Misty F Fiction

Genre: Swords and Sorcery

223 – A Temptation Beyond

A scion of a powerful magical family, everyone expected Demma to be as successful as her siblings. Thing is, Demma might have the knack, but she lacks the power. So when she stumbles across a tome that is supposed to heighten the user's connection to the world's magic, she doesn't hesitate to get ahold of it--even if it means stealing it...

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122 – Fallen Atop the Mountain: Patience

Accompanied by her captors, Uteri is taken into the depths of Jos-Kin temple. Is it for her meeting with the Abbot or does something more sinister await her in the tunnels through the mountaintop?

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220 – Death of a Princess

Andra, an Elvish prince trying to leave the lies of his history behind, is captured by Lo'thek, an Orcish pirate queen, who knows him as someone else. Is this the end of his attempted escape or does Lo'thek have something else in mind for him?

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115 – Fallen Atop the Mountain Ch.1: Diligence

In a land where the Gods dream, an exiled grey elf climbs Mount Gneise in search of enlightenment from her patron, the Goddess of Magic Atheek. There are a lot of hurdles to surmount. Chief among them having been on the wrong side of a war that only just now fading into memory...

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168 – Dangerously Selfless

What happens when a selfless heart agrees to an unfair deal? What happens if someone agrees to give away something which cannot be given up?

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202 – A Gift, Returned

In an appeal for protection from spirits living in the great forest, a nation's new Delle is gifted magical armor that belonged to her ancestor but, is the glimmering platemail really what it appears to be?

094 – Witch’s Brew

After stealing potions from a witch and each growing quite a bit, Balama and Alethra still have more to drink...
Warning: Massive sizes and altersex content ahead!

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071 – A Game of Crystals

After finding out that her appearance and magical aptitude could be the result of reincarnation, the shrine maiden goes in search of answers. What will she find in the ruins which dot the valley?

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050 – Paladin Threesome

A paladin serving the new Goddess of Fortune is tasked to explore the long lost ruins of an ancient Elven civilization rediscovered by a pair of goblins. What she discovers may mean peace between Elf and Goblin for the first time in an age...

024 – Taking Flight

In the crucible of a divine war, a cleric and a warrior found solace in each other's arms. Despite surviving against incredible odds, their toughest challenge still awaits them...

018 – The Forgotten Goddess

You wandered into the ruined temple only half-expecting to find anything alive. Then, you round a corner into a vast space and a Minotauress the size of the room goddess reclines, watching you from across the rotunda...

015 – A Simple Wish

While traveling, a self-made adventurer rescues a woman in the midst of a highway robbery. To thank him, she gives him his deepest desire and then points him towards the nearest town. Only, the residents of that town are beings which feed on sexual energy, can his deepest desire save him?

007 – My First Party

After his first day as a hero goes horribly wrong, a young man is saved by two women who offer him a second chance, but at what cost?
Warning: Altersex content ahead and also brief brutal violence.

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