else said you were gone for good, I kept looking. I even married Jeriketh--in your place, I might add--to enlist the Dark Elves’ assistance in finding the Trolls who absconded with the box which held your bands. All to no avail..."

 Hunni closed her eyes to shut everything out. True, *this* was not the world she knew, nor was *this* the time she had expected to find herself in. *Everything* was different, hostile, even. The Faerie Maiden could feel the presence of iron all around her, it's cold, unfeeling strength shaping this new human society while simultaneously rejecting her and all those like her. Yet, this world also had *them*. RJ's body was almost everything she had ever fantasized about--and some nights even that last thick, heavy bit was present.

"I'm sorry, Tea, I--"

"Sister, please," Tecia wimpered, her soft, tiny voice like a knife as taller faerie slumped over into the shorter. "Come home."

"For now, why not come back to our place? You can meet them and see for yourself why I want to stay."

After a pause, Tecia sniffed and giggled. "Of course it's about love. You always *were* the hyper romantic one..."

"This is a bit more complicated than that..." Hunni let herself imagine what RJ looked like at that very moment, as their workout progressed into the second hour. They would be hot and sweaty, their body emitting the scents of power, strength, and also... masculinity--almost more than she could handle. All things considered, the mortal who had freed her from her slumber was more man than any prince she had ever dreamed of. The Faerie Maiden smirked to herself, enjoying the memory of pretty much melting into a puddle after the first time RJ came back from a work out.

Walking with Tecia, she swiped a text to RJ, letting them know about her sister and then following it up with a playful taunt about how much RJ could curl. She sighed happily as she sent the message and turned her attention to catching up with her sister.

[RJ at the gym, hit by girls who think them a guy.]

[Lavish some detail on RJ's body.]

At the other end of the line, RJ looked at the call ended message with dread in their chest. They had already been cooling down after their workout, but they cut that short to head home. Hustling to the locker room, they were met with cries and shrieks as a pair of women RJ had never seen before freaked out.

"Get out! This is the women's room!"

"Look, I'm not a guy, my locker is right over there," RJ said but that did not deter the pair of women from starting to use their gym bags as clubs. Backing up under the assault, RJ stumbled back and right into Jerry, the gym's day-time manager and a retired bodybuilder. He was big, and it took a lot to think that about someone else when it came to RJ’s size in relation to others..

"Whoa, Raven, careful now."

"Jerry, call the police!"

"Yeah, that lunk just tried to assault us!"

"This lunk is Raven Jihara-Cortez--"

"--Was," RJ added.

"Oh, shit! You’re right. I'm just so--"

"It's okay, Jer, we've known each other a long time. I know you mean well."

"Right, um, anyway. RJ here is a woman as far as the facilities are concerned. So..."

"You're saying that mountain of muscle is female?"

"You're joking right?"

"Look," Jerry said in his best Dad Voice. "Either you two ladies can get over your issues or you can get out."

"But, this is the best Pilates class in the city!"

"Well, I guess you're getting over your issues then," he replied, turning on his heel and walking off. Although he turned to look back after a few steps. "Oh and make sure you apologize to RJ for beating on them like a set of bongos. Thanks!"

[The wish]

"Look, RJ--Raven--I'll be honest with you. I want to stay here. I want to stay with you and let you figure this out but, with Tecia threatening me, I don’t have time to dally."

“What do you need from me?”

"I'll give you anything if it means you'll become my Liege."

"I... I've got nothing, really. My problems are more complex than just me being huge, muscular, and not male."

"I'm not saying I can solve your problems, in fact, I am fairly certain being tied to me is only going to make problems find you--"

"--That's okay, my whole life has been problems. How about this? I have a trip this week. Cast the spell to transform me, let me see how things go..."

"I feel like there is more there..."

"Well, if I'm still on board when I get back, make this a permanent thing."

"And if not?"

"I just need to sire a child with you to be your Lord, right?"

"Y-y-yes, that's right."

"Then, if I'm not totally sold on being male, I will fuck you until we conceive and then, you can change me back. How's that sound?"

[RJ traveling, +MF threesome]

[After traveling for two days, RJ is at the gym.]

[Working out, they reflecting how people treat them differently now that they are very obviously masculine. While physically overjoyed at their body designed by faerie magic to maximize gains, they honestly don't feel all that different. Aside from having a massive dick and greatly increased gains, not much has changed about who they are. Well, except their libido. However, people want to be with RJ, in a way they never wanted to be with Raven--and that hurts, even as their sex drive thrives.]

[It is also exhausting being the alpha people expect them to be because of their size and the aura of raw masculine power they exude.]

[Fade to black on a bisexual threesome after telling Hunni--who is of course totally cool that her stud is getting warmed up for her.]

[Hunni meanwhile is at the apartment she shares with RJ]

[Despite being mostly happy with how things turned out, she wishes RJ would just get home already.]

[She sighs wistfully as she puts her phone down and turns her attention back to reading saucy fanfiction.]

[Because of the bond, she has been a literal nympho for the past few days, as her body anticipates getting fucked.]

[She has even been growing, her body becoming more and more fecund each time she edges but cannot seem to finish herself.]

[Nothing can seem to fully scratch the itch. It is as if only RJ's fantasy-sized cock can satisfy her.]

[On the tail end of a chat with her sister, it is obvious that she has fallen into the same trap--even if it is different.]

[Still fiddling and vibrating, she makes dinner,

[The Reunion]

[RJ comes home, and their joint desire results in the malleable spell manifesting explosive changes.]

[The Overload]

[There is lots of growth, some sex, and then jump cut]

[The Reversal]

[Laying in bed for the first time in three days,]

[they are actually having a conversation and not just getting off to each other over skype]

[Confess that neither of them is satisfied after that.]

[Trying a role-reversal results in a very femme RJ, Jean.]


[Hunni becomes altersex. Soft, sensual sex.]

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