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028 – Demoness Costume

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Complete Demihuman Transformation, Corruption, Demihuman Transformation, Dubious Consent, Extreme Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Gratuitous Nudity and Mental Corruption

Analise was stressing out. Carol, the woman from accounting whom she liked quite a bit, had invited her to a Halloween costume party two weeks ago. The get together was tonight and, pressured by wanting to make a big splash after having seen her crush in her element at the fetish club, Analise had still not figured out what to wear. As much as she liked the aesthetic, she just had no idea about fetish stuff. So she was at the used bookstore, looking through the Red Section for inspiration, but it was not like she could sew something in under ten hours. At wit's end, her slender fingers pulling at her short blonde hair, she was about to go home with nothing new. Maybe she could wear an orange shirt and a black skirt, say that she was a hipster Velma. Oh! She had those stockings that were to die for, too! Not to mention those killer vinyl knee-high boots she had rescued from her cousin's closet during the pre-wedding purge. Yeah, maybe that ensemble would keep her from embarrassing herself, at least until the part of the evening where what she had worn would be irrelevant.

It was then the cover of a well-worn book grabbed her attention. On the cover, a woman with an impossible combination of muscles and curves was fighting a half-dozen, generic-seeming soldiers. At a distance, her appearance was striking, her color palette consisting of midnight blue and bright red-orange. Her bright, blue-blonde hair was so big and so wavy that it looked like a parody of the 80's glam aesthetic. She held a sword in either hand and her tail was coiled around a third. It seemed impractical, but clearly it was working for her based on how much space the implied army was giving her.

“Wait. With that tail, is she a demon or something?” Noticing that the woman’s eyes were gold on glassy black as they peered from below eyelids half-closed in a way that wavered between sultry and derisive, it felt like an answer to her question.

Getting closer, Analise realized that, actually, the fiery color was not clothing but the woman's complexion. The only stitch of clothing she had on was a midnight blue one-piece with a deep v-neck. Sure, elbow-length gauntlets and thigh-high greaves protected her extremities, while a horned helmet did the same for her head, but that was the only armor she was wearing in addition, so lots of her skin was on display. Then again, maybe there was an "in-universe" explanation for this since sweeping, almost graceful, tattoos of a hue that matched her armor traced over the exposed skin of her thighs, hips, and chest. She blinked and shook her head, the curves of her bust and hips were astonishing—much larger than average. No, actually, "above average" failed to do them justice. The distance between this woman's crotch and the peak of her hips was more than half the width of her waist for crying out loud! And her cleavage! Maybe it was just the usual kind of exaggeration, but her breasts had to be close to the size of her head.

"The Resistance Rises," she read to herself. "Book Two of The Heaven's Throne Saga by M.F. Graves." Even the name was bland. However, in spite of everything, something about the book called to Analise. Perhaps it was never having heard about this book before. Perhaps it was just the stress talking. Then again, perhaps it was just a thirst for a story that, more and more, seemed to be by/for women. On the whole, the illustration evoked the old covers for Weird Tales, back when Margaret Brundage was doing them. Because while the buxom, demonic woman was sexy to the extreme, her pose was not the typical fantasy heroine pinup. The stance she had been drawn in made sense from a defensive perspective. It was not a pose that made it seem like she was trying to further emphasize her exaggerated figure for a fetish photo shoot or the like. This was a woman fighting for her life and the cover sold that.

Why was she thinking about this so much? She just had to open it up and read the first few pages to know what kind of story it really was. However, her hand hesitated to grip the spine. A feeling of out of place anticipation rose in her stomach. Then, just as her skin touched the paperback, there was a jolt like static cling which made her jerk back and also knock the book to the floor. It landed face down. Embarrassed, Analise rushed to stoop and pick it up. Springing back up, she spun the novel around to read the back. There were only blurbs about the book printed back there. While turning it around, the cover caught the side of her finger and gave her a papercut that was deep enough to draw blood. Well, she was going to get the book either way now.

Waiting to check out, she flipped through the first few pages to get a feel for the book, and the voracious reader soon found herself giggling at the swashbuckling demon’s wit. Kylbyi, the demon, seemed like she was far more than just sex appeal designed to snag the male gaze. Flipping the book closed, Analise appraised the cover once more. It felt like something about it had changed. Her mind, however, was already spinning about costume ideas and the oddity slid to the back of her awareness. A quick Google search gave her idea wings. There was an art store nearby where she could buy body-safe latex paint. It would be easy to turn herself the same color as this character and wear something skimpy. She might not have been as voluptuous as the demoness she would be going as, but she was still pretty proud of her fit body. She felt like she could pull it off.

Two hours later, Analise returned home with everything she would need.

She drew a bath first, reading the book while letting the hot water soften her skin. It turned out that Kylbyi was the leader of a rebel faction opposing someone named Taulic. Analise assumed all of that was set up in some other story because it was not particularly relevant to the chapters she read in the time it took for the water to cool around her. An intense shaving session followed until the only hair that remained on her body was the short blond locks on her head.

Analise let the tub drain as she tried to figure out the best way to apply the paint. It would take forever to paint it on with the brushes she had bought. At a loss, she put the stopper back in and dumped the first five-gallon bucket of orange latex into the tub. When that was barely enough to coat the bottom of the tub, she added the second bucket's contents as well. Not wanting to get the paint inside her, Analise pressed an adhering dental dam to her smooth skin before stepping back into the tub. Settling down otherwise naked into the viscous liquid sent a chill up her spine as it squished between her toes and butt cheeks. She started to breathe a little heavier from all the new stimulation. The feeling of it running down her chest as she scooped it up over her was like the caress of many tiny fingers. Laying back, she raised her knees and the sensation of excess paint running down her legs made her shudder.

“Oh, wow..." she said to herself, her voice breathy as she fell into something akin to a trance. "That feels really... nice.”  She continued to spread the paint over her slick yet tacky skin, relishing the unique sensation. When she began to rub the paint on her face, however, that feeling started to change. Until now, the layer of paint had felt more like a gauzy outfit, but it was beginning to feel more like a second skin as it soft-set. She realized just how tight a fit this was going to be—and it seemed to be getting tighter, particularly around her bust. Just barely in a 36B, Analise was surprised to by how much flesh she cupped in her hands when she reached down. It had to be a full extra cup size! Sure it was an effect of being sealed into the paint, she shrugged off the sudden growth, but it was hard to ignore the building heat in her body and the pressure between her thighs. Was she... Was she getting off on this, on being covered in latex? Or, perhaps she was excited about the prospect of taking on Kylbyi's appearance? After all, if she really did become a demon, wouldn't all of her inhibitions vanish? Unfettered by worrying about consequences, she could not only tell Carol how she felt but also show her in the most direct ways possible. Ways her kinky crush would appreciate judging by the other night.

Finally, after a few more minutes of painting herself and fondling of her somehow larger boobs, her body was throbbing in the same way it did when she got off a quickie before a shower. She was also well coated and got out of the tub. Much to her surprise, there was only a little of the material left. The shimmering fluid only pooling around her feet. Instead of running the water to dilute it and let it all run down the drain, she left the paint to dry so she could peel it off later. Now for the hard part.

Settling in at the vanity so she could use the mirror, Analise began to use the blue latex to paint her arm with what she figured the tattoos looked like under Kylbyi's outfit. With each stroke, the heat and feeling of pressure got more intense. When she switched to the broad brush to put down a layer of blue, it felt like lips were caressing her all over. The moment she had one arm half-complete, blue painted all the way up to her elbow, she felt a jolt run down it. Muscle definition she had not had before developed before her eyes in pulses that made her arm jump and her fingers twitch. The growth was so fast, so pronounced, that she could see the muscle fibers knitting together and new veins branching out under her painted skin. "That’s...”

[Not possible?] The confident and sassy sounding voice which had spoken was everywhere and nowhere.

Frantic, Analise looked around. “Wha-! Wh-who’s there?”

[Who do you think?] The voice said. This time, it echoed in her mind. Her arm stretched over her head without her thinking about moving it. [Ah~! That feels great!]

“Wait, how is a fictional character—?”

[—Possessing you? Think about it. You’ll figure it out if you do. I can see how smart you are from here.]

Her seemingly possessed arm rotated its wrist a couple of times before clenching her fingers into a fist. "...Kylbyi?"

[See? I knew you'd get it.] The voice said, its tone carrying a hint of... pride? What the hell? [Sorry for "stealing the wheel" already, I had planned on letting you get further along, but, it's just... I've been trapped for so long... I had forgotten what feeling, well, felt like.]

Not sure what else to do, Analise threw the brush down and tried to get up, but found herself rooted to the bench when she tried to stand. It was like her legs had turned to lead.

[Now why'd you do that?] Kylbyi chided. [We’ve got so much more work to do before you’re ready for the party!]

Analise's sigiled arm twitched and picked the brush back up. Right away, it began drawing the demoness’ details on her otherwise unpainted arm. She grabbed her wrist, but could not stop her possessed hand from tracing the same filigree sigils on her other shoulder. Inch by painted inch, her grip weakened and her arousal grew—much to her frustration—until, at her elbow, her sense of touch faded and her fingers relaxed.

“Why are you... why are you doing this?”

[Because you—] Kylbyi sighed and a weight settled on Analise's shoulder as if the demoness had placed her hand there. [Look, um...] She paused, her voice rising at the end as if fishing for a name.

For some reason, this was hilarious and Analise started to cackle. "Seriously? You're in my head, but you don't know my name?"

[There have to be some limits, right? A person's name is powerful, more powerful than an intrusive force like me. Think of it as an administrative password for your entire being.]

"So you want me to give you root access, trusting that you won't, like, overwrite me with yourself once you have access to my system files?"

[I won't. You freed me, so I'm doing you a favor.]

"Doing me a favor? By kidnapping me and taking my body for a joyride?"

[Oh, no-no-no. Not at all. You wanted the have the best costume ever, right? I'm just making that happen. You as the spitting image of me will be unforgettable. I know your lady friend will love the look. She's read my books a few times—and is a big fan.]

"O-o-okay, like that makes a difference." Carol had read books with Kylbyi in them? Why was that so exciting? "It's not like I have any real choice at the moment."

[You can tell me to stop whenever, but art always looks weird half completed so... tell me now. I can stop right now, and you can stay home all weekend with a freakishly big arm, or..."]

Kylbyi drew another sweeping stroke on her—well, theirs for the moment—arm and a punch of pleasure hit Analise in the gut. Analise hesitated, tempted more than she expected. It was hard to think with her mind flooded by hormones and pleasure. She wanted more—needed it almost. She could have that, but... what about Monday? What about life after the party? "Will I be able to go back to normal?"

[Without any further investments of energy, the paint should peel in a couple of days and your pale skin will be back by the time you leave for work Monday.] The sense of weight on her shoulder shifted and something soft but invisible pressed into her side. It was as if Kylbyi had her arm around Analise's shoulders. [Just think about it as a very intense, very personal vacation. One that you get to share with your crush—who, as I said, is really into demon kink."

There was a flash of her holding Carol down while plowing her with a strap-on. She could feel their hips coming together and Carol's wrists in her grasp. She could hear Carol's begging and the sound of the bed shifting beneath them. The vision was so vivid that her entire body clenched with need, crying out for the orgasm it was being denied. Yes. More. More of that. More of that would be so fucking perfect. Decided, Analise opened her mouth to agree and was surprised by what came out. It was not a command, not a statement, but a whimper. "Please, Kylbyi... Please keep going. I want you to paint me to look like you."

[Is that all? Just my resemblance?]

"Ah! N-n-no, Kylbyi. I want everything you can give me. Everything and more! Please," she begged. "Please make me the demon of my darkest fantasies..."

[What shall I call you then? For something like this, I think I can work with the power of a nickname.]

"Sure, fine, call me Ana. Just... don't leave me like this."

[Right. Just... relax, okay, Ana? ]

One moment, the parts of her not being controlled by Kylbyi were tense from her resistance. With that plea, however, Analise’s sense of touch faded out like someone had unplugged her nerves from her brain. All of a sudden, she was numb from head to toe. Not sparing a moment, the demoness started to paint in the blue base layer of her other gauntlet. Even without being able to feel it, each stroke from the wide brush filled Analise with a sense of pleasure even more intense than before. Sure, it was still her hands doing this, but it was someone else painting her now. She had given near-total control of her body to Kylbyi, after all. Before this afternoon and her encounter with that book, she had never, in her wildest dreams, considered being a demon, but, nonetheless, she had just begged for it from the one possessing her like it had been a lifelong dream. Kylbyi was going to reshape and remake her. She was going to release shadows from the depths of Analise's subconsciousness and give them control.

Without any external stimuli to distract her, Analise's mind kept looping through those thoughts with each stroke of the brush. With each iteration, the thoughts grew more familiar, more comfortable as if she had always had a thing for corruption or for exhibitionist things like wearing nothing but a tiny bikini and body paint to a party with all of her co-workers. She could tell her personality was being warped by what was happening. Her desires, too, were being distorted by what her mind was trying to deal with. Her desire to share the rest of her life with Carol, however, remained the eye of the hurricane. If anything, that desire grew stronger with each moment. By the time Kylbyi switched to using black paint to recreate the gauntlet's details, Analise was panting like she was about to come. Who knew that latex, submission, and corruption would be such turn-ons for her? There was only one small problem. She could not feel her body and thus could not orgasm. All of this pleasure was just in her mind which was still disconnected from the tactile world.

"Is this normal?" she asked the demoness who was working on the intricate task of drawing in lines that seemed to emulate scales.

[Not sure, actually. This's the first time I'm doing something like this, but I should be done with the details soon...]

Despite the complexity, it only took a moment before her—well, their—whole forearm was covered in a grid of shield-shaped cells. Even with her physical senses dulled, Analise felt an itch spread up their forearm as the detailing on the scale-like motif began to sharpen. Each individual segment took on a sheen as if they were not merely a pattern that had been painted on the canvas that was her skin, but dozens of singular objects.

[You want to feel them?]


A sensation like pulling off a glove restored Analise's sense of touch in her right hand. She reached over and gasped when her skin felt like nothing like it had before. It was like touching a snake, only instead of being cool against her fingertips, the surface of her transformed flesh was warm—really warm. It seemed like the warmth was responding to her touch, too, as it began to seep up into her fingertips. A tingle like pins and needles worked its way across the back of her hand, and the muscles in her arm grew a tiny bit larger.

[Neat, huh? Okay, back to work,] Feeling left her fingers again, A moment later, there was a series of loud cracks as spasms gripped the fingers of their left hand. Something was growing around her bones, and, before her eyes, Kylbyi’s influence began to reshape them into pointed claws. They retracted, seeming to melt into the scales, before extending again even longer and sharper than before. Using their newly clawed fingers to trace lines over their other arm, the painting to make a matching set of scales took half as long. Yes, she was transforming! She was becoming a demon! Faster! Work faster!

Kylbyi spread their knees apart, likely to lean down and start doing the greaves, and noticed the outline of the dam.

[Oh, you missed a spot… Let me fix that.]

“Whoa-whoa-whoa! Wait, you’re not supposed to put paint there!”

[Trust me, Ana, you’re going to thank me later.]

With that, the dental dam was ripped off like a bandage. There, in the rectangle-shaped gap in the latex, her vulva was the only part of her which was still pink and pale and human. It was also, apparently, a place where her sense of touch was still active. A clawed finger covered in orange paint let drops of latex pitter-patter to her skin and each one made her jump and gasp. Once there was enough thick fluid pooled on their pelvis that it began to run, Kylbyi retracted their claws and pressed the soft scales of their fingertips to her skin. The touch knocked Analise's head back and a moan clawed out of her chest. Then Kylbyi slipped their latex coated fingers into her desperate snatch and the world went white. Had she still been in control, Analise would have tumbled back. As it was, she hung at the very edge of the orgasm of the century. If this kept up she was going to cum and probably not stop for who knew how long.

However, with every cycle of Kylbyi’s fingers, Analise's sense of touch faded there as well. Like with her arms, this part of her body was changing. Her entire pubic mound had been pumped to several times its original size and the skin tone had become a hue that was more red than orange. In all of this, their clit had somehow become even more prominent than their quivering pussy and Analise could see it twitching in time with her accelerated pulse. Something about the sheer, almost perverse size of her transformed button made her want to touch it.

“Hah! It… it looks like I have a cute, little dick.” She said it without thinking, but with those words, an urge trickled into her awareness. It pooled around her like the latex had, slowly rising to envelop her mind. The vision of her with Carol changed. Now she was fucking her soon-to-be girlfriend with a real dick. She pulled out and jerked until she blasted a load all over Carol's face and chest. Then the scene replayed with her blowing an even bigger load into Carol's depths as she begged for it. Like with being a demon, it was a thought which had never crossed her mind before this moment, but now that she'd had the thought, she could not forget it. With each second that passed with her attention focused on the twitching of her clit, the want—the need—to caress and stroke her fattened nub and pussy lips grew more intense and all-consuming until she probably would have pleasured herself into a sore and hoarse puddle for hours.

"I want to touch myself, Kylbyi." Her voice was darker but no less desperate. In fact, having a more sultry tone made begging even more arousing to her. She was becoming a scion of sexual desire, but there was still someone controlling her. Someone was holding her hands behind her back as they worked themselves in and out of her at an agonizing, deliberate, pace. "Please, I need to cum, it's too much!"

[Now, now. Time enough for that later. I’m not done with you just yet...]

Kylbyi made them stand and move to the tub, where the daemoness submerged their fingertips. A moment later, the scales of their fingers were starting to gap as their digits swelled. She was collecting the paint with what were effectively ten needles! The possessing demoness drew up more and more and more orange latex liquid from the tub until there were only coin-sized puddles at the bottom.

“Just what are you going to--?"

Sharp stings cut through her blunted senses as Kylbyi sank their paint-filled talons into their tits. At the edges of her awareness, Analise could feel those claws pouring something into her. Power? Desire? Elements of Kylbyi's personality? Whatever. So long as she looked more like the buxom figure on the cover of the book with each passing second. With each thud of her heart, more latex tainted by Kylbyi's essence pumped into her system. As a result, her boobs were visibly swelling fuller and heavier. They did not take on a spherical shape, but one that seemed more natural—as natural as having breasts out of a fantasy story could be anyway. Relaxed as their shape was, they were still cartoonish in their fullness as they came to rest part of the way down her ribs. Looking at them in the mirror, they made her think of that very specific body type used for older women the hundreds of h-doujin on her computer—Since when? Always. Her tits were beyond big and yet, she was still less buxom than the demoness controlling her.

However, her bust was not the only thing getting increased. Like when the scales had grown in, there was tingling for a moment before she saw her hair starting to grow out. Like with her arms, the muscles of her torso began to put on mass. She could not see the growth, but her mind was being bombarded by updates to her self-image and her fantasy self, too. She was looking more and more like Kylbyi. Although, what about the tail she was “missing” in comparison to her guest? No sooner had Analise thought it, however, that the strange feeling of bone knitting spread out from the base of her spine.


Kylbyi withdrew her claws from their now far weightier tits and then sank them into their lower body instead, fingers spread wide as they dug into hips and butt alike. They were not in front of the mirror anymore, so Analise was missing everything that was happening. As if anticipating the ask, Analise felt a tug on her awareness and her perspective changed. It was like she was sitting behind her body now, watching the small point of her proto-tail sprout into a thick, stubby appendage. As if spurred by more by the tail’s growth than Kylbyi’s modifications, her lower body thickened and widened as the tail grew longer. The conflicting growth of her butt and her tail’s girth forced her stance wider with a grinding of hip bones. A moment later, her new limb was long enough to curve down to rest on the floor and then coil back up her leg to her wanting center. Instead of satisfying her lust, however, her new prehensile appendage joined into the painting session. Kylbyi worked quickly to paint the tail with that brilliant blue, causing more velvety scales to blossom from their skin. The spade-shaped tip scooped up some of the leftover orange latex from the bucket on the counter and acted as a palette as the demoness’ fingers began to smother their nipples with paint that was somehow darkening the existing orange.

Analise craved feeling that touch, but Kylbyi had moved on before she could ask. Her body turned to face her and the demoness began to draw on the tattoos which covered her thighs. They were messier this time, and the extra liquid latex ran down their calves and ankles to the pool around their feet. It seemed like that was deliberate as, after a minute, there was a crack that made Analise gasp as her feet bent upwards like she was in four-inch heels—Too tall! You have boots with eight-inch heels and two-inch platforms. This is nothing. Her toes tingled and twitched and popped as they became pointed talons like her fingers. More of the same scales spread from the tops of her feet up to her shins and calves to replicate the look of those long greaves from the book's cover.

She looked quite demonic at this point but could feel that Kylbyi was not satisfied—and neither was she, honestly. This was just the start, the base coat. There was more to come, more to embrace.

[Hmm, I figured the rest would have happened by now...]

"The rest?" Without warning, her awareness snapped back to being behind her eyes.

The demoness used her claws to suck up more of the orange paint, leaving the can dry. There were two pinpricks at their temples before the tips of those striking golden rams’ horns pushed through their skin. As Kylbyi drew their fingers along their ears to reshape them, the curve of their new horns knit into being as their ever wider girth pushed on the skin around them By now, Analise’s short hair had grown into a hip-length mass of wavy platinum blonde highlighted by a light blue. There was so much of it, much more than had been on the cover. It was so fluffy, so unruly that she looked like she was wearing a cape made from the hide of some sort of fantasy animal.

Turning them back to the mirror, Kylbyi drew a finger over their bottom lip. She pressed their lips together like she was putting on lipstick. Both sides of her mouth quivered as they rubbed against each other. The sensitive flesh inflated and turned from a dull orange into a glistening black as the tingle of transformation spread inwards. Soon their thicker, longer tongue had two piercings that hugged her engorged lips like a vice when she licked them. Pointed fangs glinted in the light when she opened their mouth.

[Ah, that’s better. I'm happy with this, and I hope you are, too.]

"I am, yeah.


"I want more at the same time—so much more," she added in another voice that was a couple of shades darker. It was that voice that continued speaking. "This moment has been a fantasy of mine since I first started becoming a woman." No, wait. That was not the case at all. Yes, it wasThink back...

[Oh, Ana... I didn't think I would corrupt you this bad just from a little energy sharing.]



"My name. It's Analise."

[Okay, and you want me to do what with that information, exactly?]

"Remake me, truly. Reforge me in the furnace of your passions for Nyleth. Shape my body into a demon that demons would fantasize about. Make me into the version of you from your wildest fantasies."

[Are you sure? Anything beyond here and I cannot promise you will go back to normal come Monday.]

"Fuck normal."

[If you insist...]

Kylbyi sank her hand back into the can of blue, drawing the liquid up her fingers like before. Then she reached for their quivering clit, their claws dripping with paint. Using her first two fingers, the demoness injected the latex medium into the swollen, sensitive nub. Filling with Kylbyi's essence, the organ swelled almost at once. Before Analise could even realize what had happened, her new dick was already four inches long, two fingers wide, and sticking straight out in front of her. It's a start.

Other claws loaded with transformative fluids sank into their growing length, accelerating the expansion. Thickening grey veins spread out from each injection site, the new blood vessels linking with those existing to circulate the corrupting compound through her system. Her heart rate, already pounding, became a double bass drum staccato. What had been four inches became eight, and the rounded tip of her extended clit began to flare. However, that was not the extent of her changes. Analise clenched her eyes closed as a powerful burning sensation crashed into her. When she reopened them a moment later, her reflection showed that the whites of her eyes had gone black and the brown in her eyes now glowed like polished copper. In that time, her nipples and areolae had swollen under Kylbyi's influence, the vibrant red flesh rising into plush mounds. It was an exaggeration so profound that the trance-like state she had fallen into snapped. For the first time in a while, her awareness was not being filtered through her darker selves.

[Here, feel them. You won’t be laughing after that.]

Kylbyi extracted their claws from her transforming shaft and moved their hands up. The points of her talons melted away so that Analise could cup the plush peaks of tits which had swollen to a size that was beyond anything she had ever considered for anyone, much less herself. Then again, she had asked to become the fantasy of a demon—well, a version of her had anyway. Supple, quivering flesh overflowed her spread talons, but it did not seem like they had grown enough to rival her head—Not yet anyway. There was no telling what Kylbyi had in store for her still now that the gloves were off. Spun up to the point that even the faint stimulation was satisfying, she almost did not care either. She just wanted to feel again!

[Well, okay, but you asked for it…]

Without any warning, the sensation of her tacky yet velvety scales on her skin flared in intensity as her sense of touch returned. Even so, she could tell this was only a tiny bit of her tactile awareness now. Its scope had grown even larger than any part of her. How was she going to deal once her nerves plugged back in?

“Oh. Fuck. That feels… feels…” So close! More! Just a little more! Her fingers clenched. Her claws reformed and stabbed into her skin. Her fingers pulsed and another burst of the paint which had become a medium with Kylbyi's power pumped into her tits. Quick as it had returned, her sense of sensation muted again, leaving her stranded on the edge of orgasm in a body she could not control. "Kylbyi, why...?"

[Because if you orgasm now it will eject me. Now... let's finish this up, so you have time to cool off before getting to your party.]

Even with her tactile sense dulled once more, Analise was starting to feel again regardless. Each hammer strike of her heart made her whole body throb. Kylbyi turned her attention back to their developing penis. It was so big now, and yet... Analise was unsurprised that she wanted it even bigger. This time, Kylbyi injected all ten fingers in at once and their member doubled in size in an instant. A ridge inflated against her palms about halfway along the length, and the flare grew even more pronounced. Whatever sort of dick this was, it was certainly not human.

"It's certainly going to take some getting used to."

[Oh, honey, you have no idea.]

"What's that supposed to--"

There was no reply from the wry, confident voice. Instead, she was met with the mental image of standing on a platform in the middle of two train lines. There was a train approaching from each side. They would pass her at the same time. The roar and wind of those trains gave way to all of the sensations her body had felt while her mind was isolated. The rush of stimulation was like getting into the car having left the stereo on full blast except, like, ten times more visceral. Through a wave of pins and needles, like they had fallen asleep, her awareness of her extremities sharpened. She merely licked her lips, and that soft pressure on her inflated flesh caused every inch of her to vibrate--and there were a lot of inches now. Like a spigot stuck open, more and more sensations were flooding her mind with pleasure. It was overwhelming. It was… bliss. It was not just her tactile senses that assaulted her consciousness, but also taste, sound, and smell most of all. Something about her scent was alluring, further elevating her arousal as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Actually, I… I hope this never ends, Kylbyi” she purred in a voice a few shades darker. “Yes, I think… I think this… body, this state of mind, these overwhelming senses. All of it is me, now.”

In accepting that, the final strings of Kylbyi’s possession snapped, and Analise dropped to her knees like a disconnected puppet. The rough, heavy impact wedged her cock into her cleavage. Already euphoric and once more so very close to coming, she began to thrust on reflex. Each time the end of her cock came into view, it was more and more obvious that0 she was leaking pre-cum. It soon coated her cleavage, making her thrusts even stronger. Hugging her boobs, she began to tilt backward on her tail as her motions became increasingly emphatic.

“I’ve never… ah! Nothing has ever...ngh...felt like this…!” Nothing else would either. "Ah, maybe… maybe fucking Carol will feel… feel… oh, FUCK!”

With one particularly enthusiastic movement, she lost control of her body as orgasm after denied orgasm rocked her core causing her new member to throb harder than ever deep between her huge fucking tits. Her tail buckled and she dropped to the bathroom floor on her back. She laid there for a moment, riding out the tempest of stimulation, but she was still having trouble getting her body to move like she wanted. Even minutes later, waves of orgasmic pleasure were still traveling up and down the length of her body—which, again, there was a lot of now.

As the sensory overload receded, the newly transformed demoness could not help but notice how her ass now raised her more than a few inches off the tile. She had also not cum from her cock. Perhaps she needed to keep going... She tried once more to get up, but the shifting freed her dock. Which, inevitably, slapped back down on her inhuman chest.

The vibration traveled down her stiff rod like it was really made of steel to vanish up inside her. There, the sensation grew more and more powerful, until it felt like something was swelling inside her. Soon the pressure was more than her overtaxed body could handle, apparently, because the sensation moved back down to where her shaft emerged from her over-plushed labia. Another swelling began to grow until there were two quick pops as a pair of objects emerged from her pelvis to fill the small bubble of skin. With each pulse of her cock, minuscule, but increasingly heavy weights slid down against her fat vulva.

"Oh shit. I have balls! I fucking ha-ngh!” The rest of that discovery was lost to moans that left Analise breathless.

[One last gift from me, Analise.] She felt a kiss on her forehead and a fire erupted in her veins. [That burn is from hormones present in demonesses like you, women who are something else on top of that.]

The demand for more became a protest. she reached for the blue paint and drew it up into her fingertips as Kylbyi had. Clutching her meager nuts, she sank her magic-laden claws into her sensitive flesh. A feeling of churning filled her newly grown scrotum as they swelled into her palms. A churning which became a roil as her sack clenched around her now walnut-sized stones for the first time. Inside, other parts of her twitched. Parts new and unfamiliar, but she knew what they were all the same. She was functionally two sexes now, which meant this approaching orgasm was going to be a new experience...

“Yes!" she cried, her body surging towards a climax without her. "Gonna… gonna c-c-cUMM!

In a rush, her first masculine orgasm hit her in the face. It was sweet on her lips and tongue. Unbidden, she licked the sticky fluid up and moaned as heat spread down her throat. The weight between her legs increased as more paint seeped from her fingers into her swelling balls. Unbidden, her tail slipped into her pumped up pussy. A moment later, another blast of cum washed over her. The warmth sank in deeper and she felt her body growing once more. The growth itself was as orgasmic as shoving her giant fuck stick between her fat tits, leading to further releases as she fucked her cleavage harder and harder in search of true relief that always seemed just out of reach. With her body stuck in this loop of unending pleasure, Analise's curves continued to grow as wave after wave of arousal gripped her being and enveloped her mind.

Sometime later, she was roused by the sound of her ringtone. It seemed that she had fucked herself into unconsciousness. Her being covered head to toe in spunk only seemed to confirm that theory. Staggering to her feet, she crossed the room and picked her phone up off the charger. Her voice was even more sultry than before her hours-long masturbation session as she assured Carol that, yes, she was coming. She was just about to head out the door after getting changed.

Hanging up, she looked down at her body. "This is so... Much." Too much. Well, almost too much.

Her skin’s orange hue had darkened to a rich red-wine crimson. It looked like her entire massive torso was blushing, though she felt no embarrassment about having accepted her new self—and really, although she was unable to see anything of her body beyond her prodigious rack, why would she have denied this fantastic body? It had always been her dream after all. The touch of soft scales of her sculpted, powerful abs was like trying to sip water when you desperately needed to guzzle it. Her altered and enhanced body howled for touch. Already she was starting to awaken as everything between her legs began to throb. Even so, Analise moved down to caress her doorframe-sized hips. The feel of her bubble butt jiggling in her grip afterward made her awakening start to stiffen. Even as just chub, it had to be a foot-plus-long and her throbbing testes had grown to double handfuls. Her eyes fell on the outfit she had bought and scoffed. There was no way it would fit.

Just her tits made the one-piece impossible. They were even more massive than before, their bulk now hanging past her waist as their fullness projected them out far enough that hugging them was almost impossible. Each squishy mam took both of her hands to heft—and what she could see of her nipples made them look positively massive. It seemed like the rest of her was up to the challenge, however. Her arms looked like she had spent her life pumping iron and, judging by what she felt, her legs were just too die for. Her thighs, firm in her grasp were bigger around than she could manage to grab with both hands. Her calves, on the other hand, were only too big for one hand. Further, even as the weight of her giant cans began to pull her down, her demonic physiology adjusted. In an uncanny feat of growth, Analise could feel new strands of muscle fiber coming together across her chest, core, and back. With each breath, she packed on pound after pound of muscle. The growth moved up to her shoulders next, lightening the load almost as much as hefting her endowments had. Scant seconds later, it felt like her massive tits were now suspended in water. Like, the weight was still there, but it was no longer a tax on her body.

Not sure what she was going to do about being painted in more than one way, Analise took a shower. Which, inevitably, lead to another massive masculine orgasm, although this one did not cause her to grow--probably because she had not swallowed almost a liter of her spunk nor was she injecting the physical medium of Kylbyi's power into her body. She let out a short laugh when she realized this was disappointing for some reason. It was only the intensity of her post-orgasmic high, that kept her from considering what would happen if she used what remained of the blue paint on herself again.

Better to save that to see what Carol thinks... speaking of. What the hell could she wear?

Rummaging through her closet, she found things that might work. A tube-top dress pulled down like a skirt barely kept her descent, though it hid her balls well and what had been the bustier was wide enough to hold her semi-erection in place and ensure it remained mostly unnoticeable. Her most elastic shirt, a blouse of black stretch satin, when pulled over her torso-defining chest turned into not much more than a belly shirt, but, it would work to get her to Carol’s. Even so, clothes only served to highlight every absurd inch of her body. Thankfully, with her dick nestled between her stomach and her skirt, about fifteen of them were out of sight.

"I guess this will work. It's a bit... more than I wanted though..."

A wave of warmth surged through her horns and the outfit morphed into her favorite suit, with some alterations, of course. The slit of her high-waisted pencil skirt now went all the way to her hip. The blazer was fitted like a glove around her torso, the fabric somehow reinforced to contain and even push up her bust. Her half undone blouse was more of a formality than anything, but the silk fabric was beyond soft against her skin and the undone tie around her neck was a nice touch. Beneath that, a bralette of black-lace somehow encompassed all of her impossible size. The stitching mimicked her scales and it felt like them when she put her fingers to her chest. It might have looked delicate, but the stunning intimate wear could probably stop a bullet or a knife. Her excessive hair was up in a ponytail that only half succeeded in taming the mass of blue-blonde waves. Her glasses were "sexy secretary" to the max, just a glance at herself in the mirror made her cock throb against her sternum.

“It’s a good thing Carol’s so fucking kinky... because I am going to blow her mind when she sees me like this.”


A premium edition with part two, revisions to both, and art from Lemonfont is available on [itch.io]

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