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036 – Ongoing Changes 1

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for References to Sex and Sexually-Focused Transformation

There was a bubble mailer in the mailbox addressed to Charles Stout when she got home on Friday and could hardly contain her excitement as she opened it in the kitchen. In it was what looked like several double packs of mint gum. Sliding one of the trays out of its paper container, the off-white, square capsules were even individually sealed between plastic and foil.

With the packs, there was a letter congratulating Charles on being accepted into the trial for experimental new hormones. The directions started out simple enough (one piece every twelve hours for the first two days), then got exceedingly complex until she was supposed to be taking three pills every six hours. Popping the first out, she chewed it and then went about her evening.

That night and the next day went by in a blur of video games and housework neglected all week. Saturday night, after taking her third dose, she was surprisingly horny and despite relieving herself thrice was still wanting when she went to bed. Sunday was even more intense, her boners lasting even through orgasms or happening from the slightest stimulation. It was Monday before she knew it.

She awoke with morning wood that seemed more substantial than usual, which seemed counter to what the hormones were supposed to do. Granted, the weekend had turned into a wankfest like never before so perhaps something was wrong. She had not touched her penis so much in months. Now though, working herself up felt so good, that she almost forgot her reservations about going in the wrong direction. Her alarm starting blaring as she approached a high, forcing her to stumble out of bed and find relief in the shower.

Getting dressed was more trouble than usual. Her men’s slacks were harder to pull on than normal, the waistband cutting into her hips. It was harder to button her shirt over her chest. On the balance, the buttons over her stomach seemed a little less strained and the sleeves of her shirt did not feel so tight. She popped two pills for the first time and went into work, hoping that she could keep it together through the day.

The walk from her apartment to the station felt different. Even though she was walking like normal, she got to the end of the block a little sooner than she expected. It happened again and again until she made it to the station in time to catch the train before her normal. She dropped into a seat slightly out of breath and then busied herself with her classic Gameboy as usual.

When someone sat down next to her, she glanced up and then did a double take. Sitting in the next seat was someone who looked like they probably could fight a bear. A trio of triangles forming one larger triangle were emblazoned on their shoulder. A shoulder which peaked at least four inches above Claire's head. It curved out and down into a flexed bicep that she was pretty sure she would be unable to put just one hand around.

"You are going to top out, you know." The voice was soft and carried a hint of Germanic accent. She looked over and into a long face with full lips and prominent cheekbones. Long, russet-brown hair was pulled into a ponytail off to one side. Green eyes flicked to her face and then back to her Gameboy.

Stuttering, Claire tried to recover but it was too late. The screen in filled and then flashed as her forgotten game of Tetris came to an end.

"Sorry, I did not mean to ruin your game by sitting next to you."

"No, that's...um..." She clicked the device off and tucked it into her pocket. "It’s no big deal. Just passing the time.”

"You like my muscles, yes? Is it because I am a woman that they are fascinating?"

“That’s not it, I like muscular people in general.” The question was so out of the blue that she said it automatically.

"Adelka," she said simply and he was unsure if it was an admonishment, a greeting, or her name. She took a gamble it was the last one.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Clai-Charles,” she said forgetting that she was in the closet for a moment. “Though everyone calls me Chuck."

Adelka raised an eyebrow at Claire stumbling over her name but did not mention it. Instead, she surprisingly launched into talking about the math behind Tetris and how that made it enjoyable. The discussion then moved on to the differences between various puzzle games which filled time through several stations.

"It was wonderful to talk with you," Adelka said as the train came into the station a couple stops before the one Claire took for work.

"Yeah," Claire began but, her mind went blank as Adelka stood up and seemed to tower over her. She really did look like she could fight a bear with how her body subtly strained her clothing from shoulders to calves.

The veritable Amazon grinned at her open staring and leaned down to whisper into her ear. "How about we talk more later, Chuck?" She tapped her phone to Clair’s and her number came up on the keypad. "I am free for dinner tonight."

"Oh! Um, that's-"

"Call me when you want to eat," she said, walking to the door. "But, only if before six. I have the event tonight."

Claire went to ask Adelka what 'the event' was when the doors closed. She felt like she was on fire, arousal vibrating her body. Despite that, she was not erect in the slightest. Perhaps the hormones were working after all.

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