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032 – Combination Sale

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

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What will happen when someone with a penchant for body modification takes up Dr. Xurnami’s offer for deep discounts on multiple alterations? Will the dramatic transformation be enough, or will the want more? We rejoin Dr. Xurnami a couple weeks after [Sales Pitch]…

This story is super NSFW / Not Safe for Work due in large part to explicit sexual content. It also features dramatic physical changes, hyper-sized intercourse, sex changes, and expansion to massive sizes. If any of that sounds awful, you have been warned n.n

A Week Ago

“You sure you want to do this?” James Johnson looked up from the screen to his boss. The dragon infused hyena woman was still considerably larger than normal after [showing off two weeks ago]. Her dramatically bolstered physique had come down a little bit but, it was starting to seem like her being ten feet tall and hyper-muscled was going to be the new norm.

Dr. Xurnami smoothed her skirt as she thought of a response. With her sac filled near-to-bursting by balls larger than her head, she was consigned to open, draping bottoms if she wanted to be any level of decent. At least she had the foresight to design her cocks so that they withdrew into her when flaccid. At their current size, they would have made wearing clothes impossible otherwise. “I mean, we’ve got all this old serum lying around and there are people who want to transform on a budget, right? It’s a win-win!”

“Sure, but these rates are actually rather reckless and offering further discounts to people who purchase multiple injections? There are going to be clients who want five or six transformations and we have no idea how that will interact. I mean, think about what happened just when you overdosed on something we actually sell on a regular basis. The outcomes could be catastrophic, quite frankly.”

“All the more exciting, wouldn’t you say? What’s life without a little risk?” she said as she adjusted her Spandex shelf bra and laughed. The stretchy, barely-clothing tops were the only thing that would accommodate both her massive shoulders, chest, and breasts simultaneously. A custom tailored lab coat hung off her shoulders but, even being sewn with her measurements in mind, it could barely button closed if she wanted any range of motion.

“You know what? Sure.” Johnson said, “I’ll put this up, but I want off next week. I want to be as far from here as possible before the whole city is crushed under someone.”

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