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034 – Outgrowing Cosplay

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

Jinara had been tracking it all week, the final piece. She had kept its travels open in a tab on her second monitor since it shipped. Her quarry had flown from Anaheim to Boston and then been driven to Philly. Today, however, was the day knew it would be there waiting for her when she got home. Finally. The skirt for her Paladin was out for delivery.

Every day since the big order had been a nailbiter. An endless worry that she would not have all of the costume pieces for the convention that was this weekend. Each was bought through suggestions from friends. In their own time, the bits and parts had arrived from all over. The trademark curved Draenei horns were her most recent acquisition and she had spent many hours perfecting the application of the light gray prosthetics.

She was actually shuddering with excitement at lunch as she exchanged messages with Xurnath, another Paladin in the guild. They were the ones who put in the good word about the skirt’s maker. They seemed just as excited as she was. They said it would likely be a transformational experience.

Sitting back down to work, she found it hard to sit still. It was only a couple hours until she could try out her complete ensemble and then go through the next couple days with peace of mind. Her fingers flew over the keyboard as she typed out the changes outlined at the last meeting and the time flew by.

As she left her part-time job, she fantasized about how it would look with the rest of her Draenei attire. It was going to be flawless, she was certain of that. She had even figured out how to explain her chestnut brown skin in character. Sure, this was the first time she was going to a con, and maybe she was going overboard, but it was also the first time meeting some of her guildmates and she wanted to make a good impression.

This year had been filled with firsts, she reflected as she stood in the packed SEPTA line train. Ever since moving out east to finish her bachelor’s, her life has been hers to live. She had done all sorts of things she was not permitted while living at home. From drinking and swearing to having sex with men, women--and even both that one time she got drunk with her roommate and their boyfriend.

Her favorite thing about being on her own, however, was getting to relax on the couch in her underwear playing classic 16-bit era games or raiding--typically both at the same time. Such wanton idleness was chief among things she had never been allowed to enjoy growing up.

Her parents, both the children of immigrants and staunchly conservative, had never really understood why their daughter loved video games or that breed of fantasy rooted in Western Europe. They did not understand how growing up in San Fran and going to school with kids from all over the world had given her more to aspire to than being a perfect bride to be traded off.

As she grew older, they clashed more frequently over how American she was. When she got an Alliance tattoo, she and her father actually came to blows. When she told them she wanted to be a novelist and not a doctor, they almost disowned her. Her start on the path to being a computer scientist was a compromise everyone was willing to make.

In the lobby of her building, her hands fumbled as she tried to fit the key in the lock on her mailbox. She fidgeted with the package as she waited for the elevator, her fingers grasping at the adhesive edge. The moment she was through her door, she eagerly tore through the bubble mailer and then let out a squeal. She kicked off her shoes as she shook the garment out, losing four inches in the process.

The skirt was actually four pieces, a skirt proper and three draping lengths of silver fabric. The effect was a high-low style that made it look like a the lower half of a tabard. The skirt itself was black with pleats that brushed the middle of her thighs. Holding it up to her waist, the front piece of the tabard draping was just below her knees. The back pieces were on the ground over her feet. Which meant, when she put on the custom-made hoof boots, they would be a few inches of the ground.

She stretched her arms out to look at the back which was what would make or break the outfit. She let out a sigh as her eyes traced an intricately detailed rune, embroidered in bright blue. It was an overall oval shape and ran from the left hip down to the bottom of the skirt tails before curving back up to the right. It was one of her own design and was ecstatic at how well it had turned out.

Her design had incorporated Hindu symbology with the iconography of Azaroth in an attempt to make something that truly represented her. The symbol was supposed to convey her commitment to the light. Folding the skirt over her arm, she noticed It had a black tag attached with a safety pin to the hem. On the scrap of cardboard was a heart with a seven-pointed star overlay.

Headed to the bedroom, she slipped the button on her slacks and left them on the hallway floor. Stepping into the skirt, she pulled it up to her waist and let it settle around her. The swish of her skirt tails as she swayed was almost hypnotic. She realized then she had not figured out how a tail was going to work, but hoped that her attire would otherwise disguise her lack of appendage.

Starting to feel warm, she undid the buttons on her blouse. Tossing it and her bra in the hamper, she debated putting on the whole outfit. Maybe just the prosthetics. Then she could take a couple teasing photos.

Settling down in front of the mirror, she dabbed some adhesive on her forehead before pressing her horns down against her skin. Contacts turned her eyes a solid blue color. False tips gave her ears points and the tell-tale tendrils were clipped into her hair behind them. It was the best suit up yet.

She wrapped an arm over her modest bust and held up her phone with her free hand. Her thumb pushed the shutter button over and over as she took photo after photo. With each digital chime, she felt warmer. With each quick review of the last snap, her pulse began to beat faster. She let her arm fall and pushed the button once more.

Looking at the half naked Draenei smiling into the camera, she felt a thrill travel up her spine. it was then she became acutely aware that her clit was twitching against her folds. Was she really that turned on from taking half naked photos?

The moment the thought popped into her head, the embroidery on the skirt began to glow. As the sigils ignited, she felt her whole body throb. The pulsing in her crotch intensified, the feeling sinking deeper inside her becoming a drum beat that vibrated her whole body. This was more than just being turned on, but what it was she had no idea.

Before she could really come to grips with what was happening, her hips swelled filling out until there was several inches of flesh on either site of her. Her butt and thighs followed shortly after, raising her a couple inches off her stool. What the hell was happening? Was the skirt changing her?

In a panic, she tried to peel off one of her horns, only to gasp in pain at the jolt to not her skin but her skull. As she groped at the prosthetic, she could feel the skin of her forehead wriggling. It shifted under her fingertips, forming a ridge against what had once been hardened rubber. The horns had become part of her!

It was not just them either. No matter which prosthetic she tried to remove, each was adhered to her body as if she had always looked that way. A caress along her tentacles sent shivers down her spine. There was no seam for her ear tips. Try as she might, she could not find the contact in either eye.

Scrambling to her feet, she tried to pull the skirt off, but it would not slide over her new lower body. A cramping feeling gripped her pelvis and she felt her clit swell larger. It rubbed against her underwear and set her to gasping as pleasure competed with discomfort. Another throb doubled its size, filling her panties with sensitive flesh. She had thought all the fanart of female Draenei with huge, horse-like dongs was just that but, it was hard to deny that she was growing a cock.

Her clit was peeking out of her bikini briefs when she peeked under her skirt. Another throb traversed her spine and her member doubled in size once again. It’s weight pushed her underwear down, exposing just how bestial her shaft was. Two thick veins throbbed on either side and a thick ring was situated about halfway between the base and the tip. As another growth spurt gripped her pole, the curved tip spread, flaring out even as her dick grew down her thigh. If it kept up like this, it was only a matter of time before it would be so long it hung out from under her skirt.

“Oh fuck, what am I going to do about this?” she said aloud to herself. “This was not…was not what I had in mind.”

Her fingers tentatively brushed her new expanse of skin and she both gasped and twitched from how sensitive she apparently was. The mammoth cock rose a few inches in front of her. Hesitantly she gripped her shaft around the base and it hardened in her grasp, raising the tip further. She sank down onto her bed. Unbidden, she began to stroke her length until she lost herself in a haze of pleasure.

It felt like forever later when her body clenched in orgasm and she bent backwards like a bridge on her bed. Even so, she did not feel satisfied. Her new endowment was still rock hard.

“I wonder if I...if I put on the rest of the costume, would I change more? I mean, I’m pretty much a Draenei at this point...”

“No wait, this is crazy. I should go get some scissors and get this skirt off and see if I change back.”

She went to walk into her bathroom but found herself stumbling. Each time she raised her foot, her leg seemed to lengthen. She realized the skirt was riding up her thighs. Was she getting taller?

Grabbing the lycra undershirt for her costume, she pulled it over her head. Sure enough, the hem was further from the skirt than it should have been. Something about that thrilled her. Deep down, she realized she wanted this because it was the most absolute act of defiance. Beyond that, becoming another species was another opportunity to explore her new life.

Without another thought, she pulled on the boots. They were mounted in a PVC frame and covered in rubber so they looked like the bestial hooves of her character's race. The seam between her skin and the shoe faded away as fur sprouted around her ankles. There were a pair of quick snaps as her legs bent backwards to accommodate her new feet.

She was, for all intents, actually a Draenei but, there was so much more of her ensemble to put on. Who knew how much more she could become. Pulling on her hood, she buckled it around her chest. From head to toe she was throbbing, her fingers numb as she threw on the harness to hold her pauldrons. Snapping them into place after cinching the belts, she was hit with a feeling of electricity.

Her muscles ached. Her skin tingled. It felt like she was about to fly apart. Her pelvis clenched as something shifted against the curve of her butt. With each breath, she felt a tail slowly growing in until the tip brushed the backs of her thighs. As if that was the cue, every inch of her body began to swell. It felt like snakes were writhing against her as her muscles swelled. It was not long before her scrawny build was replaced by one more more accustomed to fighting.

Just then cramps gripped her torso and she rocked back on the bed. Her burgeoning shaft took the opportunity to flip her skirt as it rose between her knees. She felt two weights settle against her pussy, their mass increasing at a startling rate as a pair of balls grew down to settle against her ass.

Her flared head was pointing at her now, the bulk of her shaft settled on her stomach. It had to be ten inches long. Biting her lip she gripped her pulsing endowment with both hands. She tried to move slowly, to build an orgasm, but it was hard to keep from losing control as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her.

She bucked up, the head pressed against her lips and found herself lapping at her pre. Wrapped in the self-sustaining loop of sensation, she lost track of time until her body stiffened and cum began to flow. It was only a couple bursts, but it was still enough sticky, milky fluid to soak both her and her bed.

As she lay there, basking in her orgasm, she could feel herself changing again. She struggled weakly to her hooved feet to take stock of just how much of a change she had undergone. Even soft, three or four inches of cock hung out past the hem of her skirt. She hoped that she would shrink more.

Her body had other ideas however as a rush of energy gripped her and the skirt began to ride up once more. Dropping to her knees, she felt her hooves sliding backwards against the floor as less and less of her thighs were covered. She was somehow getting even taller. A moment later her heels hit the bed and that seemed to stop the growth.

Maybe if she got the skirt off. She would change back. Though she had to admit the feeling of her new body was surprisingly satisfying. She balled her hands into fists and admired how her forearm muscles danced. Still, she could not go to class looking like a veritable demon. A quick jerk of her more powerful arms pulled the pleating out of a section and she slipped free of the garment.

She did not change back.

Pulling the rest of her costume off did not seem to help. If anything, it only got her going again. Glancing down at her considerable endowment, she noticed a flicker of light on her hip. Grabbing her phone, she took a shot of her backside. Somehow, the glowing sigils from her skirt had transferred to her skin.

The sound of keys in the lock broke her reverie. She had only a couple seconds to hide before her roommate came through the door. Jinara scrambled into bed as Annie knocked on her door. Hundreds of situations danced through the newly transformed woman’s mind.

“Hey, you okay?”

Jinara gulped as she felt her cock twitch. “Yeah, healthy as a...as a horse. Just taking a nap so I’m ready for raid tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll make dinner then.”

Relieved, Jinara went to get out of bed and try on something when her roommate ducked back into the room.

“Hey did you want--” Annie’s gaze moved from Jinara’s horns, to her eyes, then finally to her cock. “Oh wow, healthy as a horse indeed…”

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