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179 – Woman of her Dreams

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Intimate Nudity, Significant Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

“Promise me again that you won’t think less of me if anything happens,” Nikolette said, clutching his arm as the elevator doors closed behind them. She looked up, and even with her thick eyebrow quirked up in what was usually her confident expression, her face was pained. Her lips were pale, her naturally tan complexion noticeably lighter against her red and midnight-black locks.

Theo did his best not to roll his eyes. They had been over this at least half a dozen times since they left for a weekend away in Niagra. It was the first time they would be sleeping together and to say that made Nikolette nervous would be understating it. “I’m telling you, it’ll be okay,” he said, putting a hand on her head and pulling her close. The son of a rancher turned big data analyst via a football scholarship was always so surprised how much smaller than him Nikolette was. It was not like he was all that much bigger than average, just bulky from years of hard, manual labor, but his little girlfriend could hide her face in his chest just by standing in front of him. “We’ve been going out for months now, and I trust you. Besides… getting startled awake by sex is hardly an awful thing."

Though she hardly seemed like the type to crave sex, apparently his cute little girlfriend had a sleep disorder which sometimes caused her to do sexual things in her sleep--excessively sexual things. From what she had said, it had made things with her conservative Romani family quite awkward, and that it had taken a lot of therapy to break down the shame around being sexually active--and even more to find the desire for it during her waking hours.

The elevator dinged and they stepped apart. Nikolette turned a wan smile up at him as she tucked some of her red-streaked hair behind an ear pierced numerous times. The piercings were an act of defiance, much like dye in her hair and the sunburst tattoos on her shoulder blades. She still looked worried enough for two people. “Theo, I don’t think you…”

He knelt to fix the height difference, and to convey how important this was to him. "Trust me," he said, kissing her forehead, "there is nothing you could do that would ruin this weekend."

Nikolette stared at him, her watering eyes, squared eyebrows, and half-open mouth expressing an emotion he could not read. It was like she was a frightened dog trying to figure out whether to run or come back home. Before either of them could speak further, the doors closed and he reached past her to open them again. She turned in a hurry and dragged her bag into the hall. Theo followed close after, trying to figure out just what was she afraid of him seeing now that he had not already? Though it had taken months, they had done the deed once she was comfortable enough to realize he was not going to shame her ineptitude as others had.

“What do you fear about this?” He asked once they were in the room. “That after you get off or give me head while you’re asleep that I’ll think you’re actually some bimbo and not one the highest rated CPAs in Queens?”

Nikolette almost missed putting her suitcase on the bed. He could see her face getting red. “N-n-no, that's not it at all.”

“Is it a personality shift thing, then? Do you suddenly become a foul-mouthed porn star who is going to demean me the whole time?”

“Sort of, but not quite either. I guess… I guess you’ll just have to see…”

He ruffled her hair. “Whatever it is, I can take it!”

A few hours later he got out of bed and padded through the darkened room. They had only been asleep for a bit, but nature called. When he got back, Nikolette had begun doing her thing. She was moaning softly, her knees tenting the covers as her wrists caused the blanket to quiver. For Theo, who had always been the one to engage, seeing her masturbating was jarring, but also kind of endearing. It was like getting to see her in an entirely new way. He moved closer, hoping to see where her hands were teasing. She had been pretty unresponsive in bed beyond moans when he ate her out and when he first penetrated her, so knowing were her pleasure points could be nothing but helpful.

However, by the time he had gotten around the bed, something bizarre was happening to Nikolette. It looked like her knees were rising away from the bed as if her legs were getting longer or something. Then he saw movement under the covers that could be nothing else but her feet sliding towards him. Not only that, they were enlarging as well, their width increasing right before his eyes. His gaze snapped back up to catch her start humping the air. Her motions were making the blankets slip to the side. Then his girlfriend’s hand shot out of the covers. Her arm bent back, grabbing the headboard. Her flexed muscles seemed to be throbbing, even swelling. Veins rose under her skin. Bicep, tricep, and forearm muscles each gained more and more separation and definition as their mass increased.

“Okay, yeah, that’s a bit more than just jilling in her sleep. Not going to lie though, it’s kind of hot.”

Nikolette’s masturbation grew forceful, her deepening moans gaining volume and also a strange harshness. They were not the moans of a small woman anymore, that much was sure, but what was she becoming? A movement between her knees caught Theo’s attention. It almost looked like she had, well, a third knee or something. The rounded peak wavered back and forth in time with Nikolette’s movements. The sound of flesh slapping into flesh met Theo’s ears. He started to feel just the slightest amount of worry that things might not be one-hundred percent okay. He could see a familiar wet spot forming on the covers. There was a crunch, and he looked up to witness her fingers crushing the headboard in her grasp. In just a handful of seconds, her hand and arm had wholly transformed! She was way more massive than he was now and thick, pulsing veins were laced through her skin.

A more powerful thrust than the others sent the blankets flopping to the side, revealing the full extent of her transformation. Theo could only blink in disbelief. Nikolette had almost doubled in mass, heck; her waist was probably as broad as his shoulders now. She had become some kind of pulp-fiction Amazon; there was no better way to put it. Well, there was the cock that might very well be larger than his arm as well as nuts which put tennis balls to shame and were crammed tight in a perky, bouncing sack. Those were not part of any imitation-Burroughs heroine but, they were part of Nikolette, and that is all that mattered. In climbing up onto the bed, Theo realized he was harder than ever before as his dick dragged over the mattress. He had never thought that such a display would be arousing for him.

Then again, Nikolette never thought she would find someone she enjoyed having sex with either.

Settling down between her legs, he winced as she slammed her butt down onto his thighs. The touch seemed to confuse his parasomniac partner for a moment before she started to roll her hips, so her taut sack rubbed the underside of his dick. Her hand released the headboard and moved down to tease one of her barely swollen boobs. The other angled her meaty staff in his direction. Pre-cum was rolling down already; the thick, creamy fluid was making her strokes smoother and stronger.

At a loss for what else to do, Theo leaned in for a taste. The emission was surprisingly sweet, and he found himself sampling more and more. He was not sure if he could do more than that for Nikolette, but it seemed to be helping as her tensed face began to relax. She shifted, and his dick slipped down under her nuts. Warm wetness enticed him to move closer, and he found himself penetrating her.

The confluence of sensation seemed to send his partially cognizant partner over the edge as her prolific sack contracted and her cock began to twitch like mad. He barely had time to take a breath before the flood washed over him. Even so, he kept at it, plunging his shaft in and out of her center. Her entire body was vibrating and tense now, her impressive physique pulsing even larger. Squeezed by her mighty vaginal walls, Theo soon found himself ready to burst as well. Gripping the base of her half-flaccid cock for leverage, he plunged himself in as far as possible as he groaned her name. The first burst of his orgasm made her shiver. The next one caused her to groan. The third made her gasp and then suck in a breath as she sat up suddenly.

“Theo, I–!” She regarded his cum soaked torso sprawled over the bed and licked her lips before shuddering as her face went red. Her mountainous traps began to shake as she tried to suppress what could have been laughter–or sobbing.

“Nik, it's--” he began, intending to soothe her but she cut him off.

“Wait! Just wait, okay?" she shifted positions and the pressure of his dick pressing into her walls made her go glassy-eyed mid-sentence. "Let me spe--oh? Oh wow..."


"N-ngh!-nevermind, we can talk later–,” She rose up, straddling him as her hips began to move. He laid back on the bed to give her space and found himself marveling at the sheer size of her rising erection. Her shaking hands gripped her cum-slick dick. After another sharp intake of breath and a bite of her lip, she started to stroke once more. She thrust out and her knees hit the bed on either side of him. From there it was more like she was fucking her hands as she pistioned back and forth in her grip and it was not long before she was mumbling about how good it was as even thicker precum dizzled down over Theo's body.

“Nik,” Theo said after a moment of pure sexual bliss. “How long do you stay transformed?”

“Usually...change back...after orgasm… " she said between thrusts, her deeper voice vibrating around him. "I’ve, um, I’ve never actually even seen this body… just the devastation it causes.”

“Well, hopefully, you change back next time you sleep… I am not sure I could handle you growing again.”

You? I can’t even–ah!–fuck! S-s-so good-d-d! This sensation…! It’s… it’s–AH, Yeah!–too Fucking good. I’ve never… never-mmmm!-felt this free! It’s driving me crazy and ye-sss! Yes! More!

Her body tensed in orgasm once more. Her cock throbbed in her grasp. Again, her release was heavy, barely traveling at all before it splattered on the bed below her. Dollop after dollop of hot, thick cum landed on Theo, and it seemed like his girlfriend would never stop cumming as her pussy spasmed around his dick. Something about her release made his entire body throb and even though he had already cum twice, it felt more like his dick was growing rather than shrinking.

Finally, Nicolette dropped forward to cradle him in her bulky arms and squeezing her half-soft cock between them. Her hips kept moving, sliding her slick phallus back and forth along their stomachs. Her pussy kept teasing his cock with each cycle and it was starting to drive him crazy. Nicolette, meanwhile, was making a plethora of noises, and Theo was not sure if they were all pleasure-born. Had this been too much?

“Nik, baby,” he began, putting a hand gingerly on a bicep bigger than his whole upper arm, “what do you, uh--What do you want to do?”

“About this? Nothing!” She said with a flirty laugh before kissing him tenderly. “I have no idea if I will ever have this chance to be so unburdened again, so I vote we fuck until we pass out and figure everything out later.”

Her saying that made him even harder. Gripping his dick, he sank it back into her center and began to buck into her. “Like a dream, right?” He had said it to himself, but she laughed again and rolled them over, so he was back on top.

“Yeah… just like a dream.”

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