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185 – Ruby and Hazel

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

“Well, this is my place,” Ruby said as she clicked on the lights in her living room. Thankfully, she had been able to do a good cleaning beforehand. Still nervous, she smoothed the front of her skirt and tugged at the vest she was wearing over a cute shirt with Rachel and Kitty kissing. “Want anything? I picked up some wi–”

Her sentence was smothered by Hazel’s lips. Her breath stolen like it had never been before. She heard the front door close and felt herself being walked backward by the taller, stronger woman. The smell of lemon hung in the air around them like a fresh-baked tart. “I want that…”

The words made Ruby’s body throb. In part because Hazel knew her secret. In fact, not only did she know, she found it hot–or so she said. Ruby’s recently acquired anxiety aside, this moment certainly seemed like genuine want. Her already quickly beating heart pounded harder. “Hazel, I–”

“Just relax, Red,” Hazel said as she pushed Ruby back onto her couch. “I’ll make you feel amazing.”

Ruby looked up at someone who wanted to be her girlfriend–her girlfriend!–and found herself breathless as Hazel tugged her sweat-damp t-shirt up over her head to reveal gleaming abs Ruby had only caught glimpses of until now. Standing there now in just her sports bra and a pair of teeny, tiny shorts, the auburn-haired woman towered over her. The red light of sunset danced over her athletic frame, playfully highlighting the contours of her muscles.

How she had ended up here, in her apartment, with the captain of the University’s volleyball team looking down at her, a blush spreading across her face, was still frankly a mystery to Ruby. They had agreed to go on a second date, sure, but this… this was like a dream. Even more so because her surprise was mercifully still small and soft.

She went to speak again, but Hazel was there once more, stealing her words for the second time with a kiss that made Ruby melt. Toned arms slipped behind her neck to use the back of the couch for balance. The scent of lemon grew stronger, bringing with it the lingering edge of Hazel’s impromptu workout. The athlete had run–run!–over when Ruby had asked her what she was doing that evening.

Trembling fingers found Hazel’s sides. Ruby shuddered at the sensation of her partner’s just barely damp skin slipping under her fingertips. Her body hot from her haste to be together once more. Did she really have this much power?

Just then, Hazel’s weight shifted, her left knee now poised on the edge of the couch. Pulled apart by the height difference, the kiss between them slipped, and Ruby found herself nipping instead at Hazel’s jaw and chin, all the while breathing in the increasingly intoxicating mixture of salt and lemon. Considering her musings, Ruby dragged her nails around to Hazel’s back, and she reciprocated by shifting her grip to the couch’s frame so that her biceps were right there!

“Yes… That’s really good, Red…”  Hazel said as she rubbed the top of her head. “Just like that…”

Encouraged, Ruby tried licking. She slid her tongue heavily over the crest of Hazel’s jaw and down into the hollow on the side of her partner’s neck. The taste of her sweat and skin was even more intense than the scent–and the texture! She had never felt anything like it before. Her senses cried out for more, encouraging her to press harder to experience every possible millimeter of contact.

Hazel’s other knee brushed hers, and the athlete’s weight settled on Ruby’s lap.  It was the first time she was feeling another person’s body pressing down on her. The heat was so intense! Further, Hazel’s butt was way more jiggly than Ruby expected. Her trembling hands slipped down squeeze Hazel’s cheeks. With a moan and a quick laugh, her nigh-Amazonian partner drew closer.

Trapped between the lovers’ thighs, Ruby’s tartan skirt rose higher and higher as Hazel’s embrace grew closer. Soon enough, the other woman’s knees were gripping either side of her hips. The sweat-slick flesh of Hazel’s powerful, mostly naked thighs rubbed against Ruby’s own exposed skin. She could feel the mesh of Hazel’s shorts through her panties as her cock finally began to stiffen.

“Oh, yes,” Hazel softly moaned into her ear. “That’s what I’ve been looking for.”

“Are you… Are you sure?”

Just then her dick throbbed quite hard, and Hazel moaned a long, low affirmative before rocking her hips just enough to make Ruby twitch once more. This, of course, dragged another delicious noise from her partner. A gasp. A gasp which crashed over her like a wave as the stimulation rushed down her spine and right into her cock, causing it to jump once more.

“Oh, Red, that feels so good…”

This moment was everything she had ever wanted–she felt wonderful–and yet cynical words came to her lips to steal the warmth from the embrace. “You’re just here for the thrill, aren’t you? You just want to fuck a… a futa or whatever other awful slur people are calling me after… after…”

“You’re more than your cock, Red–or your pussy for that matter,” said Hazel as she sat back so they could look at each other. She reached out, her hand caressing Ruby’s cheek. “I like you, as a package–actually, that’s a terrible word to use but, hopefully, you get what I mean. I like you for being you–and if you’re not ready for this–”

“–but I want to be!” Ruby snapped, emotions she had kept down since the incident last week finally bubbling over as tears began to run down her cheeks. “I want to be with you, more than I can express, but I also want to know I’m not a… a freak!”

Her lip twisting down, Hazel crossed her arms over her chest with a hurt look on her face. “Look, Red… Ruby, if this is about that, if this is about feeling acceptable to others, then every relationship is bound to feel like being with someone in it for the fetish.”

She sniffed.  “… I guess…”

Warm hands gently gripped her shoulders and Ruby looking up at Hazel. “Tell me something, Red, before the Theta’s posted that video of you, were you ashamed of your body?”

“Yes–I mean, well… It’s complicated. I knew I was different but, that never concerned me, I liked the way I looked. Because of that belief in myself, I was sure people would see past my body. I should have known better.”

“Still, you liked you, right? Then that’s all that should matter. Even if it’s just for right now, you’re the only one who matters. Okay?”

“Yeah, but what about--”

Hazel softly nipped her ear, and she jumped, causing them to cash together as she raised her knees. The heat between them was even stronger now.

“I feel like my opinion of your body should be evident by now,” Hazel whispered into her ear.

Perhaps this was little more than lust, but Ruby wanted more of Hazel, of her affection, of her desire.

“You ready to get your world rocked, Red?”

“I could… I could say the same to you!” She replied after a moment’s hesitation. Suddenly feeling bold, she smacked Hazel’s half exposed cheeks. Another of those gasping moans rose from her partner’s body, and Ruby felt her dick throb once more.

“Oh? You like that, hmm?” Raising her arms for another playful strike.

“Don’t–ah!–write checks your dick can’t cash, Red.”

Goaded, Ruby spanked Hazel another time. This time she was met with a loud gasp that fell into a cooing noise. She clapped her hands into Hazel’s flesh again, harder, and her partner made an even more wonderful noise while arching her back to present as much surface as possible from her kneeling position.

Ruby smacked once more, even harder. Posed as her girlfriend was, Ruby’s hands grabbed nearly all of Hazel’s muscular booty. This time she glimpsed a lip bite as Hazel’s eyes rolled back just ever so slightly. One last smack, one that left her palms stinging, made Hazel yelp and moan and gasp all at once in a cacophony of pleasure which had them right back in the cycle of escalation.

So it went, her length swelling along with Hazel’s moans. Ruby felt like a cobra being charmed, her dick responding to the delightful song her partner was whispering into her ear as she shifted back and forth. Even so, her grip on Hazel’s butt grew stronger as her fingers slipped between knitting and skin. The sensation of Hazel’s glutes flexing beneath her palms and fingers were hypnotic, and Ruby wished the moment could go on forever. Eventually, however, she was peeking out of her waistband, and the familiar feeling of her cock drooling against her tummy made her squirm.

They pulled apart. Ruby undid her vest to not get her cum on it. Then, much to her surprise, Hazel reached between them and palmed her partially exposed shaft through her shirt. The heel of her partner’s hand swirled around the tip, and Ruby’s face grew incredibly hot, she was sure her cheeks were a shade close to crimson.

“I’m not–Is this the–?”

“The first time someone else is touching me?” she said, anticipating Hazel’s question. “Yeah, and you’re not hurting me! In fact, it feels… really… good.”

“Can I… Do you mind if I look at it? We can just keep doing this if you–”

“No, I–I want you to see it.”

Hazel scooted back and had to peel Ruby’s shirt up, which was weird. She rarely came that much. If anything she was honestly on the small side–well, except for that time of the month. Something about her anatomy made her–

“–way bigger than in the video, Red!”

Wait, what? Glancing down, she recognized the beginnings of “period dick.” This was bad! She was going to be absolutely gigantic-with-a-capital-g in a matter of minutes. Hazel might be okay with her having a cute little dick, but there was no way anyone would want to see her nearly two-foot long behemoth.

“Hazel you should--mmm--probably go…”

“Huh?” As the words failed to register, Hazel’s fingers were moving on their own. By time Ruby went to speak again, it was already probably too late. Just that brief touch on her naked, cum-soaked skin was enough to push her to the breaking point. The first throb was merely a heavy glob which spread out over her stomach. The second hit her in the face.

She could feel herself growing larger with each burst, her monthly state of off-kilter hormones kicking her body into overdrive. The third gout of cum hit the wall behind her. By the time she was squirting out the forth a few seconds later, her cock had grown large enough to force her skirt’s waistband aside as it stood proudly and erupted like a geyser.

“Wow! That’s so–mph!” The sound of splattering and then gagging finished that sentence. Sure that she had ruined things now, she went to apologize to Hazel for probably coming close to drowning her, only to find herself suddenly wrapped in bliss as something warm and wet slipped past her head and part way down her length.

Hazel was giving her head--and so forcefully, too! The hum of her stifled moans, the tightening grip of her fingers as Ruby’s girth continued to increase. It was so erotic. Worry and anxiety gave way to confident desire. Ruby started to push against Hazel, reveling in the sensations of her first blowjob when she began to hear a buzzing. A buzzing that grew louder until she opened her eyes to a dawning day. It had been a dream, a really vivid one at that. Not that reality being different had stopped her cock from flooding the bedspread in her sleep. She was quite nearly swimming in her spunk.

“Ugh. Why today!?” Ruby demanded of the enduring, just slightly less than two-foot-long, deep pink erection rising from between her legs. “I have my last final today! I have a great date planned after that! I cannot be starting my period right now.”

Her cock mockingly twitched in response, a candy-sized glob of pre-cum tipping out to roll down the impressive length. As the tacky fluid flowed down, it pooled along her subtle veins, highlighting the extensive vascular system which would slowly become more apparent over the next few days.

Inhaling deeply, Ruby finally convinced herself to get out of bed and go about her day. What had that even been? It had been years since she had a wet dream and yet, here she was, stripping her sticky sheets and comforter off the bed. Why had it been this weird first-time anxiety dream? She and Hazel had been together for months now, and Ruby had long since gotten over her fears that the athletic woman was just a chaser. Though there were other pain points. Chiefly, the boundary Ruby had set to not share a bed.

While her girlfriend had faithfully respected the boundary to sleep on the sofa when she stayed over, it was apparent they were both getting tired of not sleeping together. It had mostly been a rule Ruby had set-up to avoid terrifying her with morning wood that was nominally huge–although, ten inches seemed absolutely tiny in comparison to this–but Hazel had also seen her like that a few times now. They had even had a super sensual mutual masturbation session that ranked among her top five orgasms.

No, pretty much the only secret she had kept from her girlfriend was this. Even after being together for months, Hazel had, in fact, never seen her period cock size. Ruby had made painstaking efforts to be “busy” with “other engagements” on the few nights a month where she was pretty much a masculine fertility totem. Only they were about to go to a convention together–shit!

Nevermind Hazel, she was going to be large and in charge around several thousand people! Diving into her closet, she looked for the padded belt she usually had to rely on in these situations.

“Fuck! Where is it?”

“Where’s what, Red?”

Oh, right. Hazel had slept over so they could leave for campus together this morning and do the cute couple thing for once as they both did their Bio finals and then headed out for the con. This weekend was turning into a certified rom-com plot! Well, there was nothing for it…

“My binder for my dick.” Maybe if she said it matter of factly, the weirdness of that phrase would go unnoticed.


She could hear Hazel walking closer.

“For your dick? Just what are you–oh, wow… I had no idea you got that big, Red.”

For a moment, Ruby could hear her heart pounding, then, inevitably, Hazel’s pun got to her, and she began to laugh along with the absolute best girlfriend she could have ever asked for.

When they finally stopped laughing, the pair of them gasping and out of breath, Hazel elbowed her a couple times and made silly faces. “I’ve been saving that one!”

“Oh, I’ll bet… Tella.”

Hazel blushed at the use of her recently acquired pet name. “Anyway, that looks like a problem…”

“You have no idea…”

“Why not tell me about it and then... maybe I can help with it?”

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