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015 – A Simple Wish

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Altersex, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity and Large Sizes

Garret Von Hollen thought himself an adventurer. Though he had never killed a bounty monster, or delved a dungeon for its treasures, the wanderer did good by those he met in his travels. Living out of his saddle, sleeping under the stars, and surviving on what work his athletic frame could garner, he led a life free of rules.

That is not to say he had not killed, he had turned his blade on several assailants, but it was not the life he wanted for himself. He wanted to see the backside of a hill he had never seen. He wished to stand in the eastern ocean. He wanted to eat new food, meet new people, and make love to ladies the world over. In short, he wanted to be happy and was glad to trade his skills for those experiences.

Even so, being in the Marthan Forest overnight was not something he wanted to repeat any time soon. Despite the fact that the forest had been clear cut nearly half a mile of either side of the wide, paved roadway of the Great East Road, there was always news of riders and caravans being attacked. He rode cautiously in the twilight, his eyes always watching the tree line and his hand not far from his longsword.

The road bent to the west ahead of him, the trees to his right were lit by some unseen source. He he got closer, the sounds of a struggle became more and more evident. Perhaps a caravan was under attack? Kicking into his horses flanks, he stormed around the corner, sure that whatever awaited him was something he could handle.

Standing in the middle of the road was not a caravan, but a single woman. She was stripped to the waist, the top half of her belted robes swinging behind her. Her back was covered in an ornate tattoo which glowed bright blue. She was surrounded by a group of armed men and women and several more were sprawled out on the road and grass nearby. Blue-white fire swirled around her, further illuminating her dark skin. Her eyes glowed the same as the flames and crackling energy arced along short, white hair that was standing straight up from her scalp. She whipped the flames around to knock back two of her assailants, then lashed the fiery ropes straight into the face of a third.

Watching from a safe distance, Garret was confident the woman, who was obviously a Witch, had the situation under control. Beyond that, he was unnerved from seeing such a raw magical display as she pulled another attacker apart with her twin flaming whips.

The wanderer turned to wait things out until a glint in the dark caught his attention. One her attackers had thrown a knife. He expected the flames to block it, but in a spray of blood, the blade sank into her calf and she staggered to her knees. The three remaining bandits moved towards her as the flames flickered out and her hair dropped to her neck.

“You there! Get back!” he said it instinctively as he drew his sword, the challenge ringing out even though he was outnumbered. Capitalizing on their surprised hesitation, he kicked his horses flanks and charged over the intervening space. The flat of his sword hit one in the face, another was tumbled under his horse's hooves. The last, the one who had thrown the dagger, turned to throw another when a spike of green fire bloomed from his chest. He dropped to his knees as his body was consumed by flames. Only bones hit the dirt.

“You have my thanks for distracting them.”

The Witch was on her feet again, with no sign of the injury she had suffered. She also seemed unconcerned about being exposed in front of a stranger as she only partially pulled the robes back on, letting them hang open from the crooks of her elbows. “I am Kenerie of the White, might I know the name of my benefactor?”

“You can call me Garret,” he said, trying to keep from staring at her bountiful breasts. “I am a wanderer.”

“You were pretty good with a sword there, Garret.” Her eyes, now no longer alight, were bright purple and seemed to bore into him as she walked up to pet his horse.

“I don’t feel I’m all that accomplished,” he said looking away from the pressure of her gaze. “I’m self taught, but happen to have lots of practice.”

“Oh? Are you as humble about your skill with your other sword?”

Garret nearly fell out of his saddle at the implication. “I will say I am much better in bed than on the battlefield.”

“Excellent!” Her crossed arms came to rest on his leg, her head cradled in her hands. “Then I have a job for you.”

“Wait, what? You’re not suggesting—?”

“Oh heavens no,” she stepped back and walked around to the other side of the horse. “Men just don’t do it for me, you know? However, I have some friends who could use a man who is good with a sword. Think of it was a reward for having my back.”

“You’re suggesting that work for me is a reward for saving your life?”

“I suppose it did sound that way,” her hands clapped his shoulders as she was suddenly straddling him from behind, her face next to his and her half naked body pressing against his back.

He glanced over, his gaze lingering on her parted lips. “Can I ask for something and then I'll go do the work?”

“Yes, I will grant you a wish for coming to my aid. I already know what you will ask and, conveniently, the work I mentioned will help that wish bear fruit. I know your desire, I can see it in your eyes as you appraise my body, feel it in your heart as your life blood pumps against my breast. The work I have for you will very likely help you find the purpose you are looking for.”

“I don’t—”

“Follow? Of course not, I am not being entirely upfront, but you will find out why soon enough.” Her weight vanished and she was standing on his left again.

“As you hear these words, your greatest desires will soon come to fruition. You will bring new life to those who have lost hope. You will find release again and again but not be fatigued. Your seed shall be near unending, a veritable torrent of life flowing from your loins. Your sword shall become unrivaled, even when you must wield two.”

There was a brief tap against the top of his head, followed by a cascade of tingling warmth that quickly enveloped his body. He was sure the Witch had cast a spell on him, but when the sensations faded, he did not feel any different.

“You are wondering why nothing has happened, right? Well, I’ve set up the spell to react when you get to where you are going—wouldn’t want you to be distracted before you get there after all.”

“Right...So where am I going?”

It is just up the road there. Take a left at the fork and keep going, there is a village in the forest. They need your help, wanderer.

The words echoed in his mind, but Garret still was not sure about where he was going. The forest was growing thicker, the trail less defined, but there was still no sign of any village. He was just about to turn back when he noticed a woman in a robe similar to Kenerie's sitting on the ground against a boulder. Her hood was drawn over her face, but her head seemed to be bobbing, as if asleep.

“Ma'am? Are you okay?”

There was no response and he rummaged around in his saddlebags for something soft to throw. A spare shirt, one that needed patching would serve nicely. He balled the garment up and threw it at the reclining form.

A muffled cry of surprise let him know the woman was still alive. She staggered to her feet and threw her hood back as she pitched his shirt back at him. He saw a flash of her skin before his shirt hit him in the face. Her complexion was a soft purple.

“What gives? Who just throws shirts at sleeping people?”

Garret got free of the shirt and gaped at what he saw. Standing before him was a a demon—or was it a devil? He never could keep the lore straight—either way, she had short horns curving up and out from either corner of her forehead. Her hair was brushed back to fall around her bare shoulders. Pointed ears peeked out from the cascade of dark locks. Golden irises floated in inky blackness under half-closed eyelids and lips stained black were twisted into a smirk.

“I was excited when Kenerie said she was sending someone our way, but you're just like all the rest.”

Again Garret felt like he was missing a part of a conversation. “I'm not sure what you mean? I'm sorry about throwing my shirt at you.”

The horned woman crossed her arms and huffed. “It's not just the shirt. I can see it, taste it even, the fear that's welling up inside as you begin realize you're standing next to a predator. It's plainly written on your face.”

“I'm curious more than frightened,” he said, starting to get a feel for what was happening. “If you wanted to kill me, I would have been dead by now.”

She huffed, but her shoulders relaxed.

“So you are...a devil, right?”

“Yes! Obviously!” A spade-tipped tail slipped out from under her robes. “I mean, does this look like it isn't a devil's tail? 'cause if it's not, my sisters are going to be ecstatic to know we aren't devils whose very presence drains the life out of others.”

“Wait, what?” He shifted in his saddle.

“I'm being hyperbolic, but we do effectively drain the life out of those we fuck. The potential for life contains immense amounts of energy, but the average wad is never enough and so few can go twice.”

“Okay, but how is that draining?”

“When our partners are satisfied but are unable to satisfy us, we harvest their life energies in other ways. Usually by eating their still beating hearts. In other words, we try to coexist, but ultimately have to kill to survive, just like any other predator.”

“I see...” He weighed his options, the woman seemed thin, would she pursue him if he fled? Could he kill her before she reacted?

“However, when we were created, we promised Kinerie, and her master Illunna, that we wouldn't kill, so we get by on what they bring us. Men who have been put to death, mostly. It's never satisfying.”

Kenerie's spell played back in his head as he put the pieces into place. “What if...you had a partner would could not be satisfied even when they found release? What if they could go until they pumped you full to bursting?”

The devil-woman paused. “That would be amazing. We could not just survive but thrive! Are you saying that is what did Kenerie do to you?”

“I think so, if I'm understanding the spell,” he was going to continue, but she tackled him out of his saddle and was pulling at the drawstrings of his pants before he could even open his mouth again. When that was not fast enough, she tore through his pants with her surprisingly strong fingers.

“You can call me Ayoni, by the way, so things aren't weird later,” she said, glancing up at him before swallowing his soft cock between her lips. The triple feeling of her fangs against his shaft, the roof of her mouth against his tip, and her tongue as it attacked the underside had him hard nearly at once. She pulled away slowly, her lips holding tight as she sucked until his cock slipped free with a pop.

Getting up onto her knees, Ayoni undid the buttons on her robe. Letting the fabric fall away, she revealed herself to be very skinny, almost emaciated. Her ribs were clearly visible through her pale purple skin and the rest of her was not in much better shape.

“Just how long has it been without a full meal?”

“I got to eat a few months ago, but I get the feeling I won't be hungry for very much longer.” She tossed her clothes aside and began to work herself up. She pressed her fingers into mound, circling her sex. With each successive pass, a blush spread further over her face and chest while her breathing grew more ragged. She bit her lip as her fingers slipped into her folds. What she was doing, Garret could not say, but when she finally withdrew her hand, it was dripping with fluid. Slinking forward, she dragged herself past him, teasing, before pushing back onto him. As if the spell was waiting for him to be between her lips, his body began to tingle again. His balls clenched as he gushed into her at once, the splashing back on him as much as it went inside Ayoni.

“Hair trigger, huh? I hope for your sake, you weren't kidding about being inexhaustible.” She licked her lips and drug a single nail down his chest, burning through his shirt. “Else, you'll get to feel me eat your heart before you expire.”

But he did remain hard. She let out a giddy laugh and slid down his length. She ground against him, no doubt relishing the feeling of being filled. As her hands roamed over her body, she seemed to fill out, the outline of her bones fading. “Ah, that feels wonderful.”

She began the reverse stroke and then gasped, there was more of him than before. Grinning, the devil-woman slammed down onto him and let out a long moan as the soft skin of his shaft brushed even deeper inside. Her tail cupped his balls, the spade-tip remarkably dexterous as it rolled them back and forth.

“Oh my, these are getting bigger too. You really did get one amazing wish granted there, loverboy.”

Ayoni slid against him, the reverse stroke setting off another pulsing explosion that Garret could feel swelling her stomach against his. Before he was even done twitching, he was growing, his shaft pushing her wider as his balls swelled larger than her cupped tail.

The devil-woman was also growing, her thin frame becoming more curvaceous by the second. Her arms and legs had plumped back to what he would consider average as her hands roamed over the rest of her body. She started at her emerging hips, then moved to her tits, groping them as they expanded to beyond handfuls. Letting them drop to her chest, her fingers dragged over face as she let out a satisfied sigh.

“Goddess below! We need to get you to my sisters. Now.” Slipping off him, she scooped the wanderer up over her shoulder and they crashed through the trees.

Garret lost track of how far they traveled, but they eventually arrived wherever it was they were going. Several small buildings were situated around a clearing. Among them were several other robed figures who were slumped and sluggish.

“Sisters, Kenerie sends us a great gift!”

One by one hoods dropped revealing more devil-women of varying skin colors, though all of them had shoulder length black hair. “Ayoni, you look amazing!”

“I did not think it was feeding time, yet you look so satisfied. How is this?” The speaker was the tallest, a devil with pink skin and horns that curved from her temples back along her head.

“I'll tell you inside.” Ayoni was carrying him towards the largest building. Inside was a large, round bed. She deposited him on the bed and turned to her sisters. “Jenirei, this guy met with Kenerie and wished to be insatiable. Even when he orgasms he's still hard!”

There was murmuring and the flutter of robes being cast aside.

“Better than that, he seems to grow each time he comes. I've already had him fill me twice and he's even bigger than he was when we started.”

The assembled five drew close. Each looked malnourished as Ayoni had only moments ago. They joined him on the bed and just the imaginings of what was about to take place had him getting hard again. Two devils, both a deep blue with offset horns one either side of their heads, began to lick and nibble his balls. The other three began to worship his cock. Besides the tallest, there was one with bright green skin and another with bright orange.

He came almost at once, his seed shooting out in thick ropes that covered everyone. With each twitch, his cock felt heavier. In the hypersensitive afterglow of release, he could feel the blood vessels creeping around his shaft, creating a network of raised ribbing. The seam of his shaft inflated, filling with blood as his body adjusted to the new demands of his manhood. As the devils basked in his energies, her felt gurgling as his bulging testicles spread over his legs.

Ayoni leaned over him from behind. “The tallest is Jenirei. Oddly enough, she's the youngest. The orange one is Hjibei, the green is Klyti. The blue pair are the twins, their minds are linked so it doesn't really make any difference since both experience what the other does, but the one with the left horn if Lerai and the other is Rashai.”

Garret couldn't really form words as the five others continued to milk him.

The second time he felt himself clench his release was not a pulsing, but a torrent that rained down his seed on the bed. By now, the five were each looking healthier, their builds starting recover from their wilting. They were all more of less the same build as Ayoni now, with handfuls of boob on their chest, a slight flare to their hips, and toned muscles on their arms, legs, and core.

He himself was greatly changed. His cock was easily as big as his forearm now and his balls were bigger than his hands. That magically acquired masculinity was also coursing though his veins, pumping up his muscles and forcing his build larger.

“Go on, loverboy,” Ayoni whispered into his ear as her fangs bushed against him. “Fuck us all until we beg for you to stop.”

There were cries of agreement, but Hjibei was the first to get into position. She spread herself open as she lowered onto Garret. The fit seemed tight, but her magical body responded to the demands and, somehow, the fist-sized organ fit inside. Again, Garret exploded at once, but it only served to let the orange devil-woman slide further down. Her stomach distended from the flow, her womb flooding with seed as the others lapped at the escaping spunk.

Half way to taking his full length, she started to glow. Her horns, which curved up from either side of her head, twitched and thickened. Her stomach began to recede, leaving only a bulge from where Garret was pushing against her from the inside. Elsewhere, her body grew. Her hips widened in fits and starts, allowing her to slide down even further. Pulse after pulse swelled her body below her waist and her ass quickly became her most dominating feature, though her thighs were becoming equally thick.

Meanwhile, the others were each starting to grow and shift as they absorbed more and more of Garret’s magically bolstered fluids. He could feel the twin’s tits brushing either side of his legs now as they continued to balloon out. Jenirei and Klyti had their backs to him, their pussies on full display as their asses plumped. On a whim, he pushed his fist against both of their bodies. As with Hjibei, their magical bodies had became malleable and he could feel them stretching wider to accept his relatively large fists. They squirmed and moaned as the intrusion squeezed inside of them, then gasped when his knuckles slipped past. He sank into them up to his wrist. They began to push against him, pulling his arms deeper inside.

Hjibei was finally resting against Garret’s body. Her eyes were rolled back and she was twitching constantly, her entire body squeezing him in rolling spasms. The wanderer was shooting with each pulse of growth now, continuing to fuel the orange she-devil’s transformation. Her knees slid along his body, even as his own growth pushed them further apart. She was getting taller, much of it in her legs, letting her thighs and hips swell even more.

Ayoni moved around to the orgy, grabbing Garret’s attention. She dragged her tail through the pooling spunk on the bed then began to rub her appendage as if jerking it off. Dropping to the bed on her back, she settled into the pool of cum while rubbing her clit with the sticky appendage. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as her efforts grew more forceful.

Hjibei collapsed onto his chest, pulling his attention back to the devil-woman impaled on him. Jeneri and Klyti pulled her off, dropping her to the side. Thick cum bubbled out of her sex and the pair turned their attention to her. The twins laid on top of each other, their stomachs together, coaxing Garret onto his knees to take them.

The bed creaked as the wanderer shifted to get on his knees. It was the first time he was really aware of just how much Kenerie’s magical enhancements had morphed him into a masculine behemoth. Everything about him felt bigger, more powerful. As he rose to his full height, his head brushed the ceiling, putting him at at least seven feet tall. He had to push his sack behind him to reach the pair of blue she-devils and the feeling of it pulsing and gurgling endlessly made him feel even more manly. Hefting his cock, felt like lifting a log and he had to use both hands to raise it off the bed. Dropping it on the pair made a loud thwap that elicited gasps and put his size into scope. He was as big around as their waists. His drooling dick hung past their heads, instead dripping seed on Ayoni who lay in front of them. She was writhing from her cum fueled masturbation, her tail wrapped around what appeared to be her clit, only considerably larger and thicker.

He shifted back to try and fit in them and was overcome with a strange sensation. Rolling from the tip of his cock to the base was the feeling of stretching. A seam appeared in the middle and spread along his length as it became a more and more defined pair of edges. Within moments, he had two separate cocks that were quickly regaining girth.

Shoving both inside of the twins predictably made him gush, his balls deflating under him as he twitched internally to make more and more cum. He thrust into them, the feeling of his cocks against each other through their bodies was near overpowering. They squealed as his heads penetrated their wombs and let loose another burst, causing their bodies to start glowing like Hjibei’s. Their outlines became less distinct, their forms merging until only one, much larger, body remained.

Now plowing both a much larger pussy and an equally gaping anus of their fused body, his cocks edged each other towards another massive white explosion. Twin tails wrapped around the bases of his cocks, squeezing him desperately with each thrust. Four hands played with four tits, each the size of her head and still growing larger. Two rings of gold swam in the inky darkness of her eyes and two tongues lolled from her mouth as she moaned with two voices.

Garret had just increased the tempo of his thrusting when Ayoni stood up. Hanging between her legs now was a cock that rivaled his, as well as balls as big as her handfuls of tit. She grinned at him as she began to stroke the massive member, bringing it to life. She moved around behind him and rubbed it against his muscular ass.

“I know guys cum more when I stick my fingers in during a blowjob, so I can only imagine what this will do.”

“There’s no way that’ll fit, I’m not magic like you are.”

“I think you’re more magic than you know, loverboy. I’m sure your insides are also changing.”

With that, he felt the head of her cock against his asshole. With each cycle of thrusts into the twins, she slid further into his sphincter. More and more the feeling became desirable as she leaked pre-cum inside of him. He pulled back further with each iteration, until he finally slid completely over her glans.

She followed him forward with his next stroke, sliding her own massive shaft deep inside of him. He sank to the hilt in the twin’s joint body then clenched as his dicks began to spasm, pumping gallons into the fused she-devils. Their stomach expanded, pushing him away and further into Ayoni. Their skin grew darker over their tummy, becoming the blue at the edge of twilight. The color spread over their body as everything about them grew as if they were filling up from head to toe with his seed.

Frozen mid-thrust, his ass was at a perfect angle for Ayoni. She moved slowly, the pulsing increases to her size doing more stimulating than her movements. Eventually she was pulling against his sphincter again which is when she thrust deep into him again. The sudden pressure made him pump even more into the twins who were now very plush, their entire body jiggling as Ayoni picked up her pace.

Finally, she felt her own balls clench and she unleashed her load into the wanderer. His whole body burned as already swollen muscles were destroyed, reknit, and destoryed again, rapidly bulking him up. He was flexing his biceps from being bent over and he could feel them growing against his forearms, even as they themselves throbbed larger. The same sensation played out on his legs and his core twitched all over. There was a sharp pain at his temples and he felt bone break through skin as black horns grew forward past his eyes. He felt a growth sliding against Ayoni’s cock as a pair of thick tails emerged from his spine. Finally, he came so hard the twins were pushed off the bed. They hit the floor with a tremendous thud and didn't get up.

Ayoni gasped, “I had no idea that would happen.”

“What...what happened...”

“Well, it seems like you’re part devil now.”

“Oh, great.”

A hand settled on his shoulder from the right. “At least you have a willing harem.”

Looking over, Kylti, and to some extent Jenrei, had been radically altered just from the first few blasts of cum that were still leaking out of the orange she-devil. Hjibei’s body had not changed much in the past few moments, though her hips had to be twice as wide as her shoulders at this point.

Kylti’s tits dominated her torso, filling her lap with quivering, bright green flesh. There were hints of veins pushing against the tight curves of her tits, hinting that her size might not just be all flesh. The green globes were capped by puffy aureole that were darker, more verdant in color and were also wider than her hands. Their curved surface alone was bigger than Jenrei's entire pair of boobs. Nipples the size of her palms were standing proudly from the furthest curve. They had to be at least four inches long.

Jenrei had seemed to have grown in a more balanced manner, her body a perfect hourglass of toned muscle, tits, and ass. When she grinned though, her tongue slipped out revealing that it was prehensile and impossibly long, long enough to settle in her cleavage.

They crawled towards him, their eyes fixed on his cocks. The heads were settled on the bed nearly two feet away from him. He could not get his hands around either shaft. Ayoni shifted back so that he was straddling her, the she-devil’s cock burying deeper in his ass. The three others began to worship his cocks. Kylti slid his right cock into her near endless cleavage. He could faintly feel her hands rubbing them as something liquid stirred against him. Jenrei had her tongue wrapped around his head, the tip of her tongue teasing his considerably large hole. Hjibei sat on his shaft closer to his body, her ass and thighs wrapping him tight.

Garret was starting to get feeling in his tails. He snaked one towards Hjibei’s ass and the other towards Kylti’s mouth. As the heart-shaped tips made contact, there was a flowing feel rising in his new appendages. All of a sudden they, too, were pumping out semen. Shoving them into their targets he was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stimulation. The inside of Hjibei’s ass was like velvet and Kylti’s tongue seemed just as skilled as Jenrei’s.

During this, the fused twins awakened. Their body had recovered somewhat from the overflowing torrent, and they were simply thick throughout their impressive seven foot height. Each of their massive boobs were capped by bright blue, inverted nipples, their puffy aureole looking like horizontal pussies.

As if operating on some unspoken agreement, each she devil paired off. Kytli with the twins and Jenrei with Hjibei. The twins climbed under Kytli, shoving Garret inside as they began to eat out the smaller, green she-devil. She redoubled her oral worship as moans began to constantly vibrate his cock-like tail.

Hjibei also mounted Garret, burying his head so deep inside her velvety anus he expected to pop out of her mouth. Jenrei lay beneath her as the pair each worked on the others twitching pussies. Not sure what to do with his remaining tail, he snaked it around to penetrate Ayoni who pumped into him even harder in response.

Kytli went over the edge first, her tits suddenly gushing as she clamped down on the twins. The fluid rushing out of her seemed to be milk, but it was as sticky as Garret’s emissions. With each pulsing release, her nipples swelled larger until it looked like she had ball-less dicks sprouting from each tit. The twins pulled her close, shoving her throbbing nipples into their own. They were growing again, their body absorbing the energy to swell their already massive mams even larger. There was a muffled sound like screaming as their own body clenched.

At the same time, Jenrei caressed Garret through Hjibei, working the underside of his shaft even as her pulsing tongue filled the other she-devil’s wanting pussy. Hjibei pounded her ass against the wanderer, gasps becoming moans, becoming screams. She collapsed against Jenrei’s vulva as Garret explosively released inside her. She coughed and, somehow, cum dribbled out of her mouth which then became a pulsing flow as her body was filled to capacity for the third time that night.

Jenrei’s pussy tingled and twitched as it was pumped full. Her mons expanded, her labia thickened, her hips widened with a sudden crack and in just a few moments her vulva had become massively swollen. Her mons curved to the middle of her thighs and her labia were pumped up as if filled with liquid. Her thick clit was nearly the length of her forearm and her plush pussy was large enough to fit Hjibei’s face inside. She gripped the horns of her partner pushing her deeper inside as Garret’s seed continued to flow.

His other appendages followed suit, each of them swelling and then releasing their bounty. The feeling of semen pumping through his tail was oddly sensual, as if the chambers within were designed to feel pleasure by being filled. His release into Kytli burst out around his tail as she tried to swallow as much as the could. The spunk did not go to waste though as it was absorbed into her still pulsing tits.

Filling the twins pushed their body back into overripe territory, everything about them becoming super thick once more. At the same time, their frame grew even larger to accommodate their new bulk, as if trying to balance out their build.

Pumping Ayoni full of his seed had the noticeable effect of swelling her cock and balls even larger, but her entire build became more androgynous. Muscles bulged under her skin, bones stretched to make her bigger, more powerful. Her boos shrank, giving way to thick slabs of pectoral muscle, though her nipples grew increasingly larger until the darker, sensitive skin of her aureole covered most of her chest.

The feeling of becoming so powerful pushed her over the edge and she burst into Garret. The changes to him were slight, but profound. The skin behind his balls began to itch and then swell as a pussy grew in between the trunks of his cocks. Ayoni lifted him off her and shoved herself into his pussy as she slammed him back down on her lap. In their combined pleasure haze, each came again as the sensations traveled through Garret’s dicks and tails.

For how long they fucked like that, their bodies a tangle of heaving flesh and sticky seed, none of them could say. Eventually, each passed out until it was just Garret and Ayoni. They were positioned such that each had their cock buried half way in the others pussy. They were not really moving, just basking in the feeling of their now constant flow of pre-cum and the tingle of magic and energy seeping into their cells.

“Are we...are we going to be like this forever?” He asked on the edge of passing out.

“Our forms will likely return to somewhat normal as they process the energy we’ve absorbed. Though I imagine some changes will remain however diminished.”

“I figured that, I meant us as a group. It seems like you can feed your sisters now, with that massive fuck stick. Even if you couldn’t, Kytli will probably produce seed in her tits for the foreseeable future.”

She pulled free of their connection and squirmed into his arms. “I don’t want you to go, if that’s what you’re asking—and I'm sure they won't either. I don't imagine things will be this insane again, but I can’t wait to fuck you and see how my body changes next time.”

Garret nodded and rested his chin on her hair as their breathing slowed and they drifted off as well.

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