013 – Lil’ Sister No More!

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

Always following behind her older sister, a young woman finally leaving home for college is surprised to find out how much bigger her sister has become!

Word count: 5971
A Fashion FAE tie-in | For: Anon
Sex? Yes | Between? Two lesbians, one of whom is non-binary

Warning: this sexually explicit story is about a young woman, who moves up to live with an older sister to attend college. Upon arrival, she finds out that her sister, who had always been a little busty, was now so well endowed that her bust occupied most of her torso. A few mistakes are made the next day.  Involving some really tasty milk and quite a bit of growth. So if lactation, breast expansion, androgynous characters, and drinking a sibling’s breast milk are things you want to avoid, I would read [something else] n.n

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While this story is free to read, it is a work of adult fiction and I need you to provide some level of identification to read it. So, please, either sign in below or [register for an account]. Thanks for your understanding!- Misty F

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