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027 – Sales Pitch

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

“That all sounds lovely, but how do I know what you’re telling me is true. How do I know this product of yours works?”

Xurnami quirked an eyebrow at her scrawny customer, starting to suspect he was just here for the thrills. He had seen before and after photos. He had spoken with other clients. It was not like cosmetic chimera surgery was the same unknown it had been, either. That he was still not convinced a regimen of specially crafted treatments was going to make him into a chimera and give him the body he desired bordered on infuriating.

“Do you really think that?” She put a paw-like hand to her ample chest. The sweater she was wearing strained to deal with the additional pressure above and beyond holding back her massive bosom. Under the desk, her skirt was not in a much better place as wide curves and her full balls stretched the stiff fabric in multiple directions. “I might have been born a chimera, but how do you think I got this way if not with our cosmetic supplements?”

“Hey, they do all kinds of magi-technical enhancements these days. How do I know you didn’t get work done elsewhere?”

Her ears went back and she felt a growl in her throat. The hybrid woman could tell the only way he would be satisfied would be an in-person demonstration. It was the perfect excuse really. She had to help a friend and move and had also been dying to try the new formula for muscle growth. Being so astonishingly ripped, even if only for twenty-four hours, would be such a great feeling and really help hauling furniture.

“How about this? I’ll take a dose, right here, right now, and you can see the results for yourself.”

He pondered for a moment. “Sure. Actually, you know what? I am so certain this is all a load of crap that if you really do pack on pounds of muscle, I will willingly submit to you and you can do whatever you want to me.”


She cracked open one of the twenty ounce bottles and eagerly guzzled the new and improved formula. It was only when she was more than halfway to the bottom when she remembered that a dose had been significantly decreased from the whole bottle to eight ounces. She had already consumed more than two whole servings. Oh well, might as well finish, right?

The thick, minty fluid burned in her throat as it flowed down and that heat only spread as her body began to throb. She slammed the empty bottle on her desk and let out a sigh while scratching her scales through her sweater. She shuddered when her arms began to grow a moment later. Even through her fur and sweater, it was obvious she had gained an inch of bicep already.

A powerful throb made her double over. She gripped her desk with hands that were growing larger and more powerful looking by second. Her thickened digits crushed the plasterboard as claws extended from her fingertips when her considerably more swollen forearms twitched. Her biceps were next to grow rapidly, the already well developed muscles gaining inch after inch with each ragged breath.

The horns from the dragon bits of her DNA began to grow as others broke through the skin on her forehead and at her temples. She felt, more than heard, a grinding as her skeleton began to grow to accept all the new bulk. Her back broadened, the stretchy wool expanding with her. Her stiff skirt was not faring as well with other parts of her widening. The sound of cloth tearing mingled with her gasps as her hips, ass, and thighs each pulsed larger and larger.

While her frame lengthened and her body tightened, she felt a pressure building between her legs. It occurred to her that taking this much of something with a heavy masculine focus might have other effects on her… alternative sex organs. Her hormones were already a theoretical whirlwind and this much hyper-powered testosterone burning through her bloodstream was definitely going to escalate things.

The throbbing in her body grew worse. The heat had her panting. Her elbows buckled and she dropped to one knee, destroying what remained of the skirt in the process. With her arms crossed on the desk, it looked like she was holding on for dear life as a severe overdose of the chimera formula wreaked havoc on her body.

She could feel her dick growing now, the sensitive organ straining her sheathe, stretching it out. Her length rubbed the fur of her thighs, sending small shivers of pleasure up her spine. Her balls, too, felt like they were inflating. A hand reached down to confirm and she could not help but let her tongue loll out of her mouth in amusement. Her dick was already several inches longer than before and quite a bit thicker. Excited, she gripped the pulsing shaft and felt another, more intense jolt of pleasure up her spine. Stroking it now, she could not stop from moaning as it grew in her hand and her balls forced her legs to spread.

With each pulse of her racing heart it felt like every inch of her expanded as fire surged through her veins. The sweater began to tear as her back continued to widen as the valley between her traps deepened. On top of that, her shoulders her swelling like crazy, her deltoids pulsing larger and larger with each ragged breath. Pectorals overwhelmed her chest, burgeoning muscles pulling her cleavage tighter and making her belly scales dance. Lats pushed her arms out even as her biceps passed seventeen inches.

The pressure in her crotch had not lessened even as her erection began to smack against the underside of her desk from her frantic masturbation. Her swelling knot pressed into her sheathe. It had to be the size of a grapefruit. There was a gurgling inside her. Her sack felt tight. There was a slight pain as something brushed her shaft from the inside of her sheathe. With a groan that became a low scream, a second cock emerged alongside her first. With a loud gurgle, her ballsack grew explosively, reaching the floor a moment later. In the haze of her pleasure she was vaguely aware of there now being two pair of testes churning within.

Her poles were slick with pre-cum and she would have kept jerking off had it not felt like she was being strangled. Grabbing the half dead sweater, she tore it off just as another wave of growth crashed over her. Her pectorals surged out, the muscles alone bigger than her tits had been a moment ago. The traps on her neck brushed her ears, the traps on her back rubbed against each other. Between the bulk of her forearms and biceps, she could only reach her shoulders because of how equally swollen they were.

As of a sudden, the desk shattered under her weight. Her hands cracked the linoleum floor of her office. She began to stagger to her feet, only for her multitude of horns to destroy the drop ceiling. She shrugged the foam and metal framing aside as she stood up. Looking down, she marveled at just how big she had become. How powerful. Much to her surprise, her tits had kept up with the rest of her growth, and she could hardly see past them and her swollen chest. There was no doubt however that she now towered over her doubting customer.

He looked so dainty as he stumbled back. His head was probably just even with her scale-covered stomach.

“Well,” she said leaning down to him. “What do you think?”

“That’s um…well…” His eyes watched her throbbing cocks as they throbbed. Licked his lips as buckets of pre-cum splashed to the floor. “It’s very impressive. Where do I sign up?”

“Before that anything, I want you to get me off. You promised.”

“Are you insane? Your cocks are bigger than my torso!”

“We’ve got a variety of treatments for increasing elasticity. You might want to do more than one...”

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