Misty F Fiction

018 – The Forgotten Goddess

A Xintozian Adventure

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

Oh? You’re awake?

Easy now, I didn’t restrain you because I thought we could be amenable. I just want to talk and share a drink.

Look, if your sword didn’t cut me then what makes you think those tiny fists are going to hurt me now? You’re barely punching my knees down there!

Whoa now, that’s some strong language. I’m a monster? I suppose that’s true, if having horns, and being insanely curvy makes one a monster.

Okay, yes, I am twenty-five feet tall. Even then, I assure you, I am so, so much more than just a simple monster. I’m a goddess, why do you think I fought you before in just my tattoos and fuzzy skin when you showed up in all that heavy armor? Besides, who is the one trespassing and trying to kill a lady in her sleep? From where I’m standing, you’re the monster here.

Oh honey, your paltry deities based on legends and myths of warriors long dead pale in comparison to me. In this womb of mine, I’ve birthed more gods than you have even heard of. Also, let me make one thing abundantly clear, I haven’t stolen anything. This temple has been mine since the Unseen Ones stalked across the land and your ancestors cowered in fear. If you’d just look around instead of trying to fight me, you’ll see my likeness everywhere.

Yes, that cow-headed woman really is me. I’m a bit more human looking now, but I assure you these horns are still just as sharp as they were then and I will end you with them if need be.

Okay, the knife is cute, but see? Iron just shatters against my skin. When I’m thinking about it, even the soft flesh of these big teats of mine is harder than the greatest armors your blacksmiths can craft. Here, let me make sure you aren’t hiding anything else in those clothes of yours before you hurt yourself trying to hurt me.

Wow, you are pretty well built. For a human, I mean.

Oh, will you--look, hero, let me show you just how outclassed you really are.

There see? Do you realize now how easy it would be for me to squish you to paste? My foot is the size of your torso, and then some, it would be like you killing an ant. You squirming against my sole does feel quite nice though.

Oh my, such epithets! You know what? I’ll let you go and just lay here on my back until you exhaust yourself. Maybe then you’ll be interested in listening to what I have to say.

Ooo, that feels kind of nice. I know you’re trying to strangle me, but I haven’t felt the caress of another for what feels like an age and your legs are surprisingly warm against my aching muscles. Is it because you’re getting hot and bothered from all this?

I think that’s it. Admit it, you’re in love with my lush body.

No? Even though you believe you’re fighting desperately for your life, your body is much more honest. I can feel you throbbing against me. You’re loving the feel of my silky fuzz and tight muscles against your naked body. You can’t even take your eyes off the curves of my girls.

Here, have a drink and cool off.

What was it? My milk obviously, do you think those teats are just for show?

You what? Poisoned? You wound me, adventurer. That’s fresh from the source.

See? Isn’t it such a pretty creamy flow? Aren’t you impressed by how high the milk gushes from my nipple?

I saw you lick your lips just then, you want more, don’t you? I wonder how it feels after all this time to have someone suckle. Come, embrace my bounty.

You want more? Sure, have some, it’s time for me to empty myself anyway.

Mmhm, that sort of tickles. You know, I’m glad you were a terrible warrior.

No no, don’t talk, just keep drinking. You really were bad at fighting, but I’ll admit I’m having fun tussling with you like this. I haven’t had the opportunity to host a visitor in several months.

Why? Oh, please, don’t stop drinking. Yes, that’s it.

Are you growing? Of course you’re growing, you’re drinking my milk. Keep suckling and maybe you’ll end up big enough to be even more useful to me.

Anyway, I typically can’t afford to hold back when defending myself and end up killing everyone. You bloodthirsty adventuring types have a bad habit of showing up in such large groups when you come into my temple, raving about reclaiming it for some long dead lord or lady.

Oh, oh! That feels so good! Keep going! Keep—ahhhhhh!

Oh my, I haven’t let loose like that in ages. Are you alive still? Adventurer?

Are you awake again?

No no, don’t struggle, I’ve got you strapped down this time since you hit your head pretty badly. It’s for your own safety, though if you keep talking over me I will have to gag you.

What’s that? Of course you’re much bigger. You literally bathed in my milk, meaning your whole body was enveloped in my magic. Sure, I did leave you in a bit longer than necessary, but I was just enjoying how much bigger you got and there’s no harm in that you’re probably a paragon of physical ability for your gender now.

No, I don’t care which one you are, you’ll be both eventually. Now let's look at this head of yours…My my, that’s going to leave quite the bruise. I’m so sorry, I didn’t anticipate that you would get me to orgasm with my girls. I forget my own strength sometimes. Here, have a drink, it’ll help clear your head.

Yes, it's more of my milk. Now drink!

Good. That’s it. Feel better?

Who am I really? Well, do you know the legend of the Minotaur?

Yes, well, that’s just one of us though. We don’t all live in labyrinthine dungeons since, obviously, my darling temple is not a tangle of passageways.

What? A maze of hallways and doors? Oh, sure, I suppose the majority of my temple is a maze, a relic of a time long past. You don’t have to navigate it to find me though. I don’t hide where I am.

So anyway, who am I. You remember how I said I was a goddess?

Do you recognize the name Amaratoth, Giver of Milk?


What about Lellenia, Mother of Gods?

You know that one? Well, she’s me.

Yes, the mother of the Gods was a Minotaur. The womb behind these tight muscles gave rebirth to leagues of legends. These massive, milky teats nursed many a myth. It used to be that humans, elves, orcs, and so many others came to me to be reborn, to have their essence woven into history.

I miss those days.

What? You want more milk? Careful now, you’re drinking my raw essence. It’ll do things to you if you’re not careful… see what I meant?

Oh wow, I didn’t think your body could stand having an erection that large, is your female lust also that strong? Seems like it, I didn’t expect to be able to fit one of my fingers inside of you yet.

Yes, you’ll probably keep growing if you keep drinking--if you don’t die first. I hope you survive, I can’t wait to do things with you.

What kinds of things? Well, I’ll get there, you just enjoy my nipple some more.

Where was I? Oh, right! As I said before, I used to look like more of a monster. Though that didn’t seem to bother your ancestors. They gleefully took my challenge and slipped into a pleasant sleep in my depths. Some woke up and nursed on my magic milk and became demi-gods. Many others did not. Their essence joined mine, changing me, morphing me. It only took two generations for Amaratoth the Minotauress to become Lellenia the Mother.

Yes, you heard me right. There was an age when heroes would climb into my womb willingly for even the chance at being touched with divinity. At the height of my worship, I was always filled with godseekers. Two, three, even four at a time, they churned in my womb. It only seemed to accelerate their absorption, and I tried to make them hear that, but they hardly ever listened.

Don’t look at me like that, they knew the risks. They were willing to throw away everything to become powerful.

Yes, I’ll admit I had my own motives. With each life I took, I grew larger and more powerful. The feeling of the lifeblood from hundreds of souls pulsing within me was intoxicating. I was so beautiful then, not that I’m not now, but my body was a completely different scale. I was so overripe that I was immobilized. It used to be that this great chamber was almost too small. Between my tight dome of a stomach, my hips, and my tits, I filled this space such that entering that door over there pretty much put you in my pussy.

Oh? It seems like that helping is starting to get to you. I haven’t seen someone glow like that for a long time. You should probably stop drinking now.

What? Inside? You want to undertake the ordeal?

Why? Why risk your life? I was going to let you go free.

Oh. Oh honey. I had no idea they sent you to die. Sure, just let me get those straps and we’ll see how you fit inside me.

Can you still hear me inside? I must say it feels wonderful to have a life inside of me again. Even if you can’t hear me, I’m doing everything I can to make sure you survive. I believe in you!

You can feel it can’t you, my adventuresome one? It’s already been a month. That whole time my body was tightening around you, trying to crush you into submission, but I can feel you still growing inside of me. That impossible cock and those impossible balls are the most obvious but I can feel a gurgling some nights. I just know you’re also growing your own massive, milk filled udders.

I wish… I wish you would be my daughter when you come back. I know that’s weird, considering I can’t wait to stuff that cock inside of me once you’re reborn and my equal, but I never really had children of my own and well, I’m really quite fond of you for some reason.


My body is quickening, my daughter. Soon, you’ll be born. You’re going to be so big if my tummy is any indication. I wasn’t even this big when I had four heroes living inside of me. It might be because you’ve been there for nearly three months, but I almost don’t want to let go of you.

I only hope your rod fills me half as well as you do now. I want you to know I’ve been on since you went in the oven, I’ve not been able to stop touching myself, all the while thinking of how you’re growing inside of me.

Ah! I’m coming! Can you feel me clenching around you, my sweet?

OH! Fuck, you’re so big. Your shoulders are stretching me out! It feels so good. I can’t… I can’t keep my mind focused with all of this pressure and pleasure. Even a goddess like me is overwhelmed.

Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh!

I never expected to feel being empty so... so keenly. It almost feels like I'm dying now that your heartbeat isn't next to mine,

But enough about me, because you, my daughter, you’re incredible! Look at how big you are! You have to be at least nine feet tall! But that’s hardly a real size. Come here and suckle on Mother, get even bigger.

Oh, what’s this? Hard already? It’s surprisingly stiff for being so big.

Lie back? I guess…I didn’t expect you to cut to the chase so quick—LY!





Ah! Ah! Don’t stop. Don’t. Ever. Stop! Drink, grow inside of me.

Yes, that’s it.


Oh? What's--OH! You've gotten so big! I can... I can feel you reentering my womb, penetrating me to the... the core! AH! I’m soooo sensitive, it’s mind NUMBing.

Yes... I don’t ever want to stop either! Keep fucking me, fill me with your seed. I don’t know if I can actually get pregnant, but I want to feel full again either way.

Fill me! Now! You goddess com-- wow... That's... and it keeps... My womb! It's stretching back out from all your cum! It feels... Yes! Yes! Just like... like that. Pump me full of hot, sticky, seed until I reach my limit! I’m already--hah! hah!--I'm already bigger than I was with you inside of me. I've never... never... So... Big... It’s so wonderful….

Ah, Ah, I’m so tired after that.

You are as well?

Then let us sleep in my bed, we shall resume our coupling when we awaken, my love.

Good morning, my sweet. Don’t mind me, just worshiping this--mmmm--god-like cock of yours. Your cream is almost as sweet as mine. I can’t seem to get enough. And your nectar! I don’t ever recall another woman whose walls were so soft and whose taste was so… pure. It’s better than the finest wine, I could just keep drinking you forever.

Yes, yes, I know, I’m being overbearing. Still, can you blame me? I haven’t had a partner in more decades than you have years to your name. Now, all of a sudden, I have a partner who is both another woman and such a big, thick man.

I know, why don’t you come over here, settle down, and drink your fill? Let’s see if we can’t get you the rest of the way to twenty feet tall…(2271)

Originally Posted: 8/12/16

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