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184 – I Wish For A Stiff Surprise

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After the encounter in the bathroom, the rest of the day seemed so... pedestrian to Jeanie. Even though her mind was focused more on The Dashboard than her reports, she was nonetheless just as efficient as ever. Was she really a genie now or was this just some very vivid trip from whatever that woman had been smoking? Thinking back, something about what The Eldjinni had said stuck out at here.

"The power is my own... what does that even mean?"

Deciding to find out, she wished she could be even more efficient at work. As she did, her body felt warm like it had only moments ago during the surprise make-out session. There was a twitch across her back and then a squirming. All of sudden she was aware of other fingers, other hands, as they emerged from her back like a whale breaching the sea. It certainly seemed that her body was manifesting the first idea that had come to her to satisfy that wish. Even as the limbs grew longer, the bases of her new arms were still sliding outwards as her physique altered in ways that only partially made sense.

Almost as surprising as suddenly having four arms was how her clothing morphed to adjust without even an additional thought from her. Her new, crisply pressed attire left her looking like she had a wardrobe at home full of blouses and blazers designed for four-armed women. Jeanie wished she could see that and the potential became a reality as her memories of the years spent shopping morphed to include her searching for tops she could alter. Not content with that for some reason, she wished that she was a fantastic seamstress and that she could sew her own tops.

No sooner had the thought formed that her body grew hot once more. Her office swirled around her to become a different place in the blink of an eye, although the reports about shipping and manufacturing remained piled on her desk. Incredulous, she picked one up and gasped when she saw her name on the letterhead. Jeanie's Wish, Custom Intimate Apparel. Apparently, she was a lingerie designer now!

Looking down, her fashion sense seemed entirely different. Gone were the business casual blouse and slacks, replaced by clothes she might typically wear to the gym. The button down had been replaced by a form-fitting halter top that clung to her well-developed core and left her second pair of arms free to move. A pair of Capri pants were pulled tight around her bulging calves. She was also far more tan than she had been as if in this reality she spent more time outside. A bit freaked out by how much was changed by just that one thought, she wanted to go back to before but also had no idea how to do that.

Just then the door to her office opened, and an exceedingly tall, willowy woman with a vibrant brown complexion and short, spiky black hair entered. Her dark pants hugged her hips and thighs before flaring out around mid-calf. She wore an open smock covered in pins over a stretchy, midriff-baring shirt that showcased phenomenally sculpted abs and understated filigree tattoos which swept up and in from around her hips. The Dashboard identified her as Savannah and also her partner.

"Please tell me you have the designs for next month is done, love."

"Uh..." A cavalcade of thoughts rushed through Jeanie's mind, though she tried to not focus on any one of them, lest that also alter reality further. The three which kept coming back, however, were 'why does this woman not think me having four arms is odd,' 'business partner or partner partner?' and 'what designs?'

Judging from Savannah's business-like demeanor, even with the 'love' moniker, intimacy seemed unlikely. So that was one question down. Casting her gaze around the office for the answer to the other question readily answered, the newly-minted genie was surprised when she discovered a large drafting table covered in sketches that she both remembered and was seeing for the first time. Walking over to them felt strange as her second pair of arms hugged her waist. Savannah joined her at the table as she poured over the dozens and dozens of drawings.

"I really wish you were more organized--"

The moment the words reached her, Jeanie felt her body heat rise in what was becoming a recognizable pattern. There was a buzzing, the office shimmered, and then she found herself looking down at the open pages of a neatly cataloged portfolio in a three-ring binder. Jeanie felt something shift in her mind, her scattered thoughts about what was happening were suddenly collected as well. Her Dashboard fuzzed out and, when it came back a second later, there were new modules about what decisions she was metaphorically making five moves from now. Savannah's innocent wish about her organization had done far more than fix habits, it had utterly altered her way of thinking!

Jeanine looked up at Savannah, curious if anything else had changed and was hit with a wave of attraction so powerful it made her gasp.

"Thanks for these, Bobbin," Savannah said, taking a couple pages out of the rings. She pulled Jeanie into a kiss which made her knees weak. "Okay, gotta go, Love you!"

Faced with the reality that she had a relationship she wanted but could also not even remember developing, Jeanie began to panic. Not sure what else to do, she recalled that morning in the bathroom. It was an attempt to suss out any hints about how her power worked but, in her emotional state, the intense kiss with The Eldjinni dominated everything. Although, maybe that was a good thing.

Grabbing hold of that unforgettable moment, Jeanie fixed her entire being on the taste, the smell, and the heat shared between them as they pressed against each other. On a hunch, she willed herself to return to just after that moment. The fledging jinni felt the building heat of her powers working, but nothing changed.

"Argh! I wish I could go back to that moment!" Her body heat spiked, there was a crack, and then, once more, The Eldjinni kissed her on the forehead before her form faded away into smoke. Everything was as it should have been. Now, to make sure things did not get out of control next time...



Not wasting any time, Jeanine wished that she needed to vocalize changes that would affect herself. "Further, I wish that wishes from others that affect me only last an for fifteen minutes... unless I agree with them." Pulses of heat said her wishes had been granted.

"Okay, that emergency handled, I wish it was this evening, that I was at the gym, and that I was really enjoying myself."

Through another whirl of color, Jeanie suddenly found herself doing squats, her body burning like she had been working out for a while. The sudden rush of sensations and endorphins made her moan as she dipped and counted out twenty-five. Something about just saying that further flooded her consciousness with a level of pleasure response that verged on orgasmic. She had never done twenty-five squats before! What the hell was happening? Cardio had always felt good, weightlifting as well, but neither had been like... like this. She had never craved the burn she was feeling at that moment; had never experienced her center pulsing and throbbing in time with her flexing leg muscles. On top of all that, was her apparently bosltered strength. Jeanie could tell the weight she had set on the bar was more than usual--much more. Nonetheless, the fledgling genie rose back to a standing position with a fluid-like grace that implied this much pressure on her shoulders was not a new thing for her anymore.

How had this even--The wish!

In making such a broad statement about enjoying herself, her powers had done their best to extrapolate. After all, she did enjoy the gym. So now, she was really enjoying it. As a result, each movement felt more physically stimulating than the last, and it was really starting to affect her. From head to toe, her whole body was getting in on the exerting cycle of down and back up--Twenty-Six. Her calves--Twenty-Seven. Her quads--Twenty-Eight. Her oh-so-wonderful glutes--Twenty-Nine!--on and on up the rest of her body--Whew! That's Thirty!!

Maybe it was just how briefly erotic that morning had been, or that she had relived it, but it felt like she was being kissed everywhere. Basking in a post-workout afterglow that was on par with an orgasm, her libido was growling in her ears. She had not felt this horny since the first time she made out with Madeline in college--and, frankly, she wanted more exploration of her swelling libido.

Racking the bar, she was taken aback by how her tights fit now. Her entire lower body had put on a few inches of muscle--she even seemed taller. That she then found out what she had been lifting had been forty extra pounds was only further mind-boggling. She had blown away her personal best like it was nothing.

"I really am a being with near-infinite cosmic power, huh? I wonder how that takes shape..."

It turned out that meant she now lifted a fifty-pound plate like it was a flimsy plastic Frisbee. As the muscles in her arm shifted and pulsed to make her physique match what she expected, it seemed her physical strength was mainly a thing based on her perception. Sitting on the bench for leg curls, she looked at the slab weights and set them twenty pounds over where she usually did and then reconsidered. Plus twenty was hardly a real test for someone who might as well be a demi-goddess. Not even looking to see how much it was, she set the pin at the bottom of the stack, settled in, and flexed.

At first, nothing happened. Then, the definition in the fledgling jinni's thighs exploded, and Jeanie was hit with a wave of orgasmic pleasure. While she gasped for breath, her eye level jumped up a bit as her glutes joined in. After that, her hips popped and made grinding noises as her increasingly fuller butt spread out over the cushion. She could feel a swelling anabolic burn in her abdomen as her core grew and grew and grew. Then, like it was no big thing, her quads raised her lower legs and the weights. As they did, her calves swelled immensely, further bolstering her strength to keep the movement silky-smooth. The return from a full extension brought more burning but not nearly as much growth. Although her tights did start to pop seams as her resting mass strained the Spandex.

"Whoa..." She reached down and spread her fingers wide as she pushed her palm into her new muscles. That the tips of her thumb and pinky were not even close to gripping her thigh blew her mind. The pulsing network of thick veins coiling around her quads was almost a hypnotic level of stimulation against her palm. She put her other hand in her lap and Jeanie kind of spaced out at that point, her fingers stroking her thighs as she made a noise that was almost purring. It took the sound of someone else's weights crashing down to break the trance-like state, at which point she realized quads that were probably forty-plus inches around, while far more sensual than she expected, were not exactly the look she wanted.

"This is, um, great and all but," she whispered to herself, "I wish some of this growth had--I dunno--happened to someone else." A breeze wafted over her and, in an instant, her legs were mostly back to how they had been--as was the rest of her. She was definitely overall thicker and more powerful but, at least her thighs were no longer as big around as her waist.

Behind her, a woman named Isabella Alvarez was doing bicep curls. The amateur bodybuilder from Brazil was already starting to cut weight for a Figure-class competition in a few weeks, though she really wished that she had been able to bulk up to Physique. As she prepped for some shoulder work, the breeze which had swept past Jeanie whispered over her skin. Her pulse began to race as her body grew even warmer than it already was from her fifth thirty-minute circuit. Then Jeanie's wish began. Her growth started as twitches, one here, one there, then her entire musculature began to vibrate. In a cycle that was pleasantly painful, her muscles pumped more and more massive with each breath. Ten pounds became twenty, which ballooned to forty. Her clothes started to tear at eighty, but she kept growing until every ounce of the hundred pounds of muscle bequeathed to her by Jeanie's wish had crammed into her five-seven frame. Now almost twice the weight she had been, Isabella's cut and chiseled body looked like the very definition of the word Amazon.

Jeanie had, of course, missed this. She was already in the locker room by time Isabella had finished hulking out. The super-fit genie was looking forward to a shower when she heard a familiar voice that should not have been familiar. In the stall next to her was Savannah! How was that even possible? However, before she could even start to think about that, her heightened senses began to make sense of what was echoing around on the tile. Savannah was moaning and pleading like she was masturbating. Intrigued and yet scandalized, Jeanie was just about to leave when her alternate-reality girlfriend cried out. A moment later, a much calmer voice spoke.

"Whew, wow! That was just... fuck! I wish--"

The newly-minted genie reflexively put her hands over her ears. She hoped that, between her attempt to deafen herself and the running water, she would not hear the rest of the utterance. What happened instead was that she learned she could not tune out a wish as everything else went quiet aside from Savannah's voice.

"--that I could feel that more often. Damn, I love this big dick of mine. Every cent I spent on this double-ended dildo was worth it!"

Her Dashboard lit up, her body warmed. Jeanie was confident she was about to grow a dick to satisfy the desire when Savannah kept wishing.

"I wish it was less awkward for me to play with my big dick elsewhere, though. I wish this big dick of mine were less conspicuous. I wish I could feel both halves like it was a real dick I was jerking off with. I wish--"

The two words kept hammering Jeanie. Savannah's desire escalating her own as the cosmic powers she had access to began surging throughout her body. The jinni had no idea what else was going to happen, but she was about to cum for the second time in fifteen minutes from the intensity.

"--if nothing else, that I had someone to play with. I wish I had a girlfriend with a nice apartment where we could fool around, someone who could enjoy my big dick with me--Oh!"

With only being able to hear the wish and her eyes squeezed shut from being overwhelmed, Jeanie had not realized that Savannah had gotten out of the shower. The exclamation made her look up, and a flash of recognition passed between them before all the pent-up energy erupted out of her. Everything began to swirl, her body twinged, and then she and Savannah were standing naked in her apartment without any of their things.


Jeanie panicked, she had to go back to the gym and get their things! That was until Jeanie noticed that everything she had taken to the gym was in a pile with clothes and an unknown bag. Here and there were things which had not been in her apartment that morning. It was like Savannah lived here part of the time. The one thing she could not locate was the dildo Savannah had been holding. Not that she needed to. The Dashboard was already helpfully filling her in on her alternate-reality girlfriend's new and impossible anatomy. Answering both the desire for a large penis and for it to be inconspicuous, it seemed that Savannah's clit would now get an erection--then swell up to a size that frankly, seemed excessive, and yet, she licked her lips thinking about it. At the edges of her mind, Jeanie felt super excited about Savannah's unique physiology. Attached to that emotion was a whole other world of memories, and even looking at them was causing them to integrate into her awareness. Thankfully, her stunned partner finally spoke, pulling her away from that edge.

"What the hell just happened?" Savannah shouted. "What did you do?"

"I granted your wish, well, wishes." It seemed like the tall, and very athletic black woman's memories had not yet been altered to match the wish. Which was odd, considering how so much else had happened. Maybe it had something with the restrictions she had placed on herself? That overwhelming pile of memories about them getting together was off to one side. Did that mean--What did it mean? How was she supposed to even figure this out?

"So, what, we're in your lamp or something?" Savannah crossed her arms over her muscular chest, her pectorals pushing together. Jeanie's gaze moved south, and her eyes widened when she saw how big the other woman's clit had become. It had to be twice as big as her thumb! "Well? What's the answer?"

Jeanie's gaze snapped up. "What? No. I'm human--er, was, I guess. At any rate, this is just my apartment, and I guess sort of yours as well, based on that last wish you made."

That revelation made Savannah's eyes widen. Her aggressive stance relaxed. "Oh...um, are those my shorts behind you?"

Jeanie turned and picked up a pair of hot pants that definitely were not hers. "These?"

"Yeah," Savannah put her hand up. "Pass 'em over?"

They each got dressed in awkward silence after that, the duo pulling on athletic attire which was similar enough to imply they had bought the outfits together. Trying to break the ice, Jeanie asked Savannah if she wanted anything to drink.

"Got coffee?"

"I can make some." A few moments of whirring later, she had turned two pods into cups. Not wanting to instigate the situation further, she put the cup on the counter for the other woman to pick up. Who knew what them touching would do right now.

"So... you heard my post orgasm wishes and granted them? Just like that?"

"Yeah... Sorry. I tried to--"

"--and genies grant wishes literally, right? That's how it works in the stories."

"Sure, why--"

"Does that mean I have some giant, stealth dick now?"

"Uh... Are you saying your, um, clit was always that big?"

"What?" Both women looked down, and Savannah's button was very visible against the Spandex of her tiny shorts. If anything, it looked even bigger than before. "You know... I can't remember it not being like that but, at the same time, I know it hadn't been."

"Do you... Do you feel anything when you look at me?"

"With my dick or--?"

"No! I mean, well, yes--but also not really. You wished your girlfriend had a nice apartment. Are you... Are you seeing someone already?"

"I can't..." Savannah's eyebrows came together, and she looked left before grimacing. "I can't remember, and attempting to is giving me a headache."

"Okay, that confirms a hunch." Briefly, she filled Savannah in on the mass of memories sitting just outside her awareness. The other woman seemed dubious but also intrigued.

"So I wished to have a giant stealth dick and that you were my girlfriend? Is that what you're saying?"

"Not precisely, but that is how the wishes were interpreted it seems."

"Wanna give that a try then?"

"Give what a--" and for the second time that day, Jeanie found herself surprised by a kiss from what was honestly the woman of her dreams. The embrace made her mind go hazy, their proximity seeming to evoke emotions born from all those memories she was holding off. The terror of that moment in her office from another life gripped her once more, and Jeanie broke the kiss. "You don't even know my name yet!"

"Okay, well?"

"Um, I'm Jeanie."

"Jeanie the genie? Really?" Savannah huffed. "But I kind of like that. Nice to meet you, Jeanie, I'm Savannah. Now... let's see what kind of girlfriend this wish of mine got me."

From there, everything was a whirlwind as her mental fortitude crumbled and the wish's effects swept them both away. The pair of newfound-longtime lovers hit Jeanie's bed, both gasping as untold years of passion became theirs. The first time they met crystallized. It had been at the gym on campus. Jeanie, a post-grad, and Savannah, in her junior year of undergrad. Them being four years apart always made Savannah laugh and joke about dating a cougar even though Jeanie was a few years from thirty still.

Savannah moaned as Jeanie bit down her neck. "Mmm--So, does that mean this isn't the first time we've done this even if it feels like it?"

"Does seem like it..."

"Then... can you show me? Let the memory of the first time I wished for you pour into me..."

It was the holidays, and almost no one was at the gym. As it was, they had the place to themselves that night. Their usual flirting was less restrained, they kept finding excuses to press against the other and to grope flexing muscle. Everything came to a head as Jeanie was doing bench presses. She had not known then about Savannah's unique anatomy but, it was hard to miss the bulge as her sort-of girlfriend stood over her as the jinni's spotter. To this day, Jeanie could not remember why she did it. When Savannah looked down at her, she had raised her head and brushed her lips against the bump causing her friend to moan and the mound to throb.

Savannah had staggered back, and Jeanie had gotten up as her significant libido started to do its thing. At that moment, she had only been able to focus on how they had not gotten further than flirty kisses and slightly-more-than-playful petting. Then the moment turned to ice as Savannah excused herself. After that, there had been a fair bit of yelling about secrets and trust in the locker room. They did not speak for a week after that.

Granted, the make-up sex, their first time, was earth-shattering as they both got to see Savannah's actual size.

"I'm sorry I hid that from you," Savannah said in the present, her hands working Jeanine's lower back. "I was pretty ashamed of it myself, it seems."

"Mmm... you had your reasons, I'm sorry I was apparently such a bitch about it at first."

"Yeah, wow. Can we, you know, change that?"

"I guess? Though I've noticed--"

"I wish we had talked about my cock before that night."

The burn of her power working gave way to the memory she had just been in, only it was different now. The memory glitched and then Jeanie remembered an earlier conversation though she had hardly believed it--despite she herself being a jinni. Wait, why was she a jinni then? Locked into experiencing the memory with Savannah, she could not stop to investigate.

As memory-Jeanie got to her feet, memory-Savannah was not cowering, but standing confidently. The outfit she was wearing was more daring, making it seem like she had chosen that night to be The Night. She tucked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and asked if Jeanie was sure she wanted to do this. There were assurances, then kisses, then petting as their first time was moved from make-up sex in Jeanie's apartment to lustful fucking on the floor of the University gym.

Suddenly feeling far more passionate, Jeanie mirrored the memory and moved down Savannah's body. With similar feelings of surprise at looking at what was effectively a five-inch clit, both past and present kissed the tip. For a moment, the experiences were perfectly synced as Jeanie went down on her girlfriend while Savannah's erection continued to grow. Dozens of memories about her mouth being this full swirled around her, even as she was also experiencing the way Savannah's swelling phallus pressing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth for the first time. Wishing herself even hornier, the newly-minted jinni began fingering herself in preparation. Then, present-day Savannah broke with the memory as kept growing when her past-self said she was at her limit.

It was exciting to feel Savannah swelling even further as veins inflated and embraced her shaft. In the face of increasing stimulation, the coitus of yesteryear faded, leaving them to their first time that morning. Wait, Morning? When had that happened? Once again the feeling of things having altered without her awareness crept over Jeanie even as she sank into a comfortable, familiar rhythm of sucking off her girlfriend. Each time she dragged her lips along Savannah's length, another memory between them sank into her mind. Jeanie's belly-button itched, and then there was a bar there. A placeholder for more exotic jewelry when she was playing up the jinni thing. Her nipples, too, were suddenly pierced--as were Savannah's according to the memory. And so it went, a lifetime of surprisingly kinky love unfolding as their coupling in the present shifted to match.

Jeanie felt Savannah grab her wrists and pin them behind her back. "Open wide, love. You know what time it is..."

She moaned more and more as her incredibly athletic partner held her up and began to face fuck her. It only took a couple of seconds before Savannah's only partially turgid yet thick and foot-long dick was plunging in and out of Jeanie's mouth. Her girlfriend's soft girth was grinding on her tongue as the tip slid a little further down her throat with each thrust.

"Ah, Jeanie. You feel... so... so good! That's it, just a little suction. Mmmyeah, that's nice. Yes. Yes! That's perfect! Oh, Jeanie. Jeanie! Oh, fuck... I'm so big now! I--mmm--I'm ready! Are you?"

Jeanie nodded and her switch girlfriend withdrew before letting her drop to the bed. Never releasing her grip, Savannah resituated herself. The broad, rounded peak of her girlfriend's transformed clit slid up and down between her lips. "Does my pet genie like that, hmm? Do you love the feel of the massive cock you gave your master?"

The words stung at first, then her mind flooded with nights where she was worshiped as a goddess instead. Somehow, her status as a being with near-cosmic power had become a crucial aspect of their roleplaying. Not that she minded, it was a relief to have at least one person who knew what she really was. "Master, is it not big enough?  I can make your heart's desire come true... all you need to do is ask."

It was a phrase so familiar she said it without her thinking. No small wonder then, that present-day Savannah was so much bigger!

"I just want you to moan my name, Jeanie. Let everyone who can hear us know who you belong to!"

After that, the sex was aggressive, and it was not long before Jeanie was doing as she had been told. She shouted, she moaned, she was probably heard across town as Savannah--still growing!--plowed into her over and over and over. That onslaught of pleasure seemed to stretch on and on along with her stomach and uterus.

Finally, Savannah's grip on her began to loosen, at which point Jeanie turned the tables. Pushing back, Jeanie knocked her partner to the mattress and leveraged herself so that she was kneeling with her back turned. She started slow, carefully building a tempo while also striving to not finish her girlfriend off. The deliberate, lingering rise and fall had Savannah writhing beneath her and also getting harder still. As big as she was while in charge, nothing compared to what it felt like to fuck Savannah while dominating her.

In charge of the scene, Jeanie's consciousness had a moment to begin grappling with just how many wishes had been made while in the throes of lust. Wishes to make their lovemaking sessions last longer and feel better. Wishes for roleplay that saw one or the both of them becoming someone else for an hour. The point was, Savannah was addicted to magic-powered sex--not that Jeanie was much better. Something about that situation, and the implications of her power over Savannah, really got her feeling dominant. Bit by bit, the apparently now lifelong genie worked herself up until she was slamming her full, muscular booty onto Savannah's pelvis with thumps that sounded almost like dribbling a basketball. They were yelling together now. Their hands holding tight as she put as much of her weight directly on Savannah’s impossible fuck stick. She was so very close!

Then Jeanie was standing in someone else's living room, gasping like she was a fish out of water. Her throbbing body was shrouded in gauzy veils and silk sashes like the stereotyped look. Everything about the situation was jarring, but also entirely reasonable somehow. Like this was normal.

"Wow," said a young, feminine voice. "It really worked! I summoned a genie!"

Huh? Was this about covering three wishes for The Eldjinni? Though, if she actually had been a genie for her entire life, like her coexisting new memories seemed to imply, why had she not already satisfied the bargain? Was this a time paradox thing?

"Because the deal for greater power was still made yesterday, cutie. You wished for power, so power you shall have. So much that you have no idea how to use it..."

Right. Well, nothing to do but go onward then. So Jeanie turned to face her first challenge.

(Continued in</i. I Wish for a Swelling Sensation)

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