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014 – You Become What You Wear

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Huge Growth, Intimate Nudity and Sexually-Focused Transformation

It was not supposed to rain, but it did anyway. It started as a restrained spitting while the clouds rolled in. A few drops, that landed, unnoticed, on the people coming and going in the western suburbs of Boston. As Krissy McKell left her apartment, she thought about an umbrella, but felt she could make it to her destination in time. It was only a couple blocks away and she had on her favorite trench-coat if things started to get bad.

They got very bad.

It was pouring by the time she rounded the final corner. Dampness was starting to seep through the shoulder seams of her coat. The wind picked up as she rushed the half block to The Artful Bean. A gust caught the half-open door and she almost fell and dropped her bag, but managed to stagger inside and pull the door closed behind her.

Roasted beans filled the space with a smoky, nutty smell that lingered on the tongue with each breath. She scanned the crowded tables for her ever dour looking but always best friend, but did not see her. Sure that she had arrived early, Krissy was about to get in line and get a cup to wait with when she heard her name called from behind her.

“Krissy! Up here!”

Turning, her gaze moved up and she noticed Nayana leaning on crossed arms against the railing of the loft. Her naturally sun kissed skin seem to glow in contrast to the darkness of her hair as it fell over her face. She tucked it behind her ear and waved.

The auburn-haired woman felt her heart flutter as she waved back, something which had not happened in a good long while. The feelings of her old crush had likely been dredged up after all the flirting the two of them had done at the con last weekend to keep creeps away. Her recent break with her boyfriend, who could not handle the growing attention she was getting, certainly did not help her dismiss the want to be held that was welling up in her chest.

Climbing the stairs was hard with knees that kept shaking. She convinced herself it had to be the the nervousness of going through with the photo-shoot that had her feeling jittery. Still, it also felt like all the years between had faded away and this was just the next day after finding out she had a crush on her roommate.

Now, same as then, the fear that her friend’s conservative, religiously tinged upbringing was more influential than her mannerisms would suggest loomed overhead. It had stopped her last weekend from confessing feelings that still remained several years later and it likely would again today.

If only she had some inkling, she could act one way or the other. Had she ever had a boyfriend?Thinking back, Krissy could not remember a time when Nayana was dating someone. Her sun kissed friend was typically alone or with her sister at social gatherings. Then again, Krissy typically was unattached as well. Had people thought they were a couple all this time?

It was with that thought in mind she hugged her friend and they sat down at a table. A cup was waiting for her, with just the right amount of cream and sugar.

Nayana was bundled up. She hated the chill, always had. Even inside, she was wearing gloves that left only the tips of her fingers exposed as a necessity for work. A scarf hung in several loose loops around her neck. She was dressed just as gray as her personality in dark tights under a long-sleeved turtleneck sweater dress that matched her calf length boots and clung to her curves in a way that made Krissy bite her lip unconsciously.

“Wow, this place is nice,” Krissy said as she hung her dripping coat over the back of the arm chair. She ran her hands through her long, reddish-brown hair to shake out the rain. She tucked her nose and face into the collar of her shirt to try and get some feeling back after the chilling downpour while she glanced around.

“I figured you'd be drenched and would want something to warm up before we got started.” Nayana's voice was lilting, musical even.

“So we meeting here because your studio is nearby?”

“Yeah, really close. I rent out the attic.” She pointed over her shoulder to a trap door at the top of another flight of stairs on the far wall.

“Ah.” She sipped her coffee, the urge to ask burning her tongue nearly as much as the hot liquid. “I meant to ask last week, but how is your sister? Is she seeing anyone?”

Nayana turned to look down at the shop and puffed at her hair. “Actually, she's getting married next week. I still have to figure out a guest to bring with me,” she glanced sidelong over the edge of her cup at Krissy, her amber eyes glinting. “What are you doing next weekend? Are you free?”

Krissy almost dropped her cup into her lap and then used that stammering to cover her actual stammering at the thought of going to a wedding as Nayana's plus one. It probably would not have been so off putting had she not just been considering finally confessing her feelings.

“I, uh, I will have to check my calendar, but I think I am free.” Krissy looked down at the shop and wondered what it would be like to be sitting down there on a date. Probably not all that different from now.

“Good,” Nayana put her hand on Krissy's. “You won't mind sharing a room like the old days, right?”

“No, not at all.” She did not turn, she could feel her face burning. How did Nayana not pick up on what that meant? Was she really not interested? She glanced over and Nayana's eyes jumped away. Krissy's heart fluttered in her throat. Was she seeing things? Was she reading things into the situation that were not there?

They sat silently for a moment, their hands still touching as they pointedly both did not look at the other while sipping their drinks. Finally, Nayana's hand moved and the sound of her chair scraping prompted Krissy to look over.

“Do you want to go up and get started?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

The trap door into the attic opened up, letting the two of them into a room right against the roof. The storm was howling outside, the rain very loud as it crashed into the building and flowed down either of the slopes.

Though it was crowded below, she could barely hear the din of people talking. The smell of roast beans was less omnipresent in the room, but the air definitely still had a hint of flavor. The floor was old wood, its finish long since worn away from years of being used a storage space for extra tables and chairs. Sterling white drop cloths covered much of the splintering surface, making it feel like it was under construction.

“I wish this wasn’t going to be such a rush job, I'd love to spend all day shooting in here,” she said finally before putting her fingertips to her temples. “Ugh. I still can’t believe I set a photo shoot as such an early Patreon goal!”

“I did say it would come back to bite you, and here we are,” Nayana said as she flipped on a few standing lights, filling the space with warm a wash. She turned and smirked, her amber eyes glinting in the light. “I always dreamed I would do a shoot with someone famous, but who would have thought my first celebrity would be you though?”

Krissy rolled her eyes at her. “It’s not like I expected to pick up three hundred fans after my first appearance!”

“Didn’t you? I mean, seriously, you’re smoking hot and you were cosplaying Asuna. On top of that, you got a feature on the con’s Facebook page Saturday with that guy dressed like Kirito.”

Krissy blushed again and busied herself with undoing the ties on her bag. She had never felt like she was pretty, her hair was a curly mess unless she spent hours on it, not like Nayana who always had perfect, straight hair. She was so pale under her freckles doctors always thought she had anemia.

While she was a more womanly shape now, on the other side of college, it was hard to shake the feelings she had harbored growing up. Her childhood friends had all put on weight in various places throughout middle and high schools. She, on the other hand, had remained slim and short and not really all that outstanding. It was not until the end of her sophomore year when clothes from high school stopped fitting and she actually had to shop outside of juniors to find a new wardrobe.

“So, what are your plans?” Nayana asked, pulling Krissy out of her thoughts.

“The vote was for an elfin character I have never heard of,” she said as she pulled out her phone and flipped through pictures of the Anime-typical, impossibly proportioned heroine with brilliantly colored clothes and hair.

“That isn’t an elf,” Nayana said with a frown as she looked at the pictures. She was a fantasy buff, if all the books Krissy had seen her with were any indication. “Elves are svelte and lithe. Pointed ears alone do not make a character an elf.”

Krissy shrugged. “Agree with you, but that’s what they call her in the show. Either way, she’s really popular right now, probably because she’s in that sweet spot of powerful but also stacked and curvy. So there’s a lot of art of her, which worked out, since I didn't have time to craft something and I ended up ordering stuff. I got a couple different costumes to pull parts from and luckily I had similar boots to hers already. The hardest thing to find was the bodice and I’m still not sure how it’ll look.”

“Okay, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Nayana twisted her hair up into a messy bun. “How do you want to do this?”

“I figured I'd start in my underwear and we could do the shoot with me getting suited up. Kind of a reverse strip tease since the outfit I ended up with is evening attire.” She pulled her shirt off, revealing more creamy skin covered in light brown speckles. Her build was a little chubby, but her tummy was balanced out by hips with a gentle curve to them and perky handfuls of breast which were currently resting in a cute bra with teal lace.

Nayana made a noise and then started snapping photos, making a pointed effort to keep her camera in front of her face. “You sure you want to be this aggressive with your image?”

“I mean, why not?” Krissy said with another lift of her shoulders. She was more interested in Nayana’s reaction than her question. She struck a couple of sexy poses while removing her pants and watched her friend bite her lip. She tossed the jeans to the side, leaving her clad in boy-shorts that matched her bra, and slowly turned her back to Nayana who had not stopped snapping shots before returning to her pile of costume pieces.

Sitting on a shrouded box, she opened up the tights she had ordered. Slipping her left foot into one made her gasp. The fabric was so soft! As she eagerly unrolled the white stocking up her calf, she looked up at Nayana with what she hoped was a smoldering expression. Oddly, the hose felt just a little loose, like it was size larger. She blamed herself for not understanding foreign sizing.

Even so, the feeling of the silky fabric brushing against her skin was really turning her on. Or maybe it was the rush of knowing people were going to see her half naked? Or even just knowing that Nayana was watching her so intently, in a way that was not strictly artistic. She looked back down as she unrolled them past her knee and up her thigh. Teal lace, that she had made efforts to match, trimmed the upper edge and an intricate rune of the same color dominated the outside of her upper leg.

It looked picture perfect, only the stocking was a good two inches longer than it should have been. She could not pull the silken material all the way up and, even then, there was a little bit of a gap between her upper leg and the band which made the whole thing settle in a heap around mid-thigh.

“Don't worry,” Nayana said, actually stopping her clicking. The comparative silence was eerie even as the sound of rain droned on. “Just get the other one on and the garter belt will make it look better.”

Krissy did as suggested and putting on the second stocking was even more engrossing. The constant sensation of being caressed had her feeling even warmer. The camera kept making clicking noises as she snapped the belt on around her waist and clipped the tights in place. All at once, they fit perfectly. They were suddenly the right length and fit like a second skin. She could even see her freckles though the shimmering fabric.

Nayana gasped and Krissy looked up to see what had caught her attention, but her friend was reviewing shots. It was obvious that she was going back and forth over the last few. For some reason she kept mouthing 'wow.'

Krissy looked down at her legs. Sure, the tights looked awesome, but that had to be character design, right? She had never filled out pantyhose like this before so it had to be a trick of he costume. Still seated, she stepped into the first black velvet boot. She had rolled the soft sides down before leaving so that putting them on would take as long as possible, giving Nayana the most opportunity to take photos.

They had always been loose before, but as she reached her calf, it was hard to unroll the thick fabric. Gripping it with both hands, she got it to slide to her knee. From there, the boot was tight, like it was just smaller than her thigh. Her skin pushed against the high-low cuff, bulging out in a way it never had before.

“Did my...Did my legs change?”

“I think so. Here, look.” Nayana bent over, showing her photos from when she put on the belt. Krissy enjoyed the heat from her body being so close and the sweater’s fabric felt nice on her half naked back. The moments on either side of the final snapshot looked like two different people. The legs in the second image were noticeably longer and thicker than the first. Was that really her? It was hard to argue with the way she felt, but that she actually looked like that was hard to wrap her brain around.

“Might as well get the other boot on and see how things go...” Nayana said as she hurriedly stepped back to photograph distance.

“Yeah. What’s the worst than can happen? I end up becoming some impossible fantasy?” Not that such an outcome would be terrible either, she added to herself.

The second boot went on much like the first and she stood up for the first time since starting to get dressed and it was hard to ignore how much taller she was. Even discounting the few inches from the boot’s heels, she had to be halfway to six feet tall now.

“Wow.” They said it at the same time and there was a pregnant pause which Krissy eventually filled with the crinkling of plastic bag as she pulled out the costume pieces. She hung up the cape without looking at it instead pulled out the bodice.

The shimmering white garment was trimmed with silver along its pointed edge and teal leaves were scattered over its surface. It looked more like a belly shirt than anything else. She held it to herself, the wide, low collar plunged into a canyon that ended around her navel. The bottom edge was pointed in the front and then curved up, likely to accentuate hips, before curving back down towards the small of her back. Curved bumps rose out to either side of the collar, though they did not look like they would do anything to control or support. There were eyelets on the sides as well, as if it was meant to be laced from the bottom and then pulled even tighter and tied off behind. A seven pointed star inscribed in a circle was cut out of the back.

Krissy hung it up and picked up the rest of the outfit. The bottom was barely a garment at all, more like a cross between hip pauldrons and a mini-skirt. Two panels of white with teal petals were attached by ribbons at either hip. The top edge was flat, but the bottom edge mimicked the top with a plunge in the front, where it would be tied closed, leading into curves that met at a point that would likely just be above her butt. Connected to the three points by yet more ribbon, was a draping section that would definitely hug her just under her butt and frame the runes on the stockings.

There was a teal shirt as well. The shoulders were cut out, so the sleeves would look unattached when under the bodice, giving the top hem a tank-top feel from how it plunged down such that the collar's hem would probably rest against the top of her breasts. The bottom hem was edged with frilly lace trim that would come just shy of the bottoms if she were taller. It was supposed to be skin tight, but holding it up in front of her it was obviously too big in some places.

She was also going to have to loose the bra if she wanted it to fit correctly. It was a hiccup she did not planed for, but was now going to use to her full advantage. She turned her back to the camera and was reaching to undo the clips when Nayana made a strangled sound and Krissy grinned to herself.

Even as she felt her face burning, she slid the straps down her shoulders and made eye contact over her shoulder. At this point it only her crossed arms that we keeping her decent. The sound of snapping photos was constant at this point as she let the garment fall away. Moving deliberately as resumed getting dressed, she let Nayana get as much side boob as her pounding heart could handle.

The shirt went on over her head. It fell nearly to her hips, but after what had happened with her legs, she would not be surprised if the shirt suddenly made her grow to fit it. She actually waited for it to happen, but finally moved on to the bodice.

Pulling it around her ribs, it was obvious that the measurements were wrong everywhere. It was a little too wide throughout and the bottom curves cut into her hips. The first few eyelets at the bottom met correctly, but much of it was overlapping. Spurred by how her body reacted to the tights, she pulled the ribbon through the first couple of eyelets and tugged. As the canvas tightened against her waist, the rest of her began to change.

Krissy pulled once more and felt her core tighten as her waist drew in just a little bit. As if the mass from her tummy was being squeezed outward, the rest of her swelled slightly. The front point squeezed her through the shirt, letting her feel her body shift against the stiff fabric. Another tug and she felt the bottom hem slide up and away from not only her hips but her navel.

“I think I'm gonna grow to like this costume.” She knew it was cheesy, but could not pass up the opportunity. The bottom most portion of the garment was still not together, so she pulled further and gasped and the base of her butt moved down her legs with each tug as her torso and hips shift to match. Eager and curious, she kept pulling until she could feel the crease of her butt resting on her boots.

Before moving on, she draped the bottoms around her hips. They fit close to perfectly, with the cutouts framing her ass and thighs exactly as pictured and expected, though it was still over all loose on her. Even so, feeling the stiff fabric nestled against her curves, restraining and shaping them, was making her heart race.

Working the chords through the middle eyelets of the bodice now, she could feel warmth building in her chest. With each inch drawn tighter, her breasts pulsed larger. They steadily grew heavier, straining against the cups of the bodice as it pushed them up and out. The creaking sound of spandex being pushed to its limits mingled with Nayana’s photography.

Through all of this, her boy-shorts had somehow become a teal lace thong which left very little to the imagination. Now sure her friend was enjoying the changes, she took great pains to flash Nayana as she bent over to grab the false pointy ears. When she turned back around, her friend was collapsed in a chair and panting. She was still haphazardly taking photos with one hand, but the other was either cupping her own boob or gripping her chest in pain, Krissy could not tell which.

“You okay?” She slipped the first false ear against hers and and shuddered at the feeling of it knitting to her flesh.

“Y-y-yeah.” Nayana got back to her feet and gave a thumbs up.

“You look really flush.” Krissy put on the other ear and was once more hit with the feeling of her flesh becoming one with the prosthetic.

“Well, yeah, I’m watching my best friend become a bombshell.”

Something about those words emboldened Krissy. She strode towards her friend, letting her new ass sway as the heels of her boots clicked on the rough wood.

“Do...do you like me, Nayana? Because, I’ll admit, I’ve liked you since we met.”

The camera fell from Nayana’s fingers to swing from her wrist by its strap. “Oh, oh really?”

“Yup.” Krissy leaned in for a kiss and Nayana rushed forward to meet her lips. Nayana bit softly on her bottom lip and sucked. Much to both of their surprise, that made it swell up. Eagerly she attacked the other until Krissy had plush lips that felt great for kissing.

As they made out, Nayana threaded the last couple of front eyelets and and pulled the bodice tighter, edging Krissy’s built towards one even more stacked. The auburn-haired woman had to be twice the size she was when they started, her boobs overflowing her friend’s groping hands as fingers searched for nipples through tortured fabric.

They ended up with Nayana straddling Krissy as their grip on each other grew even tighter. Fingers squeezed muscle with need, each holding the other close as their tongues danced. After what felt like a lifetime of joy, Nayana finally settled back on Krissy’s knees, chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

“I...I’m sorry,” Krissy said through her own panting as she adjusted her shirt. “I didn’t expect things to get so-”

“It’s okay!” Nayana put her hands up. “I’ve had feelings for you forever as well, I just, well, I just didn’t think you liked girls.”

Krissy laughed. “You could’ve asked. Though, I guess I could have as well.”

They sat for a moment, green eyes reflecting on amber and vice versa. Nayana ran her finger along Krissy’s pointed ear, causing the growing woman to shudder, then got up. “Do you want to call it? Go get dinner?”

“No, it isn’t done. I need to fishing tying this off and then there's a cape too. Though I half-fear what completing the outfit will do to me, I’m also kind of buzzed about the potential. I’m still less busty and curvy than the character who I’m putting on.”

“I won’t complain either way.”

Krissy nodded and crossed back to where she had hung up the cape. Draping it over her shoulders, it drug on the ground and hung off her like a blanket. Nayana was once more taking photos though, the steady clicking of her camera letting Krissy zone out and not dwell on the next few moments. The garment's front was stiff like the bodice and it overlapped just above the curve of her bust creating a unified look. The rest of it was shimmering silk inside and velvet outside.

Fumbling, she got her hands through and began to button it up. Starting from top, there were three buttons, the first rested against her throat and the last was a couple inches from the bottom hem.

She felt warm again as the first button slipped into place and the cape began to slide against her butt as there was increasingly more of it. The straps of the garter tried to resist the expansion, but, as the tide of flesh swelled, the metal sliders were forced to slide down until they clicked against the metal loops of the clips. At the same time, the sides of the bottoms began to get tight against her hips and there was a subtle vibrating grind between her legs. The stiff material was pushed out as, inch by inch, her hips stretched and filled until they were wider than her shoulders.

The second sent jolts through her from fingertips to toes. A sensation of being stretched washed over her as the top of her boot tops slid down her thighs. All over, the outfit really started to fit her perfectly. Looking down, the bottom hem of the cape now hung around her ankles, which meant she had to be over six feet tall.

She hesitated to to fasten the last button. “Hey, can you tie me off back here?”

Nayana moved to her side and tossed the cape up over her shoulder. She laced the ribbon, currently draped over the hem from inside, back to the last eyelet. Pulling it through on either side she pulled it back and tied it into a bow. “All set!”

She grabbed Krissy by the arms and pulled her into a kiss. “Ready when you are!”

Krissy's fingers were trembling as the slipped the last plastic disk into its place. Once secured all of the sensations filling her body moved to her chest. Krissy dropped to her knees as everything went white from over stimulation. Her hands were drawn to her tits as they began to rapidly swell. Each beat of her heart added more to her bust, her plush flesh spreading her fingers further and further apart. The soft material of her shirt stretched out as she grew larger and larger.

The spandex stretched with her and her puffy areolae became more and more apparent through the thinning fabric. Hardened nipples that were each the as big around as nickels and about as long as her thumb poked through. In short order her bustline had swelled until her breasts filled both her arms.

Coming down from the haze, Krissy became aware of the weight of her new breasts on her chest and arms. No, they could not really be called that anymore, what she had now were firmly in the territory of being tits.

It was a thrilling feeling and yet, a terrifying one. How the hell did she let herself do this? How was she going to do go about her daily life now? Tits the size of large watermelons were not exactly the easiest things to live with. She rolled over, both relishing in and recoiling from the sensation of all that jiggling bulk shifting.

Then Nayana was there, cradling Krissy’s head in her lap and running her fingers through the tangle of auburn hair. Without thinking the transformed woman shifted up and pressed her plush lips to Nayana’s. They teetered until the smaller woman fell back and the other collapsed on her.

“Krissy…your body, it’s-”


“-amazing. I never thought I would never get to say this, but I want you. Maybe I even need you.”

Krissy pulled her legs under her as she sat up and broke contact. Even though she was fully clothed, she felt oddly exposed under the glinting amber gaze of her friend. “I...I want you, too.”

From there it was a frenzy of clothes and shoes being removed until they ended up laying on the open cloak, Nayana lifting Krissy’s stocking-clad leg over her shoulder as their sexes rubbed against each other. It turned out the transformation had changed Krissy's clit. The sensitive organ had inflated to the size of her thumb which had the side effect of making every humping motion from her lover the most intense she had ever felt as her body got hotter and hotter.

Krissy hitched her free leg around her lover’s surprisingly ample hips, pulling her closer. The feeling of the stockings rubbing between their skin as they grappled on the floor was almost more sensational than Nayana’s humping.

Hands undid the ribbons on her bodice and slid her tits free of the fabric of her shirt, revealing a body that could only exist as part of an anime. Her tummy was toned like she was an athlete, but still managed to match up with her flared hips. She palmed her aureole as she aggressively caressed her massive mams. More and more, she was coming to terms with her new endowments. That Nayana's tongue on her aureole was mind-blowingly pleasurable was almost reason enough.

Already on the edge from earlier, it was not long before both women orgasmed with screams that had to have been heard downstairs. Nayana dropped onto Krissy’s body, snuggling into the larger woman’s bosom. Krissy hugged her close.

“I wonder what this is going to look like when you put it up, Kris. You literally became goddess in front of me. I can’t imagine what all those people supporting you are going to think.”

“Either way, I’m sure I’ll have need for lots more photos,” she said before kissing the woman she hoped would be her new girlfriend. “Besides, the rain isn’t letting up anytime soon. So I’m yours alone until then.”

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