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020 – Quantum Amazon

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

This story also appears in CLv1: My Girlfriend is Huge with massive updates and nearly three times the word count.

Marie looked at her phone to check the time. It was still a few minutes out from when Ryan said he would meet her. She regretted wearing her pretty Greek-style sandals after how much she had already walked as it was likely there was more of it to come. Trying not to stress about the date, she smoothed the front of her brown, ankle length broom skirt several times and tugged down on her purple cami and black velvet vest, sure that both had ridden up while she was seated on the park bench. Confident that her outfit was okay once more, she glanced around to people watch, hoping to spot her blind date before he saw her.

In ones and twos, students with hoodies from the nearby university walked from the direction of campus over the grass towards myriad destinations. There were also quite a few joggers out in the park, no doubt enjoying the fall air that still held notes of summer. Nearby, a loose group of people were looking at their phones and laughing. Many wore clothing with the now iconic red, blue, and yellow team crests. It was surprising how quickly that app had become an ever present thing. Even though she did not really play, Marie absently wondered if there was a stop nearby.

She looked back down at her phone to check and instead ended up reading threads on reddit. Since leaving the house an hour ago for the train ride out to Westside, a few new things popped up on her front page. Reading through one, her mind began to ponder why her friend’s friend was now late. Irrationally, her first assumption was he flaked because he found out how short she was. It had happened before.

Even today, as she handed over her commuter ticket to get punched, the elderly gentleman conductor asked where her parents were. Sure, having her shoulder length blonde hair pulled back in a pair of artfully curved pig-tails probably did not help her case, but she was nearly twenty-five and it was getting old having people think she was sixteen.

In a way, that fact was why she understood when dates went poorly. There were not many guys in the IT field who could stand next to her out and about and not at first glance look like her Dad, or worse some kind of pedo. She always wished things had gone differently in her roll of the genetics dice. Hell, if she just had anything on her chest, at all, it likely would not be such an issue.

As she considered, not for the first time, what it would cost to get implants, she clicked into another thread. It was one of those creepypasta stories. It started with a rumor that, if you pinged a certain IP, you would be able to hack reality. It went on to describe a man who did so, became a dog, and was trapped that way for days. Everyone around him acted as if he had been a dog forever. It was not until he remembered that he was man did her return to normal. Curious, she opened the terminal app she had hacked-in and sent a ping command to the IP.

The first packet got no response after fifteen seconds. The second also failed after timing out. Unsurprisingly, the third failed as well and she was about the close the app when the fourth packet returned. After that, packets took less and less time to travel until the round trip was almost instant. She could swear her clothes were getting tighter as her breathing grew faster, but that was likely just her excitement.

What would happen when the packet timers hit zero?

[6 ms. 6 ms. 5 ms. 5 ms. 5 ms. 4ms.]


Her tunnel vision snapped open and she looked up into the face of what she thought for a moment was a dwarf right out of Lord of the Rings. Bright green eyes peered out from under bushy red eyebrows raised questioningly. A wide, pointed nose was settled above a full, bright orange beard that ended in an ornate braid capped with a pewter ring. His head appeared to be shaved, but she saw another braid swinging behind him as he stepped back.

“Yes, that’s me.” She stood up, noticing that she was probably even with his shoulder. “Are you Ryan?”

“Yup, sorry I got here after you, I must have misunderstood Kris’ directions. I was standing over at the other green for ten minutes before I thought to look around.”

Getting a better look at him, her first impression of him as dwarf persisted even though his shoulder was just above eye level for her. It was probably because he was so broad in the chest and shoulders, but not super skinny at the waist that made him seem shorter. His build was more power lifter or a prize fighter than a bodybuilder. His thick arms, with prominent veins and complex tattoo sleeves of coils, spirals, and braids, only furthered that notion.

There was also something about the way he carried himself, as if he had a boundless amount of enthusiasm for physical activity. Even standing there he was constantly moving, shifting his weight from one booted foot to the other, making his braid sway into view and causing his black, calf length skirt covered in blue runes flutter. She also could swear a big, round shape was shifting behind the fabric with his movements.

Realizing what she was seeing, Marie balked. “Wait, what?”

“Oh this?” He plucked at the dark fabric, obviously so used to people being confused about his clothing choices he did not think she was gawking at his junk. “I didn’t have any pants left, and didn’t feel like washing them before heading out. Besides, I haven’t worn this in a season.”

“You regularly wear a skirt like that?” She tried to imply she knew he was loose down there, but it seemed to pass by him.

“Well not as much any more, I used to run a campground that hosted Pagan retreats. I almost never wore pants then.”

Struck by that reveal, she almost forgot her thirst before imagining him shirtless chopping wood and being an otherwise manly woodsman. “That sounds really awesome, actually. Tell me about over food?”

Meanwhile, as they walked, the ping command continued unheeded on Marie’s phone.

[2 ms. 1ms. 0 ms.]

The command hesitated as if it had lost the signal. Then, curiously, it continued.

[-1 ms. -2 ms. -4 ms.]

The numbers continued to grow exponentially negative until the terminal app crashed. As it did, glowing green circuits traced over Marie’s hand and up her arm, fading was the wave of light passed continued up. The branching lines spread over her chest and down the edges of the rest of her body. She caught a glimmer as the light faded from the back of her other hand, but it was gone a second later.

The duo walked towards a place Ryan insisted had some of the best open faced sandwiches. However, conversations died every few moments, draping the pair in silence until one of them pointed out something in a store window only for the conversation to die again shortly after. Even the campground was not all that interesting and Ryan did not seem comfortable talking about what happened at the retreats.

She realized he was trying to draw her out as well. Except, in her nervousness, all of her answers were terse, mumbled, or both and that was not helping the mood. Marie was starting to freak out mentally as she felt the date unraveling around her. She was sure dinner was as far as things were going when Ryan made a crack about both of them keeping secrets.

“I keep secrets like a Paladin,” Marie said without thinking. “Two in hand? Snap keep.”

“You play ‘stone?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“For the same reason a big burly guy seems out of place in a skirt I’d imagine.”

His words hung in the silence between them for a moment before both of them started laughing like that was the funniest thing they had heard all week. “Wow, no, you’re right.”

With the ice finally broken, the rest of the ten minute walk was a flurry of bad beats stories, insane plays, and griping about recent nerfs until they finally arrived at the restaurant. Starting to feel hot, she undid the top button of her vest and pulled at her shirt while they waited for a table. Between the nervousness and the walk in the sun, it felt like her shirt was tightening around her.

The restaurant was packed but as they continued to talk about the difficulties of climbing the ladder the wait flew by and they were seated in a booth. Which, for Marie, was sort of annoying because the tables were always so high. Sure enough, the edge of the table thwacked her in the hip as she tried to slide in and sit down.

As she scooted over, Marie noticed a jiggle she had never felt before. A quick glance confirmed that very slight breasts were now pushing out against her cami and vest. Her eyes snapped up and she pulled the menu to her as a pressure started to build. Ryan had not seemed to notice in that brief span that she was any different, but she was and getting more different by the moment.

With each passing second, more breast flesh filled both of her tops. Nipples that had once been tiny blossomed against her soft shirt. Her aureole grew wider and a plethora of new, sensitive bumps rose in the spreading pink skin as nerve endings bloomed under her flesh. Even with the first button undone, the vest was pushing them together, further accentuating their increasing volume. The cold plastic of the menu stuck to her damp skin, her cami now overflowing and about to reveal everything. The pressure was overwhelming and oddly invigorating.

Ryan and the waiter chatted about his order like nothing miraculous was happening at all, as if they did not notice how much Maire was panting and squirming.

“Miss, what would you like?”

He was looking right at her as she surged from what might have been a b-cup to a c-cup and bent the menu back, away from her. The hem of her extra small cami was digging into her and, from the sound of things, dangerously close to coming apart at the seams. However, his eyes remained on her face and not the menu slowly being folded in half by a tide of tits. Either he was more professional than eighty percent of the men she had ever encountered, frighteningly oblivious, or blind.

When he did look down because she laid the menu flat, the most peculiar thing happened. In an instant she was wearing a different outfit under her vest, a halter with moderately sized boobs in mind and a black bralet with lace trim. When she put two and two together, she said the first thing that came to mind.

“Hah, I have Schrodinger's boobs.”

The waiter cocked his head. “What was that?”

She opened her mouth to explain the theory behind how superposition worked, but thought better of it, she was not even sure if that was what had happened—or if anything could explain her growth and then her shirt changing right before her eyes. “I said, I’ll have the open faced Reuben and a Coke.”

“So,” Ryan ventured as the waiter picked up their menus. “Kris tells me you have a hard time dating because you feel like you’re too small. Is it the mismatch between your bust and your stature?”

“Y-y-yeah,” Had Ryan forgotten she had been completely flat less than two minutes ago? At that moment she began to feel the hem of her skirt moving up her legs and over her knees. “It’s uh, hard, to feel like I’m connecting with someone when, um, I can feel people around us thinking they’re my Dad or something, you know?”

Casually reaching under the table, she could feel her knees both getting further away and raising up from the floor. Were these changes somehow related to how she was feeling or something? Was she changing herself with her nervous ramblings. Like with before there was a pressure, only now there was not a too small shirt as the likely culprit. Was her growth pressing against reality itself?

Suddenly, everything clicked into place. The rumor! It was true! She was hacking reality, even if subconsciously, but why did it seem she was the only one to notice? Was it superposition that was to blame?

Wrapped up in trying to figure that out, she half paid attention as Ryan continued to talk about how his own stature made dating hard for him as well and that he understood if Marie just wanted to go home after this, but he had bought tickets for the basketball game that night if she wanted to see where things went.

Where she wanted to be was testing her inklings. Regardless of reason, the changes only seemed to become reality once someone else observed her, until then they were just her creating a potential. She decided to test this.

“That sounds great, I’m gonna run to the bathroom for a sec. Be right back.”

As she slipped out of the booth, she watched Ryan’s eyes. The moment she got to her feet, she felt the same peculiar shifting as before as reality reloaded, for lack of a better term. It was like a punch to the gut this time that suffused into pleasant heat which made her whole body tingle. The table was now mid thigh on her. As if an after thought, her feet grew a little bigger to support her new stature. Now much too tight, her sandals morphed to calf length boots.

Marie felt a thrilling tingle go up her spine as Ryan looked up. At her. “Sure, everything okay?”

“Never better.” It took everything she had to not run to the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, she was a bit out of proportion, but in that super model kind of way and she kind of liked it. “I just wish I was a little taller still.”

Before she even finished speaking she felt both the tension and the shifting at once, the peculiar mix pulling at her and finally coaxing a small orgasm out of her larger frame. At first, she was confused since she was the only one around, but realized the mirror let her observe.

Locking eyes with her reflection, she put hands to chest. Not sure how to best affect change, she spread her fingers out and pulled away at the same time. Her boobs complied, filling out so that her fingertips were never not resting against her soft flesh or shirt until they were easily bombshell range. A couple other tweaks, a little thickening here and there, made it so she was easily a rival to most comic book heroines.

Returning to the table, Ryan still seemed to have no inkling that she had changed so dramatically in the last half hour. Gone was the little girl who was regularly mistaken for a sixteen year old, in her place was a woman of physical confidence and budding sexual prowess. The electric feeling of observing her growth still lingered, emboldening her as she resumed their conversation. She wanted to push and see if Ryan really had forgotten she was ever tiny.

“So you were saying about our statures making it hard to date?” She asked as she went past to sit down.

“Yeah, what guy wants to date a girl taller than them? And what girl doesn’t want that Daniel Craig toned but svelte build.”

“Obviously you had no problem with a girl nearly your height.” Saying it made her grin and shudder. They were eye to eye when she sat back down across from him. “I will say I am enjoying just how…big you are.”

Once more he seemed to miss that she was implying something. “What can I say? I love big ladies.”

A majority of their conversation over dinner, mostly small talk about the food as it arrived, was lost to Marie as she let her mind roll back through the years. Even though she remembered being short, none of the moments in her life were that way. She had sprouted like a weed in middle school and kept growing through college. She would have completely tuned out had it not been for Ryan getting back to his time owning a campground.

“So anyway,” he continued, speaking over the edge of his second stout. “Every six months this viking-like woman rented out my entire back woods and hundreds of witches showed up to camp over the long holiday weekend.”

“Witches? I thought you said they were Pagans?”

“It’s sort of a here and there kind of thing. They aren’t directly interchangeable, but Wicca is a Pagan religion and there are many others.”

“So what did they do?”

“The things any group does when holding a big gathering. There were presentations in the fields about how to channel the sun’s energy or how to cast circle, presentations in the woods about how to cultivate wild herbs for incense or cooking, and presentations in pavilions about leadership and community building.”

“So you’re saying you hosted a WitchCon?”

“Something like that, yeah. At night, they had huge bonfires down in the clearing where the brick lined fire pit was. People would bring chairs to sit and watch others dance. There were so many people drumming and chanting. There was also booze, really good stuff, the kind of stuff passionate people make in small batches.”

“So…is magic real then?” She asked more for herself than for him because how else had this happened to her?

He was looking away when she said it, but his gaze slid to meet hers before he cracked a grin. “You’ll have to make it through this evening to find out.”

Not long after, they were finding seats at the basketball game on campus. She had never cared about going to a game before, but the excitement in the audience was infectious and, combined with the date going much better, her heart was racing. They were even holding hands which was a new experience for her, as was rubbing shoulders with the person she was with.

“So I know vaguely how this works, but I don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention to a basketball game.”

“I know next to nothing myself, I just love coming to watch Lenny dunk. The kid’s a monster and a local legend. You’ll see what I mean.”

The Westside University Warriors came out a few minutes later. Nearly every one of them was north of six feet and then, the music changed, the lights went down, and one last player stepped out onto the court. He was so big, Marie could not quite grasp what number would be attached to his height.

“He’s seven feet tall.”


“You heard me. Lenny Duncan is near as makes no difference seven feet tall.”

But he was not just tall, Lenny was built. Even from the grainy jumbotron footage, the play of his muscles under his bright brown skin was very apparent. Oddly, her reaction was not one of envy or lust, but one of inspiration. Having seen what extraordinary looked like in the flesh, she had to go there herself.

Marie was going to make an excuse to go to the bathroom again when her and Ryan appeared on the screen. There was a booming voice asking that they come down to the court, they had been chosen to shoot some hoops to open the game.

“Oh man, this is sweet.”

“It is?”

“Yeah, they have us try to sink shots or do dunks or get past someone to win money.”

She felt a grin crawling up her face. This was the perfect opportunity to see just what her new abilities could really do. They bounced the ball to her and asked her what she wanted to do. Holding the rubber sphere with both hands, feeling how big the ball still felt, she told them she wanted to dunk.

One dribble, she felt her skirt climbing again. The effect of being observed by so many people at once was even more pleasurable than it had been in the bathroom staring at herself. She had to bite her lip to keep from gasping as her body expanded and clenched all at the same time.

The ball left her hands another time. Her physique twitched and swelled all over. She was bigger than her comicbook heroines now, even Jennifer. She felt her body pushing against her clothing yet again, the fabric a satisfying tightness against her skin.

The last bounce seemed to take forever in comparison to the other two, but no one seemed to notice. For all they knew the amazon in a short pleated skirt, thigh-high boots and sleeveless shirt had been just like this when she walked down out of the bleachers.

Behind her, there was grumbling that they had picked someone so obviously able to dunk. Marie laughed to herself. In her mind, she could still see the version of herself that she had been earlier. In her mind, that was who was standing on the court. When the ball returned, she gripped it with one hand. Her self image began to fragment.

“You got this,” Ryan whispered up to her. Realizing this, she felt her body clench as she stifled a moan.

“Of course, isn’t that why we came?” With that, she bounded over the court and launched herself up towards the rim. Hanging in mid-air, she felt the old her blowing away to be replaced by an amazon no one ever confused for a child. The feeling of the rim against her palm as she slammed the ball down through the net was almost more satisfying than the orgasm Ryan had unknowingly given to her just then.

The prize for making the dunk was $500. She planned on buying some nice wine for their evening and going shopping, though honestly, her closet probably now contained clothes for a woman who stood over six feet tall and was relatively well muscled. The game itself was enjoyable with Ryan snuggled into her side, her arm draped over his shoulders. Part of her wanted to go down there and play, so many of them were smaller than her, surely she could perform better.

They crashed through her door an hour later in a tight embrace. She was holding him up, her big hands digging into his ass. They had made out the entire way back on the train and on the elevator ride up, distracted she had not been able to prevent herself from continuing to grow. Now she was north of seven feet and built like someone who punched people for a living.

Her loft apartment was as she remembered, the vaulted ceilings a blessing in disguise now. And though her furniture was all different, the only thing she cared about was whether her bed would hold up. Turned out she did not need to worry as it had been replaced by a huge round one that rested on a pedestal.

They broke apart, Ryan’s face level with tits bigger than his head that were wrapped in a dress that was barely a dress.

“Marie, I…I’ve never been with a woman so much bigger than me. So much stronger.”

“That’s okay, my little dwarf,” she had taken to calling him that after his head was no longer even with her shoulders. “I want you anyway.”

He smiled. “I need you to top first.”

“You want me on top first?”

Ryan dropped his skirt around his ankles and stepped out of it. His legs were hairy, in a groomed sort of way, as were his back and stomach as his shirt joined the skirt on the floor. “Oh yeah, most definitely.”

He turned to face her, revealing that it was not his cock she had been ogling all night but his balls. The pair of absolutely massive testicles hung nearly to his knees in dark shining skin. She could not help but to reach out and grab one, finding their size and weight to be like picking up an eggplant. He had two piercings, both heavy steel rings, situated on the seam of his junk. The first was situated about halfway down his balls, the other was just below where she expected his dick.

Yes, after all the anticipation, it did not appear he had a dick at all, only a round, puffy ridge that rose from the middle of his sack and the underside of his hairy stomach.

“How? What?” As if her own transformation had not been anything short of miraculous either.

“You did ask if magic was real, well, here’s your answer. A spell went wrong on me and now I’m a horse through and though sexually. Well except for my cum, that’s still human, but the volume is on a whole other level.”

“So when you say you want me on top…”

He walked over to the bed, but instead of sitting, he bent over showing off a surprisingly plush, puffy asshole. “I mean to top me, it takes a good kick start to get me going.”

Opening a drawer in her new night stand, she found a strap-on that was of reasonable size and heft. Pulling the harness up, she was struck by the realization that she did not need the toy, when she could have the real thing. Instead of stripping down again however, she visualized the toy actually being part of her and was rewarded with a peculiar sensation of stitching. Feeling flared to life in her new member. She lubed up and then lined up with Ryan.

A lifetime of experience filled her mind from having always had a six inch cock. But it was not complete. Closing her eyes, she visualized her own balls. Visualized how they would smack against her vulva when she was fucking her partner with her six, no wait, eight inch cock. Soft skin grew from the base of her cock, the rounded edge rolling slowly over her eager labia. She started to buck slowly. Two weights smashed into her pussy.

“I thought Krissy was lying when she said you had a cock, but damn if that isn’t the real deal.”

The oddity of the statement hung around her. Just how much were these changes rippling outwards to affect? As she turned her mind to her altering reality, her body’s hunger took over, steadily increasing her tempo until she was pounding him a few minutes later.

Memories of the Holiday Party, where she and Krissy got wasted and first became friends after fooling around a bit were suddenly very different. The feeling both her thrusts and the recalled sensation of Krissy going down for the first time on her made Marie shake with orgasm. Glit ran down her legs from her release, her living toy pulsed with gout after gout of girl cum.

He moaned with each burst, deep guttural groans that echoed in the vaulted ceiling of her room. She reached around, expecting him to have at least grown out a little bit, but his sword remained sheathed. She pointed her fingers and slid them into his puffy opening.

He gasped and backed into her, she stopped moving. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, just surprised is all. Not many touch me there. They like to look, to fantasize and then they get off on dominating such a stunning example of virility.”

She withdrew her hand, moving it to grip the outside of his soft skin. “Oh but I want you to fuck me,” she began to stroke the loose skin, she could feel the telescoped member within and that only deepened her thirst. “I want to feel this behemoth inside of me. I didn’t spend all night with you just to get my rocks off. I could do that myself.”

Gripping tight, her nails biting into his skin, she leaned down over him. With each word she moved back and forth, pumping his withdrawn member. “I Want. To. Be. Fucked. Do I make myself clear?”

Like magic, his flared cock head emerged. Feeling him get hard in her hand, feeling the collapsed dick rise from within, made her moan into his ear and pump his ass a little. He throbbed larger, his sheathe getting less and less loose with each passing second.

Lifting him up, she helped him rotate to his back, but instead of putting him back on the bed, she thrust into him standing, his own massive pole wedged between her tits. She enlarged them twice until they were big enough to be a snug fit and then proceeded to go all out.

They fucked for hours. Her body becoming more and more outlandish. None of it seemed to register with Ryan as a change. Finally, her Olympian, overloaded body was sated and she began to shrink back down to her Amazonian normal. Exhausted, she laid down on her bed and Ryan cuddled up close. At this point, he really was a dwarf to her, one with a big hammer she intended on using again in the morning. (4928)

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