Misty F Fiction

210 – Witchy Shit Ch.1

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated SFW

It was, of course, a stormy night when Lenore first seriously tried to do the “witch shit” in the old three-ring binder she had gotten as a twenty-third birthday present. It was not like she had planned or waited for such an evening to provide ambiance. In fact, the autumn Nor'Easter was something of a hindrance. The lightning kept messing up her chant and after the fourth time she jumped then lost her place, Lenore decided to try again later.

“Some great witch I’ll turn out to be at this rate,” she muttered as she walked across the circle to blow out the western candle. “Anyway... should make sure to do this part right.”

Lenore tucked a stray lock of russet brown hair behind her ear with one hand as she bent to pick up the point of light sitting on the low window sill. The glass was wonderfully warm in her grasp and the balsam scent of the totally-bought-on-clearance candle whispered promises of winter.

She straightened in the slightly-too-long red velvet robes she had bought online and held the flame out at arm’s length like she was offering it to the night. “Came Earth from the West and with it, Death and Rebirth. Thank you for blessing this circle with your presence. Go in peace or linger if you will...”

Bringing the glass pot closer to her, Lenore puffed at the green votive to extinguish it. The flame danced but did not go out. She tried again, blowing harder this time, but the fire refused to be snuffed. “Guess you’re lingering, not that I blame you--it's awful out there.”

“It really is, young one,” replied a voice that was like the sound of a far-off avalanche. Both vast and quiet at the same time, it was a whisper that filled the room far more than a bustling party could.


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