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025 – A Swelling Regard

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation and Intimate Nudity

(This is something of a preview for the Changelog version as I really like this opening, I feel like I finally captured the relationship I was trying to portray. Ch. 2 and 3 are revised versions of the original post and are quite different from the CL versions)

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Settling into a high-backed booth at the far end of the dining room, Sabine enjoyed the smell of pancakes at four in the afternoon and watched the bar TV. The college sophomore only half processed what the talking heads were saying about this week in football, her mind fuzzy from how warm she was inside and out. Despite having walked the seven blocks from her place to the diner on Maple and Clark through the brewing blizzard, the young woman from Jersey was burning up with a powerful sense of urgency. Trying to alleviate the sweltering feeling, she pulled off her hat, letting her wavy strawberry-blonde hair drop to her shoulders, and tossed her gloves down into the seat next to her. Then, she struggled to unzip her heavy hoodie since the sweatshirt was pulled tight as a drum around her colossal bust--something which was a recent development.

Once she finally managed to shed her comfortable coth cocoon, she started drumming her fingers on the table to keep herself occupied as she waited for the woman who was the cause of all her current problems--even the very obvious pair. Yes, today was yet another day in what had become a never-ending odyssey of her bust getting larger by the hour. After nearly two weeks, her increased size was nothing short of mind-blowing. It was beyond staggering that she was sitting back in the booth, and her greatly enlarged bust still came to rest on her crossed forearms. It was not just size but, fullness as well, as the tide of flesh even half-engulfed her upper arms! Stretched beyond reason by her swollen endowments, the strained pastel-and-black wool of her sweater did little to hide the dark circles of her otherwise naked areolae. When this had started, Sabine had never worn a bra; there had been no need. Now, well, she was still without one; though for a different reason. No bra, nothing at all really, had fit her burgeoning measurements for more than a couple days, and the rate at which clothing became too small was increasing. Her top had been a thigh-length dress when purchased yesterday. Not twelve hours later, it was adequate only as an over-sized shirt. By tonight, with how things were going, it might as well have just been a crop top.

It had all began with soreness. On the first morning of Sabine's winter break watching the empty apartment, her breasts had been painfully sore. The discomfort eased as she rubbed them, so she made a note to schedule an appointment with the clinic and tried to not worry about it. Over the next few days, however, the soreness swelled--though it always went away after massages that felt better each time. With each day, her small boobs seemed to jiggle a little more than she remembered. They felt fuller in her hands, more weighty, and increasingly pleasurable to touch. She soon found herself rubbing them even when there was no ache. The idea that all of this was because of a spell was not even something she considered. Her rational mind insisted it was all just hormones, until, one morning, she squirted milk onto the mirror during the post-shower breast massage which had become a long and very pleasurable part of her routine. Before she could even process what had happened, however, someone had started banging on her apartment door. Tugging on a shirt which was now quite tight in the chest, she found herself greeting a breathless woman with a full mane of black coils which hung in her concerned-looking face.

The witch, Lylanna.

Before this ordeal, her knowledge of the so-called witch came from the mocking comments of her roommates. Beyond that, Sabine had only heard whispers and rumors about the supposed art major from New Orleans. Honestly, the college sophomore had never expected to meet the mysterious Lylanna, much less twice, and yet, she had found her staring into those corpse-like ice-blue eyes once more.

Looking back on that first encounter, the cause of her situation was almost more embarrassing than her growth. It was the moment that made Sabine realize her burning desire to be accepted by her privileged, self-absorbed roommates had poisoned her personality. Why else would she have felt the need to yell at a stranger? Why else would she had pushed that shawled woman like a little kid fighting over the last toy? Whether that was the reason or not, the stranger had met that flared temper in kind. When the woman pushed back her shawl-like hood to reveal the now-familiar massive plume of thick black coils, Sabine knew precisely who she had pissed off--even before she opened her freakishly pale ice-blue eyes.

Even as Sabine had tried to apologize, an eerie lilac light had spread through the woman's vine-like tattoos which had been crafted to seem like they rose in and out her tawny, light-brown skin while wrapping around her collarbone. Lylanna had begun to chant in a language that felt old, and there was no doubt in Sabine's soul that she was standing across from the real deal.

That was the first time she saw the witch for what she was. While it had seemed like nothing happened, even after the chanting reached a multi-voiced crescendo, that moment in the grocery store had since turned her world completely upside down, in more ways than one.

"I think I might've fucked up," Lylanna had said upon sitting down in Sabine's living room before unzipping her jacket to reveal how much bustier she had become in a few days. There had already been a considerable amount of boob on her chest before, but now, there was a substantial level of cleavage bursting out of her v-neck tunic. That, however, turned out to be just the shadow of things to come. Both Lyla and Sabine had kept growing and growing for almost two weeks now.

At the very least, Sabine was thankful this had happened during winter break. Had this happened while the girls where home, it would have been the end of her budding social life for sure. Still, it never hurt to be careful. Which was why the cozy cafe more than a few blocks over from campus had become their meeting point, it was honestly the kind of restaurant where her yuppie roommates or their friends would never dare step foot in--supposing they ever came back from their vacation. Despite its purpose as a clandestine hideaway, Sabine had developed a decided fondness for the place. The wooden booths were comfortable, and their high backs made conversations feel private. The old, digitally updated jukebox played rockabilly and surf rock tunes. Besides being The Best Place for Milkshakes in Town! the place had cheap, good eats, just like the diners back home.

After telling the cute server-guy with huge gauges and neon-green hair that she was still waiting, Sabine considered how maybe all of that was why she wanted to meet here. Not to avoid prying eyes but, to remind herself that there were things her trust-fund roommates would never understand.

Things like Lyla. Not that she understood either, but she wanted to--which was more than she could say about her would-be friends.

Outside, the snow was drifting down harder than an hour ago. The falling flakes were slowly covering the street and sidewalks in another powdery blanket. The inhabitants of the sleepy college town were seemingly unperturbed by the weather. People bundled up against the cold moved past the frosted window. However, not one of them was the petite apprentice witch. Five minutes passed. Then ten.

The longer Sabine sat, the more she found herself lost in her swirling emotions. In spite of everything--the growth, the persistent leaking, the swelling feeling of need--in spite of the curse, she was anticipating the other woman's arrival like a puppy. Her eyes were flicking to each passing person, her heart skipping a beat only for her to sigh before turning her attention to the next person.

Her spiteful side, the part of her which still resented the situation, whispered that her anticipation was nerves about being seen by some mutual acquaintance of her roommates'. She had feared them finding out she had been with Lyla or had grown gigantic cow tits, but the last few days, in particular, had defanged that dread. Because while her social aspirations were at odds with the situation, Sabine had to admit that she was looking forward to what was practically a sixth or seventh dinner date with the practitioner of actual, factual magic. More than anything though, she very desperately wanted this to be the day Lyla would say she had a way to undo the curse.

Taking a more direct glance at her reflection in the window, Sabine was still having a hard time believing she looked like she had been growing non-stop since twelve after little more than two weeks. How much bigger would her rack get if they failed to fix this? Her tits, as there was not much else to call them at this size, had already long surpassed her head and were into realms usually only seen in photos on the internet. Much more and they would envelop her entire torso! As bad as it had been for her, Lyla had grown far more. It was something which made even less sense to Sabine than the fact that she now had boobs which overflowed her wide-spread hands and needed to be milked twice a day. When pressed about why that was, Lyla had been somewhat evasive, rambling on about how the heightened, reflective result was ostensibly from both casting a spell in anger and using a blessing as a curse. It was not a straight answer--Sabine knew it--still, Lyla was very confident she was experiencing the increased and reciprocal growth as backlash. The witch insisted that, for every inch Sabine gained, the increase in her bust would be threefold--which was a prediction that had proven correct again and again.

Today, too, the truth of that claim was evident as Lylanna came into the cafe. Despite the chill, her long coat was open from hips on up. A decision likely made because all of her would simply not fit, seeing as how her tits curved out past her elbows. To deal with this, the witch had seemingly opted to instead tuck several fluffy wool scarves into the opening to blanket her massive bust. It made her look kind of like an owl, a mental image which only sharpened when she ruffled her dreadlocks to shake the snow off.

"Thanks for keeping the booth warm," Lyla said as she pulled off her gloves and undid her bundle of scarves, revealing inches upon inches of tawny cleavage spilling from of the severely stretched out collar of her light-colored u-neck sweater.

Everything seemed to slow down for Sabine as her gaze lingered on that heaving expanse of warmly glowing skin. A pleasant warmth spread outwards from her chest. Her breathing quickened. She could hear her pulse pounding and not much else. Then, she felt the world shake.

"Hey, Earth to Sabine, you in there?" Lyla asked her hand on Sabine's shoulder. "You okay?" How're you doing? Any big changes?"

Even with her off-putting, ice-blue eyes, Lyla's raised eyebrows and the slight smile on her shimmering purple lips combined into an expression that read as both concern and pity. Sabine felt her heart flutter once more before she brushed off the warm feelings on reflex. A response which she instantly regretted as spite filled the void.

The young witch was trying her best, and Sabine owed her a little emotional reciprocation--especially after how awful she had been at first. Recognizing that truth was painful but, it was the same type of hurt as ripping off a band-aid off. It was a pain that heralded healing.

Because while Lyla might not have fixed the curse yet, she was doing wonders as a balm for Sabine's tortured emotional state. Sabine entertaining the idea that Lyla, or anyone really, genuinely regretted her actions and was trying her very best to atone for them was a relatively new development. One probably tied to the blossoming affection taking tentative root in her chest, despite her attempts to prune it. With so many counterpoints in her past about altruism always being a lie, the college sophomore had been so sure that the only reason the voodoo priestess--or whatever Lyla happened to be--was trying to find a solution was because she, too, was growing. Much to Sabine surprise, Lyla had proven, time and again, that was not the case.

All of that, however, did not stop Sabine from being as sarcastic as ever.

"Oh, I'm great. Never better," the woman from Jersey grumped while also trying to smile to convey she was kidding. "I always wanted to add more than fifteen inches to my bust, and who knows how many pounds," she said pushing her hands to her squishy, pillowy chest. Her widespread fingers each sank past the second knuckle, triggering a burst of pleasure which blunted her desire for further snark.

The dark-skinned woman laughed with all the warmth of summer as she undid her long coat and hung it on the hook outside the booth. She flipped her cascade of coils over her shoulder, giving Sabine a full view of how extensively her upper body had become dominated by breasts so massive that their existence itself was absurd. Lyla's otherwise baggy long-sleeved sweater struggled to fit around her very, very full breasts, as each was considerably bigger than her head. With so much of the fabric occupied, the top was pulled up, exposing the bright brown skin of her toned stomach, as well as the vibrant, intricate tattoos which ran down her sides and beyond and also matched the duo on her collarbone. Her shirt was not the only thing strained either. The waistband of her leggings was quite obviously digging into her hips--and the cuffs were a bit higher above her boots. That was new.

"Did you know I'm even bigger than the, frankly absurd, size of 36H now?" Sabine continued, further squishing her assets. "Want to know how I know? When you told me things should be winding down the other day, I went online and bought clothes that would fit me, and yet, here we are, even bigger! This" she added, hefting her tits, "is more than just extreme spillage, you know, I can't even get the fucking bra over them at this point."

"I am sorry, okay?" Lyla said, leaning over. The position only accentuated the witch's cleavage as her elbows pushed her boobs together and out. Added to how she had to stand on her tiptoes to manage the stretch because of how high the raised booth was above the floor, it left her looking perilously close to falling out of her visibly strained shirt. Sabine quickly turned her gaze back to the window.

"At least it looks like you haven't grown all that much since yesterday, right?" As the witch gripped her wrists and pulled her hands away, there was a fantastic sensation of fingertips sliding over her flesh which made Sabine gasp.

"You know that's a lie," Sabine said with a wry smirk as she grappled with feelings she had never anticipated having. The attempt to cheer her up was appreciated. The regard she was feeling toward Lyla swelled in spite of herself. Turning back around to say thanks, she instead gulped when she realized how close Lyla's glossy purple lips--and their rings --were to her own. She jumped back, her compassion turning to consternation.

"If anything," the blonde snapped, "I'm growing faster. In the two days since you said you quote undid the spell, I've gained, like, nine inches. Lyla, I'm a college student. I can't afford clothes this... this big--especially if I'm gonna keep growing!"

"That's surprising," Lyla said as she let go of Sabine's hands and rocked back onto her heels, the motion made her expansive boobs quiver and caused Sabine's pulse to follow suit.

"What is? That I'm--we're--still growing?"

"No, I mean, you not being able to afford clothes. Considering the kind of people your friends were, I figured money was no issue for you."

The barb was unexpected, and it hurt all the more for its surprise. Sabine's face shrank into a hurt expression, her bottom lip pushing out into an affected pout as her brow knit together. She recoiled from the witch and her feelings for her. "That's not fair, and you know it."

"Hey," Lyla said with a wave of her hands and shrug of her shoulders, "they're your friends, not mine, or have you been avoiding them ever since you started growing?"

"They're all in Key West for the holiday break." Sabine spat, her resentment towards them mingling with being upset at Lyla. "They knew I wouldn't have the money to go, so they just assumed I would watch the apartment. Which suits me fine, but still, being invited would have been nice..."

"Ah," Lyla clicked her teeth as her eyes' focus flicked left. "Well, I can empathize with not being asked to do things," she added with a twist of her pierced lips as she blinked and looked away.

Sabine reached out to rub Lyla's shoulder, trying to repay some of the witch's emotional investment. That she managed to do so was a surprise for her, as it apparently was Lyla as well. The witch glanced over with restrained shock evident on her face before she grinned broadly and nuzzled into the offered comfort.

"Anyway," Lyla continued as she slipped into the booth a moment later, her considerable boobs jiggling with each hopping scoot, "I'm not sure what happened. Everything seemed correct. I was so sure things would go back to normal, like they're supposed to but, you're right, we're still growing--and faster than ever. I know I gained at least five inches since last night alone."

"I can tell..."

The witch reached out to put her hand on Sabine's arm. "I must've said this at least a hundred times by now but, I swear I'm committed to fixing this, even if it takes weeks."

Feeling herself blush at the declaration, Sabine panicked and avoided the touch by raising her arm to tuck a loose lock of red-orange hair back behind her ear. Again she looked out the window at the progressing winter weather to avoid Lyla's gaze for a moment. What was it about this affection that made her feel so warm? She had never felt like this about anyone but, here she was, getting heated by a little sincerity. "Geez," she whispered under her breath, "how damaged can you be?"

"What was that?"

"I was saying the storm is getting worse," she lied, turning back to Lyla's welcoming smile. The wind's chill bite given her brown skin a pink cast which made her look cuter than Sabine expected. Even her eyes, with their corpse-like blue color, were warmer than usual as her flushed, rounded cheeks rose up to meet them. "Aren't you worried about how much it's coming down out there?"

"Not really," Lyla laughed, setting off more jiggling. Then the server came back, and any further conversation had to wait. The pair of swelling women ordered a handful of appetizer platters to split, and two jumbo-sized shakes. Eating that much had been impossible before but, whatever was happening now made such meals a necessity--as she had found out the hard way.

"Do you... do you think we even have weeks?" Sabine asked once he was out of earshot again. She pulled out a notebook and outlined the increasing rate at which they were growing. "If you look at this, we have, at most, a couple of days before we end up more boob than woman."

"I'm not sure the spell can even go that big," replied Lyla as she hugged her bust. There were several inches of her massive endowment's curves on either side of her forearms, and her elbows were raised more than halfway just to reach around them. "This is already unprecedented,

"How can you be so sure?" Sabine snapped back. "You've been wrong about this the whole time!"

"I was surprised is all. Like I said, this level of growth is already beyond the scope of the spell..."

"Tell me how you know then."

"So--and this is embarrassing to say--I had been considering altering my figure for a while, it's honestly why the spell was the first one that came to mind. I... I had been practicing it before I went to get groceries," Lyla sighed. "Although, had I known that casting it as a curse would mean I couldn't dispel it..."

The would-be-witch snapped her fingers. "Oh! That reminds me--I filled a whole mason jar this morning! How, um, how much are you making at this point?"

"A little less than that," Sabine said, her face starting to get hot once more. She had not bothered to measure for days and had, instead, been expressing her milk for relief while in the shower. Both to prevent a lot of mess and to stifle her moans. She would have never guessed how physically satisfying being milked could be. Perhaps it was another effect of the spell? As she pondered, the sensation of water running over her skin while she worked her nipples crossed her mind.

"That fascinating fact aside," she said with a cough to cover the moan. "Even if you could have turned the growth off, you were willingly going to blow up your boobs to the size of watermelons or more? Are you...?"

"Go on, say it. I know you're thinking it," Lyla said with a bitter look on her face. "I mean, I do talk to spirits, after all, and I also believe burning candles can change the outcome of an event. Those are both pretty insane things," she purred with a sly wink, "wouldn't you say?"

"That's...well..." Sabine blushed, even more than before, the heat in her face like a sunburn as her ignorant words from their first meeting returned to bite her. "What you believe in isn't crazy. It might have seemed like that at one time but, you've shown me so many weird and beautiful things in the last couple of weeks."

"You know," Sabine continued, her gaze focused on something in the distance, "Maybe the reason I was so shitty towards you at first was more about how I was frustrated about how things are going. The girls were alright in the dorms, but now? They're monsters."

Sabine squeezed her eyes closed, trying to relax and let the words clamoring to escape from her mouth flow forth. She felt Lyla's hands on hers. The warmth of the witch's skin was surprising, as was the small size of her hands. "I hate that I... that I allowed myself get caught up in the Mean Girls spite and didn't call them out when they harassed you. I'm upset at myself that I made someone who is such a positive force feel so negative to the point you resorted to a curse. I let my want to fit in affect me, and then I let my regrets do the same."

Lyla flashed her a grin. "I'm glad we got that out of the way. I mean, that is to say, I appreciate that you've stopped feeling like I was out to get you."

She blinked a few times, her eyes a little misty. After wiping them, Sabine put her hands back on the table, and Lyla placed hers over them. The pair was quiet for a moment, neither wanting to let go. Was she falling for Lyla? Was this love--or, the spiteful part of her whispered, was this something else? Fortunately, their shakes came then, and they both turned their attention to guzzling ice cream and milk.

"Ah, that hit the spot," Sabine said, slamming the glass back down onto the table. By then, she had downed half the shake and was pouring the extra from the tumbler before she even realized. Lyla was consuming her shake with a similar passion, to the point that a stream of green liquid had run down her chin, which is when something dawned on Sabine. "So you're eating like that too, huh?"

"Eating like what?" Lyla said as she scooped the escaped milkshake off her boobs and neck. Sabine could not tell if the witch was acting facetiously with her response--especially once she started enthusiastically sucking her fingers clean.

"Like that! I've been a bottomless pit since this all started. Thinking about it, you'd think I've never eaten before but, everything tastes so mind-blowingly good now that I can't help myself. I thought it was the stress getting to me but, I'm starting to think there might be a different reason."

"Oh? Do tell."

"I mean, this is just a hunch but, all the mass we're gaining has to come from somewhere, right? Like, magic can't break a fundamental law of reality--or can it?"

"It depends on how strong the witch's desire is but I think you're on to something; something that clenches my suspicions." Lyla gulped down the last of her shake and then put her fist to her mouth as her cheeks popped out while she held in a burp. "Anyway, are you doing anything later?"

"Not really, why?"

"Do you want to come up to my place after this?" The witch asked quietly, her face a little pink once more. "I want to try something else. Something which might do the trick."

"You've been holding out on me to see if I'd apologize?" Sabine scoffed, the moment of connection evaporating as her temper flared. "I can't believe you!"

"Nonono!" The magic woman waved her hands frantically. "That's not it! I was going to do the spell at your place so you'd be more comfortable but, what with the storm and all, I live close by so I figured..."

"Oh!" Sabine sat back, crossing her arms under her bust. "Why didn't you say that then?"

"I thought it was obvious," Lyla admitted, her blush getting brighter, "I forget you don't intuit the way I do. Though I also suspect you don't think about mindset and location the same way I have to either."

"How so?"

"Casting spells correctly needs to happen in a place and at a time when both parties feel comfortable, and also where all participants can be of a clear mind. Which was part of our issue."

"Then how do those street vendors tell fortunes?"

"They are comfortable communing with any and all city spirits nearby. For them, they are surrounded by friends and allies while outside and are in a safe place."

"Okay, so... why do it at my place if I was still hostile, then? Not saying I'm not-"

"Oh, I know. You'll likely never completely trust me but, I'm used to that..." Lyla paused, and Sabine felt her stomach clench. What else had the witch not told her yet?

"Anyway... um, right! Your place. That was the plan mostly so that you didn't think I was taking you somewhere to experiment on you or something like that. After that though, I feel like I've at least earned that respect."

"Ah. Yeah, you have."

They sat quietly for another moment, sipping their drinks and watching people move through the city as the snowfall thickened into a near whiteout. Then, their food came.

"So, um, how do we undo the spell?"

"First, I need you to understand what happened."

"I thought you had cursed me with what was supposed to be some growth blessing?"

"That's the short story," Lyla said with a laugh. "You'll have to see the book I got the spell from to understand. Heck, I barely understand--and I spent the last two days trying to translate Grandmother Walkingstick's script."

"You lost me..."

"I got the spell from my grandmother. She wrote in an old Druidic, so the alphabet doesn't quite work. I'll admit that I was surprised the spell was, in reality, part of a fertility ritual..."


"That sounds worse than it is."

Again, the arrival of food halted their conversation though they soon resumed. Sabine found herself asking questions about the other woman's life--and answering similar queries of herself. With each exchange, she could almost feel something pulling tight around them. Was there something else out there trying to get them together?

"So uh, Lyla, how close is your place?"


It turned out the witch's apartment was actually one of the units over the row of shops the cafe was in. The space smelled of floral candles and sweet scents Sabine could not place, but something about the mixture was welcoming.

“Sorry for the mess,” Lyla said as she removed her boots, revealing that she was wearing a pair of red and black striped socks. “I've not really had time to do anything housekeeping-wise with all the research I've been doing.”

“I can understand,” Sabine said as she looked around while removing her boots as well. Her plain white socks were bright against the dark wood paneling.

The flat was a corner unit with the floor plan centered on an open kitchen with a huge sink that was currently home to a few dirty dishes. On the right, the den was walled with bookshelves jammed full from floor to ceiling. Just beyond that, an unmade bed was against the wall between another two shelves, folded clothes piled atop it. A low, square table surrounded by pillows sat in the room to the left, and its surface was covered in open books, half-burnt candles, and pages of handwritten notes. There was a fireplace in the far corner, and it looked like that room continued on around behind the kitchen, but she could not see how far.

“Nice place. I’m kind of jealous, honestly.”

“Thanks, I’m renting it from a family friend. Now, how about a fire to warm things up?” Lyla flicked her wrist at the fireplace and the tools began to move on their own, their motion the result of the witch’s familiar spirits. Sabine moved away from them, still squeamish about seeing actual magic in action.

“So, you were going to show me something?”

"Oh, right! The book. It's over here,” she walked over to the table and began to sift through the stuff on it. Behind her, logs held by invisible hands arranged themselves in the stand. “Somewhere anyway... Ah, There! Come, sit, and I will explain all the particulars.”

Sabine moved to take a seat across from both Lyla and the fireplace. Now able to see more of the room, she was taken aback by how extensive the witch’s workshop was at the far end of the surprisingly vast space. When she sat down, the pillow was far softer than she expected and the rug under the table was almost like a mattress. The comfort and the scent wrapped her in a feeling of peace.

Stretching out, she realized her stocking feet were touching Lyla’s. Instead of jerking away, however, she found herself relaxing as the fire began to pop and crackle. This would be a much more enjoyable way to spend afternoons rather than being nasty about people she did not even know or stressing out that her fashion was not as on point.

“So, as I said downstairs, the spell I cast was part of an ancient fertility ritual,” Lyla began. “It was intended to be cast on potential mothers by a high priestess and would cause them to grow into motherly proportions, their bodies expanding until they verged on a divine figure. Here, look.”

Lyla got up and moved around the table to sit next to her. Knees and hips touched as she put the book on the table. Her boob pushed against Sabine’s as the pair leaned over the carefully bound manuscript's yellowed pages. Though they were both clothed, the moment was so powerfully intimate she thought about putting her arm around the witch.

Sabine’s heart began to beat faster as she looked down at what Lyla was showing her. The script must have been Druidic, as it wasn't a language she recognized. Even if it were English, the busty blonde was not sure she would have been able to focus enough on reading the words to understand. At this distance, she realized the apartment’s wonderful scent was Lyla’s. The young witch’s enticing and calming floral scent was all around her now. She could feel herself melting into the equally buxom young woman next to her.

The witch-in-training continued as if Sabine’s inability to read or their very close proximity were not an issue for her. If anything, she seemed more enthusiastic as she enumerated all of the changes the ritual could cause. “Once the mother-to-be was satisfied, then the second part of the spell would be cast to solidify their transformation for a few days to ensure successful conception.”

“Wait,” Sabine said, scooting away from the warmth. “You cast a spell that would make me into my idealized version of a motherly figure and then the other spell you used made that more or less permanent for the next few days? Are you serious?” She tried very hard not to flip the table over and take her frustrations out on the magical apprentice.

“There is more to it than that, but, yeah, that’s about the size of it."

"I suppose that I should take solace in the fact that I was only hit with the bust-increasing half of the spell?"

"Yeah, else your hips would be much wider than your shoulders by now. Although I have started gaining inches around my hips, so perhaps that is starting to take effect all on its own...”

"You're taller, too."

"All part of the full-fledged ritual..."

“Great. Just great. So we got hit with the full gambit. Anything else you want to share?”

“The full ritual also harnesses masculine energy to increase the father’s potency and a few other things, but they weren’t relevant to what I wanted so I didn’t pay attention to them.”

Sabine kneaded her forehead and made a disgusted noise. Why was this woman just so... flighty? Like, how could someone who wielded this much power be so blase about it? Then again, people drove cars seemingly without thought for how dangerous they were. Did that mean more witches were this way? “So what’s this thing you want to try?”

“I think if we satisfy the ritual, we will go back to how we were before.”

“We’ll return to normal?” she asked, her mind seizing on the second part and ignoring the implications of the first.

“Not quite. Because of how things went down, I altered reality with the first spell. How you are now is your actual normal. Besides, it's not as if your tits are filling up with milk like they’re water balloons. You've grown new glands. You're producing new hormones. Your entire physiology has been changed drastically to suit the ritual’s demands--as has mine.”

Sabine’s face tightened, but she nodded.

“It's why I was hoping the other half of the ritual would do what it was supposed to do,” Lyla continued. “But the fact that we are growing faster instead of just remaining that size means something didn’t work. So I am going to have to try another, more direct solution.”

“And it’s our only chance?”

“Very likely and I’m going to need your help, too.”


“Yes, yours.” She gripped the edge of the table. “But first... can you help me with this?”

They picked up the table and moved it to the side. Lyla threw aside the rug, revealing a complex circle drawn in faded chalk. She then grabbed a big piece of chalk and began to retouch the lines. “Could you grab those candles? The ones on the shelf.”

Sabine crossed the room and picked up a pillar of green wax as thick as her arm. It had a complex series of runes inscribed on the surface underneath rivulets of melted wax from being used a couple of times.


“Yeah. Put that green one over there; it represents the energy from the Earth, the grounding influence of dirt, the steadying power of the roots of trees.”

“What about these other three?”

“Air, Water, and Fire, each of the principle elements correspond to a cardinal direction. Together, they form a universe inside the circle. A place where my will can be absolute.”

“If that's the case, why not just say be as you were?”

“There are so many changes that I can’t even fathom them. If I can’t wrap my head around what needs to happen, I can’t make it manifest. Now just give me a second, I need to center myself.”

Unsure of what to do while Lyla hummed, Sabine browsed the bookshelves. Many were old leather-bound tomes, their titles written in all manner of languages. Among them, however, were books and names recognized. Classic fantasy novels, works of philosophy, even some rulebooks for D&D.

“All right, I need you to grab the jar of my milk from this morning out of the fridge.”

“You saved it?”

“Yeah, it's a crucial component to undoing this. We are going to need it to perform something together to satisfy the spell's intent.”

Sabine sifted through the fridge until she found the jar, not listening as Lyla spoke further about how they were going to satisfy the ritual until she started talking about making an effort to balance out the energies in the ceremony. “--and that will allow us to make an offering of creative energy to the circle.”

“What do you mean by that?” Sabine said as she straightened up with the milk in her hand.

“Um, well, remember that masculine half of the ritual I was ignoring?”


“Well, for lack of better phrasing, one of us needs to fuck the other, else the spell will never end.”

Sabine blinked a few times. The cold jar was starting to sweat in her hands.

“You want to run that by me again?”

“The ritual won’t be satisfied until the masculine energy is in balance with the feminine. Otherwise, the spell will keep building--and we’ll keep growing.”

“I'm confused, what does masculine energy have to do with this milk?”

“Well, since neither of us can ejaculate, it's going to stand in for cum,” she said as she flicked her wrist once more. This time something appeared out of thin air. It was phallic shaped and had a harness. It also looked remarkably real. “This toy of mine can pump liquid with the best of them.”

The sudden revelation chilled Sabine for some reason. The sense of relaxation evaporated as she started to feel uncomfortable. “If you knew this, why didn't you do it day one?”

“Because we weren't ready. You weren't ready. Your heart was still hardened against me. Even with the ritual's emotional bonding we--”

The words burned like the flash of heat when opening the stove. In an instant, all of the resentment and anger welled up. "You're saying you *mind-controlled me*?"

"Not on purpose! I had no--"

Sabine's gaze flicked to the milk in her grasp. “So... was this all some ploy to teach me humility or something? You know what? Don't answer. I've got your cum shot right here.”

She smashed the jar on the floor and turned to walk away only to be transfixed as the bits of the circle splashed by the milk flared to life and the creamy fluid faded away.

Lyla stared at the floor as the glow spread towards her then her gaze snapped up. Her eyes were incandescent. The tattoos tracing her collarbone flared to life and crawled up her cheeks like vines. Her raven hair ignited, there was no other word for it, as her foremost locks began to burn with a bright violet light.

“Nine fucking hells, Sabine. Why did you do that?!”

“I…I don’t know. I just-” Sabine dropped to her knees, her arms hugging her body as best they could. The lines from the circle etched themselves into her legs and began to pulse.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” More of her hair caught fire and the vine-like tattoos blossomed into red daisies.

Sabine wanted to run, to hide, but she could not tear her gaze away from the witch, much less free herself from the spell circle. “No, I-”

“Intention is what gives a spell shape. That was why I waiting for us to reconcile, not whatever grudge you seem to think I have. If we had been anything but friends, no spell would work and now…”

The circle was glowing fully now, bathing the room in pink light. At once Sabine was gripped by warmth spreading from her knees and calves. She was struck by the particular feeling of liquid sloshing around inside as if her entire body was a bottle. There was a pop and she was overcome with the sensation of that fluid beginning to flow out of her. Slow and first and then as a trickle, she felt the spell’s effect lessen. Already her boobs were shrinking, the soft flesh withdrawing as the heat ran down her legs and drenched her shirt. She felt the spell drain out of her feet and shins, seeming to fill the lines of the circle with even brighter pink light as if they were hoses pumping the spell out of her.

At the same time, she could see the lines tracing their way up Lyla’s legs. A tear opened up in her shirt collar as her bustline surged suddenly, turning the t-shirt into a v-neck. With each figurative ounce Sabine felt leave her body, the rip deepened as more of Lyla’s bright caramel tit flesh fought to escape cloth confines. Her nipples, too, grew rapidly. The circular tents thickening from roughly the size of a dime to that of a nickel in the span of a couple seconds. Dark spots began to spread over her shirt as her body’s production of milk intensified.

Lyla’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she collapsed onto the floor as well. She was groping herself eagerly, laughing as she traced circles around her nipples. “You know what. I don’t care. This….this feels so amazing!”

“What’s happening? Why do I feel…so weird?”

The witch gripped her pants and managed to focus. “It’s because of the jar. When you smashed it, you rejected the spell. Now it’s flowing into me, the total growth becoming one.”

As Lyla’s tits continued to inflate, her areolae changed before Sabine’s eyes. The darker skin puffed up to envelop her still growing nipples, creating obvious mounds that pushed her deep neckline aside. The fraying hem of her shirt was caught on them, keeping the fabric from just riding up as ever more flesh tested it.

“Does this…” Sabine hesitated, biting her finger. “Does this mean I could go back to actually normal?”

“Yes!” Lyla said as she bust surged, “In fact, give it all to me! You don’t want to be different from how you were and this is your chance. I wanted this and it feels so good.”

The flow out of Sabine became a torrent as she realized she had an out. What replaced the magic, however, was her former resentful thoughts. How could Lyla be enjoying this? She was becoming a freak, her body developing in oversexed fertility goddess. Realizing she was doing it, it occurred to her that while she was rejecting the spell, she was also rejecting Lyla.

The memory of her and friends dumping paint on the witch some weeks ago crossed her mind and she retched. How could she have been so cruel? She didn’t want to be that person anymore, but who she had become was tied up in these absurd, milk-filled tits. And yet, the person she had become had sat up late trading stories with someone she had more in common with that any of her so-called friends. That Sabine cared about someone in a way she had only ever cared about herself. Sure, they looked at the world with completely different lenses, but there was a chemistry there.

“I don’t want to give this up though. This connection, the spending time together. I like you, more than I want to admit. I’m just…I’m just so scared. This was all so new to me and to have my first magical experience be so personal…”

“Break the circle then!”


“The circle. Break it by blowing out one of the candles. Don’t worry about dismissing the spirit, I’ll make it up to them later!”

Sabine puffed at the white candle and it guttered then went out. With a feeling like twisting a spigot closed, she felt the spell stop draining away. In a wave, the pink light began to fade. What remained was flowing towards Lyla.

The feeling of being a bottle dissipated and she could not confirm how much of the magic remained in her body. Her bust was down to a comparatively reasonable volume, but it was still a significant change from how she was before. The pounding pain of needing to expel was gone, but her nipples still twinged with each beat of her racing heart.

The button on Lyla’s pants hit Sabine in the shoulder as the witch’s hips continued to swell and expand. She dug her fingers into the taut flesh as her curves swelled impossibly. Already wider than her shoulders at this point, her hips were showing no signs of stopping their expansion. The growth had spread to hers thigh well. Each was quickly becoming as thick as her waist. Tiny rips formed in her jeans, letting her flesh bubble out.

“I’m so…so big!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t move fast enough.”

“It’s okay. It really is. Don’t forget, this is sort of what I wanted…a bit more than I had planned, but I’ll live.”

As she rolled back and forth in her enjoyment, Sabine caught glimpses of her expanding ass. With the last remaining transfer of spell power, Lyla’s cheeks pulsed larger, as if being pumped up by the fluid-like energy coursing through the lines of power on the floor. Steadily the rest of her widened, her body stretching to accommodate her new endowments. Her trim waist bulked up, piling on core musculature until it better matched up to her flared hips.

It seemed like the spell was almost over, the light of the circle all but extinguished. Only, Lyla was still growing, likely the effect of two full spells trying to fit within her. The rip in her shirt reached the bottom hem, rendering the tee a very poor plunge bra that was squeezing her tight. Her areolae were spilling out, pushing the frayed cloth aside. The folded cloth was doing everything it could to hold together as it was forced to contend with ever wider tits. Although restrained, they curved out past her shoulders now and the rounded edge of their bottoms pressed against her considerably more muscular stomach.

“Alright,” Lyla said as she struggled to get to her feet. “Now I’m starting to get worried.”

“Yeah, shouldn’t you have stopped growing by now?”

“Yup, unless…” Lyla was quiet for a moment, the swore. “The rule of three, of course.”

“What’s that now?”

“That which you do unto others will return unto you thrice. It would seem the curse backlash is not….mmm…satisfied with how much I’ve already grown.”

Sabine gasped. “I…I had no idea! I’m sorry.”

Lyla opened her mouth to continue when the weight finally was too much for the tortured cotton and her shirt snapped open. Swinging free, her slowly leaking tits were even more impossible looking. Even unsupported, they were impossibly round on her chest, as if the milk was filling them like a water balloon.

“Oh wow,” Her hands moved involuntarily, her fingers digging into the soft flesh of her areolae. Milk spattered all over her body as her words trailed off into moans. With ever louder and deeper gasps, she coaxed her body towards an orgasm. Dipping into the soft flesh, she pulled her nipples free, revealing them to be even thicker than quarters and about as long as her thumb. She began to stroke them. “This feels…I, uh, I can’t even describ-ah!”

A burst of milk gushed out of her tits as she dropped to her back and began to buck. Even with that release, it was hard to dismiss the fact that she was still growing. With each passing second, more of her torso was consumed by her ever-expanding bust. As she struggled to sit up, her arms could not even reach around all of the soft, sensitive flesh.

“Yes, please. Help me up, I have to… have to... mmm!” There was a loud tearing noise as her leggings were finally no longer able to withstand her expansion. “The strap-on! Put it... put it on and... and finish the ritual.”

“But I can’t orgasm!”

“No big deal, I just need to... mmm! ...I just need to orgasm. Please!”

A burst of milk gushed out of her tits as she flopped onto her back and began to buck. Even with that apparent release, it was hard to dismiss the fact that she was still growing. With each passing second, more of her torso was consumed by her ever-expanding bust. As she struggled to sit up, her arms could not even reach around all of the soft, sensitive flesh.

Sabine grabbed the toy and pulled her leggings off. Pressing the false dick to the front of her pelvis, the straps wrapped around her legs of their own accord. The dress hung to either side, so she pulled it off as well. Naked and unashamed, she knelt between Lyla’s legs. She lifted them by the calves and pressed the toy against the witch’s plump pussy, but she did not slide in as a surprising amount of sensation rushed up along her spine. She could feel the strap-on like it was her own flesh!

“This uh, this feels real.”

“Of course! Did you think a ma-ma-magic dildo wouldn’t be a fantasy? Now, hurry!” She lifted herself off the floor and slid up Sabine’s length. At that point, Sabine’s well of emotions took over and she began to plunge in and out of Lyla. Her pace constantly increased, her body feeling stronger and stronger with each passing second. Was this the ritual or something else?

With ever louder moans, Lyla’s swelling slowed. When she finally clenched her legs tight around Sabine’s hips and a long shuddering scream rose from her throat, it looked like she had finally stopped growing.

Pulling free, Sabine walked around Lyla, hooked her arms under the witch’s, and lifted her up from behind. Though greatly diminished, her own endowments were still big enough to rest on the witch’s shoulders and her fake magic cock was flaccid, but still very big as it rubbed against Lyla’s back. She dragged the witch to her bed, and the pair of them collapsed on it.

Face down, Lyla was propped up by her bust, her arms just barely reaching the sheets around her enormous tits. At least the glowing in her hair had faded, and it seemed like her tattoos were back to normal since her face was no longer covered in flowers.

“I know a spell or two to temporarily suspend the effects. Besides, most of my housework is done by spirits I give offerings to and it’s not like I have a steady job.”

She shifted and Sabine gasped as a nipple brushed between her legs. Involuntarily she began to hump, rubbing her crotch against the nub through her panties.

“Lyla…I…I need you.” She could feel her face was burning up.

“Oh, do you now?” Her arm snaked around the other woman’s hip, holding her close. “That’s good--because I want you.”

Their lips met and as if that connection completed a circuit both women were hit with a burst of energy as muscles clenched and screams were ripped from their throats. Collapsing into the veritable valley of breast flesh, Sabine passed out.


She woke the next morning in Lyla’s bed, the smell of pancakes wafting through the apartment. The witch had her back to her and it was certainly a sight to see. Aside from an apron, she was naked. Her shelf-like ass quivered with each movement, her powerful thighs and calves flexing as she shifted back and forth in front of the stove. More impressive were Lyla’s tits. Curving way beyond her shoulders, they easily fell around her navel. From the way they hung, the spell’s odd elasticity was still in effect, making her improbable bust even more impossible. A spatula was at the ready over her shoulder, but, oddly, she had a hand on either hip.

She’s awake? What does she think of the outfit?”

Sabine shifted to get up and was hit with the realization of just how much she had grown—and not just in the boob department. While her tits were impressive, each spilling over her hands once more, the rest of her was more so. She sat up, letting her fingers play over her abs. Realizing the strap-on was no longer attached, she looked around and found it laying on the bed behind her. It appeared far more rubbery than before, and she found herself surprisingly conflicted about that.

Her legs were shaky as she got to her feet, her eye level rising to the shelf above where it had been yesterday, but as she walked, she could feel power coursing through her as muscles she had never had played over each other. The feeling of her not necessarily bulging, but still very thick quads swishing past each other made her giddy for some reason.

Good morning!” Lyla said as she walked into the kitchen. “Sleep well?”

“I suppose so.” Her voice was darker, more sultry. She went to stand next to the witch and felt a thrill as Lyla put her arm around her hips.“What, what happened?”

“My guess is that once it was satisfied with our connection, the fertility ritual did its best with two women. Since I was already so far to one side and you were wearing the strap-on, it channeled all that pent up masculine energy into you and that’s why you’re an Amazon now.”

Sabine flexed, enjoying the feeling of her muscle contracting and swelling. She wondered again why the cock had gone back to being a mundane toy instead of remaining attached. “Are we going to be like this forever?”

”I’m not sure, in theory, we’ve peaked now and should start shrinking back to reasonable.”

“I’m not saying our bodies, I’m saying us. You know…Do you want to go out with me on a more permanent basis?”

“Oh! Why, yes. Yes, I do.”

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