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198 – More Than One Way to Be a Stud

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

The text presented here is a story which was never posted to Tumblr. It might need of revision for grammar and typos.
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A bookish, introverted man wants to shake that persona and be more popular. Trust his cousin, a witch, to give him exactly what he is looking for–and more.

Rated Not Safe for Work due to explicit sexual acts and sexual nudity. This story of a First Time between a CisHet Pairing features a guy whose Butt Expands to Huge sizes, an Extra Thicc Woman with an Even Larger Butt, and Unexpected Outcomes for characters where they get More Than They Bargained For. Other kinks include sex in public, sex in a bathroom, loads of cum, penis and testicle expansion, lip expansion, light femdom, and breeding play. | Word Count: 4990

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