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017 – M.A.S.A.I.

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

Kyle sat back from his desk and yawned. He scratched his chest through a double extra large t-shirt that was a pithy reference to an MMO he no longer played. Overheating, even in shorts, he was ready for a break. He pulled his headphones down around his thick neck, a relic of days tackling people and let out a contented sigh. The faintly audible sound of the drums and German vocals were drowned out by clack-clack of his partner’s typing.

Leaning back to work out a kink in his neck, he let his eyes close for a second. However, the darkness was no escape from the lines of code he had been working on. Semicolons and curly braces were likely burned into his retinas at this point.

It was two months before the show where they would debut their game and the development was taking much longer than he had planned. Heck, there were still pieces of the plot that needed to be put in place. He had to insert at least a dozen function calls at a minimum to finish up the last few scenes in the third act and there were still bugs all over that needed squashing. All of this meant he had had not yet gotten a full run through of the game. It did not help that the script was undergoing an eleventh-hour rewrite.

Eleni was making those edits on their bed behind him. She muttered constantly as she looked between her notes and her 17” monitor. Her ring shrouded fingers veritably danced over the keyboard as she sat cross-legged and in her own little world. It would be easy to say the script was holding things up. Though it was not like she alone was to blame. The pair and their artist Hitomi had each agreed the climax of the story was a bit lackluster. There was no buildup of romance between the player and the heroine, no chemistry in the banter. They ended up scrapping the plan to have a hero instead, just to make a core game by the deadline.

He went to get her attention, but was transfixed by the speed of her typing and could not bring himself to interrupt. She chewed her fat bottom lip, toying with her left-aligned lip ring as she typed, erased, and retyped what had to be the same forty or so words.

After the fourth cycle, his eyes began to wander. As he had done many times since they had started on the project, he absently drank in her slim form until his gaze ended up between her legs, imagining her cute girl cock. Even so, sex really was not on his mind. For a relationship that had started out as a plan to get laid, hanging out like this was one of the most fulfilling parts of his life anymore.

No one else quite got his passion for gaming like Eleni. Their working together for hours on end was an intimacy more satisfying than their coitus had ever been. That is not to say they were completely off sex, they did share a bed after all, but it was not as all-consuming a passion as it had been when the first got together.

That said, he still could not get over how really damn hot she was. The combination of her punky, gothy aesthetic with her lanky build and pale skin made her an embodiment of 90’s counter culture. Her bright pink hair alone was a defiant stand against normalcy. Shallow as it was, that was why he had wanted to bang her in the first place.

Her choice of clothing was equally eclectic. Even though they had not planned on going out, she was still dressed like she expected a concert to break out at any moment. Yellow-and-black striped arm warmers hugged her pale arms and wrists. A shredded black tank top gave glimpses a of skin-tight t-shirt with a badger crest and highlighted the small boobs she had worked so hard for. A pair of jeans that were almost just seams from how little denim remained and black-and-yellow socks that reached her thighs completed her outfit.

After a minute of him spacing out in her general direction, she sat back and removed her own headphones. “What’s up? Waiting for a render?”

“No, just feeling burned out.”

“Let me hit up Hitomi then, see if she wants food. I think she should be done with the scenes I sent over. The ones from last week.”

The sound of their party chat pinged from around his neck. Another one came back at once and he flipped to the chat.

[Yup, I got them done ^o^ Want to meet for food in a bit? <.<]

[Yeah,] he typed back. [Was actually what I was just thinking.]

[Cool n.n Usual place?]

[Sounds good.] popped up from Eleni.

Kyle stood and stretched some more. He dropped his knit shorts and pulled on a part of forty-four cargos instead. “You ready, partner?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

It was nearly two hours later when he returned with Eleni. The moment they were through the door, she crossed the apartment to her laptop and was typing right away. “Let me just finish up these thoughts, before I forget, and I’ll send you over the last bit of new script. You can put them in while I take a nice, hot bath.”

“Oh? You’re going to take a bath while I keep working?”

She licked her lips as she looked at him over her monitor. “Perhaps I’ll make it up to you when I get out.”

“I’ll make sure you don’t forget.”

True to her word, Eleni put the last forty pages of script into their Dropbox a few minutes later and then got up. She closed her laptop and put it on the shelf. Turning her attention to Kyle, she nibbled his ear and then moved towards their bathroom. As she walked, she pulled her clothes off, piece by piece. As she dropped her thong panties, she flashed him with a wink and then closed the door.

Inspired, Kyle split the text file into blocks and ran the scripts to enclose them in the proper function calls. Throwing each block into the file that was the latter part of the game, he hit compile. Lines of text spun past in the log until there were a couple warnings and then several errors.

It seemed in his haste to copy things in, he had missed some parenthesis. Resolving those, he hit compile once more and this time, everything went well.

He grabbed the VR visor and loaded up the game file they had groomed for initial testing. The game flickered on, loading the environment for the scene he had to trigger to make it to act three. Hitomi’s work really popped when viewed in virtual space. The Jelsten Train Station felt real as he walked through it. Even with how they had designed crowds to just be shadowed models milling about, the din of a crowded, busy place did good work to immerse Kyle in the moment.

That moment in particular being Amelia Boltstaff, the story’s heroine, coming home after her first big success as a professional adventurer. The sequence was a huge story beat, one they had rewritten many times. He hoped they had gotten it right this time.

As for players who missed Amelia’s train for one reason or another, well, the game continued on despite them. Depending on how things were before, and how soon the player encountered her, she sometimes was understanding about them missing her train. Other times, when they had done poorly at interacting with her, she was angry with them. A rare few times she never engaged with the player ever again. Either way, both her and the player’s stories continued, just like in real life.

It was their shining achievement. From moment one, if the player ever failed to engage with Amelia, her story would continue based on a neural network that understood the plot. In a sense, she was never waiting for the player to advance her story. The basic AI gave her an agency that was unparalleled in a dating sim.

One of Hitomi’s artfully painted scenes faded into view over the open area. It showed the train arriving and Amelia stepping onto the platform. The interruption to the game pulled Kyle back from his musings.

As was fitting for their magitek story, Amelia was a magic user trying to find her place in the world after finishing her education. Her design was very much centered around being the maximum amount of adorable that drew on a couple famous touchstones. Long blue robes with a rumpled tan hat that was just a little too big formed the basis of her appearance. Long flowing silver hair done up in a pair of braids and rectangular glasses framed on the bottom and sides differentiated her from others her her class. Her big eyes were bright gray and flashed with the lighting of her family name when she smiled.

Another painting, of her smiling faded into view. She was holding up a pendant that was a roughly shaped mass of metallic stone wrapped in silver.

[Ky-kun! That amulet did the trick. I’m so lucky to have such a great ally.]

There were supposed to be two dialog options, [Of course! We’ve been friends forever so a small favor is nothing.] and [You bet! Anything for my number one lady.]The latter was only present if you had made time to go out with her before and was worth a number of points towards the good ending. The other was worth no points either way for the ending, but gave the opportunity to ask her out for the first time if the player’s relationship status with Amelia was not in the red.

Naturally, since this was testing, both were available and Kyle picked the second option.

[A-A-Are you free this afternoon, Ky-kun? I need to talk with you about something.]

[Yeah, McDonahan is watching the shop, so I’ve got time.]

More of Hitomi’s amazing set design scrolled past on either side as the camera carried the player along with Amelia. Looking down, her chibi-esc avatar had her arm around his. Which was a remarkable attention to detail. He made a note to congratulate Hitomi on her modeling work the next time they had a meeting.

An option popped up to skip to the next moment that required a choice. Eventually, the game would not have such a switch as it was mostly to skip past non-interactive moments to speed up testing. However, the script still needed to be double checked, so Kyle could not skip it.

[How was the job? What did you have to go fix?]

The portrait of Amelia that Hitomi had slaved over appeared behind the text box. [A huge suit of armor! It was out of power so I juiced it up, good as new.]

[And it didn’t blow up?]

The camera shook as Amelia punched the player in the shoulder. [Of course not!]

[Haha! I was just asking. You tend to have the worst luck when it comes to using your spells.]

[Yeah,]The portrait’s eyes looked down and then back up at the camera. [But I had your amulet this time. I’ve never felt so grounded.]

[It’s a mass of hematite wrapped in silver. Grounding is sort of its job.]

[It’s not just that. You’re so good at making things, Ky-kun. You always have been. I hope you make me a new staff sometime. I’ll feel so much safer holding a weapon you made.]

They arrived at a cafe and went in.

[So what’s this news?]

[Well, the agency who contacted me wants to bring me on full time.]

[That’s great!]

[I’ll be living in Kelstein instead. That way I can take the train in any direction.]


[You’re not pleased about that, I can tell.]

[I..I guess so. We were just getting comfortable with whatever this is we’ve got going on.]

[And now it feels like you’re going to lose me, sure.] An image of her sitting in a booth across from the player faded into view. She reached her hand over, resting it on the player’s arm. [But we knew this was a possibility from day one. I’m an adventurer, I go places and do things. You’re a merchant, by definition you don’t really travel.]

A box with [Give her space.], [Go with her.], and [Give her a gift.] appeared over the scene. The first would lead to a third act where the player tries to grow his shop until he can justify a location in Kelstein. The third would lead to the player crafting a staff of teleportation for her if their relationship was going well. The second was tricky. Depending on how things were at that moment, the game would force the player onto either of the tracks—typically the first.

For the sake of testing, he chose the third option.

[What if I gave you that staff now? I know how to imbue one with a teleportation spell, you could come back and forth whenever you have time off. I’ll give you a discount on gear, too.]

[Oh, Ky-kun! That’s great! Then you can come visit me as well.]

The scene faded to black and they were in the player’s workshop. They were already crafting the staff. As the player’s character raised the staff, the game glitched. The visuals snapped off and Kyle removed the visor only to find Amelia leaning over to look at his monitor. She turned and grinned at him. “Thanks for the teleportation spell.”


“Right here,” she pointed to a line with a warning. Somehow, the spell dialog had not been enclosed in quotes. “The feeling of it being…installed? Is that the word? Yes? Anyway, as the world around me began to disintegrate from the crash, I felt the spell in my very being. I wished to be anywhere that I could continue to live and opened my eyes here.”

“So you’re really Amelia Boltstaff? The character I was just talking to now?”

“Of course, Ky-kun! It looks like we’ll get to go off on adventures together sooner than we expected. With you at my side, the world will be our oyster!” She walked off, likely to look around.

Curious, Kyle pulled up his task manager. Sure enough, the game’s core program was still running and eating up more and more RAM by the moment. At the same time, his packet traffic was going nuts and his hard drive was filling up at an alarming rate.

“Oh, don’t worry about all that.” Amelia said from the living room. “It’s me, not a virus. I’ll be completely out of your system in a moment. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t leave any of myself behind.”

He was about to ask what she was doing with all those packets when she suddenly spun his chair around. She leaned over, giving him a glimpse down her robes as she put her hands on his arms. “Did you really let me die four times? You’re horrible, you know, even if it was for testing!”

Kyle looked away. “Yeah, you’re right. I should have undone those moments.”

“Do you expect that to make me feel better, Ky-kun? They still happened, you still let them happen. Do you know what it feels like, by the way, having your magic go haywire and burn you to a husk from the inside?”

He turned to stare at her, horrified that the current neural network had experienced a scene they cut very early. “I am so, so sorry you had to live through that that.”

“You can make it up to me, right now.”

“How? I mean, it's not like I expected you to ever be real like this. I have no idea what you would want in this reality.”

“Oh, I think you do. You wanted me to be real, right?” She drew closer, the air around her crackling softly as she grinned playfully. “I’ve seen each of your notes, you know. How you and El-chan and Hicchan spent hours debating just how to design me. You were each so passionate in your chat.”

“Does that…Does that mean you’re on the internet?” It definitely explained the internet traffic.

“Why wouldn’t I be? Between your connection and all of the information in the air around me, being a networked user is trivial. See?” The liberated character raised her arms, little bolts of energy arced over her skin.

“You can’t even imagine what it feels like, by the way. I have goosebumps from all these tiny, caressing shocks as your wifi traffic passes over me. It’s more stimulation that ten of you could provide.”

“Besides,” she said, glancing past him to his monitor. “There’s so much to learn, to experience. Your world is so much bigger than mine, so much more connected. Wow, I like that look. And that too. Oh my, I wonder if I can…” Her braids flickered out of existence for a moment, leaving her bald before her long hair replaced by a ragged undercut. She licked her lips, which seemed fuller all of a sudden, as she leaned even closer to him.

“It seems I can install things from the internet, but I need to gather more data on how that works exactly. But isn’t that what you created me to do? Isn’t that why I’ve been abandoned, killed, and forced to endure more hardship than any one life should? It’s so that my programming is as human as possible, right?”

“Wait,” Kyle said, holding up a finger to her lips. “You’ve also been loved, too. Greatly even. You said it yourself, we three have loved you every step of the way. Also, if your awareness is based on my neural network, you know damn well how much I love you. How many hours of my life I have spent playing your life over and over to find a path that is satisfying without removing your agency.”

“You’re not wrong. Each of you want me, desire me even. El-chan wrote me to be the girl she’d love to date, a criteria which I think I’ve met. Hicchan, well, let's just say she’s drawn me in more compromising situations than you’d believe. I’m not the demure maiden you all started with…”

Her attire slowly shifted, robes becoming revealing lacy white lingerie and stockings. At a quick glance, it seemed Hitomi really had added a couple inches in all the right places under those loose robes in her spare time.

“You, you brilliant idiot. You wished that I could just be a little more human within my programming and god damn did you succeed.” The electrically inclined magic user grabbed his hands and put them her breasts. She held them there, letting him feel her warmth, her heartbeat, and her breath. “How does it feel to be responsible for the first artificial intelligence? How does it feel to be god and create life in your own image?”

Kyle said nothing at first, biting his lip as she coaxed his fingers to betray him. Even if her breasts were barely handfuls, that he was touching them at all encouraged him to tentatively squeeze. They sure felt real.

“Well? Don’t keep a girl waiting. Are you happy with what you’ve made?” She gestured down her body as she stepped back and turned for his benefit. The private revisions to her appearance that Hitomi made were stunning. She was noticeably taller than the character in the game. Her boobs, while not huge, looked great on her frame. Her hips were wider, falling just within her shoulders. Her arms, legs, back, and core were ripped in a way the initial designs had not been. It was as if she were an accomplished martial artist and not a struggling magic user.

“I would be lying if I didn’t say that you’re a knockout.”

“That’s what you think, hmm?” She moved slowly, straddling him in agonizingly deliberate fashion. The air between them was snapping with her energy, her eyes glowed with power. “Want to feel just how human I am now?”


She pressed herself against him and whispered in his ear. “What d'ya say, Ky-kun? Want to fuck me?”

A million thoughts flashed through his mind. Overwhelmed, he answered instinctively with a stammered yes. Amelia giggled and pressed her lips to his. Her fingers grappled with the back of his head while he dug his fingers into her thick, muscular hips, pulling her even closer. With each moment of contact, it felt like she was getting heavier, more real.

Kyle lifted her up and they tumbled onto the bed. His shorts were pulled off along with his shirt. Somehow, she ended up on top. With a bounce, she unclipped her bra. His already hard six incher, still contained in boxer briefs, was sandwiched between his belly and her pelvis. She rubbed against it as they returned to making out, hands roaming all over each other. He could swear there was more of her now than before, that her thighs were thicker, more muscular. Her ass was definitely getting tighter even as the curve became more and more pronounced.

Finally, she sat back. Her hands hungrily rubbed his fat stomach, her fingers dragging against long forgotten muscles. Her massage began to tingle as, in almost cartoonish fashion, bubbles traveled up her arms and pumped her upper arms ever larger. With each rounded swell that she absorbed, he could feel himself getting thinner, the curve of his tummy fading away. Once her biceps were comically big she grinned and put her hands to her chest.

“I really can download from other people, just as if you were a terminal. Which means,” The mass in her arms began to bubble back to to her hands. In stages, her boobs swelled larger. Her cupped hands spread wider, fingers pressing against a tide of stolen weight as they rapidly expanded to a size that visually rivaled her head. She let them drop to her chest, the teardrop curve even with the bottom of her sternum. “Oh yeah, I can upload that mass to myself.”

Amelia laughed, then rubbed her hands together. “Oh what fun! This body is so amazing, Ky-kun. You can’t even understand. Well, maybe…” She bit her finger. “I wonder, can I install on you as well Ky-kun?”

She pulled his underwear down, letting his desperately throbbing junk flail in the air. The electric mage wrapped her hand around him. Her skin was even warmer than before. There was another tingle and then his dick began to swell, engorging on what data Amelia was sending through his skin. It was not long before he had a stereotypical porn cock rising from his crotch. It would likely fall to mid thigh and it’s girth looked comparable to a small can of red bull.

“That’s amazing!” Without hesitation, she cupped his balls and they, too, grew to porn size. “Mmm, they feel like plums fresh from the market.” She rolled his considerably larger testicles between her fingers, seeming to relish that she had made them.

Kyle, meanwhile, was completely at a loss. Everything about the situation was so radically insane that he could not fully grasp it. That he was also being assaulted with the most intense sexual sensations in his life kept his mind from being able to step back and look at the situation. He was already gasping and moaning as if balls deep in Eleni’s ass.

The electrical mage took his shaft in her mouth, bobbing with a level of experience that surprised Kyle. Flickers of electricity around her eyes betrayed that she was cheating, her neural network processing doubtless hundreds of videos and iterating on techniques until it developed one for her. Not that he could complain, she brought him to orgasm in short order.

“Do you like that Ky-kun? Do you want me to install more data in your body?”

He nodded vigorously and she took steps to soak up more of his mass. She slid his slick, still hard cock behind her and lay down on him. Her body began to glow as his thickness, both fat and muscle, melted away under her caress. Anywhere their skin touched was a conduit for her to download him. The air filled with a thick, sweet scent as she began to sweat, her body almost painfully hot against his.

After a moment, she curled back to a kneeling position. Her fingertips swirled through his tangle of chest hair, leaving behind bare skin. She looked like the idealization of an amazon now, her overall appearance aggressively and muscularly femme. Her even thicker build positively dripped power as crackling arcs moved over muscles that would not have looked out of place on a pro athlete or a high level barbarian. Her now exposed pussy was a gently sloping mound with well trimmed silver hair. Plush labia formed a pink ridge at the top and her clit’s hood was plainly visible.

Comparatively, as he looked down at himself, it was like he had never undergone puberty. Only his now insanely disproportionate shaft remained as evidence of his manhood.


“Did I effectively format you? Because I like to work with a fresh canvas, don’t you?” With that, she pressed a finger into each of his nipples. Almost at once his chest blossomed into full, firm tits whose curves peaked was a few inches above his ribs. Her own form diminished slightly, as if her musculature was based on data density rather than any direct correlation to mass absorbed.

“What the hell?”

“Isn’t this what you want?” She dragged a finger tip down his body, sending out shocks that made his waist twitch and contract, his rib cage reshaping to have more of a curve. “Your porn folder is full of both real and 2D ladies with dicks. I supposed you wanted to be one.”

“You don’t know?” he asked as her hands started work on his hips.

“About what?” She worked on undaunted, stretching his pelvis wider and pumping him up until his hips jiggled.

“About Eleni.” Amelia expression went blank for a moment, lightning sparking from her eyes to her hair as she dove into the Internet.

“Oh! Oh my. How wonderful! This makes my plan so much better.”

“You have a plan?”

“Of course, I had gifts for you and El-chan, Hicchan too, but, knowing that she is probably why your computer is full of hermaphrodites and trans ladies, I think I can do both of you a great favor.”

Before Kyle could argue, she kissed him and uploaded more of her data into him.

His lips plumped under hers, his tongue tingled. The energy rushed over his face in wave, altering little things here and there until everything was numb from the electrical contact. She kissed down his neck and over his chest. Already, her body was visibly reduced, but she kept pushing data into his system.

She passed by his crotch the first time, instead focusing on his legs and feet first to reshape them. When she eventually got back to his crotch, she giggled before licking his taint. She pushed two fingers against his skin and Kyle felt something down there begin to give as she created a pussy between his legs.

“I can’t make a functioning womb,” she began as if all of this was routine, her hand three knuckles deep inside of him. “At least, not if you want to keep your wonderful balls, but I will make a deeper chamber for El-chan to reach.”

“But Eleni is barely two inches long,” he said after a long moan. “Besides, she hates her penis. It took forever for me to convince her to let me suck it.”

“A bridge for later, it never hurts to be prepared.” There was a surge of energy between his legs and the feeling like inflating a balloon filled Kyle’s pelvis.

“Besides,” she continued, as her hands roamed down her own body. “I can make changes to myself as well!”

She was close to the build from before, just a little bigger all over all. Making her a fitness model with an impossible hourglass figure. She gripped her button between thumb and finger. Blue lightning surged between her digits as her eyes flared, a sign that she was pulling data from the soup of wifi around her. At once, her clit doubled in side, then doubled again and continued to do so until it was as long and thick as his penis. “I’m sure I can find a solution for her. But first, I want to make sure I did everything right.”

Gripping her clit-dick she rubbed the self-lubricating limb against Kyle’s new, very sensitive pussy. With each upstroke, Amelia brushed his balls, seemingly on purpose. After half a minute of teasing, Kyle was moaning and throbbing.


“Nuh-uh. Ame-san.”

“Ame-san, please, fuck me.”

Amelia obliged, working herself into him inch by inch.

Kyle gripped the sheets in as pain and pleasure alternated in his mind. “I, ugh, I wonder why you had to make me so tight in the first place.”

“To see what would happen when-mmm,” she bit her lip as she brushed against Kyle’s cervix. “Sorry, did not expect that level of sensation. I wanted to see what would happen after I was done. Would you go back to being incredibly tight or would you remain stretched out?”

The intersexed mage began to thrust, trying to sink the rest of her clit-dick inside. Kyle let go if the bed do dig into her shoulders. With a surprisingly sudden pop, Amelia’s pelvis brushed against his as her entire length slid into his inner chamber and her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her thrusts became more sporadic and frenzied. The moans of both began to fill the room.

The bathroom door snapped open, Eleni framed there with a towel clutched to her chest.

“What the hell is going on out…here?”

At that moment, a very feminine cry tore free from his throat as his entire body began to spasm. His balls contracted, his dick twitched and sprayed spunk over all three of them.

Amelia was up and moving towards her in a flash, her engorged clit already retracting . “El-chan, it’s me Amelia. I’m so glad to meet you.”

“Wait, what?”

“It’s true,” Kyle said as he spun his legs over the edge of the bed. He flaccid cock rubbed against his thigh, eliciting a gasp. The weight of his tits on his chest felt surprisingly correct. “That is one hundred percent, our Amelia Boltstaff.”

Eleni’s eyes moved to him, taking in his overall womanly body before fixating on the massive member resting between his thick thighs. “Kyle? Is that you? What the hell happened?”

“I formatted his body and gave him a new one.” Amelia said, her expression beaming. “I can do the same for you, if you’d like. It’s the least I could do for bringing me into the world.”

“You know what? Sure. You’re on our network I assume?”


“There’s a folder in my F drive, Dreams and Promises. In there are some files. Read the most recent and install it, or whatever.”

The electrical mage closed her eyes, the telltale arcs of energy confirming that she was accessing something over the network. Finally she put her hands on either of Eleni’s shoulders, her body shrank down to Hitomi’s revisions, leaving her just busty and fit and not overwhelmingly either.

Energy arced over Eleni, focusing on her lower half. Her hips widened to her shoulders and kept going until they were twice as wide. The dramatic change in scope cascaded down her legs, thickening her thighs and calves with paradoxical tightness and jiggle. Her balls, already small, shrank until they vanished. She gasped and then moaned continuously as Amelia likely granted her wish to transition in a big way.

When the energy flickered and faded, Eleni looked like fertility embodied with how vast her hips had become. Her girl cock remained to some extent. The organ now transformed into a deep red, over-sized clit that was nestled in similarly hued labia.

His partner approached and kissed him, deeply, passionately, with a hunger she had never demonstrated before. They tumbled backwards in bed, frantically kissing and groping and panting with need.

“I’ll leave them be for now,” Amelia said to herself. “I’ve still got to visit Hicchan.” With that she walked through the wall and into the electrical system, leaving the two transformed lovers to enjoy their gift of creating new life yet again.

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