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198 – More Than One Way to Be a Stud

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

“C'mon, [Lyla*]! Do me a solid,” Diego pleaded with his magically-attuned cousin. “I’m transferrin’ in! I gotta make a great first impression, or I might as well kiss my college social life goodbye!”

“I dunno, D,” she said over the phone, her Cajun accent thicker than usual. “I’m not sure that’d work out in your favor. Desire is an enthusiastic muse and courting her usually leads to... unexpected outcomes.”

“You’re talking that witchy shit again and I don’ get it. Are you warning me that I could end up fuckin’ hung and jacked beyond my wildest dreams? I ain’t seein’ a drawback there if tha’s the case.”

“Of all the--actually, you know what? Sure. Swing by in an hour, I’ll have something for you.” Excited to get what he wanted, he totally missed Lyla’s tone.

“Thanks, cuz! You're the best--be by in a bit!”

That night, Diego sat at a bar a few blocks away from campus. It was one which Reddit and Yelp! said was an excellent venue for hookups. Trying to make sure his game was on point, he had worn one of his subtly nerdy bomber jackets--this one black and red like that N7 armor--along with a matching hat. The shirt on under the open jacket was cover art from Mega Ran’s first album redone to look like a sprayed tag. It was an ensemble he liked to think was street enough while being something other nerds would pick up on.

The college junior rocked the brandy he had ordered, his first drink as a student away for college, and tried to convince himself he was having fun. There was no one seated on either side of him, so he turned his attention to looking around. The small venue was nothing like the dive bar back home, which was dingy and usually half-full of third shifters having a drink after their overnight. This was much more of a “happenin’ spot”--with driving electronic beats some dude was laying down from his laptop, and neon lighting that evoked a European disco hall. The air was thick with the smells of clashing body sprays. All over, booths and tables were crammed with double or triple dates laughing and having a good time. The few that were more sparsely populated hosted couples making out in the gloom. Soon, that would be him, and he could not wait.

He glanced around before pulling out the vial of powder Lyla had given him. He had no idea what it would do beyond make him more attractive. He had meant to ask questions when he had stopped by her place; however, his cousin’s body had left him speechless. The last time he had seen Lyla, she had been nearly as flat and narrow as a freshly milled two-by-four. Now? Well, she was something else entirely.

Lyla’s new, extremely busty look had been so striking that he could not shake the sight of her as she answered the door in a tightly wrapped sarong. How the hell had she grown such full and massive tits in just a year? Her torso-encompassing bust was so vast that her thighs had to jostle it when she walked--and who knew how much they had to weight! When she told him to put some of her brew in his drink, he was too overwhelmed to ask questions. So there was seriously no way of knowing what the mixture was going to do to him.

That anticipation was giving rise to an adrenaline rush which was making him jittery. His knee bounced as he fantasized about gaining a hundred pounds of muscle mass as well as inches all over the place. He could almost feel his super-masculine form being worshipped by women who wanted The D from him.

Then, he shook his head. Why was he doing this? Really? He most definitely was not a “go to the club to get laid”-type of person. He was even missing the premiere of the new Who for this, and yet--this was his chance to be that Big Dick Energy kind of stud he always envied. That kind of guy who exuded charm, confidence, and swagger from every pore.

Diego’s knee bounced harder as he considered leaving, even as he also worked the stopper out of the glass. He tried meekly to get the bartender’s attention to close out his tab, but then he saw a woman so damn sexy and beautiful that his breath caught in his throat. He jerked his hand down so fast he banged his elbow into the edge of the bar and found himself seeing stars and trying not to swear. Taking a sip of his drink to recover, his gaze flew back to the woman who was now, like, ten steps away from him. He gagged and coughed on the bit of booze entering his throat, leading him to pound his fist into his chest in an attempt to stop the spasms.

“Careful now, Commander,” she whispered to him with a wink and those three words felt like an earthquake in his soul. He coughed harder but, even with the small jolts of pain, his eyes remained on the goddess of a sister as she stopped at a table not four feet from him.

Her rich, dark-brown skin shone in the dim atmosphere as it reflected the neon lights, making it look like she was painted pink and teal. Her complexion seemed to draw the photons towards her, making her stand out from the half-light of the bar. Her mane of light, bouncy curls were an iridescent mix of teal and pink in a sea of black.

Their eyes met again, and his whole body buzzed once more. The mystery woman glanced away. His heart fell until her plump bottom lip rose into a smirk and she looked back at him and gave him another wink with those amber browns of hers. Not sure what to do, he lifted his chin in a ‘sup’ kind of way. Her smirk split into a grin and she mouthed ‘Normandy for life!’

“Whoadamn,” he said under his breath as she moved on--Miss Booty was built like a freight train, and she recognized what his low-key gaming attire was referencing? Was this a dream? Her booty certainly was from how it jiggled out from the belted waistband of her overtaxed pants. Maybe it was the booze. Perhaps it was Big Booty Energy. Whatever the reason, his resolve firmed as his erection did. He started pouring the powder into his drink, hoping that whatever happened--it would happen with her.

His mind began to spin as the scent of lemongrass and mint filtered through the smell of spilled beer as well as fried food, and his dick started to throb harder as he inhaled deeply. Suddenly, she was all he could think about as his gaze fixated on the sway of her hips in the gloom.

Was Miss Booty single--or into guys at all for that matter? Supposing she was, was he the type she would be into? It was hard to tell much about her since she was dressed in the same black pants and neon-reactive tank as the bartender, though the stretch cotton fit her voluptuous body in a way that made the outfit her own at the same time. Especially the way her bouncing caboose filled those pants near to bursting. Gripping either cheek had to feel like palming a basketball-sized bean bag--and she had the thighs to hold all that ass up, too! In fact, girl’s calves were massive, also, and she was only wearing flats! She would actually be a goddess in heels...

His muse stepped into the kitchen, and the world seemed darker for it, but her absence allowed him to turn his attention to the tilting vial in his hand. Shit! How much had he poured in? It looked like nearly half the vial! How much had Lyla said to use?

Freaking out about the whole affair, he put stoppered the half-empty tube and stuffed it in his pocket. Whatever, no sense in worrying about it now, since he was about to leave anyway. There was no way he was going home with Her, and no one else even came close. Sure that whatever enchantment his cousin had given him was a prank anyway, he tossed his drink back and gasped as it hit the back of his throat and a chill burst filled his mouth with the stinging taste of spearmint. The sensation spread with the drink’s descent, and when it reached his stomach, the icy feeling exploded out until it felt like he was sitting in a brisk winter breeze.

“Wow,” he said smacking his lips. Maybe just one more. “Hey barkeep, can I get another of whatever I just had?”

A moment later, he had a second brandy in his hand. This time, he only sprinkled a little of the herbal mixture into the drink. As such, the drink lacked the same minty punch as the first, but the taste was still like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“Goddam girl,” he said under his breath again as Miss Booty returned to the floor with a heavy tray. The bulge between his legs was thudding against the back of his pants now, but the knocking went unnoticed as his mind slipped into a trance-like state again. Like light rays into a black hole, his attention had been sucked into the mystery woman's figure and her hypnotic movements. His eyes began to burn with the need to blink, but he did not want to miss a second of her intoxicating smile. His breathing was getting faster, the whispers of air passing over his lips made him keep licking them, and each time he did, it made a thrill of sensation rush down his body.

Completely enthralled, he shifted his waist to keep an eye on her as moved from table to table, her hips swaying from side to side as she carried drinks and food. Each time she bent over a table to deliver her bounty, he could swear his heart skipped a beat, and the chill of the powder grew stronger.

“Those thunder thighs look so soft--they so plush I jus’ want to be crushed by ‘em,” he said to himself, his words drowned out by the thumping bass. “I could drown in ‘em, I would welcome that death. Dem protrudin’ hips, too, they spread so wide, they so well defined. It’s an exaggeration which is a rare find. They goin’ feel good in my hands, like handles to grab tight while breedin’…”

What was he saying? Why was he thinking about breeding her, of fucking her pussy until she was filled with his cum and--

“--So do you Femshep or Manshep?”

She was sitting next to him!

After flipping her mass of sleek curls to one side, the mystery woman went to lean back on her elbows. Her butt got there first--the curve pressing more and more against the paneling as she planted her arms on the polished countertop. The arch of her back peaked high enough that he could have put his arm between her and the bar and not touch either.

The pressure on all that flesh was causing inches upon inches of warm umber skin to rise from her pants. The open stance let Diego take in how soft her tummy was--and how hefty her tits were. He had noticed that she was straight Aku-levels of extra thicc, but her bodacious booty had eclipsed everything else. Even now, her Ravenclaw thong demanded his attention as it vanished into the valley between her two bubbly cheeks.

Just be cool. Be yourself.

“Uh… I like both?”

Nailed it. Then, Miss Booty's eyebrows went up like she was about to drag his ass and he amended his enlightening statement.

“It depen’s on my mood, ya know?” he added quickly. “Sometimes I just want to bro down with Grunt and Marcus--other times? Let’s jus’ say I dig the chemistry ‘tween Garrus and Femshep--that scene at the Citadel in three? Food for my soul right there..”

“That’s legit though,” she replied, her hesitant expression turning to one of genuine enthusiasm. “Like, man, I’m usually Shekarian all the way--I love that dino badass--but, there are nights where I just want to lose myself in the fantasy of makin’ out wit’ Tali. I even have a Manshep save right before that scene so I can--”

Diego kept nodding as she launched into full fandom mode. At any other time, he would have been over the moon just to talk about the games with someone like this--however, he could hardly hear her over the pounding of his pulse. He could feel his dick hammering his jeans at the same pace, and he hoped she kept her eyes up.

Trying to not give her a reason to look down, he focused on her deep brown eyes the way metal was drawn to a magnet--although it hardly helped keep his mind out of the gutter. Her full, glossy lips were utterly fantastic--he licked his just thinking about what would they feel like around his rock hard co--

“--Well, I gotta keep movin’,” she said, putting a hand on his knee only inches from the tip of his dick with a flirty wink that said she knew exactly what was going on in his pants, “but I’d love to chat more, yeah?”

“Uh, yeah… that’d be dope.”

This girl was the dream something fierce. She had to have a partner--there was no way someone who was such a complete package was “on the market.” Well, there was one reason. It was possible she was single because she was a witch friend of Lyla’s. Yeah, perhaps she had cast a spell on him, and that was why he kept drinking her as if she were the sweetest water in the world. Still, he found himself doing his own conjuring as he dreamed could-bes and sipped on his magic-infused brandy.

Just as she stepped into the back again, there was a rumble in his stomach that echoed outward in a throbbing sensation. Strangely, it felt like he was flexing against his jacket as the sleeves grew tight. He pulled it off and was surprised by how his forearms were noticeably bigger--as were his biceps. Not massively, not like the hunk he expected to be either, but more like his uncle who was a chef and spent a lot of time chopping and stirring. Next, he felt his slight belly shiver as that fat melted away--only to reappear on his butt as his cheeks began to push against his pan--Wait, what?

Another gurgle preceded his ass gaining a couple more inches before his thighs got in on the act, too. The feeling of his pants and boxers pulling tight was a sensation so intensely pleasurable that he moaned loud enough that the people near him had to have heard him. Face burning, he tussled in his seat to hide the ever more apparent shape of his dick even as he began to slide his hips back and forth on the vinyl seat.

He had to calm down--this was getting out of hand. Then, he felt his cock throb and grow! Oh shit--! Maybe this would pass? Perhaps this was as big as he was going to--another loud gurgle pumped his lower body up even further, and the groan from the pleasure from the tightness slipped out in the space between two songs.

Diego panicked. Without thinking, he downed his tainted drink and then hightailed it to the bathroom hoping it would make it seem like he had just had one too many. Locking himself in a stall, he could tell the changes were picking up steam. The gurgles were starting to sync up with his pulse, and they kept getting louder. Now his balls were swelling, too, taking up more and more already overtaxed space. Between his widening butt and swelling junk, his pants were getting dangerously constraining. He could feel pins and needles starting as his boxers became an accidental tourniquet.

“Fuck-fuck-fuck!” Anxious as this was making him, it was hard to ignore how good growing was starting to feel. A mighty gurgle, the loudest so far, heralded the seat of his pants coming apart as his cheeks grew even more bubbly and his thighs thickened like rising dough. His hips were stretching wider--would they grow to be as vast as that chick's had been? Could his ass as big as hers? Why did that possibility excite him? What would it feel like for her to play with him when he reached that massive size?

With a high-pitched ‘ting’ the button to his pants bounced off the metal door just before his dick split his inseam and strained against the remaining threads in steady pulses of growth. Each thread that snapped over his girth made him gasp and twitch. The more his balls enveloped his cock, the more his hips moved on their own, the more he wanted to fuck. There was a great tingle between his legs and his sense of pleasure skyrocketed--he could swear his taint was swelling up as well.

Then it was over, leaving him on the edge and wanting as pre dribbled out with each thudding pulse of his cock. Jerking off was still out of the question, but perhaps he had another option…

Curious, Diego reached back and grabbed his butt and moaned when his fingers gripped his cheeks. A thick spurt of pre dribbled out of his foreskin and then down his thigh as he bucked harder. The bottom-heavy man rolled his fingers, pressing down on the surface of his newly grown bubble butt and it was like directly massaging the pleasure centers of his brain. He bit his lip--finding it far plumper than he remembered--and shuddered like he was just about to nut in a chick. His balls pulled up. His knees went weak, causing him to stumble forward. Propped up against the door with one hand, his other kept working. He was panting as he squeezed his massive ass with his free hand. It was not but ten seconds later that he groaned as a sticky mess exploded in his pants.

Dropping to the can, he punched in Lyla’s number. “Yo, what the fuck?”

“I’m guessing you took the potion?”

“Yeah and--”

“--it’s not what you expected? Of course not, I told you--”

“--How does it--”

“Work? Well, who were you fixated on at the time?”

“This, uh, this woman with a huge booty.”

“Well, whatever is happening to you, it’s a manifestation of her sexual fantasy. You wanted to be super popular, right?”

“Yeah, but--”

“Well, you’re going to be irresistible to one person--and who knows? Maybe her friends are into the same things she is.”


“You’re welcome, by the way. Have fun!” She hung up after that, and Diego sat there, winded but still hard and horny, at a loss of what to do. Which is when the door banged open, and he jumped, which was enough to completely free his cock from his pants. It wobbled in the air before him, his previous orgasm clinging to his skin like a glaze. He reached towards it with caution, biting his lip as he did forgetting that they were super sensitive now. Once more, teeth meeting flesh filled him with pleasure. He moaned without warning.

“That you, Commander?”

It was her!

“Uh, yeah, just--”

“Boy, open this door right now--that is, unless you don’ wanna chat about games later?”

Not sure what else to do, he slid the lock aside and pushed the door out. The way her eyes lit up when she saw him was more orgasmic than all of the furtive handjobs he had gotten before. A twitch made more cum blossom from the far end of his shaft--which had to be more than a foot away from him.

“Oh, yes…” she said, licking her lips. “I saw you get up and was like ‘damn that dude’s got ass--but this? Holy fuckin’ shit, yeah?”

“Uh...?” he said trying to focus on the conversation and not the way her eyes followed his dick’s every bounce. Him being this big was, apparently, her fantasy--as must have been the breeding kink--surely...

“You must be fuckin’ hopeless, boy.” She dropped to her knees and gripped his massive pole with both hands. She closed her eyes as she stroked it with a ghost of a touch, her expression one of complete bliss. “Omigawd… it’s perfect! It’s even bigger than my biggest toy!”

The first brush of her lips was even softer than he could have ever imagined and he almost nut right there, but he fought the reflex even as the alien urge to tangle his fingers in her hair and fuck her face flooded his mind.

“That’s a good stud, holding back for me. You’ll get yours in a moment, but I just want to… taste you…” Warm steel balls which must have been two tongue piercings gripped the underside of his dick as she lapped up his spunk. She moaned like she was partaking of some sort of delicacy.

“Oh yeah,” she said after a loud gulp. “Tha’s what’m talkin’ ‘bout. Hmm, one sec, stud.” She got off her knees and vanished out of view for a moment. Deigo worried she had gone off to pull a prank on him until he heard the door’s deadbolt slide into its locked position. Her strut back into view would have made ocean waves jealous, the first two fingers of her left hand were twined in her hair as she bit the knuckle of her other hand.

A coo rose from her heaving chest as she settled to the tile once more. She pouted as another glob of cum spilled from Diego's dick and then fished in her pocket for a moment. “Now, now… can’t be wastin’ any more of that, can we?”

She pulled out a couple hair ties and pulled her mass of curls back with a practiced grace...

“This other one’s for you, stud,” she said spreading the elastic band open with her fingers. It rolled off them to squeeze the impressive girth tight. Without even so much as an iota of hesitation, Miss Booty began to stroke his cock to slide the band closer and closer to its root. His veins rose as the flow of blood grew more restricted and, in a development that made him shiver with pleasure, he was starting to enlarge even further.


She shushed him with a finger on his lips, and he moaned against her digits. “That’s my good stud, you don’t need to talk, jus’ fill me up--understand?

He nodded, and she giggled before pulling her shirt up over her head to reveal a plain-looking bra which she was obviously too big for.

“Hey--these things ain’t cheap,” she said catching his look. She put a finger to her lip, pulling it down just so. “Maybe I’ll drag you along next time I go shoppin’--you can buy me the one that makes you the hardest...”

She moved closer, pressing her soft body to his own as her lips squished into his. The pressure of her equally plump lips was a feedback loop of pleasure that had him twitching like crazy as more and more blood flooded his inflating rod.

“Oh, yes, you're going to be such a good toy… How ‘bout you unhook me…” she whispered against his lips. “And then we can get started?”

As he reached around her, she purred when his athletically developed arms encircled her shoulders. The bra she was wearing had six hooks, and he got the first one without too much issue. When the second one slipped from his fingers, she tsked and nipped at his chin. He tried again to no success, and she bit him a little harder. He got the second hook undone on the third try, and she rewarded him with a coo and a kiss.

The third and fourth both came undone without a hitch but the fifth slipped from his fingers. This time, she bit hard enough to pull a bit of flesh into her mouth. Running her tongue over the little piece of him she had captured, they both moaned at the same time.

“That’s gonna leave a mark…”

“It’s a badge of honor, stud,” she purred into the hollow of his neck. “I don’t give many people a third try.”

Diego chuckled and undid the other two clasps. She slipped the straps down her arms even as she hugged her tits. Lifting slowly, Miss Booty let her massive boobs flow down like molasses until they both hit her chest with soft thumps.

Again she pressed herself to him, her hands trailing down his arms to his wrists. Then, as she used them for leverage to get up, there was another gurgle, and he felt his butt spreading once more. Inexorably, he found himself pinned between his bulk and the metal of the stall.

“H-h-hey!” he stammered. “This is--”

“Exactly what you wanted?” Her voice was almost a growl. “For a stud like you, being milked like this has to be a fantasy--” Her hands slid under his shirt, her nails trailing over subtle muscles. “To be in the care of a--” she sat back and kissed his cock --”woman who can handle you. Can make you”--a single finger slid down his cum-slick shaft ”--beg even as she lets you ravage her?”

“I mean, not exactly, but--”

“--Look, stud, I love the awkward nerd thing and, honestly, I find it fuckin’ hawt--but right now it’s time to put up or shut up. Make sense?”

Diego nodded.

“So… do you want to fuck this ass or not?”

Oh hell yeah!

Good, then enjoy the ride, yeah?”

Shifting her attention back to the shining head of his dick, she kissed it just as intently as she had his lips. How was she going to fit him in her mouth? It looked like his tip was the size of his fist. Somehow though, she stretched her lips around him. With teasing tongue, she slowly moved down his length until her fat bottom lip was rubbing against his swollen sack.


Her tongue and its metal spheres rocked around the underside of his cock as she moved back up his length with a firm, steady pressure that was so intense his toes curled and his fingers clenched into fists. There was another grumble from his body, and his pecs began to swell, their mass pushing out like he was developing muscle tiddies.

Her hands went to his thighs, and his balls twitched as a huge glob of pre dribbled down her throat. She gripped his plush cheeks, and his cock surged in thickness--snapping the band as it did. She coughed and looked up at him with surprise as she tried to grin around the meat filling her mouth.

Something about that switched Diego's mind into full-on breeder mode. With strength he had never known, he bent the metal walls of the stall out and freed his arms. At once, his fingers entwined in her voluminous collection of curls. She moaned and began to move just a little faster, but the taste of stimulation only stoked his need. His entangled hands gripped the back of her head tight, and then, he began to thrust into her.

He moved with slow, rough, jerking motions at first as he adjusted to having a fucking firehose for a dick, but she seemed to enjoy it. Her eyes were rolling back as they teared up and she kept moaning what felt like 'yes' and 'more’ as her throat spasmed around him. At some point, he had gotten to his feet, and her hands had slipped around to grip his butt like it was her lifeline.

When her fingertip teased his ass hole for the first time, it might have even been a mistake, but the brief touch made his whole body throb. He felt her lips twitch and his knees began to quiver as she kept stroking, applying more and more pressure to his back door. Then, just as his hands slid from her head to grip the top of the stall, she pulled back a bit on his dick, and her index finger slipped inside.

Without any pretense, he began to cum. Gout after gout washed down Miss Booty's throat. It was a full minute before his bursts of release finally stopped and every second was better than the last.

The woman moaned as she finally released him. Jizz was running down her cheeks from the corners of her mouth, and she hungrily wiped it up with her fingers before sucking on them. Her enthusiasm was enough to make him twitch.

“Oh? Ready for round two already? Yeah--we have gotta bang, stud. But first--”

“We should probably know each other’s names?” he asked offering her a hand up. It was not as if he could keep calling her Miss Booty.

She wiped some spunk off her throat with the back of her hand and giggled. “I was going to say I have an hour left on my shift but, yours is good, too. Call me… Pamela.”

“Diego,” he said. “Actually, do you happen to have another pair of pants? Yours might fit me.”

Might?” she clapped her ass, making it dance. “Boy, don’t think for a second you can compare to this booty.”

“Sure--sure, can I borrow a pair of pants or not?”

“Depends,” she said moving closer and dragging her finger down his front until her fingers were gripping his pubic hair. “When am I getting them back?”

“How about in an hour?” he said. “I’ll leave ‘em on your floor.”

“No, you’ll put them in the hamper--but, yes. In an hour sounds perfect.”

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