Misty F Fiction

026 – Hyena Myths

A Xintozian Adventure

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After a strange encounter at a flea-market-like business, a woman finds herself falling into another world, and the arms of another, for a life-changing adventure…

Rated NSFW / Not Safe For Work for sexual nudity and explicit sex between two women whose sexual characteristics change through the course of the story
 Breast Expansion, Attribute Transfer, Gaining Muscle Mass, Gaining Height, Huge Breasts, Huge Penis, Furry, Human to Hyenamorph, Sex Change, Penis Expansion, D/s Dynamic, Human to Goddess, Happily Ever After, Tricked into Happiness, Fell into Another World, Clit Expansion, Clit to Penis, Trans Woman to Altsy Woman, Cis Woman to Altsy Woman | Words: 9868

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