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WIP – The Great Boneless Caper

Witch World

Pardon my dust. The text presented here is an in-progress draft--it might even just be notes. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

Scenario -

Neuvei arrives in Wisteria as she seeks out aid from Mistress Illuna to recue Meryll, accompanied by . Already there are Vyera, Vyera's apprentice an Oni Woman named Wey-Jin, and Rachiev. Neuvei meets fellow Apprentice of the White, Nevv, and they hit it off. The six are told that they are accompanying Rachiev to ensure the heir apparent can reclaim a maguffin. When Neuvei makes a fuss that Meryll needs to be rescued, Illuna insists that this will get the young Elf the boon she needs to free her mentor.

At Illuna's insistence, the Elves form a coven with their companions, joining their power as one force. This, inevitably, causes issues as three very emotionally controlled beings find themselves flooded with the emotions of three people who are much freer with their feelings. Rachiev, however, numb from years of emotional turmoil, revels in the younger Elf's attention--which only further unsettles Vyera.

Seeking the maguffin, they encounter (Krys)Tara, Siteri, and Jemenii. There is a clash and then a union of forces as the coven expands to nine.

The dungeon heist! The maguffin is recovered!

[Likely the end of part one.]

Returning to Lethlienne after a week's travel, and a lot of connections formed, the coven from across time finds themselves faced with a fortress and citizenry that seems... off. While Rachiev is returning as the Crown Princess, there is hardly any fanfare at her arrival. They soon discover why. After being admitted to the royal hall, they find Elvira, the Elf who stole Y'hquetz's phylacary, acting as regent. After a scuffle, the maguffin is used to restore and corrupt Anyakiev and as well as fallen Elven warriors from The Covenbreaking. The party squares off with analogues while (Krys)Tara matches spells with Y'hquetz. Eventually, the Crystal Litch is forced to release her hold over Rachiev's elder sibling, allowing for a full resurrection of the Pale Elf. However, she escapes with the Maguffin and an army of deathless Elven warriors.

Personae Dramatis

Mistress Illuna, High Witch of the White

A towering, lushly femme Amazon who, as Leader of the White Way, is quite nearly the embodiment of life. Contains nine shards of The Goddess within herself, being around her feels a little euphoric and little awe inspiring. this makes her monstrously strong and powerful with Magic, second only to the High Witches of Midnight and Black respectively. She is much of the authority in Wisteria--though she defers to her lover, the Wistern Queen, Ephinyx for most mundane matters.

Nevv, Apprentice of the White

An elf who recently became a very pear-shaped woman as part of her rites of initiation. Her long, thickly developed legs permanently look and feel like she is wearing silk, thigh-high stockings. A single shard of The Goddess now resides in her body, which further feminized the once androgynous elf. Having a second puberty as her Elven metabolism catches up to the changes to her physiology. Adept at transformation magic and blessing clothes with protective charms.

Tara, Crystal Priestess

An excesively buxom young woman from Khaladstan to the south, who can hear the songs of Witch Crystals. While serving as a Crystal Priestess in Alannathea, discovered that her absurdly exaggerated hourglass build is due to the fact that she was the sort of possessed by Krystala, the last High Witch of The Spectrum who ended The Covenbreaking, in her youth when she discovered the High Witch's crystal. Is coming to terms with her build as she forms a relationship to the magic which has caused her to develop in such a way. Feels a strong sense of duty that she is the only one who can stop Y'hquetz.

Krystala of Vandrei, The Coven's End

At one point an ally of Quetz, an elf who wanted to find every lost shard of the Goddess--and eventually became Y'hquetz. She was caught up in the quest and, in due time, was carrying fifteen Shards of The Goddess within her. When it became evident that Quetz was not looking for the shards to make more sisters, but to gather enough of The Shards to ascend and become a diety, she began to oppose her friend. After a long war, she finally ended the conflict by casting a spell which came to be known as The Crystal Cataclysm. In a blaze of power, she activated the Shards of The Goddess within Y'hquetz's vast armies as well as her own and turned them into the crystals which now dot the Southern Provinces of Khaladstan.

Siteri, A Weyden Hearth Witch

Krystala's lover and one of the few survivors of The Covenbreaking. Journeys through Khaladstan trying to bring peace to her transfigured sisters and to help the mundane people recover without witchy guidance. Carried three Shards of the Goddess and a considerable amount of Witch Crystal, choosing to absorb the lifeforce of Witches who had become like poltergiests, currently host of the Great Shard of Vandrei. Nearly killed in her encounter with Elvira, she was healed with Jemenii's time magic. Already a big burly woman, she is now gigantic.

Elvira of the Darkening Crystal.

Once an Umber Elf and Acolyte of the Red Way, she is now host to Y'hquetz, the Crystal Litch. Tempted by power, she was tainted by the whipsers of Y'hquetz and killed many of her fellows to thwart the traps in The Centara Tower where Arankant placed the litch's phylacary. Thought to have died, was discovered by Tara and Siteri as they searched for answers in the ruins of Vandrei. In that encounter, Elvira ripped the cyrstals and shards from Tara and Siteri, leaving them frail and dying as she was transformed utterly into Y'hquetz. Her and Tara clashed before the Great Shard of Vandrei, as Tara drew on Krystala's powers and manifested her sword. Last seen fleeing with a grevious wound.

Jemenii of Vandrei

Krystala's older sister, Queen of Vandrei and The Witch of Time. When Krystala cast the Cataclysm, she and her coven withdrew into the Great Shard of Vandrei to shelter from the spell's effects. Has persisted by living within the crytsal, standing watch over it so that no one comes to claim its power. Persuaded by Tara to join in the fight agianst Y'hquetz. Is very much a woman displaced in time.

Rachiev, Agent of the Fuchsia Way

A Warrior Princess of Lethlienne and an Umber Elf. After her older sister was slain in a border skirmish with the Oni who live in the Southeast Divide, she wished for the power to avenge her--and she got her wish. On the battlefield, the demure Elven Spellstress grew into a fierce warrior, her body swelling with power. When her rage cooled, she found herself shrinking. First back to as she had been, then even smaller. Working now as an Agent of the Fuchsia Way, she is a bitter soul, kept alive by rage and fury long since chilled to an ever present sensation of numbness to keep from shrinking away into nothing. Very fit and on the short side of average. Chalk white complexion. Her long white hair is usually kept tied tightly away. Her blood red eyes seem to glow with her inner fury. While she can cast spells and grow many, many times her size, she is not a witch.

Vyera, Master of the Red Ways

Once an Apprentice of the Red at the Centara Tower, this Glimmering elf of Lethlienne trained with Elvira and was eventually betrayed by the Umber Elf along, with all of her fellows, as the Litch's thrall sacrificed them all to retrieve The Phylacary of Y'hquetz. Vyera's trap transfigured her body into rubber and it is likely she only survived beause the Shard of The Goddess she carried. Through the use of a complex set of body-spanning tattoos and her overflowing abilities with energy manipulation, she manages to keep her form. Has spent the last hundred years mastering The Red Ways and is an insanely accomplished martial artist. Buff/Husky and on the tall side of average, with a shimmering skin tone which looks like partially oxidized copper and intricate silver tattoos over her entire body. Her white hair is styled as a buzzcut, revealing tattoos even around her skull.

Neuvei, Apprentice of the White

After a chance, intimate, and very kinky encounter with a Witch of the White which resulted in her own Witch Powers manifesting, this Glimmering elf of Lethlienne found herself as unbreakably elastic as the ropes which had been used to bind her. Ropes which had vanished with her awakening and turned out to be ancient artifacts, their enchantment lost to time. Meryll, the Witch who caused this, resolved to find a way to separate elf and enchanted rope as well as teach Neuvei the Ways of the White since that seemed to be her aptitude.

However, they recently found themselves culpable for the murder of someone who had hired their services, and while Neuvei manages to escape, Meryll is captured. Now she has to figure out who set them up, catch them, and clear their names. Petite and thicc, with short, fluffy honey-brown hair and a bronze skin tone.

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