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024 – Taking Flight

A Xintozian Adventure

The text presented here is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version--I may even be working on it, so content may change.
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In the crucible of a divine war, a cleric and a warrior found solace in each other’s arms. Despite surviving against incredible odds, their toughest challenge still awaits them…

Rating: Not Safe For Work | Pairing: Cis / Cis Lesbian
 Angst, Established Relationship, An Adventure with Smut, Transformation, Gaining Height, Gaining Muscle Mass, Buff Women, Tall Women, Busty Women, Lamia, Human to Demigoddess
Trigger Warnings: Fantasy Death, Fantasy Violence
Sub-Genres: Swords and Sorcery Fantasy, Growth / Expansion, Demi-Human
Originally Posted: 6/9/16 | Last Updated: 7/17/18 | Words: 9709

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