Misty F Fiction

Tag: 2016

037 – Together Again

A divorced couple drops their daughter off her new dorm at the college a few towns over. Then, they have a conversation about where to go next, which takes an interesting turn... Warning: Altersex Content Ahead

036 – Ongoing Changes 1

Tired of waiting to be cleared for surgery, Claire applied for an experimental treatment--though she never expected to be selected. Now that she has though, she is ready to embrace the opportunity and finally find herself.
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033 – A Swelling Mentorship

Following the events of [A Swelling Regard], Sabine and Lyla have had all of Winter Break to come to terms with the reality of each being greatly exaggerated in their own way. However, with classes restarting soon, both of them are going to need to find a way to return to more mundane sizes. Which means doing the very thing they were trying to avoid--ask Lyla's mentor for help. What sort of trial awaits them?

024 – Taking Flight

In the crucible of a divine war, a cleric and a warrior found solace in each other's arms. Despite surviving against incredible odds, their toughest challenge still awaits them...

018 – The Forgotten Goddess

You wandered into the ruined temple only half-expecting to find anything alive. Then, you round a corner into a vast space and a Minotauress the size of the room goddess reclines, watching you from across the rotunda...

016 – Goddess by Choice

Following up on Goddess By Proxy(#012) the hypnotist and her reality warping client find themselves at odds as he tries to give his power to her, which could destroy her in more ways than one... Warning: Extreme transformations ahead!
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015 – A Simple Wish

While traveling, a self-made adventurer rescues a woman in the midst of a highway robbery. To thank him, she gives him his deepest desire and then points him towards the nearest town. Only, the residents of that town are beings which feed on sexual energy, can his deepest desire save him?

014 – You Become What You Wear

After her cosplay debut is far bigger than she expects, a woman decides to do a photo shoot with a good friend. The new costume, however, bears a familiar seven-pointed star...
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022 – Swapping Love

Two high school sweethearts reconnect over the summer after her freshman year, however, one of them has finally found the fortitude to face their dysphoria. This leads to a far more intimate moment that either of them anticipated as the new girlfriends promise to support each other in this new chapter...
Warning:Altersex content ahead!
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